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Warning: Mentions of death are in the story.

Chapter 1

It was a warm, sunny day at Fair City College. It was August 30th, 1969, the day many students were anticipating, because it was the day classes were going to start. Many of the students were excited to start their college year; making new friends, memories, and having the time of their lives. Ah, yes with all this excitement going around there was nothing that could make this day—

"I'm late, I'm late, god I'm so late." An eighteen-year-old Steven Boxleitner muttered to himself as he ran across campus.

The reason for his tardiness was because of the two pastrami sandwiches in his hands, which he bought at the sandwich shop that recently opened. He would have made it to class on time if he didn't get distracted. Sure the line was a little long, he also did have to use the bathroom, and —hey in his defense the sandwich shop was having a Grand Opening sale, buy one get one free, and knowing himself he couldn't pass up a sale like that. Plus, he was a college student on his own, he had to start saving money now if he wanted to pay for his classes. Anyway, it's just a couple of pastrami sandwiches, not like they were going to drastically alter his life.

"Anyway back to our late student, so how late are you, Steven?" asked the Narrator.

"Oh, not much, only by 45 MINUTES!" Retorted an out-of-breath Steven.

"Were those sandwiches worth being late for?"

"Oh, yeah, totally." Steven panted, pausing between words to catch his breath.

Halting to a stop at the doors of building B, he puts the sandwiches in his bag for lunch and grabs the handles of the doors. He pulls and pulls but the doors wouldn't budge. "No, the doors can't be locked," he thought.

Upset that he was going to miss class on the first day of school, Steven turned around to head back to his dorm until a sign on the door caught his eye. The word PUSH was printed in big red bolded letters right in front of his face like it was taunting him and his problems. Turns out in his panic of being late, he didn't see the sign telling him to push instead of pull. "Gah, how can I miss that, it was right in front of my face!"

Now pushing the doors open and running into the building to his classroom, room B06. He stopped in his tracks to see his classroom number and stood in front of the door. As much as he was excited to start college, he was also nervous, walking through that door meant he was a full-fledged adult. The chapter of his childhood has closed, and a new one has opened.

"Are you ready?" asked the Narrator.

"I sure am," Steven answered confidently.

He took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. As Steven pushed the door open he hoped that it wouldn't creak, notifying the class how late he was. Thankfully though, it didn't. He looked inside the classroom and saw that everyone was focused on the lecture, no one noticed he came inside. Breathing out a sigh of relief he silently walked in, carefully closing the door behind him. He scanned the room and found the closest seat to the door he just entered which was near the back of the lecture hall. As he shrugged off his bag and was about to sit down, he noticed a binder on the chair. Not wanting to be rude, he asked the student beside the desk, "Hey, um, is that your binder or is this seat taken?"

The brown-haired student looked up from his notes and apologized. "Yeah, sorry, I didn't have any room left on my desk so I put it here. Sorry, man, you can sit down now." Taking the binder from the chair and placing it under his desk.

"Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience. I got here a little late. If I wanted the better seats, I should have come here earlier." Steven replied as he took his seat.

"A little late? The class is going to be over in 15 minutes. Why did you come so late anyway?"

"Well, I'll have you know that there was a new sandwich shop that was having a great sale, buy one get one free. Might as well save money as soon as I can. Classes are going to get expensive." Steven defended.

Letting out a small chuckle, the brown-haired student replied "Well then, I wish you luck on the rest of the year because you'll need it. But, if you need any help, you can always ask me."

"Thanks. Is it okay if I copy the notes I missed? I don't want to be behind."

"Sure, no problem. Since it's the first day of class, we didn't learn anything too noteworthy, just your typical introductions and expectations. I also got an extra syllabus for myself because I always misplace stuff but you can have it, after being so late and everything."

"Thanks, you're a lifesaver. So where you from, Fair City is quite small and I don't think I've seen you before." Steven asked while copying down the notes he missed.

"Oh, I'm from a city up in Northern California, Redding, to be precise. I moved to Fair City because the college has such a great engineering program. I think the concept of building your innovations is such a fascinating notion, whether it's a simple toy or a complex computer. Plus it's not like it's out of state or anything because who wants to be drowning in that debt."

"Understandable, Fair City also has a great science program. I want to be able to study heroes, their abilities, and how to expand their capabilities to further help people" Steven explained excitedly.

"That's noble. Hey, since I moved to the city about a month ago, mind showing me around? Like what are the best places to eat and hang out?"

"Hmmm, sure, why not. Where and when should we meet up?" asked Steven.

"Let's meet up on Friday at the lobby of dorm F, since it's the dorms I am living at."

Looking up from taking notes in shock, Steven replied in excitement, "Really?! I live in dorm F too."

"For reals, which floor? I live on the 3rd floor in room 309."

"NO WAY! I also live on the third floor! Room 305."

"That's cool, I— oh class is about to end, we should be heading off."

Looking up at the classroom clock, Steven notices that it was about time to leave and starts to pack up the notes he just finished taking. "Thanks again for the notes and syllabus. I notice that I never got your name."

"Oh sorry, allow me to introduce myself, I go by William which is my middle name actually" William explains.

"Oh, well I'm Steven. If you don't mind me asking, what's your full name?" Steven curiously wondered.

"Well, it's kind of a mouthful, but my full name is—"


Two Brains' alarm suddenly woke him up, jolting as the annoying beep filled the room. He rubbed his tired eyes and realized that he was in his room. He groaned. The dream felt so real, it was probably memories from Steven. Once in a while, he would get recurring memories of Steven's life in his dreams and they were more annoying than anything, but he didn't mind them though. He sat up and rubbed his eyes again. He turned to look at the cheese clock on his nightstand and saw that it was 7:50. He looked at the calendar on his left and saw that November 8th was circled in red, which was today.

That's right, he just remembered that there's a villain convention taking place in a small motel somewhere far out of the city. Sitting in his comfy bed as he stared at the blank wall in front of him, he sat there in peace, collecting his thoughts, until he was rudely interrupted.

"Well, aren't you going to get ready? You're not going to get to the villain convention on time if you stay in bed all morning." The Narrator said.

"Why don't you mind your own business and be quiet. Can't a person mentally get themselves ready for the day before getting out of bed?" The mouse man retorted.

"Alright, alright, someone here sure is cranky."

"I said leave." Two-Brains commanded harshly.

"Okay, okay, I can see that I'm not wanted."

After the Narrator said he "left", Doctor Two-Brains looked at his clock again. The clock now read 8:03. He decided now is the time to get ready. He gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he does so, he contemplates the dream he had last night. If he remembered correctly, the brown-haired student in Steven's memories was a man named William. He remembers bits and pieces about William. He studied and majored in engineering, got his masters, and was nice but was a tad bit arrogant. He was Steven's college roommate and friend for about 7 years.

"Some friend he turned out to be, I never heard back from him after he left for his new engineering job in '94." Doctor Two-Brains thought.

After brushing his teeth, he completed the rest of his morning routine and grabbed a piece of cheese on his way out the door. Locking the door to his lair behind him, he walked to his green mouse van, hopped inside, and drove to the villain convention. Hopefully, they have more cheese there.