(For an explanation of the format in which my songs are published - including the notes - please see the introductory chapter to my Pokemon Lyric Collection for Red, Blue and Yellow).

STORY/ SCENARIO: Troubled by a persistent feeling of being watched, a man has a flight of fancy in which he imagines a witch observing him through a crystal ball.

VARIATIONS: I've used the melody in bars 38-61 of 'The Cleaner' as the basis for this song's vocal part, in both verses. In the movie, this section starts as Geri - the cleaner - begins to clean Woody's ears, and ends just as he stabs his sewing needle through Woody's shoulder. The following changes have been made:
- In bars 41 and 53, on the third beat of the bar - i.e. the fifth quaver in a run of five (-round...me) - the melody rises to a G instead of falling to a D, and the G that follows one beat later is deleted.
- Bars 46-49 have been deleted - this is the short section that plays while Geri sprays Woody's eyes.
- In bars 59-60, just as Geri is getting ready to reattach Woody's arm, the vocal part takes the same rhythm as the violins - i.e. four quavers followed by a trilled dotted minim (Then her laughter peals) - however the notes are changed to C, D, C, D, trilled B-natural. Then in bar 61 where the violins fade out, the vocal part finishes with three quavers (Fitfully!) - notes high C, G, low C.

Ever had the strangest feeling
There's a gaze that follows you around:
Eyes that fix you from the ceiling,
In the walls, or underneath the ground?

Could it be this weird persona
Is a witch who watches you and me
In a ball, till we have shown her
Everything she wished to see?

The her laughter peals

Captivated by this notion,
Still it's likelier (I will admit)
That the sun will dry the ocean
Than there could be any truth in it.

So it seems upon reflection:
Then it starts - the flipping of a switch -
And I'm food for her inspection,
So perverse it makes me itch;

In the crystal gaze
Of a witch!