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"Get lost, Trent."

Trish had heard all about Reggie's former infatuation with this guy, and now she saw where he was getting at. So, he thought he was only worthy of the most well-known girl in Ocean Shores? Ever since a few hours ago, he realized he really wanted Reggie. He should never have told her he didn't want her. Now he did, and Trish didn't really appeal to him anymore. But still, he tried.

"Please, Trish! Forget about Reggie."

"All you've done is talk about her! You don't want me, you freak! It's not all about looks, you know."

The door slammed in Trent's face. He winced as he thought about what she had said.

"I do want Reggie...?"

His face twisted into a grin.

"That girl's the biggest hero in town!"

Trent nodded to himself. Yep, Reg was definitely worthy of the best-looking, most talented rugby player you'd ever find on Ocean Shores. His ego had grown a lot over the months, especially as more and more people noticed his rugby talent.

"I can't wait to see her face when she sees me standing on the doorstep!"

Trent was absorbed in his own little world, even as he turned the corner and headed towards the Rockets' house. He knew the way by heart.

Putting on his girl-winning smile he knocked on the door.

"Oh Reggie?" he called.

The door opened. Otto Rocket stood half-asleep, wondering why he would show up again. The whole thing with Reggie had sucked all the energy out of him, and the stress was making him exhausted.

"What do you want, Trent?" He asked, trying to stifle a yawn.

"Is Regina home?" He asked. Otto shook his head.

"She's over at Twister's." He murmured.


"Yeah, that's him."

"OK, then. Later, dude."

Otto rolled his eyes as he closed the door.

"I don't like that guy." He groaned. "He's got bad news written all over him. Why did Reg have to get all smitten with him?" Otto shook his head in disgust as he headed over to the TV.

He had barely watched more than six minutes when there was another knock on the door.

"Oh brother..."

Otto was about to get up off the couch and over to the door, but he had left it unlocked and Twister invited himself in.

"O-man!" He panted, then collapsed on the couch next to his best friend. Otto stared briefly, then his eyes widened.

"What happened?! What did Trent do?!"

Twister looked confused. "Trent? Huh?" He shook his head. "It's not about him. It's about what's happened to my brother!"

"I thought you said he was ok...?"

"Oh, he's ok psychically..."

"Don't you mean physically...?" Otto asked.

"Agh! ...He's ok physically, but what's going on inside of him I don't think I'll ever understand!"


"Oh, hi... Trent..." Reggie greeted, nervously, looking down at the floor. He was still the same athletic pretty boy... but this time he looked regretful.

She wasn't expecting to see him. As soon as she had opened the door to leave the Rodriguez house, she saw him standing there, one foot on the doormat, equally startled. Reggie wasn't sure of her emotions at the time... They were mixed and unorganized.

"I'm so sorry about what happened, Reg..." He apologized thoughtfully. "It was so selfish of me. How could I make it up to you?"

Is he really sorry? Should I forgive him? Reggie smiled. "Hey, no problem, Trent." She looked him in the eye. He really did look apologetic. "I forgive you."

"I shouldn't have run out on you like that. I don't know how I thought I could feel the same for Trish."

Reggie was starting to get nervous. More than normal. "Did you do the same to her as you did to me? Just... leave?"

Trent gulped. This would be hard to explain. "No, we... both thought it would be... for the best." He grinned down at her. "And may I say you look great! What you did for... that other guy... this morning... sounded pretty incredible. I knew you could do it."

The widely-known Rocket Girl felt her old happiness returning. The forgotten bliss of rapid emotion. Trent really was sorry. And anyway, she had Otto Rocket for a brother... Reggie was all about forgiving. Right?

They stood there for some time, not really knowing what to say. It was Lars who broke the silence. He was heading towards them, finally feeling his strength returning. He thought now maybe had the slightest chance of being with Reggie...

Although he constantly scolded himself for thinking it. And at the time he was completely unaware of Trent's presence.

Trent looked up. Immediately his happiness and triumphant feelings were replaced by jealousy. "Oh, it's... that other guy..."

Lars's reaction to Trent was equally bitter. He felt himself bite his lip in anger as he saw how that wierd boy stared at Reggie... Almost hungrily.

What's she doing around that sick freak?! Lars thought angrily.

"Hey, Lars." Reggie waved. But when she saw the look on his face, she could've crumbled. She knew that look. It was the same one she had on for hours after Trent had abandoned her for Trish. It brought back horrible memories that Reggie wished she could forget.

