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Rising up, back on the street,

Took my time took my chances,

Went the distance,

Now I'm back on my feet,

Just a man and his will to survive,

Some many times it happens to fast,

You change your passion for glory,

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past,

You must fight just to keep them alive.

It's the eye of the tiger,

It's the thrill of the fight,

Rising up to the challenge of the rival,

And the last known survivor stalks his way through the night,

And he's hunting you down with the eye of the tiger…

Violet eyes flickered across the street as a small plume of breath rose foggy on the sharp midnight air. The muffled curse that issued from beneath the black scarf wrapped around the being's head showed what the thing thought of the cold.

"Duo?" Another figure, also clothed in black approached the first, "You're still out here?"

The figure marked as that of 'Duo' nodded, "Yeah, still here Q man, obviously even they aren't stupid enough to come out when it's this cold, although I must admit, despite the fact they don't feel the cold they're incredibly careful about the weather, must be their immune system."

"Huh?" The second figure appeared confused by this statement, "Duo how can you think of nothing but your job? All I asked was a simple question and it turned into a mini lecture on vampires!" 'Q man' shook his head in obvious exasperation, blonde hair turned silver white and shimmering in the moonlight as the strands barely brushed the back of his upturned collar.

'Duo' laughed, face turned up towards the glowing orb of the moon overhead, and a long chestnut braid turned near purple by the eerie light snaked down his back, waving tauntingly at the end. "Ok Quatre, I admit I'm over obsessed with my job, but despite the awful weather, sometimes, I enjoy it…don't you?"

The boy called Quatre sighed and moved over to the nearest bench, sinking down on the wooden seat. "I used to, I mean, it used to be all I ever wanted, but then I found Trowa and…" His voice trailed off as he searched for the right words to tell his friend what he needed to say.

"…I don't know, it just seems that now, there's no joy in it, I constantly worry that one of them will recognise my face, and that'd be it, they'd hunt me down. I wouldn't survive; you know that, they're ruthless killing machines. And I couldn't leave Trowa on his own, which is why…" Again the boy trailed off, "I'm quitting Duo. I can't risk losing any happiness life throws my way, and Trowa and I just want to spend the rest of our lives together now, not worrying about Vampires or when we'll next be fighting for our lives. You do understand don't you?" He asked, suddenly anxious to make his friend know what he was feeling.

Duo walked over and sat down next to the blond boy, putting his arm over Quatre's shoulder, "Yeah, I understand, you guys need to take this happiness, quit the gang Q-man, you deserve the rest."

Quatre looked up, gratitude shining in his eyes as he smiled at his best friend, "Thankyou Duo, I'm so glad you understand. What about you though? Will you quit now?"

Duo smiled, but it was a smile totally devoid of humour, "I'll carry on, you know me Quatre, I'm not going to rest until every one of those bastards has a stake through the heart, call it revenge."

"But why Duo?" Quatre asked softly, "Why not just give up? You won't last much longer than we would anyway, why not just forget about this whole undercover organisation and live a happy, safe life? Why do you continue with this awful job? Hunting the Vampires, killing the vampires, even when it's cold and wet." A sudden flash of realisation dawned on the blonds face. "You enjoy it don't you?"

Duo sighed and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Yes." He admitted softly, "Yes, I do, I enjoy it, but not for the killing." The smile on his face twisted into a grimace, "No, if I enjoyed it for the killing I'd be no better than them. I enjoy it because every time one of those bastards dies, I feel like I'm avenging my family, but not just that, I love the job itself." He paused, "I love the feeling of white hot adrenaline as it courses through me when my life is in danger, I love the feeling that I'm protecting people who are innocent, who know nothing about this whole damn business, I love it when the rain is whipping across my face and I'm battered by storms raging around me but I still have that feeling of complete power." He grinned, this time it was a real one, "I'm not making much sense here am I Q-man? Ah well, what I'm trying to say I guess is, I love my job."

Quatre laughed and stood up, "I see what you're getting at Duo, well, I'll be heading back to base now…oh! I almost forgot what I came to give you…" He fumbled in his pocket for a moment before pulling out a small object from within its recesses. "Here, take it."

Duo stared wide-eyed at the offered item before looking back up at Quatre, "Your cross? No man, I couldn't, no way." He pushed the hand back towards Quatre, "Nuh uh."

"Please Duo." Quatre begged, "I'm not going to have anymore use for it after tonight, the only reason I kept it this long was for protection, then when they got too clever for the old cross trick, I kept it for luck, but now, I want you to have it."

