The darkness was starting to get to me. I don't know when I got here, I don't know how, but I know for damn certain that I don't like it. I can't see anything, I can't feel anything, I can't do anything. I determined a long time ago that I no longer possessed a physical form….which now that I think of it makes me question how I'm able to see anything? After all, I don't have any eyes, so how am I able to comprehend the never ending blackness that surrounds me.

Hello player, how would you like to play a game?

What in the… What the hell is this? Some sort of blue text appeared in front of me. What do you mean by game, mysterious text box?

The game of life, player. Would you like to play?

I mean, sure? There's literally nothing else for me to do. Sign me up, I refuse to be in this endless state of limbo any longer.

Well then, welcome to the game player! A brief introduction is in order. I am commonly referred to as 'The System', granting mortal life forms such as yourself the chance for grandeur and power through means of turning your life into a game. To give you some idea of how this works, think of it as me turning your life into that of a classical RPG of your world

An RPG? So I'm essentially going to be able to live my life as a video game?

That is the gist of it, yes. However, unlike video games, the people you will meet in your travels are real. There are no NPC's, except for ones provided by the game of course, your actions WILL have consequences, and events will happen regardless of whether or not you are there.

Alright then, my actions cause stuff and events won't wait for me. Wait, what do you mean by events?

Your life isn't just going to become a video game, player, you will be traveling into worlds that are real realities of media you have consumed. For instance, the world of "Pokemon," is quite real in a different reality.

Holy shit, this is what I've always dreamed of! Being able to be in the world of video games and anime is a dream come true!

Good for you then, player, now we need to continue your transition. We will start with a race, followed by character creation and name, class selection, and finally you will have the chance to partake in a sort of lottery that will be explained later.

Now we're talking. Alright then, system, let's get started!

Choose your race

[Human] [?] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]

There were only two options to choose from, the rest was just an endless series of locked boxes that I couldn't even click. Hmm, system, what does that question mark mean?

It means, if you choose it, you will be given a random race. It can be as something as insignificant as an ant, or something as powerful as a god. Any and every race falls into this.

Time to weight my options. I could go with human, that's what I was before. Though I can't lie and tell myself that the possibility of being a super human isn't enticing as fuck. Fuck it. System, I choose the random option

As you wish, player.


Race selected: Death walker

Info: Death walkers are human like creatures that emit auras of despair and death. Living creatures hate them, the dead love them.

Racial trait gained: Enemy of the living

Living beings dislike you, even before meeting you. Every creature that is alive will automatically start with -20 affection. However, creatures of the dead will start with 20 affection.

Racial skill gained: Silence is golden (passive)

You naturally produce no sound when moving, you are silent as the night. In addition, you move 20% faster during a night with no moon.

Racial trait gained: Cold Climate

Your race of people lived on a planet that was stuck in an eternal winter, as such your race evolved over time to be able to handle the cold weather. You gain a 50% resistance to frost magic. Additionally, cold climates don't bother you.

Fuck, while the perk was nice and all that first trait certainly isn't. I'm essentially screwed in any world I end up in. Hm, this will be a problem, but certainly one I will be able to work around.

Onto name and character design. This is crucial, you may take your time with this.

A gray clay model of a human appeared before me. Curiously, I imagined the arms to be longer, and sure enough the arms on the human figure grew. So I just have to imagine what I look like, time to get to work. First, I change the height to a nice 6'8. I was short before….whatever this is, 5'6 to be exact, so I want to be nice and tall. Next, I make myself tan, almost bronze in color.

Next I choose the hair. I'm going to choose shaggy black hair, not very eye catching, but depending on the world I end up in having hair that's not a traditional hair color would make me stand out, and I can't have that with my racial trait active. Next, I made it reach the bottom of my neck, with my bangs framing my face on both sides. After that, I made my eye color a nice ice blue.

After some tweaks and adjustments, mostly to my nose and jaw, among other things, I was finished with my character.

Enter your name:

I don't exactly remember my old name, I've been here so long the only thing that I can remember is the never ending blackness. System, can you give me a random name?

Random name selected: Drew Warren

Hm, not bad. Guess I was lucky this time, if only I had gotten a better race.

Time for class selection. You have three broad categories to choose from, that being a warrior, mage, or rogue. Depending on whatever you choose, you will have three basic classes to choose from. Upon leveling the class to level 100, it's max, you will be able to choose a new class. Either a new starting one from a different category, or new advanced ones in your current category.

Hm, while magic seemed like the obvious choice, because let's be honest, who wouldn't want to be able to wield magic when they couldn't before, I'll most likely have to decline it. Magic would be amazing to use, however my racial trait wouldn't help me in the slightest. Having people naturally resent me would make it hard to find a teacher willing to train me, and I have absolutely no idea how magic even works. Wait, system will you be able to assist me with magic?

The System does not help the player in the production of magical skills. The system does, however, give you the knowledge of spells that are written down in skill books when you consume them.

That's just not good enough, if I can't figure out how magic works then my repertoire of magic is entirely dependent on whatever world I end up in. If it's something like fairy tail this would be no issue, but ending up in some place like Attack On Titan where magic doesn't exist? I would be screwed. Choosing that random race taught me to be careful with my gambles. I guess I also need to scrap being a warrior as well, it would require getting up close and personal on an open playing field, but I wouldn't know if I could even trust my own allies. In the end, being a rouge makes the most sense. I would be able to stay in the shadows, away from everyone, and benefit from my speed boost on the night of a new moon.

Rogue selected, choose class:

[Thief] [Archer] [Scout]

Hm, I don't want to be an archer. That means buying arrows, which, again, would require contact with other people. Shop owners might try and screw me with overcharging their items. So that's crossed off the list.

