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"I always lied to you and asked you to forgive me." Itachi said, staggering towards his little brother as his Edo Tensei form crumbled and flaked, pieces of him peeling away, rising into the air and disintegrating with a serene, white glow.

With only one working eye, and the chakra connecting binding him to an unfortunate host body growing weaker by the second, he could barely see Sasuke's doe-eyed expression as he approached.

"Deliberately keeping you at a distance by my own hand. Father, Mother, and the rest of the Uchiha." He uttered, knowing he would forever regret his past actions in the afterlife.

Itachi staggered closer, watching as a multitude of expressions flickered across Sasuke's face as he reached towards his younger sibling.

Acceptance and Love.

"If I had been open with you from the start... and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this." He continued, staggering forwards.

Understanding and Anger, but none of the latter was directed towards him.

Sasuke didn't even blink as Itachi wrapped his hand around the back of his hand.

Complete Trust.

"You don't ever have to forgive me," Itachi said, smiling as he rested his forehead against Sasuke own and stared into his eyes, "and no matter what you do from here on out, know this, I will love you always."

And for the second time in less than a year, Itachi Uchiha died with a smile on his face.

He felt the last chakra connection vanish and glanced down at Sasuke, who stared back up at him, as his soul was ejected from some poor Konoha shinobi whose body crumpled to the floor.

They continued staring at each other for a few moments longer, then Itachi gave his little brother a light nod before the world suddenly blacked out around him.

There was nothing but indiscernible darkness around him.

So this was the afterlife?

If so, Itachi found it fitting that after everything he'd done in the Shinobi World - murdering his entire family, albeit for the sake of his village's political integrity and stability, and helping a terrorist organization end the world - that he'd be condemned to float around in nothingness for eternity.

He didn't even know which way was up or down, but he could feel himself doing a complete 360 about every 38 seconds or so.

Was time and direction even applicable to the afterlife?

"Ah, there you are." A wizened voice said from behind, sounding remarkably like Hiruzen Sarutobi.

With much effort and all the time in the afterlife - if he'd been alive, Itachi would've been upon whoever spoke before they could finish speaking - Itachi turned around and saw someone who was decidedly very much not Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Sat in seiza before him was a pale, elderly man with a grey beard as long as his own body and gathered like some kind of hairy cinnamon roll in his lap, and spiky hair which was as grey as his beard. He also wore a white, full-length kimono with a six, black magatama pattern on the high collar, and a necklace of some sort, also adorned with additional magatama.

Itachi found himself staring into a pair of purple, ringed eyes; Rinnegan, exactly identical to the eyes Pein - leader of the Akatsuki - had.

There was even a red Rinnegan sat exactly dead-centre of his forehead.

It didn't take a genius - or a Nara - to know who this man was.

"Esteemed Sage." Itachi said, tilting his head with respect.

The old man simply raised an eyebrow.

The Uchiha stared back at him.

"There was a stone tablet. Possessing the Mangekyō Sharingan, I could only partially decipher what was written, something I assume was intentionally done. If what was written was true, and the stories are also true, with the Senju and Uchiha coming from one man, then you must be the Sage of Six Paths." Itachi said, watching as the old man smirked.

"Hmm, perceptive young man," he waved a hand, "please, just call me Hagoromo."

Itachi nodded.

Then, as the smirk fell off his face, Hagoromo fixed him under a calculating stare and former shinobi felt a chill run down his spine.

Somehow, and the three Rinnegan might've had something to do with it, this slim, old man felt more imposing and intimidating than physical and chakra powerhouses like Kakuzu, Jiraiya and Kisame.

"Perhaps you're wondering why I've come to see you, no?"

"Yes, Hagoromo-dono."

If the legendary founder of Ninshū, which subsequently became ninjutsu, the primary fighting style that shinobi used to fight, maim and kill each other with, didn't like the added honorific, he did a damn good job of hiding it.

