This is a remake of my story don't worry it's still going to take the same root as the previous story I just thought to remake it and take the story at a slow and steady paste hopefully this one was better but other then that enjoy:)

Chapter one :the siblings of the sand

A boy no older then 13 with bright blond hair and a blue and orange jumpsuit was was sitting on a stool eating a big bowl of ramen and currently he was on his 8th bowl with the other seven stacked up next to him on the counter. As he finished his food he payed and said his goodbyes to the owner and his daughter who were a old but nice man and a young and beautiful young girl the boy walked on enjoying the peaceful day it wasn't a hot day but neither a cold day either it was perfect as he continued to walk he heard a mature voice from behind.

"Yo naruto!" The man was non other then kakashi hatake and sensei of the boy naruto uzumaki and Sakura haruno and former teacher of sasuke uchiha well until the uchiha left the village in search of power from the snake sannin orochimaru

"what's up kakashi-sensei" replied naruto as he crossed his arms across his chest wanting to get straight to the point "well just wanted to ask you if you would like to train " asked kakashi naruto put his index finger on his chin 'hmmm nah what bad will it do ' he thought as he gave his perverted sensei a smile "sure why not a little sparring wouldn't hurt once and a while" he stated calmly as he started waking to the direction to the training grounds with his sensei next to him giggling pervertedly he had a bright idea 'this should be good' he thought suddenly catching kakashi off guard naruto snatched his book away and zoomed of in a blur which only joining could see and follow and kakashi started running angry and worried about his Precious icha icha book.

Training ground

"NARUTO ILL GIVE ANYTHING JUST DONT DO ANYTHING WITH MY BOOK!" yelled kakashi loud enough for the whole village to hear with all the kunoichi growing tick marks on their forehead finally kakashi and naruto made it to the training grounds with naruto laughing uncontrollably with kakashi crying anime tears rubbing the cover of his book softly whispering caring words to it with the book touching his face

"Ugh you and those Pervy books sensei" naruto said with a huff as kakashi glared at him "alright naruto let's see how your training has been " kakashi said with a smirk under his mask "alright fine by me" naruto stated rather calmly which threw off kakashi for a odd reason


Naruto was running late to a team sevenmeeting as he finally got their kakashi,sasuke,Sakura all looked at him in shock how could he be later then kakashi ? And kakashi was three hours late today so it was shocking even to kakashi who was never outdone in being late as naruto tried to play it off cool he was sweating bullets with sasuke giving a smirk and then calling him a 'dobe' and Sakura being furious but pestering sasuke for a date and kakashi just not caring as they went on a couple d missions they finally said goodbye with kakashi leaving in a poof sasuke waking off and Sakura trying to ask for date...again as she was gonna ask again naruto stopped her "hay Sakura-Chan wanna go out with me " he said with a grin Sakura from being already irritated with naruto being late,being rejected just snapped on the poor blonde "No! STOP ASKING ME YOU BIG UGLY IDIOT YOUR ALWAYS GOOFING OF YOUR NEVER SERIOUS YOU WEAR THE STUPIDEST COLOR AND YOUR JUST A JOKE YOUR NOT EVEN AS COOL AS SASUKE-KUN and you'd be lucky if a girl liked you " as she walked of with a smirk naruto just stood with his head down in shame thousands of questions running in his head.

'Am I actually that bad' naruto thought but he tried to stop the thoughts but they just didn't stop and he sat down on the grass with his back against a tree contemplating whether or not he should keep trying on Sakura for a whole hour he kept thinking until he finally came to the realization that Sakura would never like him and now that he thought about it sakura was not worth it he realized Sakura liked Sasuke for looks and being cool and even tho he was a asshole and one day killed for his stupid pride and now that he came to that realization he came to another one Sakura was never not once even when they became ninja and even before never was a kunoichi she was a disgraceful them jut a fangirl trying to play ninja thinking it's a joke but she already saw on the missing in the land of waves that in the real world outside the village you will have more then a 30% chance or more of dying and naruto also realized that he needs to grow up and not play like a child anymore he needs to let this fake act go and grow up the whole hokage dream and all the orange he wears and the whole hyperactive act he needs to let go he only was yes to be hokage for acceptance and be seen as someone the only thing was he did like orange he just never liked wearing it he also saw it as a eye sore and he finally accepted it he doesn't need. These damn villagers he doesn't need to be standing out so he finally decided he would train himself physically and mentally so he can become stronger his new dream is to serve this village as a ninja and maybe even in the shadows by taking the mask of and replacing it with the mask of war but only when he feels ready or when the hokage deems him ready .

