Cinderella Potter, later years, chapters 19-20.

19. The Final Task

She looked at the Hedges and laughed. "Yes, Bagman. I have got a great plan! I plan on giving up a minute after I enter that maze, or perhaps after passing the first obstacle; wouldn't want to break my contract of participation after all."

Mad-Eye Moody looked at her oddly and grunted. "Should have known. Here, catch."

That all too human response doomed her, and she felt herself be pulled elsewhere in an extremely uncomfortable sensation. "A fucking portkey!" She landed with a thud. 'And where am I, some sort of graveyard?'

A red light struck her in the back, and she knew no more.

Being cut by a knife was painful enough to wake her back up. Jasmine was bound to a statue of sorts, and Lucius Malfoy was now carrying her blood to a huge cauldron. "Where's your hand?" She asked groggily, the man was bleeding rather badly from his stump.

She got no response and absently healed her arm with an Episkey.

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe." He chanted and dumped in the blood.

Steam billowed from the cauldron and a naked figure emerged from it. Only then did Malfoy seal his stump; perhaps some magical requirement had prevented him from healing his wound before the ritual was finished.

"Lucius, robe me!" The naked and bald man ordered; it could only be Voldemort then. "Yes, my lord." Lucius responded, confirming her suspicion.

"Ah, to feel whole once more. After possessing a witch for a year, having my own body back is a relief. Though Bertha Jorkins had quite a nice body, I admit. Very limber."

"Yes, I imagine so, my lord." Lucius smarmed.

"Why don't we deal with our guest first, hmm?" He turned to face her. "Miss Potter. Can I just say what a surprise it was to hear you were a girl, and to think that Albus Dumbledore no longer believes it is you the prophecy refers to because of it."

"Yes, but then I've never really cared about what Dumbledore thinks." Jasmine responded evenly. "He now believes it to be Neville Longbottom the prophecy refers to but doesn't do anything to prepare the boy. If he cares that little about his prophesied saviour, then I fail to see what use that prophecy is at all. Is it even in play, and how would you know?"

Voldemort chuckled darkly. "You make a fair point, Miss Potter. There would not be a way to prove it, divination is fickle that way. Honestly, I no longer believe in that prophecy. I still wanted your blood because by all accounts, you are fairly powerful."

She inclined her head to acknowledge that. "So, what is your plan for me, if I may ask?"

"Why, Miss Potter, I believe I shall simply kill you now. Avada Kedavra!" The green beam of death approached her quickly and was shockingly stopped by Cedric Diggory port-keying right into its path. She stopped preparing to pop to see what would happen next.

Both stared in utter shock as the boy collapsed in a heap, and then he laughed incredulously. "Well, imagine that! That was the backup plan, by the way. Such a waste."

He eyed her as she kept her silence, she simply had nothing to say. "I believe I will change my plan. Let us see how wizarding justice works out for you. Lucius, you will like my plan. Stupefy."

As it turns out, the red beam of a Stupify charm flies almost twice as fast as the green beam of the Avada Kedavra curse, who knew? Jasmine didn't, and she was struck before she could pop away.

Once again, she forcibly blacked out.


"The wand has cast lots of killing curses, and it has her magical signature! My son is dead because of her!"

She woke up to the sound of a screaming match, and then she heard his voice, Dumbledore.

"Yes, it seems an open and shut case, she killed young Cedric with his own wand. I have long suspected that she was going dark, but it looks like she finally snapped today. Such a cold-hearted killer will have to be put in Azkaban immediately, to ensure the safety of the population. Magic suppression manacles will have to be used of course; she can use magic without a wand."

"She's awake. Stupefy!"

The next time she woke, she found herself in a cold and dark cell. The lingering feeling of dread and unhappiness told her that this was in fact, Azkaban prison.

Her wrists both were circled by cast-iron magic suppression bracelets. Curious despite herself, she tried to extend a tendril of magic from her hand and failed miserably. "Huh."

They worked as advertised, keeping the magic from leaving her body.

Jasmine snorted, threw her head back and laughed hysterically for long moments. "Oh, hell, I needed that."

She was so incredibly, unbelievably glad for her paranoia in that moment, the feeling of relief was amazingly powerful! If she had not kept her last secret from everyone, she would be totally fucked right now. Luckily, this skill required only the magic in her body.

Morphing the bones in her hand away and her thumbs too, she slid the bracelets right off, dropping them on the floor with a loud clanging sound. "That's better." 'Now, do I pay a visit to Malfoy first, or do I just leave right now?'