Normally, Itachi had it easy with reading people, with or without the Sharingan, as a lot of shinobi could be read like a open book, but trying to figure out what Hagoromo was thinking, was like trying to read a brick wall while hindered by sight problems.

"I've spoken to Indra's reincarnation, your younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke." Hagoromo started.

Itachi perked up, "Sasuke, how is he?"

"He got stabbed through the heart, but he's better now. I gave him a portion of my power, granting him the use of a single Rinnegan so he can deal with the previous reincarnation, Uchiha Madara, alongside Asura's reincarnation, Uzumaki Naruto." Hagoromo said, matter-of-factly.

"I see. I doubt you found me, floating around in the afterlife, simply to tell me that you gave my little brother power."

"You would be correct," Hagoromo said, letting out a sigh, "I've watched both Sasuke and Naruto since they were born. Seen the choices they've made, the people they've met and those who've hurt them. Your... past actions have massively influenced the lives of both, of course, Sasuke's more than Naruto's. And, yes, Sasuke clearly knows why you slaughtered the Uchiha, but despite your best intentions when brought back to life by that barbaric technique, you have ultimately failed."

Itachi felt a hint of dread coming over him.

"Hagoromo-dono, what's happened in the Land of the Living?"

"Sasuke tends to kill the leaders of the five villages, kill Uzumaki Naruto and then get rid of the Tailed Beasts with his Rinnegan. I believe he intends to make a world of peace in his image. A world without the Kage and the Tailed Beasts, and any hint of conflict is immediately crushed by his hand." The legendary figure explained.

'Sasuke... what're you doing?'

Itachi shook his head and looked at Hagoromo, "This is my fault. Please, send me back to the Land of the Living and allow me to-"


The elder Uchiha brother blinked, "Excuse me."

"I said no. What's done is done and what's coming cannot be changed. I'm going to be brutally honest, Itachi-kun, you've failed to be a brother, making the wrong choices, despite clear, alternate ones being right in-front of you." Hagoromo said, staring Itachi down.

Itachi felt true shame, something he usually kept supressed, hidden behind a cold, emotionless mask of apathy and indifference, and hadn't felt since the Uchiha Massacre.

"The reason I'm here; however, is to give you a second chance."

The raven-haired, ex-Konoha shinobi furrowed his eyebrows, "What do you mean? I thought you said you weren't going to be sending me back?"

A smirk graced Hagoromo's face once more, "I said I wasn't going to send you back to the Shinobi World. I never said that I couldn't send you elsewhere."

Itachi's eyes widened by a fraction, "You're sending me... to another dimension?"

Despite the humility that rolled off him in waves, the Sage of Six Paths looked impossibly smug.

'Ah, so that's where the Uchiha got their infamous 'Look at me, who do you think I am? Fool, are you implying there's something I can't do?' facial expression.' Itachi thought.


Hagoromo arched an eyebrow, "Why what?"

"Why give me a second chance?"

The Sage stared at him critically, as if weighing up his words.

"Because I see someone, whose life could've been significantly better, drawn towards the path of darkness by circumstances out of their control. Despite the things you've done as a shinobi, you were a man of peace with a good and naïve heart, fighting off the Curse of Hatred, despite being given the opportunity to accept it and even turning your brother, the reincarnation of Indra, away from it, and you were also a citizen who was loyal, all the way to the end, to their village." Hagoromo said.

Itachi nodded slowly.

"I see."

"Plus, I quite like crows. They're incredibly intelligent creatures."

"Excuse me?" Itachi wasn't sure if he'd heard Hagoromo right, but the playful twinkle in the older man's purple eyes told him that he hadn't misheard.

He watched as the Sage of Six Paths brought his hands together and shifted through into the Snake - Horse - Ram - Tiger hand seals, content that he'd be allowed to start anew and atone for what he'd done in the ANBU and the Akatsuki, before a sudden thought slammed into the forefront of his head.

