(For an explanation of the format in which my songs are published - including the notes - please see the introductory chapter to my Pokemon Lyric Collection for Red, Blue and Yellow).

STORY/ SCENARIO: Imprisoned inside a game of Tetris for all eternity, a man mourns his sorely missed freedom as he slowly loses his mind.

VARIATIONS: In bars 2, 5 and 6 the crotchet on the third beat of the bar is replaced with two quavers (bottom...eerie...You and). The same applies every time the tune repeats.

Down in a deep dark abyss,
At the bottom of a well
Of black imaginings,
Hear an eerie echo tell
How 'You and only you
Are the one who knows these things!'

Once I was joyful and free -
Could it be that yesterday
I breathed the open air?
Flies the fantasy away:
My lungs with sorrow burn,
Till I choke on my despair.

Lowly laps the languid light;
Tessellating day and night!

Falling in endless cascade,
Fills my vision with a swarm
Of every kind of shape,
Like a pixellated storm:
No shelter from the rain,
From my prison no escape.

Harsh winter and blissful death
I would gleefully exchange
This cruel confinement for;
Doomed to drearily arrange
These pieces in a game
I must play forever more.

Restless rescue to receive,
Nothing can my toil relieve!

Fled the existence I knew,
That my fate will not allow
A moment to recall -
There is only here and now:
This music and these walls,
And my pain, and that is all.