"Hey." Lars said simply. It was all he felt like saying at the moment.

Lars's presence reminded her that she needed to leave to head back to the shore shack. Raymundo and Tito had an overload of customers and needed some help. It was part of Reggie's punishment for disobeying during the storm. During Trent's arrival, she had completely lost track of time.

"I've got to go now." She said quietly. "See you both later!"

"Where ya headed?" Trent asked. Reggie smiled, though it was a fake one. The guilt was still nagging at her. She felt rotten.

"The Shore Shack."

"I can walk you there!"

Reggie faked another smile. "Great!" She lowered her voice. "Just great..."


The purple-haired preteen looked up at the clock. She had been washing dishes for nearly two hours, and she had been required only an hour and a half.

"Later, dishes." She proclaimed triumphantly, only to recall that morning's events. It was still too much to comprehend, all the things that had already transpired.

As she walked out of the kitchen, she was surprised to see Otto and Twister, sitting behind the counter and grinning mischievously at her. Reggie felt herself sweat.

"Hey guys!...What's going on?"

"Oh, nothing..." Otto smirked. "Only Twister here happened to look through Lars's window and happened to see a certain brother of his and a certain sister of mine..." He snickered.

"Oh, stop it, Otto." She thwapped him lightly on the arm and went around the counter to sit next to her brother. "It was a friendly kind of thing. You know. It's been a hectic day. Besides... Trent came crawling back."

Otto frowned. "I know." He replied. "I don't trust him, Rocket Girl."

"I don't either, but it doesn't bother me!" Twister grinned. "Lars hasn't spoken all day. I walked in his room and loudly insulted him and he didn't even womp me! It's pathetic." He laughed quietly.

"Twister!" Reggie snapped at him, louder than any of them expected. "Can't you just leave your brother alone?"

Twister stared. "WHAT!? And miss out on this? It's revenge, Reggie! Getting revenge on Lars without getting a good womping is a once-in-a-lifetime thing! You don't have to live with him, you know. If he was your brother, you'd understand..."

Raymundo heard the three talking and came out from the kitchen with lunch. "Now hold on, guys. There's no need to fight." He dropped the three burgers on the table and looked around. "Where's Sam?"

"He's probably still at home. Paranoid about another hurracaine, or something." Otto answered. "That's Sam for ya. Anyway, guys... Shouldn't we be out surfing? I mean, we have to practice for the big-"

"That's been cancelled, guys." Raymundo shook his head. "Rescheduled. Postponed till next Tuesday. Whatever you want to call it."

Otto banged his head on the table. "Aw man..."

Reggie shrugged. "More time to practice, right?"

Otto pointed out towards the beaches, littered with people.

"Do you REALLY want to practice in shoobieville?" He asked. "Maybe all those other pro surfers can stand all those lame-o tourists, but I can't!"

"We could always try the secret spot." Reggie suggested.

"Yeah, O-man!" Twister lit up. "It's out of shoobie territory, completely!"

"Out of their radar!" Reggie continued.

"I know, I know." Otto collapsed on the counter. "But everything's still wet from the storm. We can't ride our bikes there, and it'll take forever to walk."

"There might still be some thunder, too." Raymundo added. "No more surfing today, guys. Sorry."

The three groaned in agony. It just wasn't the day for surfing, it seemed.


Reggie walked alone along the beach. She wanted to be left in peace, maybe sit and stare at the water. It was still a cloudy, unpleasant day, and the waves and winds were still a bit fierce, but she didn't care. She needed some time alone. Without the presence of Otto, Trent, Lars, Raymundo, Tito, Twister, Sam... or even the dirty dishes. It was clear from everything she had seen; the look on Lars's face when he saw her with Trent, the unspoken hatred between the two boys, and even the way Lars acted with her around. Lars liked her. Lars, one of her worst enemies for most of her life, the brother of one of her best friends, the one she had disliked until just that morning. And Trent? Did he really care for her? Of course he does, One side of her said. He said he was sorry!

But the other side disagreed. He doesn't really like me. He abandoned me once before. He headed after Trish. Isn't it funny he comes crawling back the morning I become one of the most respected and well-known girls in Ocean Shores?

Reggie turned her head casually, then stared. She was slightly bummed to see the boy she thought she had gone head-over-heels on relaxing in the sand, deeply absorbed in what he was watching. Reggie turned her head. Despite the earlier storm, there was a girl on the waves surfing- and she was really good at it too. As she continued to watch, she felt herself gasp in amazement. This girl was even more amazing than Trish! Reg felt herself steam inside as she confirmed it; Trent's gaze was indeed focused on her alone. He hadn't even noticed Reggie approach. "Hi, Trent."

