Somebody Else

By: ~uNn@mEd~

Disclaimer: I don't own Card Captor Sakura or any of its characters.

Do you know I dream of you? I dream of us together…

But I know it's impossible.

Do you know I am so in love with you whenever you're near I can hardly think straight? Hell my heart pounds so fast I think I can go to hell and back.

Do you know I get jealous to other people who come close to you? Because you can think of them more than friends. But me, no. I can never pass the lines of being friends with you.

Did you remember when that Eriol came? I was on the verge of going my edge. But it got me thinking, did I deserve you? After all of the things I've done? When you tried to come close to me I start pushing you away. You'd start smiling, but me I'd hardly show a smirk.

I have been thought that a warrior doesn't need feelings; feelings are for the weak, love is for losers.

Did you remember when you pour your heart onto him? I felt my heart break with yours. I know then what I wanted, I want you to be happy.  Just being with you is enough, was it? I guess I just didn't want to be selfish. I wanted to make myself believe that is what I wanted.

After what had happened I started thinking, again, that I'll always be there for you, but once you found that special someone I know that you wouldn't need me anymore.

I need you, but at the same time I can't have you.

Then I pray that you'll see me as something more than a friend. That's hoping for too much wasn't it?

How can I be with you if I don't live near? How can I be with you being engaged to someone else? Knowing that you'll never love me? That I don't deserve you?

After your heartbreak, I already made a promise to myself that I'll help you find that special someone, knowing that person will see you the way I see you now.

It must be somebody else, right...  I can only hope so… I hope so…

For I can never give you the happiness you deserved.