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Stood still at the Rendezvous Point, Tsuyu thought over how she would go about taking on the villain team and rescuing the hostage.

She knew it would be stupid for her to try and take on all four at once. Izuku alone could blow her away with his monstrous strength, touching Denki would see her shocked by his electricity and Eijiro's Hardening meant he she would be more likely to hurt herself than him if they got physical.

Mezo was the weakest link, but as she'd seen during the exercises to secure a nuclear weapon, he could form extra eyes and ears with his additional arms, so trying to sneak up on them was out of the question.

Like with what Itachi did to Tenya and Mashirao, Tsuyu reckoned she could bait Eijiro and Denki into leaving the other two behind and coming after her.

Eijiro was obviously a hothead with a simple quirk, though she was sure she had the leg strength to kick through his Hardening if she had to, and Denki, who probably knew he could shock her if he got within range, would likely follow to assist him. That left Mezo, who would be acting as living surveillance, and Izuku who she simply had to outlast as he wore himself down with his incredible quirk.

"Young Tsuyu," All Might's voice crackled into her ear, "if you're ready, then your test begins now!"

With her mind set, she began hopping away until she found the target building.

She hoped until she came across the target building, then - like she saw Itachi do - stopped several dozen metres away from the front doors and waited for herself to be spotted, since she could see the four boys were huddled together, probably going over some sort of plan.

One of Mezo's arms, which had an ear on the end, twitched and turned in her direction.

He suddenly stood up straight and stared right at her, startling the other three until they also turned to see what he was looking at.

Eijiro and Denki grinned when they saw her, the former full of bravado, and Tsuyu watched as Izuku extended a hand and yelled something that she couldn't hear, going ignored as Eijiro said something without looking back at him and charged straight through the front doors, spending glass everywhere, Denki trailing behind him.

Looking past them - they redhead and the electric blond were far enough for her to risk a peek - she saw Izuku look like he was about to chase after them, only for Mezo to clamp several hands onto his shoulders.

Izuku didn't even struggle to escape the grip that he probably could've easily broken out if he wanted to, he seemed to pause to listen to whatever his masked teammate had to say, then nodded and retreated further into the building with his multi-armed teammate.

Tsuyu looked back at Eijiro who charged right up to her and threw a wild, hardened haymaker that she leapt aside to avoid, furrowing her brow when she realized he'd purposefully pulled his punch.

"Kirishima-chan, you pulled your punch." She stated, voice flat.

Eijiro's cheeks went pink as he glanced away in embarrassment, "Um... right."

He went for Tsuyu again, but this time, she jumped back - putting a good amount of distance between them - stuck out her tongue and caught him around the waist, getting a yelp of surprise from the redhead, then flexed her tongue, launching him into a wall.

Eijiro grunted on impact, picked himself back up and charged at the frog-like girl once more as Denki arrived, almost out of breath.

"Jeez, Kirishima, you run marathons or- WHOA!"

Denki threw himself to the floor as Tsuyu wrapped her tongue around a lamppost and pulled, bending the upper half so much that it nearly fell on him.

"Hey, Kaminari, you good?"

"Yeah, man. She tried to crush me with a- Look out!"

Eijiro turned just in time to see Tsuyu, who had part of her tongue wrapped around another lamppost, seemingly swing around it and boot him in the chest, knocking him to the floor.

"Ribbit." She bounced off his chest, launching herself towards a nearby fire hydrant that had one of its hose connectors pointing straight at Denki who whimpered as he began to pick himself up.

Tsuyu landed, wrapped her tongue around the covered connector and yanked it clean off, then rapidly twisted the attached valve.

There was a low rumble and Denki blanched, yelping in terror as he disappeared underneath a powerful surge of water which crackled with electricity.

"Hey, Kam-"

Eijiro was cut off as Tsuyu wrapped her tongue around his waist again, and whilst he was busy trying to free himself, hands gripping her wet and slippery tongue, she flung him into the path of the water, causing him to cry out as his body went rigid; muscles tightening horribly as electricity coursed through his body.

Tsuyu waited a few seconds longer, then shut off the valve and admired her handiwork.