"Hold on, Hagoromo-dono, before you send me away. There are three people I'd like to see one last time and say goodbye to, if that's possible," Itachi startled, bringing the Sage to a halt, "My father, Fugaku Uchiha; mother, Mikoto Uchiha, and my best friend, Shisui Uchiha."

"Very well." The founder of everything related to shinobi nodded and formed a single hand seal - Tiger.

Through the endless sensation of nothing, Itachi felt a burst of chakra rush over his body.

Then, in sudden flashes of light - akin to a flashbang going off in a dark room - three figures appeared, two males and one female.

The shorter of the two men, Shisui, was the first two speak, whilst the other two locked eyes and quickly embraced each other in a display of emotion Itachi had never seen before.

"Whoa, that was rad," Shisui's eyes darted between the Sage and Itachi, "Yo, Itachi, who's the old man?"

"The Sage of Six Paths." He deadpanned.

"Shut the front door. I expected him to be more... I dunno..." Shisui gestured, pretending to have a massive chest and big, muscular arms.

"I assure you," Hagoromo said, dryly as he snapped his fingers and changed their surroundings to one of total darkness to that of an odd mix of white, yellow and pink, "I'm the Sage of Six Paths. I even brought you here at-"


Legendary as he may be, the Sage of Six Paths had still once been human, and he looked slightly miffed over being interrupted.

Itachi turned away from Shisui and found himself staring into two pairs of onyx eyes.

Fugaku stared impassively at him, briefly sparing the Sage a glance, while Mikoto looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Okaa-sama, Otou-sama."

Mikoto choked something out, rushed forwards - so apparently there was a solid platform of something underneath their feet - and embraced Itachi, but Fugaku simply crossed his arms and allowed the corners of his lips to twitch.

Hugging his mother back, Itachi knew it was the closest he'd get to a smile out of the Uchiha patriarch.

Mikoto was the first to break from their embrace and her eldest found his face clasped within her hands as she inspected him from head to toe.

"Look at you, my beautiful boy," Itachi glared at Shisui who sniggered at him, "women would've been falling head over heels over you."

"Hn. Gets his good looks from me." Fugaku mused, nodding approvingly.

"Sorry, Uchiha-sama, but I think Itachi gets-" Shisui voice died as the Uchiha patriarch gave him a pointed look, all the while ignoring his wife poking him, "Yep, yeah, totally get his looks from you, no doubt about it."

"So, being a shinobi caught up to you eventually?" Fugaku inquired.

Itachi nodded, "I drove Sasuke into taking revenge on me after the Massacre. Made him hate and resent me for eight whole years, but when we actually came to blows, I think it was actually an incurable illness and the chakra exhaustion that did me in."

He looked at the Hagoromo, "How is he now?"

The old man twitched, "Naruto's beaten him out of his funk and they've just reconciled."

Mikoto blinked, "Naruto? Kushina-chan's boy?"

Itachi gave her and Fugaku a look, "You both knew? Why didn't you offer him the protection of the clan?"

Fugaku scowled, "One: the village was blaming us for the attack, thanks to Danzo. Two: Every clan wanted to, out of respect to Minato, but Danzo threatened any of us who made a suggestion with exile. I couldn't choose the boy over my clan's standing."

Shisui nearly jumped him, "OH, Danzo, is he dead?"

"Hn," Itachi nodded, "Sasuke killed him."

"Oh, thank goodness for that. The world never needed that cockroach."

"Agreed." Fugaku, Mikoto and Itachi said, simultaneously.

"Back to the matter at hand," Hagoromo cut in, "I brought you three back so Itachi could see you once last time and say goodbye. This young man is getting a second chance at life. A second chance to be a brother."

Fugaku and Mikoto stared at him, looking slightly confused, while Shisui gave him a grin and a nod of respect.

"You're going to accept?" Mikoto inquired, softly.

