Author's note: I love Star Trek and I'm sharing this story working around in my head for ages. I may do more stories with these characters. I use elements from various series so I don't any Star Trek I'm just sharing the love with you.


Lieutenant Commander Phillip Oser stood outside the Admiral's office. Oser was a decent looking fellow standing at just six feet, neatly combed sandy brown hair, green eyes, and athletic. He tugged on his uniform to make sure any wrinkles weren't showing and he tapped the chime.


Oser enters.

OSER "You wanted to see me, sir?"

The Admiral didn't look up from his desk as he handed Oser a pad.

"Yes, have a seat, Commander."

Oser then sat. Oser went through the information on the pad. The face on the pad belonged to a former Starfleet officer. He still had the comm badge that was issued until about two years ago. Oser hated to admit it but he hated the new badges. The officer on the screen had hard brown hair, brown eyes, angular face. His photo had his rank at Commander resigning after the Dominion War 7 years ago. The war changed a lot of people this man left. There was a blinking warning in red at the bottom of the pad ESP.

OSER "He's an esper, Admiral?"

Admiral Samuel Carson looked squarely into his eyes. Carson was in his late 40's, red curly hair that was trimmed short, blue eyes that could pierce your soul, built like a boxer from what Oser heard but he hadn't seen him out of uniform so he couldn't attest to the truth of those rumors. Oser had met Carson during the war but not extensively talked with him until the last two weeks when Carson asked Oser to assist him on a special mission.

Carson gave Oser a small smile in reaction to his question.

CARSON "Yeah, but he didn't like to advertise it. He was always quiet about anything...special about him."

OSER "I see...the Dessican system?"

CARSON "A star ship was in the area surveying some ruins and they caught sight of him and sent the info back to command. He could still be in the system."

OSER "How many planets?"

CARSON "Only four. Three support life but two of them have large populations."

OSER "Alright I'll go down and search them."

CARSON "Not alone. Take Beckett with you. You can take the Saint Johns. She's ready to go. We have to stop in the neighboring system. You can meet us after you get him."

OSER "Get him, sir? If even half what is said about him is true I doubt he'll go quietly."

CARSON "Why do you think I'm sending two of you?"

Oser stood. Carson stood with him.

OSER "Yes, sir."

CARSON "Good hunting."

OSER "Thank you."

They shook hands and Oser left the office.