The redhead lay in buzzing water, twitching every now and then, and Denki was on his back 'Yaying' as he gave the sky a stupid grin and thumbs up,

Giving the two a quick once over to make sure neither were at risk of critical injuries, Tsuyu hopped around the electrified puddle of water, a broken piece of lamppost held in her tongue.

She hopped up to the building and paused, tilting her head to one side as she brought up a finger to her lips.

The building probably had multiple entrances, glass windows included, but Mezo would hear her coming from a mile away if she shattered one of the windows and he'd heard one of the doors opening.

'Maybe I could sneak in from the roof? Surely there would be a top entrance...'

Tsuyu pressed her hands against the wall and began to climb, one foot after the other and one hand after the other, repeating the process over and over again until she reached the top of the building.

She hopped over to the top entrance and slowly twisted the handle, opening the door as slowly as she could, twitching when one of the hinges let out a high-pitched squeal.

Her heartrate slightly sped up, Tsuyu crept past the door and approached a long, winding staircase. She hopped up onto a rail and threw herself to a set of stairs below her, sounding with barely a sound; the piece of lamppost coming close to hitting off a part of the stairs as she twisted her tongue to bring it away.

Slowly, to avoid the post from banging into anything, Tsuyu made her way down the staircase until she got to the bottom floor.

She landed into a crouch, almost imitating Spider-Man, then rose to her hunched-over height and made her way forwards.

Her heart nearby burst into the mouth when Mezo burst around a corner and lunged at her, his six arms outstretched as he tried to grab her. Tsuyu flexed her tongue and the piece of lamppost was swung around, crashing into the side of Mezo's head as he grunted and staggered to one side, one arm lashing out to grab the lamppost piece before she could pull it away.

They suddenly entered a fierce tug of war, Tsuyu's tongue wrapped around one end of the piece and several of Mezo's arms gripping onto the other end.

His eyes narrowed as blood dribbled from the open wound on the side of his head, Mezo suddenly bellowed, "Midoriya!"

Not bothering to engage in a battle of strength with Mezo, Tsuyu let him pull her forwards and then jumped, angling her body so her legs were outstretched, feet ready to hit the other student in the chest, but he jerked to one side as she unwrapped her tongue from around the lamppost piece, allowing her to fly past him.

Then Izuku burst around the corner.

Hearing a loud 'Clang' indicating Mezo had thrown away the piece of metal she'd hit him with, Tsuyu leapt and stuck herself to a wall in order to avoid Mezo's attempt to trap her in a bear-hug from behind, then blinked a couple of times to ensure she wasn't seeing things.

It seemed like the meek, green-haired student had an air of power about him as cyan-coloured electricity sparked and buzzed around him, even zapping through his eyes, giving his green irises more life and vibrancy as he stared at her.



"Wha-What the hell is that? Why does Midoriya have electricity around him?" Kyoka started, frowning as she stared up at the screen.

Itachi's mouth twitched as most of Class 1-A seemed to gather around the rocker girl as they stared up at the live feed displaying Izuku who stood at the end of a corridor, legs apart and fists clenched and then cyan lightning jumping around his form.

Feeling someone's eyes on him, Itachi glanced up to see that All Might was staring at him.

Giving the man a quick nod, as if answering his unspoken question, Itachi watched as All Might give him an imperceptible nod and then turned back to the live feed and console he was stood over.

"That makes no sense," Ochaco murmured, eyes wide as she stared up at the feed, "I thought Deku-kun had a strength-based quirk, not an electricity-based quirk."

"Who cares, it looks awesome!" Mina cheered, fist-pumping the air.

Shoto, who previously been uninterested in everything he'd seen up until now, was stood staring up at the live feed, his face carefully blank but his eyes were full of confusion and interested.

Katsuki, on the other hand, looked positively apoplectic as he watched Tsuyu bounce and weave between Mezo and Izuku, a vein pulsing in his head as he glared at the live feed, grinding his teeth togehter.

"What the fuck, I ignore that fucking nerd for three weeks and he comes back with this?" He hissed, fists clenched as he watched Shitty Deku bounce off the walls and ceiling without breaking himself.

