"Mommy Syaoran"

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Li woke up with an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, he supported himself with a hand against the back of his stomach, he let out a groan as he lifted himself up.

"Why are you holding yourself like that? You're not even showing yet." said Eriol, coming in from the hallway. Li blushed and muttered, "I was just practicing." Eriol shrugged and then walked out of the door and muttered, "My pretty descendent's lost his mind." Meilin entered the room, when Eriol muttered those words. She looked worried.

"How are you, Li-kun?" Meilin asked, looking at him worriedly.

"Just peachy. I've always wanted to be the only male in the Li clan able to bear a child." he said, sarcastically. (A/N: If he didn't say that sarcastically, then I'd start worrying.)

"Oh, come on! It won't be that bad." Meilin said.

Even though she was trying to cheer him up, he just 'hmped' and sat in the white hospital bed while crossing his arms over his chest. Meilin smiled slightly, thinking,'He looks so cute when he's mad."

Meanwhile, a small white stuffed bunny stood outside the Li's residence window and peered inside. 'Hmm. He's not home yet' it thought, smushing it's button nose against the glass. It was cold outside so Kagerou, which was the name of the stuffed animal, couldn't help but shiver. She rubbed her little hands together and then blew on them which helped a little but she was still cold. Kagerou looked through the window and studied the surroundings of the house. It looked so warm....so snuggly warm.

"I'm sure he won't mind." she said to herself. Getting a little pen which she produced from a minibag she had with her, she pressed on a little button on the side of the pen. The tip of the pen started to glow red. She put the tip near the glass and made a circling motion with it. A glass circle fell out of the window and there was also a circle big enough for the little rabbit to go through.

"Perfect!" chirped Kagerou. She gathered her pen and her bag then flew into the opening.

The warm air of the Li residence washed over Kagerou, making her sigh in content. She put all her stuff on the coffee table on which she landed on. She was so tired but also hungry. She was even more tired though. So she started up her wings again and flew into the nearest bedroom which was Li's bedroom. Spotting a bed in the corner, she landed onto the covers.

Kagerou walked towards the pillow, got under the covers, pull them up to her neck and began to slumber.

~Li's POV~ (A/N: Basically what he's thinking about doing to the baby)

I've been sitting here for what seems like an eternity. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff that's happened so far or might happen. Dumping Sakura, finding out I am going to be a male mommy, trying to figure out how to tell mom, trying to endure Meilin and so much more. How does life get so complicated after just dumping Sakura? How can she just overreact like that? It's not like I said we were going to be forever.

Anyway, I should really be thinking about the baby. I don't want a baby. I'm a descendant from Clow Reed! I shouldn't be having a baby especially when I'm a guy. It's an embarrassment! How can I have a baby when I don't even have a ....er...female part? Maybe I should get an abortion. I look over at Meilin, who was staring at me intently. Then she said,"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about getting an abortion." I said casually.

I could see her eyes widen and her bottom jaw almost fell to the floor. She had a look of horror etched on her face and she gripped the hem of her dress.

"Li-kun, you can't mean that." she choked out, holding onto the hem tightly.

"I do and I'll get the abortion as soon as I explain to mom. She'll mail the money to me and I'll get the procedure done when it arrives." I explained to her as I close my eyes. But my eyes opened again when I felt a pressure on my arm. I looked down and saw the odango haired girl, clutching onto my arm and tears threatened to spill out of her eyes. I looked away and kept a scowl on my face.

Somehow I couldn't look her in the eyes, I just couldn't bring myself to.

"Li-kun, please reconsider. This is a human being we're talking about. Whether it was a child of a magic spell or not, it's still considered a living thing and it's wrong to kill living things especially when they're not even born yet!" she said this in a shaking voice, so full of emotion.

I looked down at her again and said quietly,"I'll think about it" then turned away again. Then I tossed her a tissue box and said "here".

~Li's POV ends~

Meilin gratefully caught the tissue box, took one out of the box then wiped her tears with it, she smiled. She knew she had reached him.

"Arigato, Li-kun. You're the best!" Meilin said, hugging him around the neck.

Secretly, Li smiled.

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