Warming Up Two Hearts

The dwarf, the archer, and the ranger walked stealthily through the forest of Mirkwood, hoping to catch up with their friends, long ago captured by orcs. The ranger was the one most visibly worried by the ordeal.

They were my responsibility, and I let them out of my sight, now they are gone and its my fault. The ranger, Aragorn, looked to the ground forlornly, searching for orc tracks.

Nonsense. Said the dwarf, none of this is your fault, it isn't anyone's fault, just an accident, a terrible, terrible accident. Gimli, the dwarf, couldn't understand his friends reasoning. It was clear to all that none of this was anyone's folly, merely a mistake in judgment, but Aragorn insisted in taking the blame for Merry and Pippins disappearance.

Legolas, the archer, was strangely silent throughout the argument going on between his two friends. His senses were heightened, so he was the only one among the group who was getting the feeling they weren't alone.

Silence! The elf whispered, interrupting their heated argument. The two figures turned towards their forgotten friend, a look of shock upon their faces, their friend never usually snapped at them, except in dire consequences. Both men knew that he must be serious.

Aragorn whispered to Legolas, now worried that in the heat of the moment he had missed something that was certainly important.

I sense something, its on the air, a change in the winds. I feel as if something is about to come upon us..... I just cannot tell what Legolas was visibly distressed at his inability to identify this unknown threat.

Could it be that you are just being apprehensions? Gimli asked, knowing the elf would sometimes fret over nothing.

It is possible, but it is just as possible that there is a threat near, I am not willing to take the risk of being right. The group decided that they would continue on in silence, as to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Three hours, and 18 miles later, the group came to a halt, deciding to rest for the night, Legolas had offered to stay up all night and keep watch, for he did not really need the sleep. Aragorn, however, was adamant that they should take turns keeping watch, he wanted everyone to get at least 2 hours of sleep, insisting that they needed to be at full strength, should they run into an enemy.

We need to try ad get as much sleep as possible, so don't argue with me, go to sleep, i'll take the first watch, and wake you up in 2 hours. The elf reluctantly agreed to the conditions, and went to a corner of the camp to take a few hours rest.

The ranger paced the camp restlessly, it had been an hour and a half, with nothing, not even a twig snapping! Aragorn was getting ready to wake Legolas up for his shift when a strange noise came from the depths of the forest. He was about to wander in a investigate, when Legolas put a hand on his shoulder. Aragorn gasped, and quickly turned around, relieved to find only Legolas.
What are you doing awake? He inquired of the elf.

I woke up a few moments ago, when I heard the noise, and I felt it wasn't wise to let you search the wood alone Legolas had already been walking towards the source of the strange sound, and now began to whisper, as not to disturb the silence of the forest.

They stepped closer to a clearing where they saw movement. As they walked closer, they noticed voices could be heard.

This is all your fault! They heard a voice screech. If it wasn't for you and your stupid plan, we wouldn't be...... wherever we are! The voice yelled, it was obvious to them now that the voice was a female's.

Ok, I may ha- The other voice was cut short, and they began to wonder what had stopped the second female from talking, when they heard her the first.

Aragorn and Legolas couldn't see the two females talking, but they assumed that they were elves, for that was all that you saw walking around in Mirkwood, with the exception of the ranger, and the dwarf of course. The two started inching towards where the arguing was coming from.

Did you hear something? The second female asked. They assumed her friend shook her head, because the first then said are you sure? I can almost..... sense something drawing closer to us, but that would be ridiculous. Wouldn't it? Legolas began to worry, maybe she sensed them, but if she was an elf, why was she so unsure of herself?

Aragorn and Legolas cautiously looked out from behind their spot in the clearing, and were stunned at what they saw. Two scantily clad girls, of about seventeen years (as far as Legolas could assume at least), were staring straight at them.