All of the italic parts will be referring to the past.


The lord of Titans was sitting on his throne deep in thought, he had gotten news of the empousa Kelli not being able to kill or bring alive that pesky son of Hades, initially he was furious but after reconsideration, he had now decided to seek counsel from one of his biggest allies.

Kronos stood up and immediately felt a small stab of pain go up to his spine, he winced in annoyance. Luke's body was starting to slowly degrade, even with all the enchantments on it to not let it, the demigod body could only handle so much divine power.

Kronos picked up his scythe and walked to the very back of the throne room, behind his throne and the servant station, to the murals depicting the Titans win against the gods, the Golden Age. Kronos didn't even look at exquisite tapestries made by Arachne, he just went sideways to a small passage that only Titans could access. To others, it would have looked like a solid gold wall but Kronos walked right through it.

He entered a cold, stone room. Kronos continued to walk down the room which on further inspection was never-ending, after walking eight to ten minutes Kronos's nasal cavity started to smell rotting corpses. The absolute darkness had changed to a murky gray. Up ahead, the tunnel ended, joining with a narrow, lengthwise cavern like a volcanic vent. It looked as if a colossal claw had slashed across the corridor and left a wound in the earth. Kronos had seen creatures with claws that big down in Tartarus. He did not fancy seeing them again.

At the end of the tunnel, the Titan Lord found himself on a narrow ledge. The cliff wall opposite was only ten feet away, but the crevasse seemed to plunge downward forever. Perhaps a hundred feet above him, the jagged vent opened into a bigger chamber. Kronos was standing at the omphalus—the navel of the ancient world.

From overhead came a hiss so loud, it sounded as if the entire ocean had hit a frying pan and evaporated into a massive steam cloud. The ledge shook. Pebbles rained down. Above, a monstrous body slid across the crevasse, completely covering the opening. The smell of molting snakeskin seared my nostrils.

Kronos narrowed his eyes "Let me in beast"

The body stopped and a voice that must have breathed xenon instead of oxygen said "Ah didn't see you there".

The body then moved, uncovering the opening. Kronos jumped with a fair bit of Titan power. He jumped 30 feet directly into the opening and there he stood gripping his scythe.

The titan was in Delphi, in Greece.

"Greetings old friend" Python hissed the giant black snake, with his steel scales, komodo dragon-like head, and huge fangs, which was a threat to be reckoned with but, for Kronos a Titan who could defeat the eldest gods, he was no threat.

"I am not your friend reptile, I am your lord" Kronos said, his golden eyes glittering harshly "I grow impatient, for a year and a half I have been waiting, but still you can't break into the mind of a simple mortal Delphic priestess".

"I'm getting closer the girl has powerful mental wards, placed by the fates themselves, while I cannot break them I can certainly bend them to influence the girl enough".

"So have you?" snarled Kronos

"Yes, I have gleaned a little bit, the demigods are active the girl even in her slumber knows that much"

"Seems Rachel or Raquel whatever that mortal's name is, is too much for you"

"No, I will succeed, the puny mortal will be crushed"

"So, Python," Kronos continued, "any prophetic words to share with me?"

"In time…. My lord"

The last words were spoken with amusement. Which Kronos noticed but ignored instead threatening Python.

"And what about her" rasped Python.

"Tomorrow she awakens, and then I extract her essence over time and the second golden age will truly start".

"Well I assure you, my lord that you have my support" the behemoth hissed.

"I need more than your assurances," the Lord of Time said. "Before we proceed, we must wipe out the Romans too, I cannot have them so close to Othrys".

"In time," Python said, "as we agreed, the Amazons are on the move, I can see that much".

"The Amazons are no threat; they don't have numbers anymore" Kronos laughed. The laugh echoed around the volcanic chamber, startling the Greek citizens above. They didn't know that the Titan Lord had reversed history and was back as the ruler.


