A/N: Well, it's official... I'm writing Rocket Power now.

This is a Reggie/Lars fic. Sowwi to all those Twister/Reggie, Sam/Reggie, Trent/Reggie, and whoever-the-heck-I-missed/Reggie fans out there! Having only one main girl per show sure does suck when it comes to pairings.

If any of the information in the fic is inaccurate, PLEASE tell me, dangit! This is the re-vamped version, re-edited, re-done in some places, because I watched a bit more of the show and made me feel like a complete idiot.

Also, please excuse my lack of skateboarding knowledge. I plan on learning sometime. Just… not now…

Everyone in this story is the same age as they are in the TV series, cuz for some reason I don't like it when they grow up. It's creepy.

This is PG because Trent is a stupid-head. Gawd I hate him.

~*~*~ -- Indicates a scene/time switch, in case you were wondering.

"Try nailing THIS one, rocket boy!" Reggie shouted to her younger brother, Otto. She erupted from the halfpipe and spun around once, all the while staying on her skateboard. She landed on a safe angle, and rolled up to the opposite side to watch her brother.

"That's nothing, Reg!" Otto shouted back up at her. "I came up with a new move yesterday, and I betcha you can't pull this one off."

"It's only 8:20 in the morning and already I can feel disaster approaching." Sam Dullard muttered, his eyes glued on his laptop. He had seen enough crashing and pain from his friends and himself (mostly himself, though) to last a lifetime.

"Chill, squid." Twister replied, keeping his camera focused on his best friend. "It's all you, Otto-man."

Otto rocketed (pun intended) down the halfpipe and up the other side as he pulled off a flurry of amazing aerial stunts before making contact with the ramp again and coming back down. Reggie watched his motions carefully, then got on her board again.

"Let's see you match that." Otto smirked as he stepped off the halfpipe and took a seat on some nearby steps. Reggie gulped as she looked down at the u-like curve of the ramp under her. She knew what she had to do, she just didn't know if she could do it.

"Come on, Reggie." Sammy urged.

Reggie took a deep breath and rolled down the curve to the bottom of the u-shaped ramp… And up the side again…

She executed all but one of the moves perfectly, but her coordination was off and she sailed off the side of the halfpipe.

"Ooooh…" Sammy covered his eyes. Twister eagerly taped the stunt. Whatever nervousness Otto had about his sister matching his skill was eliminated as he watched Reggie plummet towards the ground…

Right on top of…


Reggie had squeezed her eyes shut until she made contact with the ground. But the funny thing was, she hadn't actually hit solid concrete like she was expecting. Instead, when she opened her eyes, all she saw was a sea of purple. Her landing had not been as painful as she had expected, and immediately she knew she had landed on top of someone.

Someone with a purple shirt.

(Guess who?)

"I guess Lars didn't listen to the weatherman." Otto snickered. "Partly cloudy with a 100% chance of raining lame-os."

"What did you call me??" Reggie snapped.

"Hey, only kiddin', rocket girl." Her brother grinned coolly. "Well, Lars, looks like Reggie's really falling for you. Ha ha!"

Lars lay there, too stunned to react. Reggie's landing had knocked all the breath out of him; in more ways than one. He was glad he hadn't brought Pi, Animal or Sputz with him, or they may have noticed his discreet blushing, and what would they have done then?

"Get off me, dorkette." Lars finally snorted as meanly as he could. He hoped he sounded more confident than he felt.

"What's the matter, Lars? Ditched the dream team? Where's your gang?" Otto continued to taunt.

"You're asking for a womping, whimp." Lars warned as he rose to his feet. He felt his normal attitude surfacing again.

Out of all people, I crash-landed on Lars. Reggie thought warily, then grinned. At least that way, Otto had forgotten all about teasing her for messing up the stunt.

"Guys? Do you really wanna spend your whole Saturday morning arguing with my brother?" Twister asked, walking up to Otto. Sam remained out of the picture, still completely absorbed in his laptop.

"You're right, Twist. Let's go." Otto cast one final glare at Lars before walking off with his best friend. Reggie was really embarrassed about the whole incident but tried her best to act normal. "I'm with you, rocket boy." She agreed.

Sam closed his laptop, grinning, as he ran to catch up with his friends. "Finally! I don't know about you guys, but I sure could use a bite to eat."

Reggie rolled her eyes. "You boys still haven't eaten breakfast? In that case, I'll go catch some waves while you guys eat."

