I made a Batman Story...following the storyline of 'Son of Batman' but I got pissed off because Talia's outfit (FOR THE ENTIRE F**KING MOVIE) was slutty (also because Damian was a brat, but priorities.). Anyway,I wanted to rewrite the story so Damian was a girl. Who doesn't act like a brat. Also i'm not writing the entire movie, just when Batman, Nightwing, and Alfred met her for the first time. This gets kidda, um...well Batman is a boy. Prepare to meet the new Robin, well the new Robins.

Chapter 1 The first, and last chapter.

Batman's/Bruce's POV

"Talia?"I asked in surprise. I had been cornered by Killer Croc, and she had tasered him, practically saving me.

"We have a lot to talk about, Batman." she said in her most elusive voice

"Why did you contact me?" I was talking to Talia who had changed into a slutty red dress that hugged her every curve.

"Ra's dead" she said

"You don't seem too sad about it." I noted

"No time to mourn, anyway, I need you to take care of someone for a while."she said in a sicily sweetly

"Who?" I said, I was filled with confusion.

"Why your children of course." She pulled back a curtain to reveal 2 shadowed figures, about 5ft in height.

"I don't have children." Yet I was getting more and more unsure if that fact were true every second.

"Honestly, I expected the great Batman to at least have a brain." one shadowed figure confessed. They stepped into the light to reveal two children, about 10 or 11. They were twins for sure. They both had black hair and dazzling green eyes identical to Talia's. One was a girl, and one was a boy. They both wore the same black uniform that covered their skin entirely except for their heads.

"I have a brain." I answered shortly.

"Clearly" The boy answered

"Anyway, just take care of them whale I fight Deathstroke." She said, and with that she was off.

"I can do fine on my own. Just find me when mother wants me back. I have no use for an extra guardian." the girl declared, she began to walk away.

"Wait, your mother said I had to watch you. Could we just put up with each other for a little while?" I said coldly

She turned around and glanced at me "Fine, but I will leave during the night. I have business to attend to." she said icily. I turned towards the Batmobile and started walking towards it, I motioned for them to follow.

"I'll drive." the boy proclaimed.


"I know how!" he whined

"It's his car, you can hotwire it when he's sleeping or something." The girl said whale rolling her eyes. We boarded the Batmobile.

"Can I at least know your names?" I muttered

"Diana." the girl replied

"Damien" The boy said

"Creative" I muttered

"Names hold power." Diana said. I glanced away from the road to glance at her. She had a smirk on her face that reminded me of Joker when I fell into his clever traps. A shiver ran down my spine.

Wayne Maynor

We arrived at Wayne Manor shortly and were greeted by Alfred.

"Are these the guests you spoke of?" he questioned

"Yes, this is Diana and Damian." I motioned to each of them in turn.

"Hi! What should we call you?" Diana asked politely, she gave him a small smile. I was offended at that, because the most I had gotten was a disapproving glance.

"Alfred Pennyworth if you so choose to, I also go by Alfred, Master Diana." He answered

Diana laughed "Please don't call me master, It makes me feel like a fancy person, Alfred."

"Where are the other servants?" Damian said rudley

"We have only Alfred, and he is a close friend of mine." I said

"Dud, No need to be rude to someone you just met," Diana said, appalled at his rudeness.

"I was not the one sassing him in the car." Damian said indignantly

"Well excuse me if I don't like him. Masked men are never good." She scowled

"You are just saying that because you're a girl." he huffed. All I saw was a flash, but in an instant Diana had a knife to his neck and backed up against the wall.

"I'm the girl who is better at fighting than you. I beat grandfather once." She said in a regal tone, there was no doubt that she was of imperial status.

"You wouldn't hurt me." he said, but his voice wavered

"I can prove you wrong if you have another bitchy remark." she said. Damian visibly palled. Alfred sent me a look.

"Would you young folk like to see where you will be sleeping?" Alfred said, effectively breaking up the fight.

"Sure." Diana removed the knife from his throat and gave Alfred a smile. After seeing her almost decapitate someone, that smile made me uneasy. He led them to their sleeping quarters, where Damien immediately requested tea. I hung back and watched from a distance.

"Can I help you with the little brats tea? Or at least see where the kitchen is?" Diana asked Alfred

"Are you sure? Nobody's ever wanted to see where the kitchen was." Alfred said, obviously surprised

"Yeah! I can help you with whatever you need. At mom's place I was expected to do the duties that the servants would do for Damien. Fighting was how I proved my worth." She said that surprised me, seeing as she would be considered a form of royalty there.

"May I ask why?" Alfred said

"Simple, Damien was the firstborn, Damian was the male." She said simply

"Anyway, the kitchen is this way." Alfred said in an attempt to change the topic.

"The little boy tried to kill me!" Nightwing complained. He had attempted to stop Damian from killing a Narc's guy in Gotham.

"Oh stop whinny, he didn't even succeed in killing you, grandfather would be ashamed." Diana said. Alfred was cleaning Nightwings wounds while Diana was carefully stitching them up with thin white thread.

"Excuse me?" Damian said angrily from nearby

"We can go one on one if you want." Diana said with a smirk. I had seen her train the past few days, and even I was impressed with her skill and finesse. She fought like a demon, a literal demon.

"After all the times you warned me about using protection." Nightwing said to me. I scowled and walked away

Yeah, it was short and pretty bad, i'm writing for my own enjoyment tho. If you like it, leave a comment.