As he got up and started walking he was kinda irritated he didn't want to study so much but something nobody knew is he did like studying jutsu's,chakra control,different clans ,and history and other things so reading was just something he liked .

For the next 2 weeks and a half Naruto trained himself without anyone knowing he did 200 push ups 200 sit ups 200 laps around the village and he ended the day with a hour of chakra control currently knew 3 new wind jutsu's all three were b rank and 4 new water jutsu's and all four are also b rank naruto is also working on a fighting style he wanted to call 'white dash' the idea of it was mainly being very fast and using wind chakra to enhance your punches even if you miss the the amount of wind that you have with your punches will still hurt and with your hand is you do a slashing motion small cuts appear so basically you need to be very fast and have wind chakra but he also wanted to use it with other elements although wind is what he wanted to start with with the 2 weeks of training he also got much much faster to where he was mid to high jonin level fast and he also worked on his 'white dash ' and he was doing great in progress but he couldn't quit get the slashed he wanted but punches were goodfor now with more chakra control and more speed he will become better he also changed his clothes from orange to plain shirts that weren't screaming LOOK AT ME and normal and he grew out his hair and with those changes he noticed he looked a lot like the fourth and it certainly didn't go unnoticed by kakashi and Sakura sasuke just was an asshole


Naruto and kakashi were fighting with kakashi having to use his sharingan on naruto with naruto using his new jutsu's and white dash kakashi wasn't doing to well but naruto was slightly worse with these past few weeks he became way smarter in books and in battle strategy even going toe to toe with shikamaru in shogi and even changed from all the orange to a plain dark grey shirt to black anbu pants with his ordinary sandals with his Minaj punch tied to his thigh

But back to the fight itended with a draw and kakashi was very surprised with naruto even offering his deadly techniquethe 'chidori' but naruto refused saying he already was trying to learn the rasengan little did kakashi know naruto had one thousand clones working on it right as they spoke "that was a good fight naruto you've been getting better almost defeating me " kakashi said with pride he already knew naruto was stronger then sasuke their was no doubt but he never showed the team other then kakashi his power.

"Thanks sensei ill train even harder now" he gave kakashi a smile as he started walking off kakashi remembered "oh hey naruto wait up!" As naruto turned around he raised an eyebrow "what's up sensei?" Naruto asked wondering if he was in trouble which he doubted right away "no no nothing like that I just wanted to tell you the chunin exams are happening in a five days so here take this and if you do take it then come to room 301 in five days I have no doubt you pass tho but goodbye gotta tell sasuke and Sakura " and he poofed away all naruto did was smirk and he walk away he thought of doubling the gravity seals if he did that would make it times 20 he didn't care tho when he got to his apartment he would do it.

For the next 4 days naruto trained extra hard he did 250 push-ups 300 sit ups and ran 300 times around the village he read more he learned more smaller but still good jutsu's as the shuriken kage bunshen no jutsu-Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique- and the Bunshin Daibakuha-Shadow Clone Explosion- which was a A-rank jutsu but he didn't really care he mastered it with the help of one thousand clones he also got faster and got better chakra control he already mastered his 'white dash'

Naruto was on his way to the training grounds cause he had nothing else to do he was bored so he wanted to train but as he walked he noticed a rock that was shaped as a square he noticed already who it was "Konohamaru you can stop following me I know it's you" he said with a smile this was a often thing Konohamaru did suddenly the box exploded into smoke as the smoke cleared Konohamaru with his friends moegi and udon "sharp as always boss of course I expected that from my rival " he said smirking with naruto just chuckling "what do you want Konohamaru? I know you want something" naruto said crouching to their level "we wanted to know if you would play ninja with us" the young sarutobi said .

