When Enji published his book, it flew right the shelf! Most of the book was about the interactions between him and Shoto.


You might already know who I am. But I'm the Pro Hero Endeavor. Currently, the Number One Pro Hero in Japan!

It's kind of hard to hide the fact, but my youngest son goes to UA. The same high school I attended when I was his age. I have high hopes for him.

I'm afraid to say I'm not really close with my son. I let my hero life take the higher ground over my fatherly role. I admit my mistake. However, I'm trying harder this year to draw closer to my son even if it seems like he doesn't want to.

My name is Shoto. I haven't chosen a hero name yet. My advice to any caring father would be to read this carefully, then do the exact opposite of everything my father did. Please! I beg you!

One Saturday, Shoto decided to stay home for the weekend. We decided to eat Shoto's favorite dish, Cold Soba, for lunch.

"S-So…" I said, spinning the soba around with my chopsticks.

I wasn't really sure how to make small talk with my son.

Shoto slurps down on his soba.

"How're your studies?" I asked.

"It's going good," Shoto replied.

Rule #1: Do not ask simple questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Be more creative!

"What did you guys discuss in class on Friday?" I asked.

"We talked about what it would be like when we graduate. The Hero Market is competitive right now." Shoto explained.

"True." I added.

This would be a good time to add a follow-up question.

"What do you think?" I asked.

Shoto hummed. "Well…"

Shoto decided to not open up. He slurps down more on more soba.

Do not panic if your child does this, it's OK. Especially since Shoto is a teen, he deserves his space and privacy just like adults do. Yeah, I know it sucks when they don't answer the way we wanted them to but they still need to be treated with respect.

Often, our conversations would go a little bit something like that. I'm still trying to crack his shell.