When Cat had been living with the clan for almost a year, she finally encountered Demona face to face. She had heard of the human-hating female gargoyle from the rest of the clan, who sometimes returned with wounds as a result of her various plots and murder attempts. However, she never came so close to succeeding in conquering humanity and destroying the Manhattan clan as she did the night she attempted to use an ancient Druidic medallion to separate human souls from their bodies.

Demona had managed to use Elisa to lure the Manhattan clan to her, at which point she imprisoned them with a spell from the Grimorum. However, she didn't count on Cat tracking her movements from the time she stole the medallion from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it was being temporarily housed as part of an exhibit on the art of the British Isles.

Sitting in the midst of a pile of books along with Xanatos and Owen, she scrambled through the pages in frustration.
"I know it's here somewhere! I read something about that amulet months ago, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was used for!" she ranted in frustration as she shoved another book onto the table where they were keeping the ones they had gone through.

"Wouldn't it be easier to look it up online?" suggested Xanatos gently. He knew how serious Demona's plans could be, and he knew they had to remain focused, especially as it appeared her plan might actually work this time.

Cat sighed, "If it were anything else, probably, but the problem with the internet is that the thing you need is always buried when dealing with ancient magic. Books by…certain parties are more reliable than hearsay from scholars scratching in the dirt to publish a paper for tenure."

"Certain parties?" asked Owen.

Cat nodded, "Descendants of the Good Folk, like you and me. They write secret histories of different artifacts in runes between the lines in books. Very effective if you're one of us, as only we can see them."

Owen's eyes opened wide, "You're a descendant of the Good Folk?"

She smiled at him, "Naturally. My clan are half-humans though, so we're a weaker sort, but still strong in our own…FOUND IT!" She pounced on a leather-bound book with odd markings mostly faded off the cover. Opening it she flipped rapidly to the page she needed while Owen and Xanatos picked their way over to her. Furrowing her brow she read a few passages before saying, "Oh no!"

"What?" the two men said together.

She looked up at them, "The amulet was used for human sacrifices! It was meant to draw the soul from the body of the victim before they actually died. It was made from a gem extracted from a meteor, and apparently possessed highly powerful magical properties. Which just sounds really creepy on the surface, but the medallion was always used in its dormant state, just before midnight. If used after midnight and before one in the morning, its power would be magnified. More so if there was a meteor shower that night. Guess what's tonight?"

Xanatos looked gravely at the clock to see that it was already eleven thirty. He swore under his breath, "How powerful will this thing get?"

Cat bit her lip, "It was never used at full power, but if I had to guess from these writings…probably strong enough to wipe out most of North America. Then all Demona would have to do would be to convince the rest of the world she was only doing a test run, at which point she could enslave the human race without a problem."

Xanatos glared at the clock, "I wish we had learned this earlier! We'll never have time to find her before midnight and be sure of our safety. We'll be dead before we can stop her."

Cat looked down at the book in despair before suddenly starting up as she spotted a note at the bottom of the page, "Wait! There's a way to reverse the spell, as long as the reversal is performed before one!"

"But we're human, Cat! Or at least, mostly! Even Owen was made half-mortal for his punishment! If we're dead we can't perform the reversal spell, even if we could get the medallion from Demona!"

Cat closed her eyes and sighed as an idea suddenly came to her, "You're right Xanatos. There's no way a human could accomplish it…but a Gargoyle could."

Owen looked at her, "The clan is imprisoned, and we can't rely on them to escape and somehow figure out how to reverse the medallion's effects."

Cat shook her head and stood, "Not all of the clan are imprisoned. Follow me, I have an idea."

Curiously, Xanatos and Owen followed her as she hurried down to her room. Upon opening the door, they watched her head straight for the Celtic mask with the blue stone in it. Lifting it from the wall, she turned to face them, "This mask is very special. It will grant its holder one wish. There are rules, however. The wish can only affect the holder, it is irreversible, and it must be made with pure, unselfish motives."

