"Mommy Syaoran"

By: Reign of Isis4559

Disclaimer: CLAMP owns CardCaptor Sakura, not me.

A/N: I've gotta warn you, almost all the characters are gonna be OOC but I'll try to maintain their true selves. No flames! This idea is based on my overly active imagination.

Summary: 16-year old Li breaks up with Sakura, unfortunately, she got her revenge by...casting a spell on him and now he's pregnant! Now he's experiencing the troubles that every pregnant women goes through so who will help him since he's so unfamiliar with 'woman stuff'? Why his cousin and the one who loves him, Meilin, of course! This is not for L+S, but perfect L+M.

"Sakura, I have to talk to you." Li said to his significant other while they were walking through the park. The sky was cloudy and gray and looks like if it was about to rain.

"What is it, Li?" asked Sakura, smiling. Inside, she was simply brimming with a fuzzy feeling inside and was blushing furiously as she braced for what she think he was going to 'tell' her.

"Ok, it's like this. Sakura, you're a wonderful girl." Sakura smiled and gestured for him to continue. "But...um...I don't know how to say this but......*sigh* I'm breaking up with you." Sakura's smiled immediately faded. She went from this : ) to this : ( after he said the last sentence. She put her head down a little and closed her eyes and didn't say anything for a while.

"Uh....Sakura, you all right?" Li asked peering in on her face. BIG mistake. She quickly looked up with a peeved look on her face and seized him by his collar shirt.

"You bastard! How dare you break up with me?! I gave you the best year of my life and now you're just gonna dump me like yesterday news????!!!!! Well, I'm gonna make you pay!"

"Huh?!", Li said looking extremely worried.

Sakura took out her clow card wand (A/N: I don't know what it's really called and also I know it can't cast spells on ppl but this is my story so...) and said a few words and pointed it at him.

A bright light emitted from the end that was pointed at Li and faded......

The next morning, Li sat up on his bed and groaned. Something was wrong with him.....he could sense it. But what? "Oh, well. It's probably nothing", he said aloud shrugging it off. Li got off his bed and got ready to school. When he got to school, he started to feel a little dizzy.

"Hey, are you alright?", Eriol asked looking a little worried.

"I'm fi-", he started to say to the blurry figure who he figured was Eriol but then fainted.

Li could hear murmuring voices when he woke up, "Ohh", he groaned.

"Shh, shh. He's waking up" said somebody near his bed.

"Li-kun!" someone exclaimed and hugged his neck very tightly as he sit up from his bed.

"Hi, Mei...um...could you please let go of me? You're cutting off my circulation.", he said in a strained voice.

"Oh! Heh! Sorry!" Meilin let go of him and rubbed the back of her head nervously.

"Hello! How are we all doing today?", asked a nurse who just walked in with a doctor.

"Doctor, is something wrong with my Li?" Meilin asked, hands clutched to her chest.

"No, err...well, actually, Mr. Li. It is MR, isn't it?" said the doctor.

"Yea" answered Li.

"I mean, you sure, you never had a sex change, right?"

"Of course not!" Li yelled loudly feeling particularly annoyed by the ridiculous questions.

"Ok, then I have bad news for you."

Everybody in the room braced themselves for the upcoming bad news.

The doctor took a deep breath before saying the awful truth," Mr. Li, I'm afraid you are pregnant."

"WHAT?!" Everybody exclaimed with shocked expressions. Each one of their eyes has turned into little dots and sweatdrops ran down all the sides of their head.

"So my cute descendant is really a pretty descendent?!" Eriol yelled loud enough to wake the patients in the next room.

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