The 2nd match eventually came to a close as Tsuyu dispatched of Mezo and then caused a generator to blow up, destroying part of the building and causing a partial cave-in that had to be deflected by a full powered punch from Izuku who broke his arm in the process.

He didn't continue fighting after that, not wanting to risk further damage to himself, thus allowing Tsuyu to rescue the second hostage - a tall, dark-haired 3 year student with severe confidence and anxiety issues who required ten minutes of coaxing before he listened to the frog-like girl - and bring him to the rendezvous point,

Izuku and Denki were hauled off to medical, whilst Eijiro, who claimed that he took the shocking like a man, and Mezo returned to the observation room, and All Might congratulated Tsuyu on her victory before the room plunged into silence as tension crackled through the air.

Katsuki and Shoto were staring each other down, neither student willing blink or look away first.

All Might let out a low chuckle as he waved a hand between both boys, but neither of them tore their gaze away from the other.

"You think you're stronger than me," Katsuki sneered, leaning in, "I'll crush you and put you in your place, Half'n'Half bastard. And you think I don't know who daddy is? Huh, I'm gonna make you use your left side, Son of Endeavor."

The last part was said in a whisper, but All Might froze and Shoto's dual-coloured eyes flashed with anger.

Scoffing, Katsuki turned and stalked away as Shoto took a deep breath to calm his raging nerves, then returned to his teammates.

Kyoka simply raised an eyebrow as he approached, and Shoto knew instantly that she'd been listening in. The look of pity in her dark eyes was a dead giveaway and she shook her head, as if swearing she wouldn't tell anyone what she heard.

"I can't unhear what I hear nor am I gonna tell anyone what I heard, even if it should blatantly obvious to everyone given your surname, though half the class seems to be clueless about you, but what was that dick-waving contest about, Strawberry and Vanilla?" She inquired.

Shoto shot her a bemused glare, unimpressed by the nickname as Rikido and Fumikage walked over, "It's none of your business, Jiro, don't pry."

"Sure, whatever." Kyoka held up her hands.

Sparing the other two a quick, almost dismissive glance, Shoto took the picture All Might had been holding out for him, not waiting for his teammates as he made his way to the designated building, and from the looks of it, Katsuki had already left to prepare.

The heterochromatic student narrowed his eyes, feeling his anger brimming below his skin.

'Bakugo Katsuki, you think you're the best in this class, but to me, you are merely a stepping stone to me proving that bastard wrong.'

Team 3 quickly found the building and the hostage they were supposed to use as their 'base' and found, in the lobby, a tall, blond-haired third year student with round, blue eyes and was dressed in jeans and a white shirt that was a size too small, his bulging muscles rippling underneath the shirt as he shifted to face them.

"Hey guys," he greeted, grinning, "are you lot the villains supposed to be keeping me captive, I'm Togata Mirio."

Kyoka smirked, "This poor guy, he's gonna find us much better than Bakugo."

Fumikage hummed in agreement as Rikido grinned, exchanging a fist-bump with Mirio.

Shoto casually ignored him.

"Stop messing around, we're not here for pleasantries," he said coldly, sweeping his eyes over the other three who stiffened and nodded, "the match will start soon and Bakugo isn't going to waste any time gunning straight for us."

"Right, so what's the plan?" Rikido inquired.

Dark Shadow popped out of Fumikage's abdomen, hovering over Kyoka who gave the shadow creature a wide berth, "We kick his ass!"

Shoto just scowled, ignoring Mirio's amused chuckles.

"A fight in here would be troublesome for all over us and I can't guarantee that I won't catch you in my ice, so we go outside and take the fight to Bakugo." Shoto started.

Fumikage appeared to frown, "Is leaving the hostage alone wise? What if they try to-"

"I won't try to escape if that's what your thinking," Mirio cut in, causing them all to turn to him, "maybe in real life, but for the sake of this test, only the designated hero can allow me to move."

"I see." Fumikage nodded.