"NO!" Duo sounded slightly hysterical, "I couldn't, I mean I wouldn't, I mean…" He stumbled to a halt as Quatre placed the small silver cross in his hand and closed the slender fingers around it.

"Take it." Quatre said smiling, and turned away.


Quatre halted, turning around to look at Duo, still huddled on the bench, a confused look on his face. "What?"

"You sure man?"


"'Kay then. Good luck Q-man."

"Yeah, same to you Duo, I'll see you around then."

Duo smiled sadly, looking at his long time friend, "No…you won't." [1]

Quatre smiled back, silver tears pooling in his eyes. "Yeah, I know I won't, but this is what I want Duo, can you understand that?"

"Yeah, now get going Q-man. I'll miss you, say bye to Trowa for me."

"You're not coming to say goodbye yourself then?"


"I understand."

And with that Quatre walked away down the street, heading back towards the slayers base, Duo knew that once he got back he'd tell everyone else about his decision to leave, then they'd give him the 'jab.' The jab consisted of hitting a particular nerve in the back of the persons neck, wiping their memory of anything the human mind would wish to forget, vampire slaying included.

Sighing Duo stood up and stretched, relieving the aches in his shoulders and neck, "Damn." He swore softly to himself, "So many of us are leaving now, every day someone else quits, soon it'll all be down to me…well and maybe Wufei." He acknowledged with a slight grin.

Sitting down again he stared patiently into the surrounding darkness, looking for any signs of the people of the night.


It was nearly dawn and Duo had given up hope long ago of having an interesting fight with any of the dark people, he was now just bored.

Yawning he walked up the street and peered around a darkened corner for what felt like the umpteenth time. Nothing, and yet…and yet he knew there were at least two nearby. It was one of his 'talents' no one except, Quatre and Trowa, knew he was one of the dark people himself. At least that accounts for my ability to sense the bastards nearby. He smirked quietly to himself as he moved silently but swiftly through the rapidly receding darkness. Heading towards where he thought the two vampires to be.

It'll be good to have revenge again, even if it is just on a couple of the common folk…

He moved on, becoming caught up in memory as he went.

All he could remember was his family, he'd been five at the time, and his father had become involved in a revolution, inadvertently being killed when the kings army had beat back the protesters, soon after this his mother was taken away, in fact, he was the only one spared, his mother was dead, he knew that much. But the king had spared him, thinking there was nothing the mere child could do.

Teeth flashed, catching the light of an errant strand of moonlight for a second as another, fierce grin followed the smirk.

But he'd joined the 'angels.' That's what they'd called themselves; vampires were lords and ladies of the darkness, the slayers were angels of the morning, simple enough.

No one knew his real identity, not the slayers, not the vampires; no one knew he was the son of one of the ringleaders of the bloody revolution that had begun so many years ago and ended thus.

One day I will have revenge for the murder of my parents, even if it's not on the king himself…

Rounding another corner he almost ran smack into the two vampires as they talked. Quickly he stepped back, knowing full well they would not be able to sense him, after all, he was of the same race, and vampires' senses are only tuned into human beings.

"Yes," One of them was saying, "I know it is fool hardy to bring the Prince here, but his father insisted, after all, it has been tradition for almost three hundred years for the crown prince to choose his bride within this city."

"We'll just have to be incredibly careful, use precautions," The other said, in a tone of voice that suggests that if precautions were indeed taken, those precautions would involve the mass slaughter of nearly every human within the vicinity of the prince. "After all, you must keep in mind my lord Miliardo, that Shinigami lives somewhere in this town."

Duo had to cover his mouth with a hand before a snicker could escape; he was the legendary 'Shinigami' the only one who seemed able to take out large numbers of the creatures in one sweep.

"Yes, that is something that must be taken into account," the man named as 'Miliardo' said, "But the prince must choose a bride, so we have no choice until he does so."

"And how long before the choosing itself?"

"Three moons."

To Vampires, three moons is the equivalent of three days. As their orb in the sky is the moon, not the sun, they measure days differently.

Duo's eyes widened, he couldn't believe his luck, finally, a chance to avenge his family, killing the crown prince was more than good enough, the king and queen would be heart broken, it would serve them right.

"And where is the ceremony to be held?"

"Within the great castle. Just over the edge of the city and beyond the hill."

Perfect…now how to get in?


"No Maxwell, I will not let you go alone, you expect me to let a comrade walk into that hell hole without some sort of armed escort? No. I will go with you."

