Somebody Else


By: ~uNn@mEd~

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He's back now. After years of waiting he has finally able to come back.

Why would he come back? This place was not the place he was born, the place were his family is, the place where he grew up in was miles from where he was standing.

This place was not from that normally people would come to call home.


Because she is here. The only reason that made come back here was her.

He loves her.

The only emotion he can ever attach with her.

It has been a long a time. Since the last time he was here. Years have passed. He was mad with himself for being such a coward. He left after spilling out his feelings, dropping a heavy blow to her soul, he left without knowing what could have her answer have been.

Could have been a "Sorry but I don't feel the same way about you… could we still be friends?"… Or could it have been "I love you, too"…

He shook his thoughts at the second answer… for him it couldn't have been it… for it was impossible.

Now he has come back, he'll now know her answer. He owes himself that much… to hear the truth… with his own two ears… from her very own mouth.


He was able to track her down.

She was still working now, she was said to be a model for Tomoyo's rising fashion shows and was about to get her time in the spotlight.

He's so close… he can feel he's getting close.

Syaoran's P.O.V.:

I'm close I can feel it.

I guess you haven't sensed me yet, you can be really dense at things like these.

It's starting to rain… I can't stop now… now that I've gone so far for the answers.

I'm so close…

Normal P.O.V.: (a lot of switching P.O.V.'s ahead)

He stopped in front of a trailer in the door you can see a sign with the name Sakura on it.

As he tries to catch his breath, he hears something… laughter…

Syaoran's P.O.V.:

I try to look through the window, I see you laughing…

I wonder then what would happen if I suddenly appear? For me, to come crashing to your life again…

Would I bring a smile to your face or tears?

I'm not going to do it again… crashing in to your life causing you sadness.

I can't go through with it. It starts to rain harder. I then begin walking, against the crowd… leaving you…

Sakura's P.O.V.:

I sense something… is it you?

No, it can't be. It must be my mind playing tricks on me again, it couldn't be you… could it?

Is it because my heart still yearns for yours? I get mad at myself for my foolishness, I got all of the chances in the world yet still…

I open the door, I try to find you amongst the crowd.

I see you soaking wet… I try to get close to you… I wanted to find out for myself if it's really you…

Syaoran's P.O.V. (I know, I know, AGAIN???!!!! Well I did warn you.):

After walking a bit, I turn left to the park the next thing I knew that I was here… the swing.

The same old swing where I made a promise to myself … that no matter what I'll always make you happy.

I bend down to my knees, my tears go down with the rain making no difference.

If you're happy… why does it hurt so much…?

I then felt someone was behind me… I turned around…

Sakura's P.O.V.:

As you turned around I stare into your eyes… I saw everything... how much you still love me… and how much you were willing to sacrifice for me…

I too then felt tears in my eyes…

I couldn't take it anymore… I closed the distance between us…

"I love you…" I whispered.

I felt free right then and there… I felt the cold rain disappear I only felt the warmness of between us…

Syaoran's P.O.V.:

… least to say I was shocked… but after feeling your body close to mine I felt complete…

I whispered into your ear "I love you, Sakura…"

I then pressed my lips against yours… I made a silent promise to never leave you again…


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