"Right," Shoto started, "the plan is that I take on Bakugo, I know he'll be gunning for me. Jiro, keep your distance and hit him with sneak attacks, while Sato backs you up in-case he tries to go for you, and Tokoyami, your job is assist me. Use Dark Shadow to attack Bakugo whenever you find an opening, and if he somehow overpowers me, which he won't, I want all of you to fall back to the hostage."

A determined light entered Kyoka's eyes as the other two boys nodded, just as buzzer blared through their ears.

Katsuki grinned, eager for battle and triumph, as he blasted himself forwards upon hearing the buzzer. He launched himself forwards with a few small explosions, keeping himself a couple of inches off the ground, then as he came across the street which led down to the target building, he allowed sweat to build up in his gloves and then launched himself forwards.

His grin shifted into a sneer when he saw the tidal wave of ice surging towards him.

'Heh, is that supposed to catch me out? You've gotta do better than that, Half'n'Half bastard!' Katsuki thought, launching himself forwards and then aiming his palms at the ground and launching himself into the air like a rocket.

Keeping his arms close to his sides to streamline himself as much as possible in spite of his bulging bracers, the blond bared his teeth as he felt the air slice past his exposed skin as he shot in the air like a bullet and cleared the incoming avalanche of ice.

Glancing down and expecting to meet Shoto's eyes, Katsuki scowled when he found himself staring at Dark Shadow's glowing eyes as the creature swiped at him.

He thrust his arms out, letting off an explosion that caused the sentient quirk to cry out and recoil, then Rikido, who must've been riding in the creature's back, burst through the air and threw a wild, powerful punch at him.

Snarling in return, Katsuki raised his left arm and the fitted bracer shattered as Rikido's punch blasted through it like a bull rampaging through a china shop.

With his left arm crossed along his chest, the fiery blond set off an explosion and allowed the recoil to push his arm into a wide swing that resulted in him backhanding Rikido, but it was almost like slapping a wall.

Hissing as pain flared through his hand as they began to fall, Katsuki thrust his right arm out, blasting Rikido at point-blank range, launching him down towards the glacier Shoto had created, but Dark Shadow caught the bulky student before he could hit the ice.

As he fell towards the ground, Katsuki was about to launch himself towards Fumikage, figuring that he and his living quirk would be a bigger nuisance than some dual-haired moron fighting, in figurative terms, with one hand behind his back, when a wave of sound crashed into him.

Letting out a pained yell as the soundwaves rattled his insides, he resisted the instinctive urge to cover his ears and slammed his hands onto the ice below as he landed, setting off an explosion that obliterated the midsection of the glacier, the blast sending pieces of ice flying in all directions and shattering multiple glass windows.

He grinned with satisfaction as the soundwaves stopped, followed by a feminine cry of agony somewhere off to his right, but Rikido and Dark Shadow were suddenly upon him again.

"Fuck off, Big Lips."

Pushing back Dark Shadow with another explosion, Katsuki stuck his right arm out and blasted himself to the left, allowing Rikido's punch to miss him by a mile, then as the lumbering giant turned to attack him again, thrust his arms out.

Sparks danced along his gloves, then formed a bright sphere as the blond clapped his hands together, "Stun Grenade", producing a bright flash that blinded the taller, more muscular student who staggered back and groaned, rubbing pathetically at his eyes.

'You're mine, asshole!'

Grinning, Katsuki was about to be upon him like a rabid, wild animal when Dark Shadow lunged into the fray, wrapping his arms around Rikido's waist and pulling him back, just in time for a tsunami of ice for blast towards him.

He raised his remaining bracer as it flickered red, yanking the handle back and pulling the pin, a bloodthirsty grin nearly splitting his face in two as a colossal explosion leapt forth and the inbound surge of ice shattered like glass, the force of the explosion sending several pieces flying back at Shoto who stared, unblinking, as small pieces shot past his face like bullets, while Rikido dived on-top of Fumikage to protect him.

Shoto narrowed his eyes, supressed anger burning beneath the surface as a small, sharp piece grazed his cheek and split the skin.

Meanwhile, Rikido grunted as multiple rips and tears opened up along his costume, each of them dripping blood as the ice shards carved small gouges into his flesh.

Katsuki lowered his bracer, twitching as he noticed movement off to his right at the edge of peripheral vision.