Frederick Chase met Athena, the goddess of wisdom, battle, and handicrafts, while he was studying History at Harvard. She helped him get through his studies; consequently, they fell in love. Shortly after, on July 12, Athena sent him their daughter, a girl named Annabeth, as a gift. She was considered a "brainchild" like all other children of Athena, which means that they were born from the thoughts of the goddess.

Annabeth appeared on Frederick's doorstep in a golden cradle carried down from Olympus by Zephyrus, the West Wind. Her father asked her mother to take her back to Olympus and raise her there, as he didn't see Annabeth as a gift the way Athena did because he didn't know their relationship would result in a child and wasn't prepared to take care of her. Athena refused and told Frederick that heroes were supposed to be raised by their mortal parents and not their godly ones. In the end, he had no choice but to reluctantly take Annabeth in and care for her as well as he could.

Which turned out great for Annabeth. When she was five, her father got married and had two sons with her stepmother, the twins Matthew and Bobby. Since she was a demigod, Annabeth was a target for monsters which caused constant fighting between her and her parents, who felt that she was constantly putting everyone in danger. The twins were adorable, with their short brown hair and soft blue eyes. Whenever Annabeth's dad took her and the twins to the park, where all the old ladies practically cooed at Bobby and Matthew, which was where the problems started, when any of them tried to talk to Annabeth, her father directed the conversation to Bobby and Matthew.

Her stepmother always favored the twins, which on some level Annabeth could understand, but Annabeth's father favoring them came as a big blow to the six-year-old Annabeth, who as the child of a wisdom goddess, was already smarter and mature than most teenagers.

Several factors led up to her running away for instance

"Hey mom, can I have some more pasta?" Annabeth asked her stepmom. Her stepmom rounded on her and snarled "I am not your mom, you will always address me as Helen or ma'am, get that straight!".

The six-year-old child quivered under the angry outburst, and meekly nodded, "Is that clear?", Annabeth didn't respond, still shocked. Helen's eyes flashed "IS THAT CLEAR?!".

Annabeth's stormy gray eyes now alight with a new kind of fire "I understand….. ma'am."

"Good," said Helen and snatched Annabeth's plate "Now go make yourself useful, go take this food to your brothers, water the plants and while you're at it go to Mrs. Jensen's house and pick up my package."

Annabeth nodded and walked out of the kitchen, that's when the tears spilled.

Later that Evening

"Hi, Dad" yelled Annabeth as she raced down the stairs to greet her dad who had just returned home, "Hello Annabeth," her Dad said waving at her, Annabeth tried to muster up some excitement and tried to hug him, ignoring her attempts to hug him, he instead walked into the room in which the twins were sleeping and picked them up, kissing both of them softly. He greeted Helen in the same manner, and all four of them just stood them, for a moment, and that moment which stuck with Annabeth for the rest of her life. She realized that she would never be welcomed, never be loved, she would be the outcast. The girl that nobody cared about.

12th JULY

Annabeth woke up feeling excited, she was turning seven. She would be a big girl now. Annabeth practically leaped over the stairs, skipping 3 at a time. When she entered the kitchen, she expected her dad to greet her with a kiss, and her favorite breakfast on the table. But, what she got was much less than she expected, the twins were sitting in their high chair, her dad wasn't there, Helen was feeding the twins.

"ITS MY BIRTHDAY" She screamed happily, hoping Helen would wish her. "Good for you" said Helen "Now go do your chores".

"What?" said Annabeth her happiness draining out. "You heard me, young lady".

Annabeth felt absolutely furious for a second and then felt calm. The whirlpool that had risen within her died just as quickly. She didn't bother to find out where her dad was, she didn't respond to Helen, instead she went up and packed her Hello Kitty backpack, with some clothes, a few of her favorite books and all her savings, which were in total 109.20 dollars. She then went downstairs and sneaked into the kitchen, Helen was nowhere to be seen, she packed all the food she could fit in her backpack.