Trent almost completely ignored her. "Hi." He greeted, still watching. Reggie doubted he knew it was her standing there. Shortly, Trent turned around, finally realizing who it was speaking. "R-Reggie! Hey there."

"Watching some girls, I see." Reggie observed distastefully. "Smooth move, Trent."

Trent looked up at her. "I'm sorry! I wasn't watching her! I was watching... the wave. Mighty big wave, huh?"

Reggie's temper flared up. Boy, was he stubborn. "You're not watching the waves, Trent! You're watching some blonde in a bikini!" She was on the verge of tears. "Admit it, Trent. You'll always be like this."

She glared at him one final time, then ran away.

"Oh, FINE!" Trent yelled back at her. "JUST GO! Why would I want such a stupid girl, anyway?!"

His words cut deeply into her being. She tried to ignore the heart-throbbing pain, but it stayed, and it hurt. Badly.

I'll never forgive him again. He wouldn't even admit his mistake!

Reggie ran through the streets of Ocean Shores, heading towards the house. Otto and Twister sure were surprised when she burst through the doors, about to sob.

"Reggie!" Otto turned around instantly. "What happened, sis?"

"Never mind... Otto..." She ran upstairs and slammed the door.

"What's this all about?" Twister asked confusedly. Otto shook his head.

"I don't know, but I'll bet ya that rat has something to do with it."

His friend glanced around, then looked even more puzzled. "You have rats? I don't see any...."

"Twister...!" Otto smacked himself in the forehead. For the second time that day. "Ugh... I mean that kid in Reggie's class, Trent. You know? Tall, show-offy, girl-crazy?"

"Oooooh... That rat." Twister looked up in Reggie's general direction. "Is she gonna be ok?"

"She'll be fine. She was last time." Otto said, then moaned. "But she was bummed for days."

"Man, sounds awful!"

Otto nodded. "Looks like both of us have older siblings in the gutter."

Twister's eyes widened. "How'd they get there?!"

Otto glared up at the ceiling. "Oh, never mind! I give up!"

"Seriously! How do you get in the gutter? I didn't even know Lars knew how to get in there!"


Lars, too, had locked himself in his room. He was too confused and dispirited to do anything. On several occasions, his mother had asked him to open the door and tell her what was wrong, but he refused to do anything of the sort. He hadn't eaten all day, either, but the hunger nagging at him was only a distant pain, and he had no intention to do anything about it.

The phone rang, but he ignored it. It was right near his bed, but he didn't feel like talking to anyone for a while.

The answering machine came on. It was a familiar voice on the other end, and it sounded stressed.

"...Lars? Reggie's not doing so good. She just got into a little scramble with that Trent guy and now she's locked herself in her room and won't come out. Wherever you are, could you try and talk to her? The phone's no good, she hasn't got one. I know you like my sister, don't deny it, LARS... and she's done so much for you, right? Why don't you try doing something for someone else? I know it'd be a new one for you, though."

It was Otto Rocket, or in Lars's words, "Rocket dork". Lars couldn't believe he out of all people would call him for this out of all things, but he sounded desperate. Lars knew it'd do him good to try and cheer up Reggie, but how do you cheer someone else up if you're equally glum?

It was hard to believe that just the day before he loathed Rocket's gang. Most of it, anyway.

"I can't believe I'm doing this..." Lars mumbled to himself as he got ready. "...I can't believe I'm doing this..."


Reggie stared at the wall opposite of the door. It was already far past noon, nearing 5:00 at least, and it was starting to get dark outside.

A distant rumbling sounded outside. She turned around and stared out the window. The lightning was crashing outside, and the rain had returned. It was beating relentlessly on her bedroom window. Reggie had had enough of storms for one day, but this time she was just glad she wasn't out in them.

Lars, on the other hand...

"Why is it that whenever I go outside, it starts getting all stormy?" Lars demanded to no one in particular. "Talk about rotten luck."

He walked gloomily outside, glad that at least he lived semi-close to the Rockets.

Why am I doing this again? He asked himself, then cursed the stupidity of the question.

I'm doing it... because... it's right.

Boy, that sounded odd to him.

Since when do I do the right thing!?!?

Shrugging, he decided to stop thinking about it. It was only starting to confuse him.

