The Wolf and the Pelican Timeline

01/09/1975AD  The four arrive in 1975.  Call Order meeting.  Tell the Order about time travelling.  Harry meets Heather.  Feast – Harry casts mass silencing spell.

02/09/1975AD  Trip to Diagon Alley.  'Tea tells Harry to move on.

03/09/1975AD  Hermione, Ginny and Harry meet the Marauders.

15/09/1975AD  Sev learns the Patronus charm.

16/09/1975AD  Sev and Harry join the quidditch team.  Harry beats Lucius in a duel.

13/10/1975AD  Marauders prank Harry and Sev.

14/10/1975AD  Harry and Sev retaliate.

16/10/1975AD  Marauders and Lily dance the cancan at breakfast.

28/10/1975AD  Ginny has a vision.

31/10/1975AD  St Mungo's attacked.  Ron discovers he is a healer.  Harry becomes a part vampire and is in a coma.

09/11/1975AD  Ron wakes up.  Sev and the Marauders find out what happened.

05/12/1975AD  Harry wakes from his coma.

08/12/1975AD  Harry depressed – ignores everyone.  Ginny tells Remus about the time travel.  Remus tells her he is a werewolf.

09/12/1975AD  Remus talks to Harry.

10/12/1975AD  Sev finds out his animagus form – velociraptor.

11/12/1975AD  Full moon – Ginny goes with Remus.

12/12/1975AD  Ginny proposes the time travellers teach the Marauders the animagus transformation.

18/12/1975AD  Christmas holidays start.  Marauders find out their animagus forms. 

25/12/1975AD  Christmas Day – Harry shares it with his family.

03/01/1976AD  Holidays end.

04/01/1976AD  Sev shows Harry his Dark Mark – becomes a spy.  Sev joins the Order of the Phoenix.

27/01/1976AD  Sev's first Order meeting.  Harry pranks the Slytherins – pretends to be Voldemort.  Harry – vision – Prophecy of the Four.

28/01/1976AD  Voldemort sends Dumbledore a howler.  Harry tells Dumbledore about the vision.

18/02/1976AD  Harry dreams – Heather captured as revenge against Harry 'Evans'.

27/02/1976AD  Harry attacks Voldemort at a Death Eater meeting.

01/03/1976AD  Marauders complete the animagus transformation.

02/03/1976AD  Full moon – all go with Remus.

01/04/1976AD  Marauders past and present spend the day pranking people.

03/04/1976AD  Sev and Harry go to Diagon Alley.  Harry gets lion tattoo.  Diagon Alley attacked.

17/04/1976AD  Hollerith tests completed.

18/04/1976AD  Hollerith tests carried out.

22/04/1876AD  Hollerith test results compiled.

23/04/1976AD  Lily, James and Remus join the Order of the Phoenix.

24/04/1976AD  Slytherin versus Gryffindor quidditch match.

28/04/1976AD  Full moon – Sev questions Harry on where he goes.

30/04/1976AD  Gaerwyn and Lolide plan James' birthday party.  Harry visits Falaryth.

02/05/1976AD  James' 16th birthday – told of his elven heritage.

24/05/1976AD  Sirius tells Sev to go to the Whomping Willow on the full moon.,

26/05/1976AD  Full moon – Whomping Willow incident.

27/05/1976AD  Sirius punished – banned from playing pranks.

28/05/1976AD  Lily breaks up with James.

14/06/1976AD  Exams start.

03/07/1976AD  Exams end.

10/07/1976AD  Harry talks to James and Lily – they get back together.

12/07/1976AD  Leaving Feast – the Great Prank – dress up as Voldemort and the Death Eaters.  Harry asks Ginny out.

13/07/1976AD  Harry tells Sev everything.  Cast a charm on the students to make them forget the specifics of the time travellers.  'Tea tells Harry about his son and Lucifina.

25/08/1976AD  Alder Hay Children's Hospital attacked.  Heather rescued.

01/09/1976AD  Harry tells James and Lily he is from the future.  Hogwarts Express attacked.  Four go to next time.