Next is scout, while it would benefit from my trait and perk, it's too risky. If I get caught I'll be done for, and scouts typically don't have the best fighting abilities. That's off the list.

That leaves me with Thief, and I'm honestly not bothered by that. I'll be able to get items by stealing them, which saves money, AND I can stay out of the public eye if I'm good enough. System, I choose being a theif.

Class selected: Thief

+5 Dex, +2 Str every level

Skill gained: Pickpocket (1/20)

You are a novice in the art of pickpocketing, chances of successful pickpocket is 5%, regardless of rarity of the item chosen.

Skill gained: Knife mastery (1/100)

Truly, you are on your way to being a master of knife combat. Your damage with knives and other short bladed weapons are increased by 20%

Skill gained: Sneak (1/100)

You are a sneaky boy, chances of going unnoticed is 10%

Now time for the lottery

Alright system, what is the lottery exactly?

The lottery is quite simple, you have the chance to randomly receive anything. It could be a trait, flaw, skill, anything really. The catch, however, is that these can be either good OR bad. In other words, you could make bank or go broke.

Alright, I'll take that bet. System, roll me!

Trait gained: Villainous

You are more prone to act villainous than righteous in stressful situations, heroic characters don't like you, but you fit in just fine with other villains such as yourself

Not… the best, certainly could be worse. Better even this out with a something good. System, again!

Trait gained: Gambler

You are a true gambler, but you're addicted to it. You take risks, and you thrive in games of chance. You won't stop until you believe you've gained something out of everything you do, you are also more prone to taking bets.

Hm, still not great. I bet I can get something better, again!

Flaw gained: Malicious

You love to inflict as much pain and misery as you can to any opponent you deem beneath you, you will stop at nothing until your opponent is a broken mess begging for death, a death you will refuse to grant them. This Flaw is mostly only applicable to when you are in combat, however if you hate someone enough this flaw will come out

Shit shit shit, that's not good. I'll have to roll again, I can't have three bad rolls without a good one, again!

Skill gained: knitting (1/100)

You can make articles of clothing of questionable quality, provided you have the materials of course.

God damn it not again! While certainly not bad, this doesn't give me anything to work with, I'm going to have to roll again, I will not be screwed over. System, again!

Passive skill gained: Background music

You can choose songs to play in the background, only you can hear them.

That's…something. Again.

Restriction received: gamer moments

You can not talk to anyone about your system, doing so will result in immediate removal of the system and termination of the player. To compensate, if given a somewhat reasonable and believable reason, people will most likely believe whatever answer you give them regarding the nature of your powers.

Sigh, again.

Trait gained: Lucky duckling

You will never receive a loot dropping of trash rarity, as well as having a higher chance of obtaining higher rarity droppings from people, mobs, etc. This does not, however, affect the gacha.

Now we're talking! I can already feel the good luck coming my way, let's ride this streak! Again!

Flaw gained: Weak body

You have a weak constitution, while your strength isn't affected, your health it. Your END is halved. Permanently. Your body will also come to reflect this flaw. That, however, IS changeable with a healthy diet and exercise.

No no no no NO NO NO NO NO! I refuse! I must get a good, or at least moderate, anything to compensate! AGAIN!

Racial Trait gained: Abnormal regeneration

You heal faster than the average bear! You regenerate health twice as fast, and you recover stamina twice as fast. This is only applicable to outside of battles.

Perfect! System, I'm stopping now. What do I need to do now?

Before I send you off on your adventure, it's time to look at your character sheet and allot your free stat points.

Drew Warren

Level: 1 (0%)

Class: Thief

HP: 100

MP: 200

STR: 10

END: 5

DEX: 15

INT: 10

WIS: 10

LCK: 20

Stat points: 10

[Skills] [Traits]

Hm, so it seems like my endurance multiplied by 20 will be my health, and magic will either be my intelligence or wisdom multiplied by 20 as well. I will allocate 5 points to END, 2 to STR, and 3 to INT.

Drew Warren

Level: 1 (0%)

Class: Thief

HP: 200

MP: 260

STR: 12

END: 10

DEX: 15

INT: 13

WIS: 10

LCK: 20

Stat points: 0

[Skills] [Traits]

Now, before I send you off I have 3 essential skills to give you.

Skill gained: Gamer's mind (passive)

You are immune to psychological attacks, and will be able to think calmly and rationally in otherwise stressful situations

Skill gained: Gamer's Body (passive)

Your are a gamer, as such whenever you sleep in a bed you will fully restore your health, magic, and otherwise crippling injuries.

Skill gained: Observe (1/100)

Observe anything and everything around you, gaining any and all information on that target. For other people, however, you will find that information will be hidden from you if they are exceptionally stronger than you are.

Now, Drew Warren, are you ready to start your journey?

Fuck the hell yes. System, send me away to a new world!

Transporting player now….

In the distance, I see a white glow. And then suddenly I feel myself moving frighteningly fast towards it. I manage to stay calm, and suddenly white fills my vision just before I black out.

A sudden bump causes me to awake, I jolt up and blearily look around me. I see 3 people with me, two in front, one to my right. I try to look around me, but my vision is still adjusting to the color and light I can now see. Despite the blurriness, I see a lot of green and brown, are we in a forest? Just as I was about to say hello I hear something that makes me freeze

"Hey you, you're finally awake."

AN: Hi! This is my first ever fanfiction written. The gamer series by Dark Wolf Shiro, and many other authors in the DWS discord inspired me to do something like this, and I hope I can make my take on it something to be proud of. Leave any comments and reviews, I'll do my best to read them all. Update schedule isn't listed, because I honestly don't know how to upload new chapters X3