The robbery day had come. They had entered the bank. Palermo closed the door. Denver divided and the hostages into two groups. Bogota and Nairobi went down to the vault. The hostages were afraid, so Stockholm and Helsinki tried to calm them down. They managed to open the safe. The hardest part of the job was over now.

Tokyo: "Pay attention! First group go up with Helsinki. The second group come with me and we will choose a few of you to work with." The hostages follow directions in fear.

Meanwhile, Bogota and Nairobi started melting the gold. They had to extract the gold in as small pieces as possible, so a very high pressure was required.

Tamayo was locked in the face of their being so planned. As a result, he called Inspector Sierra. During these events, Inspector Sierra was with Rio. When she got this news, she came to Spain.

The professor contacts Sierra to make a deal. They agree to give Rio back but release 32 hostages.

Rio embraced Tokyo. They missed each other so much.