Another morph had her standing outside her cell, having slipped right through the bars. A little bit of discomfort was a small price to pay for freedom. Disillusioning herself, she set off in a random direction.

Passing the cells, she recognised a few inmates and paused, they had really put her with the worst of the worst. Bellatrix Lestrange, Augustus Rookwood, Antonin Dolohov, they were all imprisoned on her row. Could she pass up this priceless opportunity to sow some mayhem? The answer was no.

Extending her magic was possible once more, and she shaped a ball of magic into a silencing spell. After using that on every inmate on the row, she cut off all their thumbs with dark cutters and cauterised the wounds.

Dementors came around the corner, probably attracted to their guests' renewed suffering. Jasmine immediately decided that discretion was the better part of valour, the Patronus spell had never been her strongest charm. Malfoy had gotten lucky once again. With a thought, she popped over to Hogwarts, right into Luna and her dorm.

"Jasmine!" Luna tackled her with a cry. "Hi Luna, how are things here?"

"They sent you to Azkaban! I thought you were stuck when I heard about the magic suppression bracelets!" She blubbered. "I'm so glad you're out! How did you get out?!"

"Slipped them off, I'm not a bracelet type of girl, you know that." She quipped dryly. "Now, I can't stay for long, so please tell me what's been happening."

"You were port-keyed onto the grounds unconsciously, holding the mutilated body of Cedric Diggory and the Triwizard Cup. Cedric's wand showed repeated use of the Killing curse and they assumed you had used his wand to kill him. Your wand didn't show any spells at all, and they took that as an admission of guilt. Apparently, there's this dark ritual that can prevent a wand from showing past spells used." Luna said between sobs. "They didn't even consider you could be innocent and tried you in absentia. You got life in the high security part of Azkaban, by the way. That was yesterday, and now you're here."

Luna's cries turned hysterical. "They completely ignored the fact that Moody wasn't Moody, and the imposter died before he could explain the part where he had port-keyed you from the school grounds! It is just so frustrating! Like they don't even care to know about what really happened!"

Jasmine nodded and rested her head against Luna's, kissing her softly. "You understand I have to go, right? I am heading for Gringotts and leaving for Sweden. When you are ready to go yourself, get to Gringotts and ask to speak to Saltnut, he will give you a portkey to me."

She frowned. "He also has the papers necessary to set me up as your tutor for your dad to submit. I recall something about using a different name, but it escapes me now. It was a translation of sorts though, related to Potter."

Luna nodded. "Yes, I understand. I do want a journal to speak to you though, I would go crazy otherwise. Can you do that?"

"I can, if Winky can get us a few to enchant, and perhaps a bit to eat before I leave. I will need a shower and some real clothes too. This prison getup doesn't do me any favours."

She giggled. "No, it doesn't. Oh, Jasmine, I am so happy you are out! Go shower, I'll get Winky started."

"Yes, madam!"

"And you'll need to visit my father too, to set him at ease."

Jasmine flinched as she imagined that conversation. "Oh, and by the way, Voldemort is walking around again. He resurrected himself using my blood."


Before leaving, she decided to leave a prank.

Hi Adults,

Your prison system sucks balls! When interviewing them, the Inmates gave me a thumbs-down. No really, I took about twenty Death Eater thumbs with me:) My postscripts should tell you why I did so; he is going to want them back, you see.

PS 1: Voldemort is resurrected, see that my little sister is safe.

PS 2: You will never see me again, so do not bother looking for me.

Jasmine Houdini, the girl who escaped!

19. Exit Stage Right

"Miss Potter?" Xeno asked in bewilderment. "How are you here? Didn't they have you shackled up in Azkaban, unable to use magic?"

She chuckled. "That does not really matter now, does it? The salient points are, I did not kill Cedric Diggory, the Dark Lord has been resurrected, and I am leaving Britain today. Luna felt you should get a heads up about that."

His eyes dilated in shock. "Huh!"

"I can promise you though, you and Luna both would be safer out of the country. I hope you still intend to let Luna join me?"

He nodded numbly. "With the Dark Lord back, yes, I imagine that would be best. I won't be leaving this land though; this is my home."

She had feared he would say that, but she had an alternative. "Would you welcome a set of the most powerful Wards Gringotts can create? I think Luna would appreciate knowing you'd be protected like that."

Amusement showed on his face. "You didn't need to bring out the emotional blackmail dear, I would have been mad not to accept your generous offer."