"See you later then, Reg." Twister replied. Otto and Sam nodded.

"See ya!" Reggie waved and ran back to her house to change while the rest of the gang headed off to the shack.


"Reggie made the most hilarious wipe-out!" Otto started to laugh. "She messed up her moves and flew off the ramp, and landed right on top of Lars!"

Raymundo looked concerned. Otto smacked himself in the forehead. "Don't worry- she's ok. And I think Lars is, too, unfortunately."

This time his dad chuckled. "Sounds amusing- as long as everyone's all right, of course."

"Oh, I got it all on videotape!" Twister piped up, holding up his camera.

"I really don't think it was all that funny." Sam muttered.

"How could you tell? You were on that computer the whole time." Otto asked.

Sam gave Otto a skeptical look, but said nothing else pertaining to the matter. He pushed his plate away and hopped out of his chair. "Well, I'm finished eating- I'll go find Reggie."

"OK, squid." Twister waved. "Hey, Otto-man, I think I'm done too. Catch ya later!"

"You think you're done?" Otto asked, but Twister was already out of hearing range. Otto shrugged and eyed the remainder of what was left on Twister's plate. "A little extra breakfast can't hurt." He grinned. "Then I'll go ride some killer waves."


"I wonder why Lars is so rotten." Reggie wondered. She was lying in a supine position on her surfboard, looking up at the sky. The waves were small and weak that day; hardly surfing material.

"I should probably apologize for what happened earlier…" She thought out loud. "I might've hurt him. He didn't act hurt, but if he was he probably wouldn't have let it show."

Reggie recalled that thought immediately. Lars has a huge ego, but even the simplest of injuries can leave him screaming like a crybaby. Lars chickens out and frets over the smallest things; he really is a strange kid…

Even if he is disturbingly cute.

Reggie stared at the sky in disbelief. Where did THAT come from?! She stood up on her surfboard and looked out upon the small waves. Anything to get her mind off of the thought of Twister's brother.

I'm so glad I didn't think that out loud.

On several occasions, she had been accused by some of her other friends for liking Twister. But never Lars. Reggie wasn't really sure what to think anymore. She was far too young, anyway!

I saw the way Trent looked at Trish that one day... She thought coldly. He HAD to have the best girl surfer on all the beach, and everyone knows Trish can really rip. Better than me, even.

I can't believe I ever liked Trent... The only guy I ever saw through different eyes... The first and only one to win my emotions... and then he threw them away...

It had been a month or two since Trent had left her. She was depressed, and for quite a long time. She had not been able to concentrate properly for days.

"Hey, Rocket Girl!"

"Hey, Reg!"


Sam slipped off his board and tumbled into the water. Coughing and sputtering, he climbed back up on his surfboard. Out of all sports, surfing probably destroyed the most of his dignity.

WHY did Tito's old board have to have flowers on it? Sam thought miserably.

"Oh, hey guys." Reggie waved nervously. She hadn't even seen them approaching. What if they had heard her talking to herself?

"Thinking again?" Twister asked.

"Hey, that's more than you can do, Twist." Otto sneered.

"Oh, come on, Otto..." Sam sighed, then shot a worried glance up towards the sky. It was a little gloomy, but nothing to worry about... anytime too soon...

"I think Reggie's still down after Prince Charming found another-"

"Otto...?!" His sister glared at him. It had been proven long ago that Otto seemed to like getting in trouble. Her brother ignored her completely, surveying the ocean on the lookout for the "googly waves".

"Leave her alone, Otto..." Sam said without taking his eyes off the water. Oh man, that looks a good two inches higher than yesterday, and it's not even high tide!

"I'm lucky Lars wasn't in the house when I went home to change." Twister declared happily. "I'm sure he would've womped me good for what happened earlier. Even if that hadn't happened, I'm sure he would've womped me anyway."

Reggie glared down at the ocean below her. There we are with Lars again, she thought, almost bitterly.

Sam looked up. "Huh? What's wrong, Reggie?"

Reggie met his gaze. "Wrong? Nothing's wrong. I'm fine. Let's go ride some waves!"

"Some kiddie waves." Otto grumbled. "There's nothing TO ride, today. I think we should've gone blading instead…"

"Are you kidding me?" Twister whined. "We just got out here!"

"Come on, Otto." Reggie paddled out towards the waves. Although smaller, they were sufficient and still required some concentration.