Looking over, he saw Kyoka glaring at him.

Not waiting a second as she clicked her tongue and inserted her jacks into the stereos built into her boots, Katsuki growled and launched himself towards her, one arm reaching out to-

He thrust both his hands out, setting off an explosion to halt his forwards momentum, then set off another to blast himself backwards as a wall of ice emerged between them, the residual smoke and dust from the second blast curling up one side of the wall, while Kyoka's soundwaves crashed into it from the other side, causing it to crack and violently tremble for a few seconds.

A low growl rumbling in his throat, Katsuki turned back to the offender who blocked him from taking Kyoka out of the fight, ignoring Rikido and Fumikage as they inched closer to Shoto who stared impassively at him.

"Fucking Half'n'Half," he spat, stalking towards the trio as Dark Shadow curled protectively around his master, "you think you can fight me with one hand tied behind your back? Huh, why're you handicapping yourself? You think yourself as better than me, is that it?"

Shoto said nothing, eyes blank as he flexed the fingers of his left hand, prompting the slight ice build-up on his other side to turn into steam.

Staring up at the live feed, Itachi didn't even so much as twitch as Momo walked over, standing next to him with her arms crossed as, nearby, Izuku was muttering to himself, seemingly going over various ways the team of four could overpower and take out Katsuki.

"Bakugo-kun is strong, but so is Todoroki-kun," Momo started softly, "I don't think the other three matter too much to him, but do you think he'll realize the test's other purpose."

Itachi shook his head slightly.

"Doubtful. Bakugo-kun is a simple-minded fool who believes overwhelming strength is the answer to everything. It wouldn't occur to him in the slightest that Todoroki-kun had just given him to opportunity to isolate Jiro-san and take her out."

Momo hummed nodding, then cocked her head to one side.

"What about whether he can take on Todoroki-kun?"

The raven-haired ex-Uchiha lowered his gaze to meet her own briefly, before turning his eyes to the live feed, "Even in the hands of Bakugo-kun, Explosion could be extremely versatile, but Todoroki-kun, with his quirk, seems to be limited by his own innovation and repressed anger. Honestly, I think a one-on-one fight between them could go either way."

"I see what you mean," Momo murmured, "and from what we've seen from Todoroki-kun's quirk usage, it seems centred around ice generation rather than ice manipulation; large-scale attacks to encompass Bakugo-kun over anything else.

Itachi nodded, a comfortable silence settling between them as they continued to watch the fight.

"What the matter," Katsuki sneered, eyes flickering to Rikido as the larger student stepped forwards, "Cat got your tongue? Or am I not worth speaking to... heh, it's rude to ignore people, you know."

Fumikage edged forwards, "It's also rude to give people demeaning nicknames, even when you know their names."

"Go fuck yourself, Bird Face, nobody asked for your opinion."

And then Rikido charged him; heavy footsteps cracking the ice with each step he took and Katsuki paused, knees bent as he settled into a fighting stance - body twisted so his right shoulder was closer to the approaching yellow, muscled bulldozer, with his left arm bent with the left hand held close to his chest, while the right arm was extended out and bent slightly.

He waited until Rikido was close enough to rear back a fist in preparation for a punch.

Setting off an explosion from his outstretched hand to produce a smokescreen, Katsuki blasted himself upwards; Rikido bursting through the smoke below him, grunting in confusion as he hit nothing but empty air.

Yelling out a "Die" as he launched himself downwards and slammed his hands against Rikido's sturdy back, setting off further explosion that ripped through his uniform and threw him to the ground.

Not giving the taller student a moment to breath, even when he twisted to he fell onto his back, Katsuki fired Explosion into Rikido's face, blasting apart his cowl, scorching his face, burning away some of his brown hair and slamming the back of his skull against the ground, knocking him into blissful unconsciousness as his head collided with the concrete with such force that it cracked under his skull.

'One extra down.'

He launched himself towards Shoto and Fumikage, the former tensing as more ice surged towards the incoming angry, blonde missile. The latter on the other hand, sent Dark Shadow charging along above the additional wave of ice, the shadow creature swiping at the blond as he maneuvered out of the way, only to be sent squirming back by the "Stun Grenade" that Katsuki set off.

