A new soul for the angel of death

Yes, I live! And this story lives! Shocking, isn't it? There's no excuse, other than lack of inspiration. I have been mostly concentrating on my original novel/s and neglected my fics. Sorry! I suddenly got inspired to write again one day at work. I haven't had time yet to re-read the fic myself and check that this doesn't clash with anything written earlier. Also I haven't had time to check with the game whether the theory of the crystal would make sense, but please bear with me for now until I can make sure.

Anyway, I'll try to give a brief summary of the story so far, seen as it's been so long. It should be enough for the chapter to make sense.

Summary: Garland has returned, having been revived by an unknown 'master'. With him he has revived the souls of the original Terran souls, who have been placed in the genome bodies. He kidnaps Zidane, planning to put in the destructive soul once in Kuja, use him to destroy Gaia, revive Terra and gain absolute power for his new master. Before he is taken Zidane reveals to his friends that Kuja's soul was not completely destroyed, because before he died he shared some of his blood with him, so that his eternal soul's power was given a little to him (if that makes sense). Zidane communicates with his brother where he is told that his friends must head to Oeilvert to 'summon' kuja once Zidane is taken.

At the black mage village Vivi shows Zidane the farm he has created in order to keep the mages alive. He uses creatures of mist, breeds them and then uses machines to suck out the mist in them, which kills them. When they leave they discover the mist has once again spread on the planet Gaia.

Zidane is then taken to the Summoner's village, where Garland intends to keep him a few days before transporting to Terra (currently a memory of Terra as it once was). He has also stolen the invincible. Dagger and the others reach Oeilvert on Bahamut. They summon Kuja, who then leads them to Ipsen's castle, where they meet Ipsen himself, once king of the forgotten continent but now guardian and chooser of the eidolons.

Meanwhile Zidane meets Justice, the Terran soul that has taken over Mikoto's body. He was once the head of the terran council and created the invincible, Garland and the time stop which stopped Terran's time flowing. He tried to stop the planet Terra from killing its occupants but couldn't, instead designing the genomes to one day take over. He performs a ritual to place the eidolons in a dormant sleep so they can't be used against them. Zidane then casts a spell on him, merging his and Mikoto's mind which will eventually kill him the way he originally did.

Ipsen leads Dagger and co. back to Oeilvert to teleport them to Madain Sari, but they arrive too late to rescue Zidane, who has already left for Terra. They find Justice and save his life, reviving his old body so he and Mikoto are separate. Mikoto, having shared his mind, now has the body and mind of a nineteen year old. Justice through their connection re-lived his life before the council took control of him and remembered his family, his father, mother and sister who all became eidolons. His sister is Mog/Madeen and has stayed by him.

Justice agrees to help them save Zidane, and once again takes up his original name, Reason. He builds a teleport to transport some of the team to Terra. It becomes obvious he has a crush on Mikoto and she uses this to help him agree to come with them, because he's the only one who knows what the original Terra looked like.

They enter Terra and find there is no language barrier there, so Reason can be understood by the others. Zidane's name, meaning Destruction in ancient Terran, come only spoke as such. Same with Mikoto and Kuja, who are saviour and Pain.

Reason tells Madeen to direct Dagger to the lab where Zidane is being held, the destructive soul being forced to enter his body. Reason stays behind to fight the terrans. Garland shows up and mentions wanting something from reason, who says only he will never get it, Meaning (his sister) having already taking it safely away. He is then shot by Garland. Dagger and co. enter the lab and see Zidane in a tube. When they hear the gun shot they don't notice Zidane's eyes open. They hear a crack as the glass tube begins to break…

Also, Reason's name translates to Nevan in ancient Terran, which is mentioned in this chapter. Hope you enjoy! And again, I'm really sorry!


There are times when a heavy, silent impending atmosphere should be observed quietly. But then again, in such most moments, Eiko Carol isn't usually present.

"…Is this a good thing?" She asked the silent room, all now staring at Zidane's form as the glass tube continued to crack. His eyes were open yet had a blank expression to them, not yet looking at the world around them or the people in it.

