So now Julie has been with the family for about 3 weeks, she has come acustom to the boys "adventures". And she has joined in a couple of times too.

" Good morning everyone." Hal came into the kitchen with a big smile on his face and he was holding the telephone. "Julie it's your mom, and she sounds great."

Julie took the phone into the other room. She was in there for some time when finally she came out.

"So how is she?" Dewey asked.

"Great, apparently the doctors said she could go home now." Julie said with a slight sigh.

"Well that's great isn't it?" Malcolm turned to the camera "Isn't it?"

When Malcolm and Julie got to school they went to there locker to put away there bags and get there books. "Julie can I ask you something?" turning to the camera Malcolm said, "Here goes..."

"Yeah sure, whats up?"

"This morning in the kitchen, why didn't you sound happy that your mom was coming home?" *thinking*

Julie looked at the floor, "It's not that I'm not happy, it's just that, I have never seen my mom without any alcohol in her, basically I've never seen her sober." Julie paused to let some people pass by, "I geuss I'm kind of, uhh, scared? I can't really describe it. You know when....when you, lets say, you really hate your class...and you want to change, you'd do anything so that you didn't have to be in that class anymore? And when you finally change..."

"You kind of miss your old class..."

"Exactly, that's what I'm afraid will happen...I mean I want my mom to get better an all, but I've never seen her sober....I'm afraid she'll be a whole new person, that I wont even recognize...."

"But Julie, shes your mom. She'll still be the same person as she always was."

"I know that. Just somewhere inside, I don't know...I just don't like change that much."

As she said that, her math teacher walked by, "Well you better get used to change Julie, because in my class, something is going to change very soon."

"What do you think he means by that?" Julie looked at Malcolm.

"I don't know, I've heard that, that teacher is full of surprises,"