It took him a while, for even though it was raining, he walked as if he had all the time in the world, almost not caring that he was completely drenched.

He looked up at the door before him. He hesitated for a few minutes, unsure of himself. He hadn't even knocked yet. It didn't matter, because Twister opened the door anyway.

"Ha! I knew you'd show." Otto declared, almost victoriously.

Twister stared up at his brother. "Lars?! You're completely wet!" He thought it was rather funny, actually. "Mom's gonna-"

"I know what she's gonna do, dweeb!" Lars growled. "Get outta here, twisted one."

Obediently Twister stepped out of the way. He didn't need another womping.

Otto chuckled quietly to himself. "Lars, you look like a drowned rat! ...Which isn't surprising, after this morning, anyway-"

"We haven't exactly signed a peace treaty yet, Rocket dork." Lars snapped at the younger boy. Otto recoiled in mock terror.

"Oh no, Twist! It's your horrible man-eating brother! RUN!" Laughing hysterically, Otto ran for dear life.

Lars grabbed a pillow that was lying on the couch and chased after his retreating prey. Twister sighed and watched them run in and out throughout the rooms of the Rocket's house. "Bad move, Otto-man."

At last, Lars had Otto cornered, and started pounding the kid with the pillow. Otto squirmed and tried to get away, but it was no use.

"HEY! Lars- Umph! - Aren't you here to - Yow! - talk to Reggie? ...ACK!"

"Oh, that's right, I must've forgotted! But I haven't had a good excuse to womp Twister in days, and this is just as good." Lars continued the assault. For Otto's sake, but mostly his long-awaited revenge, Twister finally stepped in and landed a good kick on his older brother while he was occupied in his womp-fest. In a very not-good spot.

Lars dropped to the floor, and the two friends made a dash for Otto's room.

"THAT'S HARASSMENT!" Lars managed to shout before Twister and Otto had left the scene. They ignored him and slammed the door, and immediately started to block it with heavy objects.

After a few minutes of pain, Lars rose to his feet, groaning, and looked around for Reggie's room. He figured it to be somewhere near Otto's, for he never really had a tour around the house before.

He tried a few doors, still looking for the room in question. Finally... he found it.

"I told you to go away, Otto." Reggie said automatically, her face buried in her pillow.

"B-but... O-otto... I-I..." Lars blathered, then got a hold of himself. "I-I'm not Otto."

Reggie lifted her head off the pillow slightly, but didn't turn around. "...Trent?"

He stared down at the floor glumly. "Lars."

"...Oh... OH!" She turned around immediately and wiped the tears off her face, but the area was still red from crying. "Hey."

Lars started to get real nervous again. He had no clue what to say. Oh, hey Reggie... I'm equally depressed as you are but I came over to talk to you and make you feel better than I do since you just got dumped by some heartless jerk.

"I... came over... to talk..." He finally blurted. "But... I can understand if you don't want to."

Reggie sat up on the end of her bed and smiled as best as she could. "No, it's ok."

Lars looked around Reggie's room, then gulped. There was no chair to pull up and talk from, like she had done for him. His company noticed his hesitation and indicated next to herself. "Here's fine."

"Thanks." Lars walked over and sat down. It was quiet for a few seconds. Definitely not what he had in mind.

"Trent was a jerk." Reggie finally said. "I don't think I could ever forgive him."

"I don't think he'll come crawling back again." Lars responded. He felt awkward talking about that kind of thing, because he definitely wasn't an expert in anything like that. "...He doesn't deserve you, anyhow." I wish I did.

There was more silence.

"What a crazy day." Reggie laughed. It was a hollow laugh, though, probably forced. "For us, especially." For some reason, I'm glad he's here. And up until today he was our greatest enemy!

Lars had never been the emotional kind of person, which was why his mood at the moment was going to be a hard one for him to figure out. His lack of sensitivity is probably what resulted in him becoming the most well-known bully to almost every kid he knew, and a nightmare to his younger brother. Reggie was confused about him, and she could judge people fairly well... with the exception of Trent. She knew Lars was capable of being good, but she just couldn't figure him out. She didn't think she ever would, either.

"Oh... Lars? You're... drenched." Reggie stared. It had taken her that long to notice, sadly. "Hold on, I'll go get a towel."

Lars nodded, but said nothing. He sat and looked around the room until Reggie returned and thrust the towel in his face while he had his back turned.

"...Mumph!" He exclaimed, his voice muffled beyond understanding, then hastily grabbed it off his face while Reggie laughed quietly.


