Hello guys I'm back with another story i have two more if you haven't read those please do. I update regularly.

This story is about the Cullen's reading the twilight saga and fixing their mistakes a lot sooner. Some of my characters are quite different then how Stephenie Meyer wrote about them for example my Bella has more backbone. I will be quoting the books just to have a little bit of context. I've read some fanfics with this similar storylines and I love them. So I hope you enjoy mine.

Edwards's mind reading will look like this

All characters belong the Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 1- Package

Esme Pov

Today is a wonderful day one of my children is turning eighteen, Bella had become my daughter as much as Rosalie and Alice. She makes Edward so happy she eased my heart from the worry of thinking he had been change so young he would never be able to find love.

While Alice and Edward were at school, Rose and Emmett where getting the balloons and gifts, the cake was in the oven and jasper was out hunting preparing to be close to Bella. I heard the car and later the door, strange normally if something is to arrive Alice warns us. I signed for the package and brought inside. There was a note attached to it read with the family together urgent

What could this be? I started to dial Alice number when jasper walked in.

"Mom what's wrong?"- I give him the letter

"Alice…?"- I shook my head, no one trusted Alice more than jasper

She answered at the second ring— "Alice dear a package just… you didn't see it…- I turned around to see jasper frowning— "call Emmett now"- I said— " Alice calm down, make sure Edward doesn't over react and I will get Carlisle."

Alice hadn't seen this, it couldn't be good we could always count on Alice to protect us from something and now with Bella being so fragile I don't want another phoenix situation. This isn't going to go will for my poor son. I could hear Jasper telling Rosalie to hurry back when Carlisle answered.

"Yes dear?"

"Carlisle you must come quick"— I said

"Is everything all right, is Bella hurt?"— Of course he would assume Bella, the poor girl had visited the ER more times this summer then I could've wished for.— " No she's fine, it concerns all of us, a package was delivered, Alice didn't see it I'm afraid we are all panicking"

" I will be there at once"- he said and hanged up

Rosalie and Emmett arrived, Carlisle minutes after that and Edward arrived with two scared girls attached to the hip.

Edward Pov

" Let's sit in the living room"- my mother said

We were in our last class when Alice received Esmes call the fact that Alice didn't see this made me run for Bella dragging her out of gym using a lame excuse of family emergency.

"this arrive and it had this letter attached to it"- Esme said— I hope this isn't bad we've been so happy and today being so special … Oh my - "¡Bella!— mom yelled running to hug Bella and making her jump— " dear I'm so sorry happy birthday.

My beautiful angel who hated being the center of attention blushed. - "Thank you Esme"- a chorus of happy birthday Bella was heard from my family making her blush even more. Carlisle cleared his throat— "we should read the letter, are you're ready?"- We all nodded.

Dear Cullen family. I must introduce myself, my name is Meyer. I have a similar gift as Alice only my visions are with years into the future. Don't be afraid you're not the first ones I've helped with my gift. I have sent you five books with the story of your family's future I do hope this helps all of you strengthen your family bond. Twilight and midnight sun are about the past months midnight sun is Edward perspective, twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn are in Bella's perspective. You must read these books together as it involves all of you. With my sincere love S. Meyer.

Pd. The volturi have tried to find me with no success; don't waste your time jasper. "Of all possessions a friend is the most precious"

"My perspective? As in my thoughts?- Bella said looking green

"as much as I could love to know your thoughts, this could be incredibly dangerous this Meyer clearly knows about us, are we going to ignore this and why would she want to help us"

Immediately Rosalie and Jasper agreed with me their thoughts in the same track

"Edward is right this person could harm us"- All of this for that damn human girl I bet this is her fault endangering my family. I growled at Rosalie.

Let's calm down, lets open the package there no harm in reading and only that way we will know if this Meyer is telling the truth"- my father said

Emmett was the one who opened the package— "let's just read please, look at poor Alice it looks like she's having an aneurysm."

Son do you mind if I start?

"They're not my thoughts Carlisle"— I said

"Bella do you mind?"- he asked her

Bella grunted but nodded—"this is going to embarrassing" I kissing her head

" ok let's start"