"Surfing today: NOT one of your brighter ideas." Otto continued. "I could ride these blindfolded."

"That can be arranged." Reggie snapped back at him. Otto glared but said nothing to her.

"Hey Twister, I hope that water-proof container of your video camera still works." He yelled over the sounds of the ocean. Twister had just dropped it, and had to dive a short distance to retrieve it.

"It still works." Twister grimaced as he checked it carefully for leaking. "At least, I think so."

"That's never a good sign… Woah!" Sam yelped as he stumbled off his surfboard while riding the smaller waves.

Reggie watched the boys talk, and tried her hardest to concentrate on the waves and her position on her surfboard, but for some reason she still couldn't get Twister's brother off her mind.

"So, Twist, how often does Lars surf?" She asked casually.

Twister rubbed the back of his head. "Er, I'm not sure… But..."

"Well, can he do THIS?!" Otto interrupted, and practically catapulted off the top of one of the larger waves. His landing was off, though, and he hit the water, his surfboard going out from under him.

"Oooo… Nice wipe-out." Twister grinned widely. "That makes two slip-ups today, Reggie and Otto! New record!"

Reggie rolled her eyes. Otto stuck his head out of the water and glared at Twister. "Why don't you try that, then, Maurice?"

"The name's Twister." He stared. "You're beginning to sound like my brother!" He quivered. "Ack!"

Sam frowned. "Cool it, Otto."

The four of them continued to "surf" for about half an hour. It was still early morning, 9:27 AM, but the clouds began to darken and the ocean started to get rougher. Gradually the waves got larger and larger. No one appeared to notice… Except for Sam, of course.

"Guys… I think we should quit now." He stated nervously. "It looks like a storm's coming."

Reggie looked up at the sky. "Sammy's right." She sighed. "We can do some more wave-riding later. You know how dad is when we're outside during storms."

Otto seemed happier at the change of weather, though. "Are you kiddin' me, Reg?" He yelled excitedly. "These are the first big waves all day! And- wow, lookit that one!"

"This always happens, Otto." Reggie glared at him. "Disaster comes, we leave, you don't, we try and stop you, you still don't, you nearly die out there, and we come with reinforcements and save your butt."

"She's right, you know." Twister shrugged. "Sorry, Otto-man."

Reggie sighed as she looked towards Twister. "Yet, why is it that you're usually with him, Twister…"

"Not always!" Twister objected. "Come on, let's just go."

"Awww, ickle Maurice can't stand the thought of rain and lightning!"

Twister looked up. There, riding the large waves almost effortlessly, was Lars, smirking down at him.

"It's TWISTER, LARS!" He shouted back up to his brother.

"Oh, so it's the tornadoes he's scared of?" Lars asked, then laughed.

"Go home, Lars." Otto snapped.

"Mom'll roast you alive if she finds out you're out here!" Twister yelled.

"And yet we're still here." Reggie muttered.

"I'm getting out!" Sam whimpered as he heard a nearby clash of lightning. He grabbed his board, paddled as fast as he could and scampered up the beach.

Lars snickered. "Don't you know the REAL waves are out now, munchkin?"

Otto felt his temper coming up. "I know it. But it's too risky."

"Well said." Twister shivered.

"For once, I agree with your judgement, Otto." Reggie sighed. "We're leaving."

"COME ON, YOU GUYS!" Sam yelled, but it was barely audible over the thunder.

Reluctantly, Otto and Reggie dragged Twister out of the water. He and Lars never got along, but he still didn't want his brother out there in the storm.


"There you guys are!" Raymundo panted. "I've been looking all over for you! Do you know what could've happened to you if you stayed out there in the ocean?! Water conducts electricity, you know!"

"I know, I know." Otto grumbled.

"Dad…" Reggie began. "Uh… well…"


"Twister's brother is still out there! At least, I think he is. I don't think he's getting out anytime soon-"

"He'll chicken out." Otto interrupted nonchalantly. "He's a wuss."

"You can't be sure of that!" Reggie glared at her brother. "I'm sure Twister's told his parents already, though."

Raymundo groaned. "This is serious. That kid could… well… you know." He grabbed his coat and opened the door. "I want you two to stay here and don't move. It's far too dangerous out there." He walked outside and closed the door behind him.

Otto reclined on the couch and tried to turn on the TV. "Oh, darn. The power's out." He sat up and pouted. "This is just great."

