I didn't think I was going to write a second chapter of this but I was watching season 8 ep 14, where they show multiple flashbacks of Kate and I guess it inspired me. All mistakes are my own and I don't own NCIS.

After FBI took possession of the body, Kate headed to see Ducky to get him to run the blood test, knowing that he didn't have a body to examine. She quietly slipped down to Autopsy, knowing her way around the building thanks to late night visits to Gibbs.

Ducky spotted her hovering outside the doors to Autopsy and beckoned her in, she slipped in quietly and sat on an examination table, Ducky got out a needle and gently took Kate's arm and pushed the needle in, once he had enough of a blood sample, he corked the sample and sent it up to Abby with Gerald his assistant.

Abby received the blood sample and stared at it confused, she knew she needed to test for pregnancy but as far as she knew the body, they had was male and he definitely wouldn't be needing a pregnancy test. She called down to Autopsy and asked Ducky the question as to why, Ducky was unusually terse with her and eventually relented to admit he was running the test for a friend's wife. That satisfied Abby and she went to run the test.

As Abby was running the test, she also decided to be naughty and see if she could figure out who she was running the test for and compared the blood to the database in front of her. Her jaw dropped slightly when the match came up to Special Agent Caitlyn Todd, she knew that was the Agent who was on the plane with Gibbs.

Just as Kate's picture flashed up on screen, Gibbs strode into the room, he blinked surprised as to why Kate's picture was up on the screen, he turned to stare at Abby. "Sorry Gibbs, Ducky asked me to run a blood test and I was curious as to who I was running the test for"

"The results?"

"She's pregnant"

"I meant in the food Abs" Gibbs said although his mind was racing, he was going to be a father again.

"Oh, that's still running, I need to email these test results to Ducky"

Gibbs strode out of the lab and headed to Autopsy, he hoped Kate was still there. Ducky and Kate were quietly chatting whilst they waited for Abby to email the results, Kate really liked Ducky and his gentle manner and endless stories.

They both jumped when the doors to Autopsy opened engrossed in their conversation, Gibbs came into the room and headed straight for Kate sitting on the examination table, he drew her into his arms and kissed her gently and whispered "We're going to be parent's sweetheart"

"Oh, my goodness" Kate whispered not quite able to believe it. Ducky added his congratulations and the happy couple headed home for the night although Gibbs wouldn't be staying long, he still had a case to work.

Gibbs reappeared a couple of hours later, "Boss where were you, you didn't answer your cell" DiNozzo said a little peeved that he had been left to do all the work.

Gibbs just stared at him and focused on the file in front of him. Meanwhile Kate was sitting in her boss's office having just told him that she was pregnant. "Congratulations Kate, now that you are pregnant, we need to discuss your activities in the field"

"Yes sir"

Kate and her boss discussed the various protocols a pregnant Agent must follow, and she left with a folder to look over her new duties, she was contemplating leaving Secret Service and heading to another Alphabet Agency as they were affectionately known. But first she would need to discuss it with her husband when he eventually solved his case.

While she was deciding her future, she was called to the Navy Yard to see if she remembered anything else about the day that the 'Football Carrier' died. Whilst she waited to be seen, she read through her new duties, she was still allowed to accompany the President on Air Force One but had to wear a vest at all times, but now would primarily be in charge of organising his security detail and would be wearing a wire at all times on duty to co-ordinate the team's movement.

After she recounted the events on Air Force One for what felt like the hundredth time, she went to leave but her husband called her over and asked questions about the plane, then asked to accompany the plane that was leaving the next day, since he said please, she had granted the request.

On Air Force One, Gibbs asked many questions and Kate answered as best as she could and was starting to believe Gibbs theory about the potential hi-jackers copying the Bruce Willis movie. Through her earpiece she heard the commotion in the press cabin and when Gibbs saw the empty gun locker, he ordered her to the President's Office to protect it hoping he would be enough to protect her as well. Kate and Gibbs hadn't had time to discuss her new duties and he wasn't aware she now had to wear a flak vest at all times.

After Gibbs had shot the would-be assassin, he gave the gun he had taken out of the open gun locker to Kate and walked back to his seat smirking, he had saved the President.

As the plane continued its journey now that all commotion was over gave Gibbs and Kate a chance to talk about her new duties, he was thrilled that she was wearing a vest at all times and essentially overseeing the President's security detail and wouldn't actually have to fling herself in front of a bullet. Kate also quietly mentioned the idea of leaving Secret Service and working with another Agency. "I would be thrilled to see you at NCIS every day, but could you work under my leadership?"

"Maybe, we don't want to be one of those couples who spend every waking moment together" she mused.

"However, it would mean I could protect you" Kate shoved him "I can protect myself, I am a Federal Agent"

"I know my darling wife, but I would like to see you more, our different schedules can make it difficult" Gibbs whispered in her ear.

Kate looked back at him with love in her eyes, "I wonder if I could get assigned to NCIS as liaison to Secret Service for a time, to see if it would work out better for us?"

"You won't get anywhere, if you don't ask" Gibbs said as he turned back to staring out the window.

Kate used to the ways of her husband, left to go find her boss to discuss possibilities with him.