Chapter 3 New Contract

India, Chinese Federation

Within the Chinese Federation area, India was busy around this time. Now while India has its freedom to some areas but it's a part of the China area and they could report the higher-ups of some rebellion happening. That won't be a problem as a great amount within the federation hates the old men that are in charge of the Chinese Federation, the ones that took the power away from the empress who should rule.

That would change one day for sure.

The Black Knights had smuggled themselves into India thanks to Rakshata and her team in India on that part. Those that have stayed or miss the boat, became the spy network within Japan and gather up any information to the core members about those that are captured such as the Four Holy Swords with their leader, and a good amount from Kyoto.

The group has gained a good amount as most were and have been Japanese but now gained more members. From were from India which is due to being with Rakshata, China, and even some Britannias who had enough. Still rebuilding what was lost and destroyed but making good progress along the way.

In the meeting room which happens to be Rakshata's but used for what's left of the core members of the Black Knights to talk. We see Alex who has his Zero mask by his side and talking during the meeting. He has gained what left of the core members of the Black Knights' full trust, showing he has nothing to hide which sparked a certain girl to know more about him.

But anyway and moving on.

Euphemia was in the meeting as she is Zero/Alex's advisor now which she decided to wear new clothes now and removed her pink for something that of the Black Knights uniform but more that of a royal dress. (Empress Euphemia)

"With the number of members we have and the rise of our new spy network in Japan, we are recovery what we have lost in the past couple of days now," Kallen said, reading off the clipboard and files she was reading to which were the numbers of the results.

"Good, very good. That would help fix the damage that was left behind. Any word from those that have been captured?" Alex asked, wanting to plan a rescue mission to save the other members of the Black Knights if he can.

"So far no word on the Holy Swords, Ohgi, or anyone we can reach the moment. Even a good amount of Kyoto has gone dark, leaving myself to run the house and set everything we can use," Kaguya informed.

"Is it possible to plan a rescue mission?" Euphemia asked.

"It is possible but it seems we don't the locations of our captured members at the moment. My guess is that they might be in the palace prison complex which that be more tricky to break in at the time being," Alex replied, seeing a tricky task.

"And from what the spies have informed, the empire is keeping a tight lip on the rumors of the Black Knights and Zero's survival," Sayoko added.

"That would be their downfall. Twice the pride, double the fall," Alex said, knowing the empire would do that and build up the image that they have the powerful force in the world. Arrogantness and pride will be their undoing.

"Also you should know that the progress on Knightmare projects is at good progress and even the Alexander has been equipped," Rakshata said as she lays on the sofa and puffed a cloud of smoke out.

"Well done," Alex said with a node and read a few more work he has which another thing got his mind.

"No word from Dietahard?" The silver-haired teen asked with his eyes narrowed and everyone shook their head on that.

"I don't why we have him in the Black Knights. He is very shady," Kallen said, showing some distrust with the information officer of the group from who no one has heard a word.

"Shady indeed, a common vulture but he will be useful to the Black Knights until it's over," Alex said, seeing that the information officer might give the group and himself some problems done the road. He should be on his guard on that and keep an eye on him.

"I'm so glad that you have started the meeting without me," A certain voice spoke which was female and teasing which showed to be CC who had survived her fight with Orange boy and made it to India after what a few troopers have told her.

"I see that you have survived, pizza girl," Kallen said.

"I'm hard to get rid of, Kallen. The Gawain wasn't so lucky and will need repairs," CC informed.

"I will inform my team to load it up and recreate something out of the Gawain. Maybe a new model can be created," Rakshata said, seeing a chance to make a new baby and use some of the Gawain's blueprints for another project of her's that was in works.

"Agree. Keep me informed of that as the Gawain was one of the strongest Knightmares within the Black Knights. But now we have the Guren and a few other Knightmares which means heavy missions is out of the question until further notice," Alex said, making a great strong point and would like to avoid risky heavy missions until they have more equipment and Knightmares for the job.

"Very well. Now I need to get to work as babies don't make themselves," Raksahat said before sending the silver-haired a wink which caused him to smirk and girls to narrowed their eyes a bit on that while the maid and the green-haired woman raised an eyebrow on that.

Seeing that CC wants to speak with him about it, Alex spoke, "Kallen, Euphy, Kaguya, Sayoko leave us. I need to have a word with CC about a few things."

They were unsure at first but with a nod and look from the silver-haired teen, they agreed and leave the two to themselves.

"You look very good as Zero, Alex," CC commented, starting the talk.

"Thanks, thought of doing a few changes to the suit but keep the standards," Alex said as he hung up his cape and mask up for the time being.

"Good," CC said with a node.