'This is it' she thought as she stepped out of the door, where the warm morning sunlight hit her, she took a deep breath and pull her jacket up higher. She looked back at her house for the last time, and all the good memories ran through her mind, then the bad ones did, Helen shouting, her dad not caring about her. She growled angrily and spat on the doorstep before running down the street enjoying her freedom.

1 month later

Her feeling of freedom was rather short-lasting; within a week half her money was gone. She slept inside a bakery, where the kind baker a French man named Francois let her stay. She hadn't seen any flyers with her name or photo on it, which she took to be further proof that her family didn't care about her.

The French baker was out on a date with a stunningly beautiful brunette named Tammi, Tammi and her friend Jasmine were regular visitors to the bakery. Annabeth didn't like them, as they made her feel uncomfortable, they would look at her rather…. Hungrily.

She went to the back of the bakery, near the oven so she could have some warmth. She draped a small blanket over herself and cuddled up on the tiled floor. She thought about her mother, whom she hoped to find one day. She then slowly started to fall asleep, with comforting thoughts of her mother in her mother.

A few moments later, she heard a dull thud, 'Robbers' she thought instantly, but who would rob a bakery? she grabbed the small bread cutting knife and shouldered her backpack in case she had to run.

Another Dull thud, and the door fell open. Bathed in the moonlight, with completely white skin, flaming hair, fangs, one bronze leg and one donkey leg, and red eyes was Jasmine.

Annabeth felt a little relieved, "Jasmine? do you want bread, because the shop doesn't open till morning".

And as Jasmine came closer, Annabeth saw her hideous visage, Jasmine crooned "No Half – Blood, all I want for dinner is you".

Annabeth screamed loudly, and turned on her heels, bolting out of the back door. She ran as fast as she could, her heart thumping and her feet sore, she stopped after getting some distance and to her horror Jasmine was still on her, running like Usain Bolt on steroids.

Annabeth gave a little gasp and continued running, a part of her hoped this was a prank and the television people would pop out any second, and she would have a good laugh. The more rational part of her mind argued that why would they prank a homeless seven-year-old living in a bakery. While Annabeth had this private argument with herself, the empousa had begun to catchup, fast or not a seven-year-old girl could not outrun a fully grown monster.

Annabeth realized this and started running, she was starting to tire now, her legs were feeling numb and her breath was coming in shallow short bursts.

Annabeth neared the docks, where she saw ropes and pieces of iron strewn around everywhere, 'Iron' she thought, she remembered seeing Richmond's ironworks, a smelting plant that she had noticed when she was here before.

She took a sharp turn, she climbed over the wall and dropped down on her ankle, she immediately regretted it, her ankle flared with pain, possibly sprained or broken. Annabeth knew she couldn't run anymore, she saw that Jasmine wasn't far away and was already climbing the gate, she got to her feet gasping at the pain. At some point during running she had lost the knife.

She hobbled into the plant, it was abandoned, there were a few cauldrons and a few sheets of metals along with a hammer and few nails.

She scooped up the hammer and slid behind a tin sheet, her whole body was trembling, from her hiding spot she saw Jasmine's steel leg enter the ironworks with a horrible screeching, produced from her metal foot scraping against the stone floor.

"I can smell you half blood, I'm coming for you" the empousa laughed. Jasmine slowly moved towards the tin sheets, Annabeth was hiding in between the sixth and seventh one.

Down went the first sheet, Thud

Thud, the second

Thud, the third

Thud, the fourth

Annabeth had given up hope, she just gripped her hammer as hard as she could and stood taught as a bowstring ready to fire anytime.

Thud, the fifth

Suddenly a whistling sound reached Annabeth's ear, and a millisecond later she heard the empousa shriek with pain, she dared not leave her cover.

She waited with bated breath, she peeked outside slowly, and saw that the empousa wasn't there anymore, all there was, was a pile of golden ash and bronze arrow gleaming near it.