Itachi nodded, slowly, "I failed in my duties as an older brother. I failed to protect Sasuke and keep him on the right path; placed the burden on doing so onto Naruto-kun's shoulders. I should've and could've done better, and I'm embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I'm taking a second chance so I can hopefully atone for what I did after the Uchiha Massacre."

Shisui looked like he wanted to ask something, but then decided against it.

Fugaku sighed, "You cannot fully shoulder the blame. As Head of the Uchiha Clan, I should've been able to look past my pride and the words of the Elders and could've done more, even if it meant having to step down or sharing the burden with you. I won't ask what you did after the massacre, but I respect your decision. Itachi, wherever you go, be sure to make a difference."

"I intend to." Itachi replied, nodding.

Mikoto gave him a supportive and accepting smile.

Shisui chuckled and playfully punched Itachi's shoulder, "Wherever you end up, kick ass, Itachi."

"You know I'm a pacifist, Shisui. I greatly detest the notion of fighting and conflict." The ex-Akatsuki member deadpanned, though the corners of his lips twitched upwards as Shisui rolled his eyes.

"Eh, kick ass anyway."

As Itachi turned back to the waiting Sage of Six Paths, he found his forehead poked, in the exact same manner he'd done to Sasuke during his time as an active Konoha shinobi, sending what felt like a rush of chakra into his system.

"What was that?"

Hagoromo hummed, "Think if that as a little 'pick me up', should you happen to reawaken the Mangekyō Sharingan in your next life. Are you ready to move on?"


Once more, Hagoromo went through a set of hand seals: Snake = Horse - Ram - Tiger and released a controlled breath as Itachi felt an invisible force begin to tug at him, like an unseen hand was pulling on his shoulder and pulling harder after each tug.

"I hope you aren't having second thoughts. Jikūkan Ninjutsu: Gedō — Rinne Tensei."

Hagoromo watched as Itachi vanished in a flash of light and with a snap of fingers, sent Fugaku, Mikoto and Shisui back to the Pure Lands. Now alone and still sat in seiza, he fell into thought, wondering what he should do, especially now with the centuries old rift between his two sons repaired.

"Hmm, should've entertained myself and sent him to that dimension with magic, dragons and the dark wizard who kills everything he touches, or even the one with the feudal, militarized afterlife." The Sage mused, chuckling to himself.

(Toyohashi Municipal Hospital, Aichi Prefecture, Japan - September 28, 2252)

She'd done enough pushing and screaming to last her a lifetime.

If Maeko had to listen to another nurse saying 'Keep pushing, ma'am, I can see the baby's head' while she pushed and screamed until her throat was raw and sore, like she'd drank a glass full of sandpaper, wood chippings and metal shavings, then somebody was going to die, preferably her idiot husband who got her pregnant with twins in the first place.

She ran a hand through her unkept, messy black hair, thankful that her nine months of boredom were over.

She'd been ready to go home after her children, they'd named the boy, Itachi, and the girl, Momo, but the nurses and her husband had convinced her to stay to deal with any post-pregnancy complications, should they arise.

Even though she wasn't yet home, Maeko was already pleased with herself.

A doctor had already told her that the twins lacked the second pinky toe joint which indicated quirklessness and were unlikely to develop it as they grew older and their bones properly developed through their childhood, so she wouldn't be burdened and shamed with two quirkless children.

Though she'd disown both and put them up for adoption if they were.

Now, Maeko could only hope that at least one of them would inherit her Quirk - Creation.

(Yaoyorozu Manor, Aichi Prefecture, Japan - February 15, 2253)

'Why did I agree to this?'

Being able to process adult thoughts while stuck within the physical constraints of a baby's body was incredibly aggravating, a feeling Itachi couldn't remember experiencing in his past life.

And if his time keeping was right, then it'd been 145 days since he'd been born on September 23.