"No." Mikoto breathed, pointing out the now empty container the tubes were connected to. "The Destructive soul has fully entered his body…"

Anything else said was lost as the tube completely shattered causing the room's occupants to turn in order to protect their eyes from the flying glass. Pained gasps escaped them as minor cuts were made but otherwise they remained quiet. Waiting…

They could only wait to see what would happen next.


Mog/ Meaning/ Madeen was growing weary of fighting off the Terrans. Casting Terra Homing over and over was draining. It was proving pointless as those that fell were quickly replaced with more. If there were this many after her then her brother…

And that's when she heard the shot.


…So this was the reason he'd made her leave. He died alone, she couldn't be there to save him.

No! I won't believe it until I see it!

Rage built up within her, causing her final Terra Homing attack to render all the Terrans unconscious. No more were in sight, and without a second thought she left (still in summon form) towards where she'd last seen her brother.

Garland was nowhere in sight when she arrived at the scene, nor were the Terrans who had been previously sprawled out on the floor. But her brother was clearly there, lying on his back, unmoving. A pool of blood surrounding him.


She rushed over to his side, taking the form of her original body, his sister.

"Please Reason." She sobbed, shaking him. "It's not supposed to end this way. I-I was supposed to protect you…"

She stopped, a new determination running through her veins. She had promised to protect, both herself and their parents. She had stayed with him for so long…and now she wasn't going to give up. she had to save him somehow.

He's come back before

But this time was different…he couldn't become and eidolon like the rest of the family, his other nature as Justice prevented that possibility. The fact he was the only one who could now help Zidane come back…

He couldn't be dead; he had yet to fulfil his destiny. The destiny which his life had been leading him to.

I have to save himsomehow.

A loud explosion drew her attention in the direction of the lab, the one she'd led the Gaians to. With a heavy but determined sigh she transformed back into her summon form, picked up her brother and turned her back on the people she was told to protect.

Without her brother they would be lost anyway. They had to survive this without her.

After all, she wasn't the only eidolon around…


The soft sound of crunching glass was all that echoed through the room. Crunching glass as it was walked over with bare feet. Dagger slowly turned her head to gaze at the figure walking towards them and gasped. It may have looked like her beloved, but it wasn't Zidane anymore.

His hair was wet from the liquid he'd been contained in, but this didn't seem to bother him. Neither did the shocked gazes focused on him. He'd didn't acknowledge that they were there, just gazed about the room in a bored fashion.

"So, my rebirth takes place where I was originally created. How fitting." He spoke, sounding rather bored. The tone caused a chill to run through her heart. This was not her Zidane anymore, this was Destruction. "Master Garland seems to have remained old-fashioned in his ways."

"D-Destruction?" Eiko stammered out, having wished to ask for Zidane. Destruction's gaze fell on her and a cold smirk crossed the once care-free thief's features.

"A summoner." He grinned, beginning to move forwards. Two steps later his path was blocked and an amused look took residence on his face. "Pain, what are you doing here? Your soul should be no more."

"Not everyone is as cold as you Destruction, my brother saved me, and I'll save him from you!" The flare attack was instant, and Dagger had to shield her eyes from the intense light. However, its target merely smirked, an automatic shell barrier that seemed impenetrable surrounding him.

"How disappointing. I have yet to gain the strength to use my full power, yet even now you can't harm me. I wanted some kind of challenge with my mission." Destruction sighed. "Last time your brother interfered. I almost miss his rudeness of imposing." With that his eyes narrowed, one hand raising and making a sweeping motion. Kuja was instantly thrown back, knocking into Eiko.

"You fiend!" Steiner shouted, raising his sword with a fire spell being cast upon it. Destruction didn't even blink as it made contact with his barrier. His eyes narrowed again, showing anger instead of boredom. His gaze was now on Vivi.

"Despicable creature of mist." Destruction spat out. "One who would create a farm of monsters and suck them dry to stay alive. Torturer. You have no honour." Dagger saw young Vivi shaking from the words, unable to act or defend himself as Destruction prepared to attack.

"Stop!" Dagger yelled, climbing to her feet and grabbing one of Destruction's arms. "Please don't do this! Don't you recognise him as your friend? Don't you care anymore?"