She grinned unrepentantly. "I will set things in motion then. Hopefully, you will be visiting soon. Bye Xeno!"

"Bye Jasmine."

His mouth fell open in shock as she popped away just like a house elf. Then he chuckled, as he realized that it solved part of the mystery of her jailbreak. "That girl is rather incredible, isn't she? Luna is lucky to have found her."


Saltnut was smiling like a loon when she entered his office. "Jasmine! I am so pleased to see you out and about! If you would be willing, I would be well pleased to listen to a recounting of your escape that nobody yet knows about."

She smirked. "Well then, prepare to be amazed! This started when the man walking around as Alastor Moody-"

"- and then I elf popped right out." She concluded. "Oh, by the way, I'm going to need Gringotts to put wards around my girlfriend's parental home. The owner, her dad, has agreed. She is coming to live with me, but he will not leave Britain. I'd be willing to make a trade of it, of course."

"Yes, that won't be a problem, you know we still have outstanding requests for your Dark magic detector stones." He nodded. "That was an amazing story, Jasmine, and I'm honoured that you're trusting me with your secrets like that, rest assured they will never leave my lips."

"Thanks, Saltnut, I thought you'd be willing to keep those secrets."

"I assume you're willing to sign on with Gringotts now then?" She nodded. "Then I'll be pleased to present to you the updated contract for your perusal."

Ten minutes later, she had signed and was holding the port key. "Well then, Saltnut. I suppose this is goodbye for now. You're welcome to visit whenever. You know that. The workshop accepts portkeys, and I am thinking of building a huge vanishing cabinet. If Gringotts would be willing to host one half somewhere in the bank, then we'd be within walking distance always."

"I will relay that offer." He grinned. "Travelling like that would surely be more comfortable than by port-key. I still have that corresponding journal you gave me, so that will work until then."

"Alright. Surströmming," she activated the port-key with the key word. Five very dizzying minutes later, she slammed into the ground in front of her new home and grinned weakly. "Home sweet home."


Lord Voldemort looked at his minion and cackled loudly. "Ha! They put her in the maximum-security wing, amazing! Lucius, don't you like this is much better than killing her?"

Lucius bowed his head. "My lord, I admit hearing that she is suffering and will continue to suffer for the rest of her natural life is quite satisfying. I content myself imagining that her screams are soothing my son's own suffering in that place."

"Soon, we will retrieve Bellatrix and the rest from that accursed prison." Voldemort promised. "At that time, you can do whatever you want to her with my blessing. You have served me well."

"Thank you, my lord." Lucius grinned. "I might even give her the buggering my son promised her."

"Hehe hehehe!" His lord cackled merrily.


"Sirius, Susan, come quick!" Amelia shouted, holding Jasmine's Journal.

They arrived and looked at her curiously. "Here, read this."

Hi Adults,

Your prison system sucks balls! When interviewing them, the Inmates gave me a thumbs-down. No really, I took about twenty Death Eater thumbs with me:) My postscripts should tell you why I did what I did; he is going to want them back, you see.

PS 1: Voldemort is resurrected, see that my little sister is safe.

PS 2: You will never see me again, so do not bother looking for me.

Jasmine Houdini, the girl who escaped!

Sirius' mouth dropped open. "She escaped! Voldemort is back?!"

Susan blinked away her forming tears. "She still cares."

Amelia nodded. "Apparently so. I do not intend to inform the ministry; Jasmine can use the extra time and they would not believe me anyway. Now we have a decision to make. Are we going to stay or not?"

Sirius nodded grimly. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't owe this country shit anymore, let's leave."

"What about Hannah, and school?" Susan asked.

"What about America?" Amelia asked softly. They turned around to her in shock. "What? Everything Jasmine has ever said about Dumbledore and Hogwarts turned out to be correct, I believe her when she says that Voldemort is back. I also just know that Fudge will bury his head in the sand which would make my job incredibly hard, and lastly, I am sure they will try to assassinate me again. Just like in the last war, it will quickly devolve into a shitshow! I don't intend to sacrifice my life for this country, I have you to think about after all."

Susan nodded. "Can I tell Hannah and the rest?"

"I'll do you one better! Since we are leaving anyway, I will sacrifice my reputation by putting it all on the front page. The people who know me might believe me, and the rest can go hang."

"Damn!" Sirius swore. "We better start putting our affairs in order before you do that. Destroying your reputation can come later, we can't be delayed."


