This story is a work of fiction I was inspired by novirp13's Persona is your real self (and sometimes,its not as pretty as everyone imagined it was) to make a story based/copyed off of it. I give all original idea credit to them!

Let us start the game…


Izuku Midoriya a shy boy who is bullied due to his lack of Quirk. A Quirk is a genetic mutation that gives the owner supernatural powers and 80% of the population on earth have some kind of Quirk, the 20% are known as Quirkless and are often bullied by those who have Quirks. Izuku is part of the 20% who are Quirkless and is bullied by almost his entire school, though Katsuki Bakugou has been his tormenter since they were young, and today Katsuki's suggestion "Why don't you take a swan dive of the roof, and hope for a Quirk in your next life!" pushed Izuku past the line of no return… He is extremely scared of heights so he opted for the gun his father left in a desk,with the gun loaded and safety off, he fired.

U.A Highschool Quirk Assessment Test

A gunshot rings out on the field where Class 1-A is conducting a Quirk Assessment Test, the students stare as a transparent hunched figure with a mask of jagged teeth is handed a ball by the one who summoned him… Izuku Midoriya with an eerily cheerful smile hands the figure the ball for the test gun still

smoking from the shot fired not even 3 minutes ago, the figure dispite being transparent and ghost like grabs the ball and throws it with inhuman strength, he scored higher that Katsuki which angered the nuclear pomeranian to no end, he fumed as the rest of the class stared wide eyed and pale as the figure dissipated and Izuku turns around to face the class still wearing the eerie cheerful smile, Aizawa the homeroom teacher looked at the boy with a stare only an over protective dad could 'Thats how he activates his Quirk?! How did he figure that out?!', one of the students raises his hand and looks to the smiling boy "H-how morbid! That is very dangerous!

How did you find that doing that activates your Quirk!?" The classmate says sternly as he chops at the air. Izuku looks to him still smiling "Oh I tried to commit suicide duh." The class and Aizawa pale more as the boy continues "I had no Quirk before and Kachan told me to take a swan dive off the roof of our school, but im to scared of heights to do that… So I went home and grabed my dad's old gun and fired!" The class was switching from glaring at Katsuki and having absolutely horrified looks on their faces "But instead of dieing I activated my Quirk!" He smiles and shows the class the clip in the gun "I'm still trying to kill myself see?" The gun was fully loaded only one bullet missing from earlier. Aizawa was contemplating confiscating the gun but it was the way to activate the boys Quirk… He put on the indifferent look he always has and dismisses the class back to the room…

To be continued!

I love the idea and concept that novirp13 presented and asked for permission to continue the story, they said yes and i thank them for letting me expound on the idea. I also won't update on

a specific day or time I'll update whenever.

Izuku's Personas


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