Duo rolled his eyes and laid a hand on his best friends shoulder. "Listen Wufei, if I have an escort it will look suspicious, and besides, I have a plan." He grinned cockily, "Nothing can go wrong."

Wufei slapped his forehead with a palm, "I hate it when people say that." He muttered, "It always goes wrong when they do."


Prince Heero, heir to the throne of darkness, lord of the high lands and he who should be feared most, sighed and looked bored.

He had been sitting in formal attire for nearly three hours, watching all the hopeful girls flock around him, performing talents in the hope they would win his hand. Not that it'd matter anyway. He thought to himself, like I'm interested in girls?

Carefully he sipped his drink and watched as yet another musical instrument was carried into view.

"My lords, ladies and gentlemen." The announcer cried, "I give you the flower of the Sanq kingdom, a woman of unmatched beauty, Princess Relena!" Everyone applauded politely as the girls sat down, one foot on either side of the harp.

She had a kind looking face, pretty, but also as though she did not want anyone to tell her she was pretty, that she'd rather be liked for who she was.

Heero smiled, if it had to be anyone, it'd be her, she was by far the prettiest today, and even looked friendly.

"You like this one your majesty?" A quiet voice interrupted his thoughts, turning in his seat he saw Miliardo standing nearby. "She is pretty I'll grant you."

"Hn." Heero grunted, before turning back in time to hear the finishing notes of Princess Relena's piece.

Loud applause broke out on either side of the room as the princess hopped off her little stool and took a bow. Blushing as she glanced over at the Prince.

Sighing Heero stood up, best to name her his queen and get this whole thing over with, after all, there was no way he could avoid choosing a bride, and the law said it had to be female.

Just as he was opening his mouth, the herald interrupted, "My Lords and Ladies, we have had a last minute entry, she begs to be allowed to perform for the Prince and claims she will make him forget all others."

Loud cheering echoed around the room at this statement, as the audience perked up a bit, finally! Someone with a bit of attitude!

From where he was standing behind a black draped curtain, waiting for his cue, Duo smiled, so far, everything had gone according to plan…


"That's your plan!" Wufei screamed, poorly concealed shock written across his face, "Maxwell, in all my years of being your friend, this has to be the stupidest, I mean the most stupid thing you have ever come up with!"

"Chill Wufei." Duo smiled slightly, "By the time anyone works out I'm a boy, I'll be long gone, with the bastard cold in his grave."

"Let me get this straight," His friend spluttered for what felt like the millionth time. "You are going to sneak into a vampires castle, correct?"


"Dressed as a girl so you can win this contest and marry the Prince?"


"Then on your wedding night, you're going to take a stake into the bedroom with you and plunge it through his heart?"


"Oh well that seems easy enough!" The black-haired man shouted, veins standing out on his neck, "You're going in there alone, without any help, to kill someone who is guarded by about forty guards at any given moment. And on top of that, first you have to marry him?" Wufei shook his head at Duo's stony expression, knowing that despite all his lectures, the other boy would not give in. "Ok…fine…but don't expect me to come and haul your butt out of trouble when they sense you're human."

"But I'm not…" Duo winced at the sharp intake of breath from his friend. The time had come to confess. "I never told you this but…I…I'm one of them Wufei."


But Wufei had forgiven him, like he always did.

~End Flashback~

Duo Smiled as he remembered, yes, Wufei had forgiven him, even going as far as to admit that he was indeed probably best for the job. And now, Duo thought, it's time to live up to my name, and give it all I've got…

The music started, and he launched himself out from behind the curtain, giving it all he'd got.


"This one should be interesting highness." Miliardo said, leaning over to whisper in his prince's ear, "even if it is only good for a laugh."

Heero turned to glare at his long time friend, "I wish we'd managed to talk father out of this, after this last girl, I'm announcing the winner, taking her home, getting married three day later and then hopefully, if all goes well, committing suicide."

Miliardo laughed, "Real funny Heero."

"What makes you think I'm joking?"

Miliardo's eyes widened slightly and he sat back in his seat, mouth shut tightly.

A swift melody started issuing from the orchestra, a low, sweet, seductive melody. One that seemed to get under your skin and itch, one that promised dark passion and fire.

Everyone leant forward, including Heero, waiting to see the woman who'd convinced the announcer to let her try, and had ordered this melody to be played.

Duo leapt out, spinning into the centre of the room, soon he would have the Prince of darkness as a husband, soon he would be revenged…

To Be Continued…

 [1] Men In Black, my favourite line in the whole movie.