Nairobi: "Damn it. Bogota! " Bogota said: "We could die." Nairobi: "Are you okay? "I saw you near the explosion," she said. Bogota asked: "Yes, what about you?" Nairobi: "Yes".

Helsinki and Denver come down. They couldn't see them because smoke is everywhere. They go a little further and see the gold grains on the ground and hear the voices. They find them and the others and take them out.

Meanwhile, the police decide to go inside. Denver opens the door and "Fire!" Palermo and Helsinki fired the weapons. The cops had to step back.

Rio still wanted to talk to Tokyo. After all that he had gone through, he wanted a calm, simple and comfortable life. But Tokyo was like a time bomb that could explode at any time. Rio went to Tokyo standing next to the hostages and said he wanted to talk to her privately. Tokyo knew that something bad had happened from Rio's facial expression. Rio hugged her tightly. Then he opened the topic:

"Tokyo, you are the craziest, most beautiful, and the best person I have ever met. But I realized that when we were not together, I actually wanted a quiet life. I don't want to go to parties like you want and spend every day with adventure. " Tokyo agreed him. Because she got Rio in all sorts of trouble. But she couldn't stand it.

Rio: "We'll meet one day in the future, with your husband and 2-3 children; with me, my girl friend. " Tokyo agreed Rio. Rio:

"Look Tokyo, you are the most important person in my life. But we cannot live the same life. " Tokyo hugs him and says: "Don't leave me, I love you so much, I want to live with you on our island." Rio also hugs her and says: "I had memories that I will never forget with you, I spent the best times of my life with you. But now we both have to built our own lives. " he says. Tokyo walks away from Rio. She thought how selfish she was. She thought of how self-conscious she was with the mistakes he made while thinking about the beautiful moments they lived. And she thought that all that she had done brought her right here, next to Rio's speech.

Denver saw Tokyo and asked what had happened. Tokyo told him that Rio wanted to leave her and wanted a simple life. Denver tells her that Rio is confused and must give him some time. Tokyo hugs Denver. Meanwhile, Denver realized that Stockholm saw them talking and he left Tokyo and followed Stockholm.

Denver grabbed Stockholm's arm. Stockholm turned to him: "What do you want?" Denver: "Monica, you misunderstood us. We were talking about something completely different. " Monica: "So what were you talking about?" Denver says it doesn't matter. Stockholm goes nervously.