"Kinda obvious what something called Dark Shadow would be weak to, huh, Bird Face," Katsuki leered down at him, "Sources of extreme light, and I'm your worst fucking nightmare!"

He launched himself down at Fumikage, but his quirk got in the way, just as Kyoka burst around the wall of ice.

'Tch, might as well kill two extra with one stone.'

Blasting him past Dark Shadow who yelled and gave chase, Katsuki stuck his leg out and dropkicked the rocker girl as she looked up, the back of his heel striking her in the left side of her face

She went limp like a puppet that'd had its string cuts and, taking care not to break his legs, Katsuki let off an explosion from his hands to kill most of his downwards momentum and then landed in a squat. Quickly rising to his feet, he grabbed the back of Kyoka's jacket before she could fall to the ground and flung her at Fumikage like an angry child throwing away a toy they didn't like.

"I got her!" Dark Shadow declared as he caught the unconscious Kyoka, then his glowing eyes widened as Katsuki shot past him towards the defenceless Fumikage who blanched as Katsuki came down on him like a furious, vengeful god.


"Die!" Katsuki roared as he thrust out both hands and blasted Fumikage point-blank, launching him past Shoto who didn't even flinch. The bird-headed student came a stop, facedown on the ground and Dark Shadow let out a pitiful whine as he gently lowered Kyoka to the floor, then returned to his master's abdomen.

'Three extras down. Now, all that's left, is the Half'n'Half bastard.'

Katsuki was about to take a step towards Shoto, only to pause when the heterochromatic student raised a hand.


"Wait? The hell do you want, Jackass, a five-minute break? Unlike those extras, you've barely been in the fight!"

Shoto stared him down, not rising to the taunt, "Let's move our fight elsewhere."

"Why?" Katsuki scoffed as he looked past Shoto to the unconscious Fumikage behind him, "Oh, what, you actually care if those weak-ass extras get caught up in a fight between us? Ha, you're fucking pathetic."

Shoto blinked, and in the brief period that his eyes were closed, Katsuki blasted himself forwards.

The former's right leg twitched and her skirted backwards on ice, but the fiery blonde continued to close in on him. Realizing that he wasn't going to be able to make much distance between them, Shoto paused in his retreat and sent forth a narrow wave of ice, intentionally smaller than the previous to avoid swallowing up the unconscious Fumikage.

Katsuki leapt to one side, grabbed one of the grenades attached to his waist and flung it at Shoto's feet. It exploded on impact with the ground and the latter was blown off his feet, sent tumbling to the ground.

Shoto quickly scrambled to his feet and braced himself for a follow-up attack that never came, his right fist clenched tight as ice brimmed behind his skin, practically begging to be unleashed.

"Why won't use use your left side," Katsuki inquired, narrowing his red eyes, "I mean, given who you're the son of, the fire is definitely there. So why won't you use it?"

The white-and-red haired student bit his tongue and remained silent.

Katsuki crossed his arms, which looked slightly comical with his massive grenade bracer fitted over one of his forearms, "Fuck it then, how'd you get that scar on your face?"

Shoto still didn't say anything, but the warning that flashed through his eyes gave the blond the impetus to continue his digging.

"Does it have something to do with you messing around with the fire side of your quirk when you were younger," Katsuki inquired, a smirk growing on his face as he continued when he got no reaction, "or does it have something to do with why Endeavor's wife is in a mental hospital?"

That got the reaction he was looking for.

Anger surged into Shoto's eyes, the muscles in his jaw clenching as the temperature around the plummeted, causing ice and frost to crawl and build up over any surface that wasn't already covered in ice.

"What was her name again, I think I remember it from Endeavor's police report. Todoroki R-"

"Don't you dare speak her name," Shoto scowled, his face tightening, "I'll kill you otherwise."

The observation room was deathly quiet as Class 1-A and All Might listened to Katsuki and Shoto spoke to each other. Normally, everyone in the room could only see what was going on, but when Shoto seemed to get visibly angry, Momo had demanded that he allow them to listen in so they could find out what had gotten the normally so cold and composed Shoto Todoroki to react so animatedly.