If babies developed as slowly as they did in the Shinobi World, then he was to be stuck doing nothing until he was four years old; spoon fed, getting fawned over, crying his eyes out, taking long naps, communicating solely through baby noises until his vocal cords developed enough for his first word to be said and having his nappies changed due to lacking the control to stop himself from crapping himself until then

However, he was glad to have been born 52 minutes ahead of his sister, named Momo, who was just as cute as a new-born Sasuke, and not before, which would've defeated the purpose of being a protective, doting older brother.

He also couldn't help but note how Momo looked startlingly similar to Sasuke. They both had a fair complexion with blushed cheeks and a head full of short, straight black hair, though he could already tell she'd develop the narrow, cat-like eyes that he had.

And Itachi could already tell that their upbringing was going to a difficult one.

Based on what he could hear when Mother and Father spoke, the latter was some kind of top-tier business, which meant he had a considerable amount of money, just like the Uchiha Clan.

He was there the most, looking over them with love whenever he returned home, so Itachi designated him the Mikoto of the pair.

On the other hand, it sounded like Mother was a mercenary, employed by some sort of private contractor, and Itachi rarely saw her. He wasn't blind to the definition of a mercenary, and since she didn't express or emote much whenever she was around them, he'd designated her as the Fugaku of the pair.

With Mother out of the picture for several days at a time and Father absent for most of the day, maids and a butler usually took care of their needs.

Not that they had much needs beyond feeding and nappy changing.

Hearing Momo whining and shifting about in her cot, Itachi turned his head as much as his underdeveloped neck muscles and big head would allow him to, fixing his onyx eyes onto her as she quickly settled down, just as the family butler walked in to check on them.

'Momo, I swear, I won't fail you where I failed Sasuke. I'll be the bigger brother who's there for you and loves and cherishes you.'

(Yaoyorozu Manor - October 16, 2256)

"So, Momo, you understand what I want you to do, correct?"

The four year old nodded, her front bang waving around as she so, though she was unable to meet the expectant eyes of Maeko, "Yes, Mother. Having studied with the book you gave on the m-molecular structure of v-various objects, produce a m-matryoshka doll and show that I can properly u-utilize my quirk."

"Good," Maeko pursed her lips and stepped back, crossing her arms, "Go ahead. You've failed with other objects before, but I expect you to do better with those."

From where he stood off to the side, the family butler next to him, Itachi narrowed his eyes as Momo was unnecessarily pressured. This was all too similar to Fugaku pressuring Sasuke into passing the Uchiha Rite of Passage, tiring himself out and going to bed with first-degree burns just to prove himself.

By three, he'd discovered that this world was full of superhuman abilities known as Quirks, though 80% of the human population had one, with most of them awakening their quirk by age 4, and those who didn't were considered outcasts and lesser than everybody else.

He also learned that a considerable amount of these people became Pro Heroes, a well respected profession where those with quirks fought those who sought to do harm and helped those who couldn't help themselves.

Itachi also found out that the top pro hero in Japan was somebody called incredibly popular and well-loved by the entirety of the country, known as All Might. From what he'd heard, this All Might possessed unrivalled strength and was tall enough to tower over the already massive, 6'5ft, Fourth Raikage.

Mother had one. It was called Creation; it allowed to her create various objects from her body by transforming the molecular structure of her fat and bone cells into whatever she wanted to create.

Apparently, overusing it made her anaemic and her bones brittle.

By the fourth birthday, she become harsh on them both. Mother made immediately brought them both books and made them memorize words and the molecular structures of objects that Momo struggled to say and Itachi fought hard to understand and comprehend.

Some of the words this world had didn't even exist in the Shinobi World, but unfortunately for those words, Itachi wasn't a quitter.

She'd tried with him first, on October 11, but as soon as it became clear that Itachi didn't have Creation, she'd practically tossed him aside and put all of her focus onto Momo who was crashing and burning under five whole days of pressure.