He got no response from Reggie. Otto turned around and nearly flipped. "Reggie, what're you doing?? Raymundo told us to stay here!"

"Don't tell anyone." Was all she said as she headed out the door.


It was raining hard, and the thunder was getting worse. It was hard to believe it was still early morning. It looked like late afternoon, what with all the storm clouds. Reggie shivered as she ran down the sidewalk, across the street and over to the beach. In the distance, she thought she could see Raymundo talking to the lifeguard.

"I hope this isn't another hurricane…" Reggie murmured to herself as she searched the waves for any sign of Lars. "And even then, couldn't it be one like El Nada?"

A sudden flash of color brought her out of her thoughts. Against the seemingly endless body of water she thought she could see just a hint of red. Lars's surfboard?!

"Maybe… Lars already went home…" It was a thought worth considering.

"Oh, Regina!"

Reggie spun around. It was Mrs. Rodriguez, Lars and Twister's mom.

"Do you see Lars? Where is he? Maurice told us he was out here!"

Well, that confirms it. Reggie thought. "Don't worry- I'm sure he'll turn up…" She wasn't sure of that at all, actually. Reggie didn't think to mention the surfboard.

Mrs. Rodriguez rushed off again, still skimming the water. Reggie was freezing; it was bitterly cold and she was still wearing her swimming clothes.

She looked out towards the ocean, then down to her feet, as the remnants of the waves splashed against her toes. Flashbacks of the morning's skateboarding incident were fresh in her mind; her nervousness about mimicking Otto's move. Her embarrassment when she messed up. And the emotion she couldn't identify… when she landed on Lars.

Reggie wallowed out into the water. Up to her knees, then her waist, and then finally, the water was shoulder-level. It was even colder in the water; and the rain was still beating upon her face. I'm gonna have to kill Lars for this later… If he doesn't die out here first…

Frantically she navigated through the ocean, the waters she visited almost every day. The wind howled, and the only thing louder than the wind was the thunder.

Despite her body's constant pleas to stop, to rest, to get somewhere warm, she continued on until the beach and the rest of Ocean Shores was out of sight (on a clear day she still would've been able to see it, but it's stormy, there's rain and it's more foggy than usual, etc)

Reggie couldn't see anything above water. Just sea and sky. She was terrified now; not only was she out in a storm, in the water, but she could no longer see Ocean Shores. Silently she cursed herself for her stupidity through a mouthful of water.

"I need a miracle to get me out of this one!" She yelled to no one in particular.

Something bumped her in the back. Reggie yelped and turned around. It was Lars's surfboard, and it was the only thing still floating besides herself.

Hurriedly she climbed onto it, desperate for some way to keep above sea level.

That was when she saw him.

He wasn't too far underwater; just enough for her to spot him against blues and the greens of the ocean. Hurriedly she paddled the surfboard over to him, but another fierce wave pushed him away.

Reggie was torn; she couldn't abandon the surfboard, as it might be her only chance. But if she didn't, she'd never catch up to Lars, which is what she was doing out in the middle of nowhere anyway. But what if it was already too late to save him? She'd be putting herself in danger, and- it was just too much to think about.

"I've got to take a chance." Reggie hoped that she hadn't just doomed herself by pushing away from the board. Instantly the waves recaptured her and threw her along helplessly like a doll. Regardless, she tried to resist, but another wave pushed her far underwater.

Finally, she spotted him again- this time in a close range. Immediately she lunged forward, wrapped an arm around his middle, and used the other to paddle towards the surface.

After what seemed like forever she broke free from the grasp of the murky depths. Lars's extra weight was slowing her down.

Reggie tried her best to keep his face above the water, but in the process she ended up swallowing more and more. It was enough keeping track of herself.

"The beach!"

It was in sight then- a most welcoming vision, indeed. As she and the unconscious Lars floated closer to the sandy beaches, she was surprised. There was no one standing on the beaches, no one on the lookout for her. Maybe no one cared. Or maybe…

"Maybe the waves just carried us a long way…" Reggie decided. "Oh, man… I hope Lars is ok… I mean, after I just risked my life…"

She watched his face carefully. "Come on, Lars… You'd better be ok."

Reggie stumbled onto the beach, dragging the boy behind her. She barely had any energy left, but she wasn't going to rest until she was certain that he was going to live.

"LARS! Lars, wake up. Please do SOMETHING!"