Even the usually animated Mina was quiet, and the usually cheery, upbeat Ochaco had lost her fire.

Eijiro was just slack-jawed as he listened, "Holy fuck, dude."

Tsuyu was totally expressionless, but on the inside she was judging Katsuki Bakugo.

Itachi was stood next to All Might, Katsuki's words ringing through his head as he turned to the pro hero and said, "All Might, I don't care how stubborn either Todoroki-kun or Bakugo-kun may be, you need to stop the match or they could end up seriously hurting each other."

Katsuki chuckled lowly, "Somebody's testy today. Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed today? You know, it speaks volumes of the Number Two hero when his wife snaps under something like abuse and pressure. I thought my old hag was bad, but your childhood must've absolutely shit. Heh, no wonder your older brother, Todoroki Toya if my memory serves me correct, took the easy way out and burned-"

"Young Baku-"

Shut up!" Shoto snapped, his eyes wild, full of rage and disgust as his lips were curled back into a sneer, "you know nothing about what we went through!"

"What's the matter, Half'n'Half bastard," Katsuki goaded, "are the old memories too painful for you to handle? Heh, no wonder Endeavor is so angry and bitter all the time. As his son, you're a complete disappointment. Hell, no wonder your older brother incinerated himself. Probably saw you didn't want to exist anywhere near your pathetic, wimpy ass."

Shoto stumbled back, his breath catching in his throat as he glared at the blond who took a single step forwards.

"Yeah, that's right, Half'n'Half bastard," Katsuki continued, ignoring the way his body shivered as the cold bit at his exposed skin, "Lose your temper. Get angry. I want to see your flames."

"N-No, s-stop... s-stop talking."Shoto's chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to reign in his anger, but the damned blond wouldn't stop taunting him, prompting him to send a small surge of ice forth.

Katsuki smirked as he blasted it apart without taking his eyes off of the target, "Let me guess, you got that scar because your mother pressed a hot iron to or threw boiling water at your face, then when she realised what she had done, she applied ice to the injury, but only ended up causing further damage? Imagine that, the one defining feature about you, and it's because your old woman's brain snapped like a twig. Ain't much of a mum, to be honest. Mum? More like scum."

By now, he could hear Shoto grinding his teeth together as a vein violently pulsed in his temple; pupils dilating in response to his anger.

'All he need now is a couple more pushes.'

"Young Bakugo, you ne-"

"You know, I'd almost say that it's a shame that your mother is in a mental hospital. Looking at the same, well, everything must become draining after a while," Katsuki continued, ignoring All Might's attempts to stop him, "and neither you, Endeavor, nor your mother well ever be able to trust her not to hurt you again. With any luck, she'll be released when she's too frail and old to do you any harm."

Shoto hissed, biting on his lower lip hard enough to draw blood, but there was so much adrenaline coursing through him that he didn't even notice the pain.

Then came the final nail in the coffin.

"Hey, Half'n'Half bastard, you know what your mother should've done if she couldn't handle having a shitty husband like Endeavor? Taken a swan dive off of a building and prayed that she would've had a better husband and son in the next life."

All Might's voice exploded through his ears, but Shoto's sharp exhale was the loudest thing Katsuki could've possibly heard in that moment as the heterochromatic boy's legs nearly gave out from underneath him; mouth twisting into a menacing snarl as he clenched his left hand, tears almost streaming from his eyes as they met his own red ones.

Whatever All Might had been going to say was muted and interrupted by a sudden rush of heat that melted all the ice around them.

A massive grin of anticipation nearly split Katsuki's face in two as it stretched from one ear to the other.

Shoto let out a scream of anguish and blind rage, then his whole word went up in flames.

A/N: And that's Chapter 19 for you guys. Yeah, early MHA Katsuki Bakugo was an absolute dick up until, and even after, he poured his heart out to Izuku. I mean, this was the guy who told his childhood friend to "take a swan dive off of a building" simply because he was quirkless. I wouldn't put it past him to go for personal connections like this if he was trying to get a rise out of somebody.