For the people who don't know, Y/N means you're name.

"I heard Y/N is the CEO of aBIIIG company, hiring Hawks is probably her biggest regret!" "I know right!" Turns out everyone knows about the collaboration between you and Hawks, they think you hired him but he hired you! You're heading to his office, but something stops you. "Hey little birdie." It was Hawks! "Hey Hawks..." everyone was staring at you. "Let's take this to my house." You said. When you arrived Hawks asked where you lived. There was to many houses "Oh I don't live here! You do." Your replied. It was a bit awkward when you brought him to an ally way, but when you brought him inside and waved at Toga... he had realized. You were a villain and the biggest one. "Don't look so surprised,i walked in on you sleeping with Dabi. You freaked out!" Dabi walked in "hey Y/N" Dabi said, shirtless " OH FUQ. Y/N BROUGHT HEROS! How many are with you." " Just Hawks and Deku." You said "Deku" just to scare him.


(Cliffhanger! Sorry!)