Yet he laid still. Motionless. It was scary. He looked almost… peaceful lying there. He didn't look like the mean bully Lars she remembered.

She was setting him up in a more comfortable position when she stopped, alarmed. "He's even colder than I am…" Reggie murmured. His body was nearly frozen stiff.

"Whoever knew this would be how I'd spend my Saturday morning…"

Reggie paused, trying to recall what her teacher had said in that seemingly useless medical unit at school. Now she was glad she signed up for it. She pressed two fingers against his neck, searching for a pulse. To her relief, she found one- but it was very weak.

"Oh!" Reggie suddenly yelped (I love that word) in surprise. "Oh… oh darn… He isn't breathing…"

Her heart sank. "Oh man… oh man oh man oh man… What do I do, what do I do… Think, Reggie, think…" Her eyes widened as she remembered. In her panic, she had forgotten what to do in a time like then.

"Eeeeeeehhhhh…." She groaned as she opened his mouth. She searched her brain for some kind of motivation. "Think, Reggie. Do it for Twister. Do it for Twi- ah, heck…"

Somehow that didn't work.

Reggie squeezed her eyes shut as she took a deep breath and lowered her head.


"LOOK! There she is!"

Blurry forms appeared in the distance, and they became clearer as they neared. Reggie's eyes snapped open as she noticed nearly everyone she knew in Ocean Shores running towards her near the water, shouting and pointing at the half-drowned kids ahead. The Simpletons, Sherry, Trish, Trent, and even a worried flock of shoobies that trailed along near the back of the mob. She turned her head. Lars lay beside her, still unconscious but was breathing then, at least. Reggie turned her attention back to the advancing people. Amongst the crowd she saw Raymundo; and she knew he had noticed her too.

"Look, it's Reggie! She's alive!"

"Isn't that Lars?!"

"Reg, you're crazy! And you're ok!"

"Thank heavens!"

Everyone there buzzed with comments as they neared her location. Raymundo pushed his way through the crowd, ran at record speed through the wet beaches and embraced his daughter as best as he could.

"REGGIE! I'm so glad you're alive! YOU'RE GROUNDED!"

Otto, Twister, and Sam waited until Raymundo was done, then… erupted.

"REG! Why did you do that!?" Otto demanded. He nearly glared at his sister. "You could've died out there, you idiot!"

"You're both ok!" Twister shouted, relieved, then motioned towards his brother. His expression shifted immediately. "Ummm… Lars is gonna be ok, right?"

Reggie groaned. Bad mental images swarmed through her head. "He is now, don't worry, Twister." She sighed.

"We better get you home, pronto!" Raymundo realized. "Come on, Otto."

Sam trailed behind them. "What happened, Reg?! I wanna hear all about it!"

The purple-haired girl moaned. "I hope you won't mind if I leave out a few parts…"


"Ha, Lars!" Twister shouted gleefully as he ran around his brother's room. "You're grounded for life! Still think Reggie's a dork? She saved your life, bro! You're pathetic!"

"Shut up, Maurice!" Lars yelled. "Go away!"

Lars hated himself now. What foolish impulse went over him to make him go out during a storm and nearly kill himself? He knew he was very lucky to be alive- He remembered it all so well.

A giant wave had separated him from his board. He searched for it for a while, and was about to head back… but the storm advanced too quickly. He hadn't even been able to see the beach anymore. He had been able to tread water for a while, but the harsh waves that he had once ridden were persistent, and before long he lost consciousness.

He had never felt so alone before in his life. He knew his other bully buddies accepted him, but what of it? They liked him because he was tough, skilled in sports, mean and always ready to womp anyone; especially his younger brother. Lars was a year older than Reggie, and two years older than Twister, Sam and Otto… But he knew he envied them. His "friends" didn't even seem concerned about his near-death experience. They hadn't come over to see if he was all right, or even called him. Lars didn't know how he missed it before- they just didn't care.

And meanwhile his brother's friend had risked her life to save him, and nearly doomed herself in the process. She'd probably be grounded, too.

Unknown to Reggie, Lars had woken up earlier. After they had been washed upon the beach, he regained consciousness after a few minutes of CPR (ehehe… Yuck). He didn't know what to say though, so he remained silent and pretended to still be unaware. He had "woken up" in his room with no one around- but Twister still came in after a while to tell him everything.