A dark chuckle broke out, echoing through the room, but it wasn't one from Destruction.

"My poor Sarah, why so distressed? Your beloved is no more, there's no point in clinging to the body he once had, not unless you want to get hurt." Garland laughed as he descended the stairs into the room.

"Master." Destruction acknowledged. Garland grinned at the title, his gaze still fixed on Dagger.

"Perhaps you should demonstrate what I mean Destruction." Destruction smirked. Dagger felt a searing pain across her arm. She backed away, staring at her wounded arm in horror.


"I have no trouble hurting you, or any of his other 'friends'. The genome you once knew is dead."

"Summon me." Kuja whispered to Eiko, who was attempting to climb off him.


"Now! Before he kills her!"

"Did you kill Reason?" Mikoto spoke to Garland, noticing Eiko stand. "Did you betray your creator and your orders?"

"He betrayed is own orders. That fool was no leader, he only allowed himself to be manipulated by women. Even by you Saviour. He died the moment you sunk your claws into him. I guess you were useful after all, now I will lead the destruction of Gaia and my new master will rule all."

"And who is this master?" Dagger asked. "Why are they bringing back Terra and trying to destroy the eidolons?"

"If you wanted answers you should have asked Justice before using him as a disposable pawn. The boy was rather clever after all."

"I'll never forgive you for him." Mikoto spat, tears in her eyes. Garland just smirked.

"If that's how you feel then you're the one who betrayed him the most. Destruction, finish this."

"I don't think so!" Eiko yelled, blowing on her flute. Kuja began to glow a pure white, making everyone's eyes close. A roar tore through the room as a white dragon formed, standing between them. Garland frowned in distaste. Destruction's expression remained the same, unworried.

"That won't overpower us for long Pain. You're already desperate in this war."

"Let's go!" Eiko screamed, bringing the others back to their senses. Dagger felt Steiner pull on her good arm, leading her away.

Zidane. She thought, gazing one last time at the monster now in control of his body before they were out of sight.

They ran blindly, not sure where the place they had entered was. They just knew they had to get away. There was no way they could win this.

"Which way is it?" Eiko asked, out of breath. No one answered.

"This way." Mikoto suddenly spoke up. "Pain will lead us." No one questioned it. The dragon appeared above, whatever summon attack it possessed now stalling the enemy. They picked speed, realising they would soon be followed.


"Are we not chasing them master?" Destruction asked in his usual bored tone. Kuja's summon attack had done no damage to him, his magic protecting him. "It could be entertaining."

"Justice is dead, the summons are gone. They're no threat to us now." Garland said, wincing. Unlike Destruction he had been damaged by the attack. "Not even the White Dragon will change that. Besides, it is more important you gain your full strength. The master will decide if he wants us to kill them."

Destruction hummed in agreement, wiping at his hair.

"I think I'll go change then."


After they had gone through the portal Dagger had lost consciousness. The first thing she was next aware of was a fuzzy face peering down at her.

"Are you okay? You've been injured." Freya spoke, helping her sit up. Dagger gazed down at her arm, drowning in the memory of her once beloved Zidane hurting her.

"I'm fine." She said. "It can be easily healed. On the outside. She added silently. "Did everyone else make it back okay?"

"Well…perhaps you should come see for yourself."


Mikoto could only sit on a chair beside the bed, gazing at the still form of the Terran. Ipsen was kneeling over him, pouring his healing powers into the body, but so far with no success.

So…this was the sacrifice she made to save her brother, and in the end she failed at even that.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered, both to the body and the moogle also beside it. "I should have never forced you to help, I…" She stopped, placing her head in her hands.

Ipsen sighed as he paused in his efforts. It was difficult. Bringing back the dead was hard enough (and often wrong) but reason had already died once before…

There was only one option, but Ipsen wasn't sure if it was wise.

"Mikoto." He began. She shook her head, refusing to hear his words. "…Do you believe in him? Do you believe his heart can stay pure?"

"What?" She blinked.

"Do you believe he will remain Reason and no longer be Justice?"

"He just died to help us! He went up against everything he knew in order to prove he's Reason. I could never doubt him now…I just wish I'd told him that."

