Noah. Age: 6.

Willa. Age: 4.

Alice and Jasper kids:

Ava. Age: 2.

Rosalie and Emmett kids:

Adam. Age: 1.

Esme and Carlisle kids:

Marley. Age: 2 ½.

Edward POV

"Come on. Who can come to Edward first?" I cooed to my nephew Adam, niece Ava and sister Marley. They were learning how to walk. Marley helped herself stand up and waddle to me, wobbling everywhere. Just as she was going to fall face first on the carpet, I caught her. Bella's pregnant with twins now. She's about 7 months. We found out that we're having 2 girls. Noah isn't happy at all but Willa is elated. We're naming the twins Mia and Leighton.

Noah begged us to let him and the family be YouTubers. We said yes so now most of us film vlogs most of the time. We vlog every maybe 2 days.

"Good girl, Marley." I cooed and tickled her, she plonked herself on the floor and watched how Ava waddled to me with ease and how Adam was crawling to me.

"Great job." I said to them.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Noah ripped the head off of Mr Cuddles!" I heard Willa scream, racing into the room. I turned around.

"Noah Blaze Cullen! Get in here now!" I yelled getting up off the floor.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He apologised quickly from his room.

"Noah Blaze Cullen! You heard me! Get in here now!" I yelled sternly louder up the stairs. He came out if his room and down the stairs,

"Right, you are going in timeout! I've told you before not to break Willa's toys and yet again, you've broken that rule!" I scolded him and took him to the timeout room. I shut the door and let him ride it out crying.

"Edward!" I heard Bella yell. I raced up to my room to find Bella breathing heavily.

"Bella? What's wrong? Baby, sit down!" I instructed and sat her down. As soon as she sat down water covered the floor.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" I panicked and Bella started laughing.

"Babe? What's so funny?" I asked confused.

"I pranked you. I'm fine. It was a sandwich bag filled with water!" She cackled.

"Bella! That seriously wasn't funny!" I sighed angrily and tiredly.