Two years had passed since the robbery. The phone rang. The caller number did not appear. Helsinki answered the phone. The voice on the phone was very familiar. It was Nairobi that called. She was getting married and had invited him to his wedding. The same phone came to Tokyo and Rio, Denver, Professor, Lisbon and Marseille and Palermo. Everyone is on their way. It was going to be a long journey, but it was worth it.

Little Paula kept asking her mother how many hours she had left. The journey with Marseille uncle was very boring, but she would see his mother and father's friends so it was worth it. Helsinki and Palermo continued their travels with their cars.

Finally, Helsinki and then Palermo arrived at the wedding venue. Nairobi saw them coming and rushed to them. He hugged Helsinki tightly and kissed him on the cheek. He was happier than ever. Bogota called Nairobi: "My dear, the others have come too." Tokyo sees and hugs Bogota. Then she sees Nairobi. Tokyo: "Wow girl, you look so beautiful" and hugs her tightly. He turns to Bogota and says "Let's see if we will give our girl to you, groom?" she says, laughs. Professors come right after. Lisbon hugs Nairobi. "Senorita Nairobi, you have been beautiful," says the professor. Everyone had seen each other after 2 years and they were very happy.

Meanwhile, Denver and Cincinatti arrive with a Maserati. Denver turns Nairobi around and hugs her. Bogota says: "Okay, enough hugs" and asks when Stockholm will arrive. Denver doesn't respond and takes a deep breath. "She is no longer with us," he says. "1.5 years ago, we lost her in a traffic accident. Now every day, with my son, we look at the sky and wish for our mother. Isn't it my son? " Denver's eyes were full of tears. Rio wiped his tears and hugged. It was what Denver feared the most: he lost his family.

They chatted a lot, laughed and had fun. Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Bogota walked towards Nairobi and took Nairobi from the Professor. The fake marriages Marseille asked: "Do you, Mr. Bogota, accept Miss. Nairobi as your wife?" Bogota said yes. "Do you, Miss. Nairobi, accept Mr. Bogota as your husband?" Nairobi: "Yes, yes and yes!" Everyone applauds. "Then I also declare you husband and wife." Bogota kisses Nairobi on the forehead.

Nairobi and Bogota start dancing. Bogota was dancing so romantic as the first supposed to be. Bogota kisses his wife on the forehead while dancing. Later, the Professor takes Lisbon to dance. They dance in Tokyo and Rio. Nairobi asks Bogota for permission and dances Denver. Nairobi and Denver dance together. Denver gets emotional in that moment and hugs Nairobi tightly and congratulates her. Nairobi takes his hand and thanks.

They have a very good day, just like before. They talk a lot. Nairobi and Bogota host this time in their homes. But good moments end quickly, right? It was time to go now. Maybe they wouldn't see each other for a few years. Everyone hugged each other tightly. Then the goodbye ended and they set out.