Overwhelmed with grief she didn't notice the look passed between Ipsen and Meaning or his final nod of acceptance.

"You know about the crystal of life, do you not?" He asked as Meaning left the room. "That if destroyed all life will end?"

"…Yes. Kuja tried to destroy it when he was dying."

"Originally it wasn't a whole crystal, but thousands of pieces. As the world changed so did the crystal, forming into one so that all life could be seen."

"…That makes no sense."

"It doesn't matter. The point is there were some pieces that did not form into the crystal. The larger ones that didn't were what helped formed planets. There is another that helps control the cycle of souls."

"The Iifa tree?"

"Yes. The summoners also possessed one, cutting it into four and using it to summon eidolons before it became part of their nature. On Terra, once the planet was dying, Meaning found the planet's crystal and chipped part of it away, leaving her with a stone containing the power of life. If one of pure soul is in need of it, wishes for it, they will acquire it."

Meaning fluttered back into the room, holding a little wooden box.

"You mean..?"

"Let us find out whether Reason truly wants to live on. He would still prove a great ally in our cause."


"I wonder how she's coping." Dagger whispered, standing outside the door Reason's body was in. "I think she really liked him."

"It is unfortunate, but we must not let his death affect us. We must become stronger to fight against Destruction." Steiner insisted. The idea of fighting him made Dagger shiver.

"We need something to fight him." Freya broke in. "We alone won't be able to win."

"We'll gather the Queen's army!" Steiner yelled.

"First we need to stabilise the nation's power." Freya sighed. "Burmecia is still in need of guidance. Fratley and I must return soon." This caused everyone to fall silent. "I wish I could aid you in helping Zidane, but…"

"It's alright." Dagger spoke. "By helping your people you're helping more than any of us have so far. Thank you Freya. I promise we'll save him. Steiner, I want you to return to Alexandria and prepare our people."


"That's an order. I'll be fine with the others. I can't go back yet, not without Zidane. I'm sorry."

"…As you wish, my Queen."

"Don't worry, I'll look after her!" Eiko told him.

"I-I'll help too." Vivi muttered. Kuja just shrugged.

"I don't have much choice, Eiko's my summoner now."

Anything Dagger was about to say was drowned out by a delighted Mikoto screaming out:



He had heard their voices. His mother, his father, ones he didn't recognise. All were saying the same thing.

Save us. Free us.

And then he felt something as though life itself was once again in his grasp. It didn't feel like last time, it wasn't cold of painful, being forcefully wrenched into a genome body. No, this was waiting patiently, asking him what he wished for.

"I need to help." He said. "I need to fix what I've done. Please let me live."

Then it is done. A voice spoke. He couldn't tell whether it were male or female.

He opened his eyes slowly, groaning a the ache in his chest. He frowned, noticing the necklace he now wore, one with a small red jewel on its end.

"Reason!" Mikoto yelled, grabbing him and squeezing. Despite the lack of air he didn't have the will to make her stop. "Thank goodness."

"I'm really alive?"

"Thank you. Thank you for everything. And I'm sorry I forced you to go! I'm sorry!"

"I'm glad you did." He smirked. "I got to do something good for once, and I intend to help you now until the end."

The door opened as Dagger came in, smiling at seeing the Terran alive.

"Is he okay?" She asked Mikoto.

"He'll be fine. And now we can actually do something to save my brother."

"But what?" Mikoto turned back to Reason, talking to him a moment before answering.

"We have to awaken the eidolons."


Destruction gave himself an approving nod at the clothes he was now wearing. He had enjoyed silver when he was one with Kuja, now he preferred green. It had proved too hard to part with shimmering clothing though. He now wore a long green shirt, and trousers much like the ones Zidane wore as a thief. The boots were black and no weapon was visible. He didn't depend on barbaric daggers or swords.

"Already I feel my power growing." He smiled, gazing at his hand. "This boy's power…Kuja could never hope to know it." He sighed and sat, letting his mind relax.

Garland wishes me to wait? I'll show him soon enough. And that girl. He winced a little, a sudden pain in his chest. He ignored it, his eyes closed and relaxed.

It took him a good ten minutes to realise he had been humming.

He had been humming their song.