"Hmm not right now Konohamaru sorry maybe in liek 2 hours I wanna train for a little the chunin exams are happening tomorrow " naruto said putting his hand on the kids shoulder "aww you said that last time naruto nii-Chan " said Konohamaru with a pout "c'mon naruto you always train just take a break and play with the kid " said a familiar female voice from behind "hn you to Sakura" naruto said with a smirk "hey boss is this girl...well you know... your girlfriend " whispered Konohamaru with Sakura growing a semi blush and naruto shaking his head "no Konohamaru she's just a teammate " replied naruto shaking his head in annoyance "good I know you can do better..I mean look at that four head it's basically shining " whispered the sarutobi with naruto containing his laughter "Konohamaru " naruto whispered with Konohamaru turning to him "yes boss?" "Run!" Yelled naruto as the three little kids bolted in fear of the pink hair rage filled female running after them "oh when will he learn " naruto said to himself as he heard a yell from the corner they ran threw as he walked over to them he immediately was pissed what he saw was a guy wearing a black catsuit with a huge thing that was covered with bandages holding Konohamaru in the air by the collar of his shirt with Sakura telling him to put him down.

"I'm not gonna warn you once put..him...down" naruto said with anger in his voice as the ninja just looked at him curiously.

"And why should I do that punk" he said with a chuckle "kankuro leave the beat alone or else he's gonna find out " the girl next to him said with naruto looking at her for a whole second till he turned to the cat suit ninja " I suggest you listen to your teammate " as the ninja didn't and laughed naruto sped off with no one noticing and appeared being the ninja with a lunar pointer toward his neck "put the boy down...punk" naruto said to kankuro as he put him down " oh yea let's see how you do wi-" he didn't finish his sentence with naruto sped of appearing on front of kankuro and did four slashing motions around his body with a punch towards the chest that didn't touch him till 2 seconds later kankuro was cut all over and was thrown back feeling like someone with the power of 100 jonin using all thier strength punched him as he was on the ground hurt as naruto wakes up to him he healed his wounds since he was reading a little about medical ninjutsu and grabbed kankuro and picked him up helping him stand " get out of hear or I won't hold back next time " as kankuro nodded his head at blurring speeds out of fear he was hit in the head with small pebbles was sasuke "where did you learn that dobe tell me so I can learn that " as the kunoichi was thinking 'that kids cute but the blond is on another level he's way cuter ' as she felt her cheeks beat up switch sasuke trying to tell naruto he's a uchiha and he gets whatever and Sakura backing him up blah blah with naruto ignoring them "hey you the one hiding In the tree come out " sasukes eyes widened and he turned and saw a red head disappear in a swirl of sand appearing in front of naruto as narut kept a calm face but was trying to figure the red head out.

"Sorry for my brother " said the red head also trying to figure the blonde out "g-Gaara sorry they star-"he was cut of as Gaara glared at him "shut up or I'll kill you"said Gaara "what's your name " as naruto smirked "it's common manner to introduce yourself first " replied naruto "sabaku no Gaara" said Gaara waiting for naruto "naruto uzumaki" replied naruto as he turned towards the sand kunoichi and his prankster side took over although he did mean what he said "and what's your name beutiful" he asked with a smile making her blush a deep crimson with both sasuke and Sakura looking shocked and angry with konohamaru smirking with pride of his brother or that's what he calls him and sasuke being shocked and pissed because hes and uchiha he's better and stronger then naruto or so he thinks so why did she have eyes on naruto and Sakura shocked cause naruto would never do such a thing.

"Me..uh..I'm T-Temari"she said reviving a foxy grin from naruto making her blush more "and I'm guessing your here for the chiming exams "which all of them nodded "goodbye uzumaki mother wants your blood and she'll get it " Gaara said with a smirk releasing killing intent making everyone accept naruto shake in fear all naruto did was smirk and shunshin away again shocking everyone accept the sand siblings with sasukes anger boiling

AN: ok hope this was better again I'm taking this slow I will start slow and steady and no temari and naruto aren't being pared right of the start ofc this is a naruto x temari but I'll make that happen later on in the story with a lot of other things but till next time bye!