She could use Creation, multicoloured lights appeared under her hand whenever she tried to conjure something, but actually creating something was still too much for her.

"What're you waiting for, Momo? A matryoshka doll should be easy for you." Maeko said, her voice firm.

Momo swallowed, then looked at Itachi with uncertainty.

Itachi gave her a small smile and a nod of reassurance - gods knows she needed it after being forced into doing something that she wasn't ready for.

She smiled back, took a deep breath and then lay a hand against her left forearm.

The multicoloured lights appeared, then Momo began to move her hand away. The younger of the twins looked ecstatic as the top of a matryoshka doll appeared, followed by the wide, detailed body, then the lights died down as she held a four inch tall, red doll in her left.

"Mother," she squealed, beyond excited, "look, look, I did it!"

"Congratulations, Momo, but this is just the beginning of the refinement of your quirk." Maeko said, somehow managing to sound proud and dismissive.

At the sight of Momo's joy and smile, Itachi felt a rush of warmth throughout his chest as his vision blurred unexpectedly.

Was he crying? Itachi wiped his eyes and saw that the back of his hands were dry.

He was glad to see her succeed and he was glad to see how happy she looked after several days of looking tired and uncertain; like Christmas or her birthday had come early, and he also found it endearing; however, how much a gleeful Momo resembled a gleeful Sasuke.

Her smile, like Sasuke's, was a smile worth protecting, and unlike with Sasuke, he wouldn't take it away.

Itachi suddenly noticed how his vision had become tinted with red, and how much clearer and sharper it had become.

'Oh, is this..?'

She did it! She could use Mother's quirk!

Momo was so excited that she almost wanted to put the doll down, run up to Itachi and give him a hug. He couldn't use Creation, which greatly upset Mother, but she'd already said that he lacked the double joint which indicated one's lack of quirk, so she wondered if he had a different quirk to her and mother.

Father had said that although rare, it was still possible for children to develop quirks unrelated to the ones their parents possessed.

Maybe, maybe Itachi could turn invisible!

Or he could control electricity!

Or maybe he could see through walls!

'The possibilities are endless.' Momo thought, pulling the matryoshka doll apart, inspecting the hollow interior with childish wonder and then fitting the two pieces back together again.

She was so deep in thought that she almost missed Mother telling her to stop daydreaming and give the doll to Itachi.

Momo thought it was a great idea. The first object she successfully created with Creation, she could give as a gift to her older-by-52-minutes twin.

Itachi didn't play with toys much, instead preferring to read books about quirks and pro heroes, though he wouldn't hesitate to accept any doll she offered to him from her own set, then poke her in the forehead and say "Thank you, Mo-chan, may I keep it?", so Momo hoped he'd take it and like it.

When Mother repeated herself, sounding harsher than before, she hurriedly turned to Itachi and almost dropped the doll in surprise.

Then, she gasped and pointed at his face, "Mother, look. Itachi's eyes, they're red!"

"Oh?" Momo heard her say.

Even the butler turned to have a look.

Getting closer so she could have a better look, Momo could see the entirety of Itachi's irises in both eyes had gone from black to a beautiful shade of ruby red and there a thin circle sat between the edge of the iris and the pupil, and there was a single tomoe in both.

"An ocular-based quirk?" Mother said, sounding intrigued as the red eyes flickered over to read her lips, "Those aren't common at all. But, we now know that you have a quirk, even if it isn't anything like mine. We can work with this, just as long as we find out what you can do with it."

Had he been anything like Shisui, Itachi would've laughed in her face.

He knew exactly what he could do with the Sharingan - perfectly copying the movements of others and predicting and anticipating the moves of an opponent.

However, genjutsu was out of the question without chakra to draw from.

Itachi wasn't entirely sure how, but he'd find a way to trap people in illusions and hypnotise them. After all, the Sharingan wasn't just the Eye of Insight, but it was also the Eye of Hypnotism.

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