This is a sequel to my first IKWYDLS story 'Like I love you'. If you haven't read it you might want to because of some personality changes in the characters.

It took me a while to decide who was going to be the victim and killer - the ones from the book or the movie. I've chosen the book since Helen and Barry survived in that one.

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She could feel his breath on her neck and hear the heavy steps behind her-

"No." She cried and tried to run faster. But her legs were like blocks of cement, she couldn't lift her feet no matter how hard she tried.

"Please, help me." She cried as she felt him coming closer, putting his hand on her neck.

"No, no..." She felt like she was suffocating as she struggled the strong hands. "Please." She moaned before waking up with a snap in her dark bedroom.

She looked around, terrified, but there was no one there. She reached her hand out and took the jar of pills from her bedside table. She swallowed them with some water and then lay back on her pillow with an exhausted sigh.


A phone kept ringing inside an empty apartment. Ring after ring went by and then suddenly the front door flew open and a beautiful blonde girl came rushing in. She dropped her bags on the floor and rushed over to the phone.

"Hello." She answered. "Hello?" She repeated but the line had gone dead. With a sigh she hung up and walked over to the door and closed it and picked up her grocery bags from the floor and took them to the kitchen.

Her named was Helen Shivers and she was a 23-year-old anchorwoman at ABC in New York. She put some boxes in a cabinet and some milk in the refrigerator just as the front door was opened by her fiancée since four years - Barry Cox.

"Heller!" He called and she looked over her shoulder.

"I'm in here Barry."

Barry came into the kitchen with a big smile on his lips and walked up to Helen, who had his back at him and put his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder.

Helen giggled a little and turned around so that she could face him and Barry lifted her up in the air. Helen giggled again.

"What's up with you baby?" She asked and Barry kissed her hard before putting her down and showing her a piece of paper.

"Look, I got an A+! Can you believe it?" He laughed looking at his essay. He went to NYU since 3 y3ears and worked hard with his grades. Helen had never gone to college. She'd started to work with television as an 18-year- old.

Now she jumped with joy and clapped her hands. "Oh my God, congratulations Barry. I knew you could do it." She hugged him and kissed him again. "We have to celebrate this."

Barry pulled her closer with a big smile. "You bet, tonight is our night ...I'll take you where ever you want to go."

Helen kissed him. This was her first night off in ages and she was going to embrace it fully.


Later that night after having dinner out, Helen and Barry were back home in their bedroom.

Helen giggled as Barry kissed her stomach.

"Again? Barry are you crazy?" She panted and he came up from under the cover and kissed her lips.

"Crazy about you...babe I've hardly seen you in a week. I could go on all night." He said and kissed her again. Helen laughed as the phone rang. She frowned.

"Who could be calling at this hour?" She moaned and looked at the digital clock next to the bed.

"Let it ring." Barry said kissing her neck, moving downwards.

Helen shook her head and reached her hand out for the phone.

"If it's this late, it must be important." She said and Barry sighed but kept showering her body with kisses hoping to distract her.

"Hello." She said trying to sound unaffected by Barry's caressing.

"Is this Helen Shivers?" A voice asked.


"Good, I'm terribly sorry to call you this late but it's about your friend - Julie James."

Helen sat up straight and pushed Barry off her.

"Is she alright?"

The voice paused for a moment. "No, she's not."


"Okay so where do you want us to go?" Barry looked at Helen. As soon as she'd finished her phone call she'd gotten out of bed and started packing.

"Boston." Helen replied shortly.

"Because...?" Barry was still in bed watching her shove clothes in a bag.

"Because Julie isn't well. She tried to kill herself last night."

"What?" Barry frowned. That didn't sound like the Julie James he'd known.

Helen sighed putting down her hairbrush. He could see she was close to tears.

"It's my fault. I've totally neglected her. I knew she was in pain ...but I..I've been busy." She started to sob and Barry pulled her down into his arms.

"Heller, it's not your fault. If Julie is in pain it's because of her and her issues, not because you forgot to call her once or twice." He comforted. She leaned towards him and sobbed again.

"We have to go there. We have to help her, talk to her..."

"Helen." Barry started but got quiet when he saw the look in his girlfriend's eyes as she pulled away from him a little.

"Barry." She said serious. "Julie is my best friend. She needs me and I'm going, with or without you."

He could tell she meant business and nodded.

"Okay, we're going but not now. We'll book a flight in the morning, you'll call your office get some time off and I'll go to the university and get some assignments. And then we'll leave in the afternoon. Okay?"

Helen nodded. "Yeah." She said weakly and they lay down again.

"But what if she...?"

"She'll be okay." Barry assured and hugged Helen a little closer. He'd never been close to Julie himself but Helen was and this was important to her. He wouldn't leave her alone in a time like this.

As they lay in silence he knew she was awake but didn't urge her to sleep. She had a lot on her mind. The only thing her could do right now was to be there and he would.


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