"Yeah, yeah." Lars muttered, then started to grin. He had no more dignity to lose, anyway.

"Say... Are Otto and Twister still home?"

"Oh... them?" He asked, slyly. "They're... around."


"Well, to be honest, they've just locked themselves in your brother's room and barricaded the entrance."

"Ah. So that's what all that noise was."

"Oh Reggie? Got someone over?"

Raymundo opened the door.

"Great job on those dishes, rocket girl." Raymundo smiled towards his daughter, then frowned in concern when he saw the redness around her eyes. "Is something wrong?" He turned and saw who else was in her room. "...Uhh..."

"I know his being here is a bit unexpected, but he's not half as bad as Otto and I thought." Reggie said. "Oh, and I'm fine, dad. Nothing's wrong."

Raymundo nodded, but he didn't quite believe her. "Right." He turned to Lars. "Did you walk here in the rain?"

Lars shrugged. "Yeah."

"Dad, PLEASE don't go into one of your safety lectures." Reggie shook her head quickly.

"Now is not the time." Lars agreed.

"Ok, something's wrong." Raymundo concluded. "Hold on, give me a few guesses. I'll get it."

Lars and Reggie glanced at each other, then shrugged, baffled.

"Problem at school?"

"Dad... it's the weekend."

"Right! Yes, that's right. How about... a sudden terror of heights?"

Reggie sighed. "Do you have to know about EVERYTHING?"

"Oh, I got it." Raymundo grinned. "Boy problems, right?"

"You could say that."

"Aw man, I thought those days were over, for now." Raymundo groaned. "First you got involved with that... what's his name? Trent..."

"Dad... It's kind of personal..."

"Huh? Oh, yes, I know!"

Reggie eyed him suspiciously. "How come you're not over at the shack? It doesn't close this early."

"Well, it does today, kiddo. No one comes in the rain, you know." Her father glanced out of the room. "By the way, is your brother ok? I couldn't even open his door."

"You'll have to ask Lars about that."

Lars looked around, then started to sweat. "...What?!" He demanded. "He said I looked like a drowned rat, so I chased him around with a pillow and he ran off with my brother and locked themselves in his room."

"Ho boy..."

Raymundo finally left the scene, and closed the door behind him. Reggie sighed in relief.

"I'm glad he's gone. Nosy, right?"

"I'll say," Lars agreed. "I mean, no offense." He added quickly.

"It's alright. I feel a lot better now. I can forget all about Trent. I think I'll wait till I get older before I ever... get involved... again. Most guys just can't be trusted, if you know what I mean."

Lars was silent. He couldn't think of any kind of response to that. Finally, he spoke. Very quietly, with his eyes to the floor and his head lowered. "What Trent did was heartless. I'd never..." Criminy, what am I saying?!?! I've bullied every kid in Ocean Shores! Stupid, stupid Lars! "...Oh man... What have I been doing all these years?" He mumbled, as inaudibly as possible. Stupid, stupid!

"...Lars?" Reggie asked him, trying to catch a glimpse of his face to see his expression. He looked terribly down. "What are you trying to say?" I thought he came to cheer me up! And now I'm happy, and he looks depressed! ...Then again... When have I ever seen Lars happy? Truly happy?

"You gonna be all right?" He asked her.

"I'm fine." Reggie responded. "...Are you?"

"...I'm not sure anymore."

She didn't know what to do. The situation had never been expected.

"What's bothering you?"

"It's not so much what I dislike about the world... it's what I hate about everything I've done to it."

"Forget about it, Lars. Maybe if you just apologize-"

Lars shot straight up. "APOLOGIZE? Are you kidding? That's against everything I've ever-" He calmed down again. "Sorry."

"Well, that's really all I have to suggest..." Reggie sighed. Then she lit up. "Hey, who wants to stay all cooped up in my room anyway? Wanna come skateboarding down at the Madtown halfpipe? It'll- ...Oh man... it's still raining, isn't it?"

Lars glanced out the window. "No, it's stopped raining. But it's still wet outside."


Lars paled. "I think I'll wait a while before I do that again."

"...Well, we can still... just..." Reggie sighed. "walk around randomly, I guess."

"Just for the heck of it?"

"...Something like that."

"Well... ok. I should probably change out of these first." He indicated towards his wet clothes.

"I'm cool with that!"

They left Reggie's room. As they passed by Otto's, they heard some more loud noises coming from deep within.