Xanatos and Owen nodded in sudden understanding, then Owen asked, "Are you certain, Cat? Xanatos or I could do this instead."

She shook her head, "It has to be me. You're Puck, and Xanatos doesn't have any magic at his disposal."

Xanatos nodded his head, "Good luck, Cat. I hope it works."

Cat took a breath and opened her mouth to make her wish.

Demona laughed as the Gargoyles attempted to break through the magical cage she had wrought for them. They stood in a clearing in the deepest part of Central park, a stone pedestal occupying its center and the Gargoyles and Elisa trapped on the North side.

"You fools are too late," she called as she placed the medallion on the pedestal in front of her and looked up at the clock-tower in the distance. As it chimed the final stroke of midnight, she smiled a smile devoid of warmth and recited a few arcane words from the Druids. Then she sighed, "There, soon all the humans for miles and miles around shall be dead, and it would seem that there's no one left to stop me." As she spoke, Elisa slumped to the ground, provoking cries of astonishment and rage from the clan.

"Demona, I presume," came a cold voice from the shadows behind Demona. She whirled to face the newcomer, bewildered.

"Who are you to address me?" she demanded imperiously, attempting to hide her surprise.

The stranger stepped out of the shadows and was revealed to be a thin female gargoyle with long dark red hair and skin the pale blue of the shadows in a glacier. Her eyes were silver and glowing softly, though on the surface she seemed calm. "Oh, no one in particular. I wouldn't be here at all, really, but I don't much care for those who threaten my family," she said, strolling closer and shooting a glance at the Manhattan clan out of the corner of her eye.

Demona followed her glance and said icily, "I hadn't realized the Manhattan Clan had picked up a stray. Tell me, are you only here for your adopted clan or do you share their foolish delusions about the humans?"

The stranger shrugged and now looked openly at the clan, who were watching her with a sort of curious confusion, with the exception of Goliath, who was clutching Elisa. All the while she had come to stand in front of Demona, right beside the pedestal. "They are my clan, I came here to help them. And help them I shall." With that her right hand shot out and snatched the medallion.

Demona gave a roar of rage and pounced on the younger female, only to be blasted backward with great force in a burst of light, the air crackling with energy. Enraged, Demona got to her feet and looked as though she might charge again. Then she seemed to think of something, and she gave a sudden laugh, "I don't know what sort of magic you're using, little one, but it doesn't really matter that you have the medallion. You still don't know how to undo the spell."

The stranger smiled, "Oh, don't you wish you were the only one who knew the secrets of this little trinket." Then she raised one hand and a sphere of energy formed around her providing a shield from Demona's sudden onslaught. The older female could only watch in horror as the strange girl spoke the words of reversal to heal the damage she had done. Then she burned up the medallion in her energy field before finally dropping it. Demona, beyond furious, but knowing she was defeated as Elisa regained consciousness on the other side of the clearing, rushed away into the forest with a malicious growl.

As she left, the magical cage around the clan vanished, though they remained crowded around Elisa, rejoicing. All except Brooklyn, who approached the newcomer with an uncertain expression. She didn't try to hide from him, but instead stepped forward to meet him.

He paused a few feet away and studied her from head to toe, but in particular her now stone-grey eyes. At last, he asked quietly, "Cat?"

She smiled softly and nodded, "You needed me. I could only stop Demona if I was something other than human, and a Gargoyle seemed like the best option."

Brooklyn stared at her, "You…gave up everything…for us?"

She shook her head and stepped right up to him so that they were eye to eye, "No. You guys are my family. There's nothing more important in the world to me than this clan…and…you in particular." She added the last part quietly and looked at the ground nervously.

Brooklyn blinked, the smiled a little, "You…you like me?"

Cat bit her lip, then seeming to come to some sudden resolution, she nodded.

Brooklyn grinned, feeling his chest swell with happiness, then he reached out and lifted her chin with one hand before leaning in to kiss her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him back.