Annabeth was about to venture out when she heard noises, she saw two teenagers a blond haired guy who looked to be about 12 and a spiky black haired girl who looked to be about 10, they both were armed to the teeth, the girl had two daggers hanging from her belt, a spear strapped on her back and a…. mace canister? the guy had a bronze sword and a bronze dagger, they both advanced warily covering each other.

Annabeth ducked back again under the sheets, maybe they were like Jasmine too. After some quick thinking, Annabeth deduced her situation.

Pros and Cons
Pros – Not dead
Cons – Unarmed, Ankle broken, scared, seven years old

It was not looking good for her, meanwhile the kids had entered inside and were coming towards her, Annabeth couldn't run nor could she fight, her only choice was to stay put and hope they didn't notice her.

The girl retrieved her arrow and said to the boy "What the hell was that empousa ripping those sheets apart for, there's no one and nothing here", the boy surveyed the scene and then his eyes fixated on where Annabeth was, unknown to her a rebellious blonde curl was poking out, the boy whispered something in the girl's ears.

Annabeth knew they had seen her, "Those monsters better go away, she thought, or I'll brain them. What are they? They almost look normal...No! They're monsters, don't be fooled again Annabeth" she scolded herself.

Suddenly, her tin sheet was ripped away. She screamed and flew at the boy with her hammer. He gasped and grabbed her wrist. His hand swallowed her wrist, but she wasn't giving up. She squirmed and kicked.

"No more!" she yelled, "go away, monsters!"

"Hey, it's okay," the boy said, trying to hold her, "Thalia, put up the weapons. She's alright."

Storing the weapons, 'Thalia' the girl tried to help the boy by grabbing Annabeth's other wrist.

Annabeth screamed and fought harder. She kicked at them and tried to reach her hammer. Finally, Thalia pushed Annabeth into boy's chest. Seeing his chance, he grabbed her in his arms and held tight. She struggled and screamed, but Thalia looked into her eyes.

"Hey, it's okay," she said, "we're not going to hurt you. I'm Thalia and that's Luke."


"No, we're not monsters," Luke assured, "but we know about them. We fight them too. We're...well, it's hard to explain."

Slowly, Annabeth stopped fighting. She asked carefully, "You're like me?", she studied them while they tried to answer, Thalia had a lithe, strong body and electric blue yes, Luke was lean with baby blue eyes.

"Yeah, we're like you" Thalia nodded, "where's your family?"

"They hate me. I ran away,"

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Luke muttered, "what's your name, kiddo?"

"Annabeth," she said cautiously. She still didn't trust these people.

"Nice name," Luke grinned, "tell you what, Annabeth. You're pretty fierce. We could use a fighter like you". Annabeth blushed from the compliment.

"You could?" Annabeth said surprised, nobody had wanted her before.

"Sure. I like you. You're a fighter and I have a feeling you're pretty clever," Thalia winked.

"I am!" Annabeth announced proudly, "watch!", Annabeth wanted to desperately prove herself, because these people clearly knew what they were doing and Annabeth wanted to be with them.

She rushed to her hammer and picked it up. She looked towards wooden table and mustering her all her strength, she brought down her hammer on the wooden table, smashing through it, fragments of the table flew everywhere, temporarily blinding her.

She stumbled awkwardly and nearly feel, before Luke caught her "I've got you," he said, "and you're totally in. And I will not fail you like our other family's did."

"Other family's?" Annabeth asked.

Putting a hand on her shoulder, Thalia said, "You're part of our family now, Annabeth. And we will work out better. Deal?"

"Deal!" Annabeth said happily.

"Before we leave, here you need a better weapon" Luke smiled, handing her his bronze dagger.

Thalia's eyes widened "Are you sure you want to give that to her Luke?"

"Yeah she's a demigod, not the most dangerous thing she's done or will do" said Luke standing up and brushing dust off of his jeans.

Annabeth was confused "What's a demigod?"

Thalia winced and said "C'mon we got a lot of explaining to do".

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