Title: Picard's New Ship

Rating: T

Summary: It was supposed to be only a temporary assignment, to find Tuvok who was a spy among the Maquis and bring him home. For Captain Picard, and part of the crew of the former Enterprise, it turned into a very long journey and forming a little community.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

"Welcome aboard Voyager," Miles O'Brian said when Captain Jean-Luc Picard beamed on-board his temporary ship.

"It's good to see you again, Mr. O'Brian," Picard said. "As some of the crew arrived?"

"Dr. Crusher arrived an hour ago and has set up her kingdom and Commander Data is been here for four hours."

"Don't let Dr. Crusher hear you say that," Picard said.

"Don't worry, she won't," he promised.

He left the transporter room and made his way to the Bridge. When Starfleet told him that he would be commanding the U.S.S Voyager until Captain Janeway could take command of it after the shakedown mission was over he had taken a chance to command a gleaming new ship. Voyager might not be the Enterprise, but she had a soul all her own. When he arrived on the Bridge he found Commander Data at the helm, reading from a PADD. All around him was people that he had never met and would be leaving after they came back from their mission.

"Captain on Deck," one of them said and everyone went to attention.

"Resume," Picard ordered and everyone went back to what they were doing.

"Welcome aboard Voyager," the man said. "I'm Lt. Commander Cavit, your temporary first officer."

"I'm use to a Commander being my first officer," Picard told him.

"Of course, sir," he said. "I'll show you to your ready room."

Picard nodded and followed him.

His temporary ready room was unlike the one that he had on the Enterprise. He would leave the room bare for Janeway. The Lt. Commander left him alone and Picard checked over the mission that they were going on. They were to collect a Lt. Tuvok and capture a Maquis ship that had a former Commander on it. Picard couldn't still believe that a Federation Commander had turned his back on everything that Starfleet represented.

His chime went off and he said, "Enter." The door opened and in walked Beverly, Geordi, and Data.

"We're going into the badlands," he told them. "I've only been there a couple of times but it's pretty rough."

"And when we capture the ship?" Data asked him.

"We bring it back to Earth so that those on-board can stand trial."

"Thank goodness it's only one mission."

Voyager left Deep Space Nine with the addition of Tom Paris, who Janeway had told him would be a help on his temporary voyage, and Ensign Harry Kim. He had shown Ensign Kim where his station was at and left him to it. When the Lt. Commander saw Tom Paris Picard had a feeling that there was something like a history between the two men. Picard had read most of Tom Parris history and hadn't liked what he had read.

However, the past was the past and all he cared about was how a person acted in the now. If Tom proved that he could help Voyager find the Maquis ship, then he would fulfill his part of the deal that Janeway had made with Starfleet.

"We're approaching the badlands," Data told him, breaking Picard away from his thoughts.

Picard touched his combadge. "Picard to Parris."

"Yes," he heard.

"We're approaching the badlands," he told Parris.

"Coming," he said.

When both men arrived Voyager was already inside the badlands. Picard listened as Ensign Kim told him what path the ship had most likely had taken.

"We'll follow this path," Picard told Data.

"Sir, there's something approaching us," Kim told him.

"What is it?" Picard asked him.

"It looks like a coherent tetryon beam," he said. "It will hit us in fifteen seconds."

"Ideas?" Picard asked, "And quickly."

"Captain, there's nothing that we have that can dispurse it," Data told him.

Suddenly it hit them and Picard blacked out.

When he came to the ship looked like someone had blown it up. He crawled over to the Lt. Commander and found that he was dead.

"How's Stadi?" Picard asked.

"She's dead," Tom answered.

"Crusher to Picard," Beverly's voice called out. "What the hell did we hit?"

"A Tetryon beam," Picard answered. "We're sending the injured to you."

"I'll be here to accept them," Beverly said.

"Can we get the damn screen to work?" Picard asked someone.

He watched Data work and then the screen was working and Picard felt his mouth drop open.

"Please tell me these sensors aren't correct," Kim said.

"What does it tell you?" Picard asked.

"Sir, we are seventy thousand light years away from where we were," Kim told him.

"Any readings from that array?" Picard asked Kim.

"No, sir," Kim answered. "And no readings from the Maquis ship either."

"Looks like we found our missing Maquis ship," he said. "Ensign, go down to sickbay and help Crusher."

"Yes, sir," Kim said.

"Wait, Harry, I'm coming," Tom said and Picard watched as he ran to join him in the turoblift.

"Data, go down to Main Engineering and help Mr. LaForge down there."

"Yes, sir," Data said and he left as well.

Crews arrived to take the dead off the ship and Picard sat down in his seat. He had a sinking feeling that this was no longer a simple mission.

"Sir, we're being scanned," the only officer on the ship reported. "It's penetrated the shields."

And then Picard blacked out for the second time.

He found himself, and all of his crew, in a field. There was a farmhouse in the distance and the look on even Data's face was confusion.

"Where the devil are we at?" Beverly asked him.

"I have no idea," he said.

A woman came out, smiling at them. "Everyone don't be shy. I have lemonade and sugar cookies."

"No, thanks," Picard told her.

"Oh come on and have some refreshments," she said, smiling at them.

"Don't be fooled, Captain, we haven't gone far," Kim told him. "We're inside the array."

"Inside," Picard said and Kim nodded.

"This looks like a holographic simulation," he told Picard.

"Probably to make us feel at ease," Data reasoned.

"Well I don't feel at ease," Picard told them.

The next whatever amount of time that had passed was nothing like what Picard had ever gone through. Not even his dealings with the Borg had matched up to this. Geordi had tried to contact him but then there was silence.

"Come on," he told those next to him. "Let's get our crew back."

To Picard's relief, and horror, he found not only the missing Maquis crew but the 'guests' decided to treat them in the same similar fashion. Pain, unlike anything, that he had felt went through him. And he had blacked out for the third time.


A/N: I'm re-watching Voyager and taking what I've watched and putting it into this story. It's going to be a very long story. This will also be updated bi-weekly.