Sunset Shimmer, age 45, has 2 14(nearly 15) year old twins. She tells them a range of stories: Her story, A descendants story and Harry Potter's story and many more. Some copied from my fanfic, one shots.

PROLOGUE: Sunset's story, part 2(sunset's love story, part a)

"So what happens?" asked Dusk. "Your love story."

"This is a story for Twilight and I to tell. It isn't just my story. It's Twilight's too. The Midnight fiasco." said Sunset.



"Wake up Twilight! The bus for camp everfree leaves in 10 minutes!" cried someone. Sunset Shimmer, I thought.

I rubbed my eyes, to see my friends staring at me. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and my best friend, and demon partner, Sunset Shimmer.

I packed, and got changed. But behind me stood Midnight Sparkle, the she-demon I had turned into not long ago. I screamed, as I saw my friends disappear. Then I fell through the air.

Then I was on the bus, Sunset Shimmer smiling kindly at me. Since the friendship games, she's been the nicest.

What did she say again? '"and just like you, I was overwhelmed by the magic it contained! I thought it could get me everything I wanted."'

What did she mean? Did she do something bad too?

I wanted to ask Sunset, but right now, wasn't the right time.

I was getting really worried, when my friends(the mane 5) got their powers. What was it? Midnight Sparkle?

I decided to take a taxi home.

Sunset Shimmer came after me, and told me I was not to be afraid of Midnight. She could see my memories.

Luckily, my boyfriend, Timber Spruce, found us, and took us back.

Sunset POV

Ever since that night, I was watching Timber. Making sure he wasn't making a joke about Gaea Everfree. To my horror, I bumped into my ex boyfriend, Flash Sentry.

"Sunset," said Flash. "I was wondering if we could start over as friends? You've become so much nicer."

It was rather awkward. I had to think fast. " Thanks," I blushed. "Uh, I lost an earring. Gotta go!"

I ran off, into the woods.

"Aw." said Flash

Twilight POV

Sunset sent me a text, Meet me by the rock quarry

I followed Sunset into the cave. "There's Equestrian Magic." she said. "I can feel it."

We saw Gloriosa Daisy grab the last 2 geodes and turn into a she-demon. We were bound by her ropes. Spike chewed through them, and I used my magic to free us from the cave.

Then we came upon the shield of thorns, that covered the entire camp. It was down to me to get to them.

My friends and I saved the camp and then I we had a fundraiser, to help get the camp back on its feet.


"Is that it?" asked June.

"yep," said Rainbow Dash. "That's it."