It wasn't as if Lars was completely fine, either. He had a terrible chill that wouldn't go away and he constantly felt ill. But at that point, he wasn't paying too much attention to his physical condition. His own mind was troubling him.

"Earth to Lars! Come in, Lars! Did all that salt water mess with your brain?" Twister asked, waving a hand in front of his brother's face.

"I said, leave me alone!" Lars barked in annoyance.

"No you didn't! You said, 'shut up, Maurice! Go awa-'"

"MAURICE!" Came his mother's voice. "Don't bother your brother. He's had a rough day."

It had been a few hours since the incident, but everyone was still talking about it. Lars had wanted to be left alone; so he had gotten his wish. Almost.

"Aw, ok." Twister left the room and closed the door. Then he opened it just a crack.

"Lars? Don't ever do that again, ok?" he asked feverently.

Lars made a surprised expression and pointed out the window. "Ah, Maurice, LOOK! GIANT MONKEYS!" He exclaimed.

Twister's eyes widened. "GIANT MONKEYS?!" He near-screamed. "AAAAAAAAAH!" He slammed the door and ran running and shouting at the top of his lungs down the hall.

Lars chuckled to himself for the first time in a while. Finally, he had some quiet. And he would need it if he wanted to consult his thoughts.

"Lars? There's someone here to see you."

"Fine." He grumbled. "Send 'em in." Maybe it was one of his "friends" finally coming to see how he was doing. Or maybe it was some news reporter so he could tell them the story of how stupid he was that morning. Or maybe it was-

The door opened.

"…R-Rocket?" Lars blabbled. "Why… what…"

Reggie closed the door behind her. "My name's Regina, and you know it." She said, coolly. "But call me Reggie."

She pulled up a chair and sat near Lars's bed. This time, Lars could feel himself blushing immensely. Fortunately for him, Reggie didn't notice- but she did wonder why he always wore the same clothes. Same purple shirt with the red star. It reminded her of earlier that day, at the Madtown skate park.

"W-why'd you come?" He asked, quietly.

"I wanted to see how you were doing." Reggie admitted, staring down at her knees. "Lars, I know you've always been a bully, but I came because I really believed there was a good person inside of you."

"I was always so rude to you." He mumbled. "Why'd you save my life?"

Reggie was quiet for a while, then she laughed to herself. "I guess I've always been like that. I've had to save Otto's tail one too many times and it's gotten to my head. Lars… you need friends to depend on. You don't need Pi, Animal, or Sputz. Don't you see? I don't think they were ever truly your friends."

Lars didn't even want to deny it. He knew it was true.

"Now I see why Maurice became your friend." Lars finally smiled.

"It's Twister." Reggie said automatically. They both laughed briefly.


"Gee, I bet Reg's really letting Lars have it." Twister said to himself, happily. He had, of course, run all the way to his mom who told him for the 900 billionth time that there were no giant monkeys anywhere near Ocean Shores and now was walking back to Lars's room. "Man, my brother is finally getting the kind of treatment he deserves! At last I'm getting revenge for those 600 something wompings I've gotten from my brother in the past year! It feels great!"

Twister walked slowly over to Lars's door and started to listen.

"Today started off horrible." He heard Lars say. "But now, I have to say otherwise. It's all thanks to you, Reggie."

"Well, whoever would've guessed in one morning you would be able to change your ways?" Reggie asked. "I know you may think me and my friends are a little young… but I'm sure I can get them to accept you…"

"I don't know about that." Lars sighed. "I think they'll always hate me. And I don't blame 'em."

"No, they won't." She assured him. "Just give them a little time." She stood up. "I'd better go now. Dad doesn't want me over here too long."

"He probably loathes me after you nearly drowned trying to save me." Lars sighed.

Reggie laughed. "If it's anyone he's mad at, it's me. It's my own fault that he's upset. But I won't deny that he thinks you're a disaster."

"I knew it." He turned away and faced the wall. "Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it."

Reggie put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. It'll get better. You'll see."

Lars didn't know how he could ever tell her everything he was feeling then. He was never really good with words.

"Reggie…" Without another word he faced her again and hugged her, all the while sobbing silently. Reggie was stunned by his reaction, but hugged back just the same. It was automatic for her.

Twister watched through a crack in Lars's door. His mouth hung and he tried to scream, but no sound came out. Finally… "AGGH!" He ran off, his mind full of bad images. "Wait till Otto hears about this!"

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