Jasmine was completely in love with her new home! After putting away her Hogwarts trunk, the library trunk, the clothes trunk, and everything they contained, she had explored every inch of her new domain.

It was a comfortable two-bedroom cottage, which was just wonderful! Then the back of the house continued into the mountain behind to give it a size that belied the exterior. The interior change was like night and day. A tunnel continued for at least fifty yards, dotted with rooms on either side. At the end of the tunnel, another three different looking doors were situated. The left door entered a massively expanded room for Luna's menagerie, the right door was for her less expanded but still huge work room, and the last door opened into a storage room, where gold bullion shined up at her.

The first month had her settled into an easy routine. Three hours of transmutation in the morning, followed by a good lunch, and the rest of the day was free. Three hours was plenty of time to fulfil any request from Gringotts most days. Any exceptionally big stones were planned on Saturday, and Sunday was always work free.

She could easily do this the rest of her life and become filthy rich at the same time. Not that she had any idea about what to do with all that money. Jasmine also stopped her aunt from paying her for her work, but never stopped helping her. It was ten minutes a week tops, an insignificant amount of time to reward her aunt for raising her. The latest news had her shacked up with a new guy, so her aunt was doing rather well, presumably.

Having travelled to Sweden's magical centre of commerce, she could just pop over whenever she felt like it, so she often did. Surprisingly to her, many Swedish people spoke English, magical and normal people alike. She was learning the language quickly enough, so when Luna finally joined her, she would be able to teach her as well. That idiom potion was simply amazing! Immersion, her tutor, and Occlumency did the rest.

In Sweden, she was called Jasmine Strosa, or Potter in Swedish. The goblins had not even needed to bribe anyone. Registering her had been simple enough, the Swedish magical community accepted Gringotts' word for it that she existed when they sent word that a local vault had been opened in her new name. She had needed to visit their Ministry to register, but that had not taken long. They were a bit miffed with the fact that she could change her appearance at will AND did not need a wand, because that left them with precious few ways of identification. Jasmine had solved that easily. "Just ask me to change my ear and light my pinkie finger, if those skills are so rare, that should be identification enough, right?" Well, yes, that had been enough. The Ministry worker had chuckled to himself when filling that in. "Imagine people reading that in your file, they would have to see to believe."

Then the news came that she had been hoping for.

Hi Jasmine,

You will be receiving two visitors tomorrow! Daddy agreed to switch our vacation around to living with you for a few weeks. I spent the day shopping for warmer clothes and cannot wait to see you again! By the way, did you tell Amelia Bones that Voldemort was back? She is leaving Britain and has warned the country that war is on the horizon. It is a rather interesting exposé; I will be bringing the paper with me so that you can read it yourself. There is a rather amusing section on your escape as well, it seems they have finally caught on. The guards all thought you were housed in a different section and never even noticed until there was a visitor looking to speak to you. Can you believe that? It is hilarious!

Your Luna.

She went to bed with a smile on her face.


"Hi, you two, welcome to Sweden!" She laughed at her visitors. "Long distance port-keys are the worst, aren't they?"

Xeno perked up first. "I've certainly never liked them. Hello Jasmine, thank you for opening your home to us."

"It was mostly selfish, I admit, it is quiet here without any company." Jasmine confessed. "I've been eating out twice every day just to still see people."

Luna groaned as she sat up. "Winky will probably want to cook, so you'll need to find a different excuse to go out."

The elf in question popped in. "Winky is quite looking forward to having another house to clean."

Jasmine scratched her head in embarrassment. "Err… Winky, I was raised to always clean up after myself, so I rather doubt you'll find much work here. But I hear you like to cook!"

She perked up. "Winky will be cooking, yes, but Winky will also be cleaning. I am going to explore."

Xeno chuckled. "Care to give us a tour?"

Smiling, she led them inside and showed them around, Luna squealed when she saw the bed. "Is this our bed? It's wonderful!"

If Xeno had any reservations about them sharing a bed left, he did not show them. Jasmine just nodded yes with a tiny blush. "Ah, if we could move on for now, we still have the other half to look at."

Luna ducked her head and grinned. "I guess, we'll be sleeping in it later anyway."

Keeping her lips firmly sealed, she turned around. "Come on then, it is behind the door you noticed at the back of the house. On the sides are all empty rooms that can be converted into whatever we want, such as more bedrooms, a potion's lab, or even a duelling chamber."

She smiled widely as they reached the last three doors. "On the right here, is my work room. As you can see, there's plenty of space and I've taken up carving as a hobby."