"Uhh... rocket boy? Lars and I are going out."

Otto gagged from somewhere inside his room. "Really, Reg? That's disgusting."

Reggie grimaced. "NO! I didn't mean... like that. Ugh."

They heard Twister laugh uncontrollably, and then what sounded like Otto thwapping him.

"As in, we're leaving the house to go walking until the roads dry up and I was wondering if you'd like to come along?"

"No thanks! Lars and I have some anger issues to work out! He hit me with a pillow!"

Reggie glared at the door. "A pillow? Oh, please..."

"Has Lars ever hit YOU with a pillow? It hurts, sis!"

"Oh, whatever. We're leaving. So you can come out of that room now, whatever you're doing."

"Which would be waiting for you to leave."

"You're not afraid of being womped, are you, dor- I mean... Otto?" Lars asked, with a quick worried glance towards Reggie when he was about to say "dork".

"Wow, you used my real name! I'm impressed! I didn't think you remembered it!"

Lars was irritated, but he decided to let it slide. But whoever said he had to be nice ALL the time? A womping once in a while couldn't hurt, right?

Of course not!

Not for him, anyway.

"Raymundo? Lars and I are..." She paused, remembering the incident with Otto. "going to wait for the roads to dry up! We're leaving for a while!"

"Gotcha!" Came the response from upstairs.

The streets and sidewalk were decently dry when they got outside, but still a little too dangerous to go biking or blading or skateboarding.

"We'll drop by your place first, I guess." Reggie shrugged. Lars nodded.

"I don't think I can stand this much longer." He shivered. "I think I've suffered enough for one day."

"You and me both. Come on."


"LARS RODRIGUEZ! I didn't know you left the house! You should've told me! AND YOU'RE STILL GROUNDED!" Mrs. Rodriguez yelled, then noticed Reggie standing beside him, who waved sheepishly.

"Oh, hello Reggie." She waved, then turned back to her son. "By the way, do you know where Twister went off to?"

Reggie cleared her throat. "...Both of them were over at our house." She answered quickly. "Twister's still over there."

"I see. And- Lars! You're..."

"Yes, I know, I'm completely wet." He grumbled. "I'll go change."

"But first, I want you to say goodbye to Reggie for today! You've got some serious chores to do! You can't avoid punishment forever!" Mrs. Rodriguez nodded haughtily and walked back inside. Lars sighed.

"Well, 'later. Again." He frowned distastefully over in the direction of the doorway. "I've got some time to kill."

"...Thanks for coming over." Reggie said, then kicked the ground unknowingly. "I feel much better, Lars."

"Well, I suppose it's the least I could do..." Man, I'm a complete sap. Whatever happened to me in the past few hours?

"Otto told you, right?"

Reggie looked up. "Huh?"

"He told you that... I... Well... That I liked... you..."

The girl's eyes widened. Yes, Otto had practically given her a 2-page speech on how much he suspected some form of Lars having some kind of crush on Reggie, but... She had not believed it. She believed he was merely grateful.

"Well, now that you mention it, he did."

"I KNEW IT! That little whelp." Lars muttered. "...Uhh... sorry? But anyway..."

"So, you're denying it?"

"Yes! ...Actually... Um... well... not really... Err... I just wanted to know if you knew that... URGH!" He banged his head on the wall of his house. Aw man, I'm stupid! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid...

"I think there's definitely hope." Reggie said simply.

WHATTA...? "R-really? I mean... Uhhh... Ok, I'm just saying this right now, I don't know how to react to that." Lars hoped he wasn't blushing as much as he thought he was.

"Just promise me something."


"Lars... You'd never... end up like Trent, would you?"

Lars freaked. "Hell no! I've never been into girls, and I had no intention to start anytime soon, but I guess... my mind got sidetracked for a minute there... Reggie, I like you for who you are, and that's something Trent never did."

Reggie smiled happily as those blissful feelings returned, but this time they were pure joy, for she knew then she was truly happy. And of course, Lars was too.

When she took a casual look out the window, Mrs. Rodriguez really wasn't expecting to see her eldest son and Reggie Rocket, who she believed was a responsible and well-behaved girl, in a tight embrace on the doorstep. (and this time it wasn't just a friendly one) It really wasn't what she had in mind when she said "say goodbye." And good grief, Lars was STILL in his wet clothes.

She had no real idea what was going on, or how on Earth it ever came to be, but it was just too cute, and she decided to leave them alone.

For a while.

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