Now Alex and CC had met when Alex talked with Lelouch a couple of times and kept the secret of the green-haired woman himself, true but it wasn't their first meeting. They meet a long time ago and before the war with Japan when CC was watching over Lelouch in the shadows and meet a young Alex one day during her stay which she helped him get back to his family. And yes, Alex knows that CC is immortal and a Code Bearer due to Lelouch informing him on that part.

"I take it that you know what happened to Lelouch, CC?" Alex asked, wondering the fate of his friend.

CC was unsure at first but nodded her head and said, "Yes, I know what happens. Lelouch is alive but Suzaku had taken him to the emperor to be a member of the Round for Zero's captured. Charles has a powerful Geass, the ability to erase and change the memories to who he wishes to become. He has sealed Lelouch and erased his memories of his life as Zero, his family, and changed his own very being. He is using him to get to me."

Alex frowned and that was grim news indeed.

"Did you give him that power?" Alex asked.

"No, but someone else did, another immortal," CC replied which surprised Alex.

"Don't be so shock. I'm not the only immortal out there. The one that gives Charles his Geass is his brother, VV who is a child immortal and poor at giving out Geass to people who he also in charge of the Geass Order. An order that I made myself but left on my terms," CC explained.

"I see. More grim news by the second and you will have to keep a low key for the time being," Alex said, being concerned for the immortal woman.

CC smiled at that but the silver-haired teen shouldn't be concerned about her for the time being.

"Sweet but I will be fine, Alex. I have survived a great number of things during my immortal life and a child immortal is nothing to those," CC said.

"Maybe but still," Alex said.

"I will keep it in mind. Don't worry, I won't be going away anytime now," CC teased with a smirk.

Alex just smiled at that and knows how much a vixen CC can be which was fine and lightens up the place, to tell the truth.

"When will be a great time to save Lelouch?" Alex asked, changing the topic.

"After you fix the damage and rebuild the Black Knights. Without them, you won't stand a chance against the Emperor's Iron Fist, VV, or the Geass Order. Lelouch and yourself will suffer at the cruel hands what Charles can do," CC said, voicing her strong concern for Alex which surprised her.

"I'm not afraid. I won't fail," Alex said, unknowing what the power of Geass can do if unleashed onto him.

CC stared at Alex, seeing no signs of fear, and is very worried for him which surprised her again on much she worries about him, like Lelouch. And she wonders about that, but still.

"You will be Alex. You will be," CC stated, knowing that Alex will face great odds that will shake him to the core and may change him which she didn't want to do, and made her mind up for this one thing she was going to do.

"Alex...are you willing to form a contract?" CC asked.

This got Alex's attention fully and raised an eyebrow on that, having an idea what she was asking for which he was told by Lelouch when he gained his Geass from CC.

"What kind of contract?" Alex asked, wondering what the terms will be.

CC walks over to Alex before sitting in his lap, surprising him and almost blushed at this action but calmed himself when CC cupped his chin to make him look at her in the eyes.

"I'm not a fan of giving out Geass to more than one person like VV but now I see that I need all the help I can get. With Lelouch away, I need someone else to fulfill my wish. I will grant you a special power, The Power of Kings, Geass, and aid you on your journey on fighting Britannia and the Geass Order. In return, you must fulfill a wish, a personal wish of mine. Can you do that for me? Do we have a deal?" CC asked after explaining her reasons.

Many things were spinning within Alex's thoughts as he saw different images flowing into his mind as CC touched and showed him some details of her abilites. He kept seeing more and more which one of them showed the emperor talking about some grand plan of his and other things which he will have to question about that later. He also saw an image of a little girl with green hair and golden eyes which he also saw some of her life and even something very important to her.

Alex was snap back to the real world and his body felt a powerful wave which his answer was made up.

"I accept your contract...C***," Alex said with a smile on his face and warmness in his voice which surprised CC very much to the core.

"How?" CC tried to ask but the silver-haired teen spoke.

"I saw some of your memories. I won't pay into them for the time being. If you want to tell me about your past then I will be here to listen to them but know that you not only have a new contract but a friend as well," Alex answered.

CC felt a very strong warmness within herself and saw that Alex was far different from anyone she ever meant. She smiled a little before leading downwards and press her lips on the teens' forehead with her eyes closed, having her Geass Sigil shining bright and giving Geass down to her new contract.

This was only the start of something new and powerful rising as Alex's left eye changed from golden to blue with a bird-flipping its wings as it started.

Oh yes, something different and powerful was coming.


Alex's Harem (Updated)

Code Geass: Euphemia, Kallen, CC, Milly, Leila, Anna, Lunamaria (Gundam Seed), Cecile, Monica, and Rest TBA

Akame ga Kill: Akame, Esdeath, Leone, maybe Spear, Sheele, Chelsea, Najenda, and Kurome