Closing that door and opening the one next to it, she grinned. "This was a storage room, but I've turned it into the library, construction is still ongoing as you can see." Then she stood in front of the final door. "Can you guess what is behind this door, Luna?"

Luna looked at the door hopefully. "Scamander?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, we do need to fill it up and charm it ourselves, but we have the space." Luna opened the door and gasped. "It's about a mile wide and charmed to let in actual sunlight that hits the mountain."

Xeno's jaw was hanging low. "You did that for my moonbeam? She's always dreamed of that!"

His daughter chuckled. "I'm going to become a magi zoologist and keep a full menagerie! I can work in the room next to Jasmine's. Isn't she great!"

"Yes, she really is." He turned to Jasmine. "I see that she's sold already, and truth be told, I am too. Seeing you go that far to keep her happy, I am completely okay with leaving her in your care. Thank you for loving my daughter, Jasmine."

"Thank you for letting me love her, Xeno. The loving her bit is effortless." She grinned. "I have a suitcase with half a mile of the same for when she'll be travelling."

Luna squealed and kissed her hard. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"It's going to be heaps of work filling all that with earth and vegetation, you know. We're not in business yet."

"Oh, I know, but imagine how satisfying it will be to complete it and finally put in the creatures." She grinned. "Besides, it will go quickly enough with magic and it gives Winky something to do. She's been complaining about a lack of work often enough."

Xeno chuckled evilly. "Oh, poor Winky, a never-ending job, how will she ever cope?"

They all shared a laugh at that.

Jasmine looked at Luna. "You said you brought a paper?"

Amelia Bones Speaks Out and Moves Out!

Dark Lord V**** Back to Life?

Jasmine Potter's Mysterious Azkaban Escape! Takes the thumbs of the worst Death Eaters with her!
Minister's Fudge's Response, Head in The Sand or Healthy Scepticism?

"Well, I am glad Amelia took my warning seriously and that she's taking Susan overseas." Jasmine said simply after reading the lot. "Britain can consider itself warned."

That night, Luna ate her out with relish and had her coming undone fast. "I've missed this! I have missed you, Jasmine. I love you; you know that. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Jasmine, still trembling from the aftershock of her orgasmic bliss, sighed contentedly. "I love you too, Luna. Spending all of my days with you sounds like bliss."

She giggled deliriously. "Now let me return the favour first, and then we can fall asleep holding each other. I found I had trouble sleeping alone, so that will be nice."

"Yes, it will." Luna agreed with a smile.

20. Change in Fate

Voldemort started up his campaign of terror fully another year later. The break-in to Azkaban to free his followers had been foolishly attributed to a vengeful Jasmine Potter, who had reportedly taken her place as the new Dark Lady. Voldemort had done nothing to counter those rumours and only proved them wrong when he finally showed up in a raid on Diagon Alley. Invading the offices of the Daily Prophet himself to give a short statement about how it was insulting to have all his accolades stolen by an absent teenaged girl. He was back and Britain was his, thank you very much!

By the time that the Aurors had shown up, he had already killed half the people at the Daily Prophet. It was a clear statement indeed. Their late response achieved nothing of note, and the country finally realised they were at war again.

From that point on, dozens of people died every day, and they belatedly realised that Amelia Bones had been right all along. Jasmine Potter too, maybe.

Another two years later, Magical Britain was a wasteland, and Albus Dumbledore lay dead after destroying two of Tom's Horcruxes followed by Nagini in a last gasp effort.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, AKA Lord Voldemort, checked to find he had no Horcrux left and felt the walls closing in. Considering his secrets compromised, and his backups gone, he started planning to increase the amount of separate soul pieces from seven to thirteen.

Twice a year, he could make a new one, and he started immediately on the next solstice.

At Horcrux ritual ten, he felt something going wrong and his soul destabilised. Unknown to him, it was starting to unravel, because he had finally gone too far. His remaining life could then be measured in months. All he knew, was that he would never try another ritual, the measures he had taken would have to suffice.

Another five months passed in solitude, and he finally recognised he was going to die. No hope even remained that he could be resurrected again, clearly his soul was giving out. When the main soul went, the rest would go with it.

Lying on his deathbed, he could not repress a chuckle. After conquering Britain, he had left a puppet government in place, managed by his minions. He had secluded himself to do some esoteric study and told them to leave him alone; he now wondered how long it would take for them to learn he was dead if they ever even did. After all, he had assured them, and proven to them that he was unkillable, hadn't he?

He died on June fifth, in the year of two thousand, nineteen days shy of five years since his resurrection. Britain was conquered and remained conquered.


After 5 years, they had healed sufficiently. Jasmine would never be called outgoing, but she had made a few friends; two humans and two goblins. Luna had almost gotten her Mastery in Creatures, and she was on track to become the youngest master in recent history. Their house had turned into a home and Xeno had eventually moved in when it was clear that the Ministry had fallen. His country no longer remained his country, and he had two girls to look after. The Quibbler was out of business, and he took it upon himself to help Luna find her creatures.

Luna's menagerie had been finished and already some creatures were living there.

Jasmine had created so much work for Gringotts that she was declared a national treasure.

Winky had found herself a male elf called Dobby, whose family had been ironically destroyed by Voldemort himself, when he figured out that Lucius' actions with the Diary had probably given away his secret to immortality. The pair were thinking about children, which got Jasmine thinking about children.

Sitting in their cosy home, Jasmine asked Luna if she ever thought about having children with her. Luna just lifted her eyebrow. "Jasmine, you're a girl right, and I'm a girl?"

Jasmine just kissed her and smirked. "I was called the Boy-Who-Lived once for a reason, Luna. Shapeshifter, remember?"

Luna's eyes expanded comically as she took that in. "I want to, yes, but I've got a career that's just taking off."

With a loving smile, Jasmine countered her fears. "I've found a ritual that transfers an embryo from one womb to the next. If you do not want to take the first, that is completely fine. Working for Gringotts can be done from home, so I would be happy to volunteer, love."

Luna kissed her with clear intent. "We're going to the bedroom now!"

She was pregnant not even a month later. She looked blessedly happy as the spell returned positive. "Jasmine, will you marry me?"

Jasmine's smile was blinding as she kissed her. "Yes, Luna Love, and I'll be Jasmine Lovegood!"

"Oooh!" Luna moaned into her mouth. "I love you so much!"


Xeno and Saltnut gave the girls away at their wedding, and they became fast friends.

One month later, Lily Pandora Lovegood cried for the first time. She would be the first of four and had Luna's hair and Jasmine's eyes.

Their second would be called Lysander James Lovegood, with black hair and grey-blue eyes, it was a striking baby.

Their third was named Lyanna Rose Lovegood, with red hair and green eyes like her grandmother before her. She was a Metamorph like Jasmine though, so she often took on the appearance of whatever family member she looked at.

The fourth was called Lorcan Xeno Lovegood, with Luna's hair and Luna's eyes.

All the kids had names starting with L, that was the only theme there. Their interests were all quite different and both parents could not be happier with how they had turned out.


From the fifty thousand people in Magical Britain, only twenty-two thousand remained when Voldemort finally croaked. That number would decline further still, to a mere eighteen thousand in the year of 2005.

Mostly those Pure of Blood survived or remained, and they interbred. The results from that fiasco would not become known until much later. Their society was so insular, that nobody knew or wanted to interfere.

Their hardest workers were gone, fled, or killed, which necessitated more and more import of goods and services. The businesses failed with nobody to man them, so earnings continued going down the drain. The piles of money the elite had saved or pilfered over the years were steadily declining. In their efforts to outshine the other purebloods, they were destroying their own livelihoods without an end in sight.

In the year of 2095, they started to check for sterility in Hogwarts students' because their numbers were steadily declining. Half of the tested year group was sterile, or so infertile as to make it irrelevant.

At that point, the government tried a few small-scale things, such as breeding programs with those fertile enough. That only served to make the problems more pronounced, as the breeding pool got even smaller.

When they tried to entice women from other countries, they finally realised what their isolationist policies had really cost them. Wizarding Britain was a laughingstock, and nobody wanted anything to do with them.


In an ironic twist, the declining economics in Britain forced more and more of the goblins of Gringotts to other countries, such as Sweden. Sweden became the diamond capital of the Wizarding World, churning out specialised diamond ward stones by the hundreds every year.

Jasmine Lovegood was single-handedly driving an entire economy to expand and expand, and she had long found herself two successors in her children. Gringotts were pleased with the continuity of their business ensured.

Luna had found a successor in her child as well, which left only Lorcan, who decided to become a business manager. He turned their efforts into an empire, and all of them had huge families in time.

The Lovegood clan would become known the world over, and nobody still remembered Harry Potter. Everything was as it should be.