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Looking back makes me shiver,

Don't be scared to kick the past,

Selling lovers down the river,

Nothing built for speed will last.

All those years of desolation,

Pretty boys and damage done,

Not the way to find salvation,

Looking after number one.

The last note hung in the air, a shimmering end to the beautiful dance created by the being that was now kneeling before the prince's throne, chestnut hair trailing to the floor, the black bottom of her dress spread gracefully around her feet, light veil over her face.

Dead silence filled the room as Prince and suitor gazed at one another for a brief second that seemed to last a million years. No one else could understand what they were communicating with their eyes, but all the lords and ladies of the night felt a strong significance to what was going on.

Vampires, it is said, have a strong sense of importance of events and it appears to be an almost supernatural reckoning. This was one of those times, all those present felt a strong surge of dread, mixed with fear, anger and betrayal. Who knew what would happen if the Prince took this one to be his wife?

Slowly Heero stood up, looking down at the girl before him, she has a secret, he mused, frowning to himself, a dangerous secret…but it didn't matter, he was drawn, as a moth to a flame, it was dangerous, but still the attraction was too powerful. Carefully he reached out a hand, looking into violet eyes that sparkled behind the veil, "Rise lady, I ask you to become my mistress…"

Wherever there is life, there is an order to the world, wherever there is order there must be a pattern. But every so often something happens at just the wrong point in time, and things become confused, perhaps not on a large scale, maybe just affecting those closest…then again, sometimes it can be on a huge scale…

Somewhere, something felt the changing of History, the wavering of reality as two lives became bonded, never to be separated…something was wrong…

…Duo smirked quietly to himself behind the veil, this had been almost too easy, the Prince was…looking up he almost gasped…gorgeous…unconsciously he licked his lips, staring with wide violet eyes into deep cobalt.

NO Duo FOCUSS! His mind screamed at him, dragging him back to the present, you have to kill this guy in three days, keep your eyes on the mission. Carefully he stood up, taking the out-stretched hand. "Your majesty, I would be most honoured to become your bride, if it pleases you."

Heero blinked, the woman's voice was sweet, a low tone that reminded him of honey, suddenly he grinned, now he knew what the matter with this girl was, she was too flat. And, on closer inspection, he noticed that the face behind the light veil was masculine. Very beautiful, but masculine.

Now I know your secret, he thought to himself, but who are you? And why have you risked all this to become my wife?


Duo idly wandered down another passageway; glancing over his shoulder he could have sworn someone was following him. Quickly he ducked around the next corner and pressed flat against the wall, heart pounding slightly from an adrenaline rush. The cloaked figure appeared around the stone and suddenly found himself pushed flat against the draperies that hung from the walls, wiry muscles holding him fast.

"Who the hell are you and why do you feel the need to follow me?" A voice hissed in the cloaked beings ear.

Angrily it struggled shifting until the hood fell back. "Maxwell! Let go of me this instant!"

"Wufei?" Duo blinked in surprise, "How the hell did you get in here? The castle is completely guarded and…"

"I have my ways Maxwell." Wufei interrupted, amusement tingeing his voice, "and you were not exactly difficult to find, everyone's talking about the new girl that appeared from nowhere and stole the Prince's heart. I guessed it was you."

"Well…" Duo grinned, "What can I say? I'm beautiful!"

Wufei rolled his eyes, but didn't reply to that statement, instead he asked, "Have you given them an assumed name?"

"Well duh."


"Daphne Moriaté, why?"

"Because Maxwell, I'm your new bodyguard, now, I believe it is time for my lady to get dressed for her first dinner with her fiancé is it not?"

"Yes oh bodyguard, I will be a good girl and get dressed now." Duo snickered then dashed away down the corridor before and enraged Wufei could chop him into little pieces with his latest sword.


"Thankyou, you may leave us now." Heero glanced at the serving girl and 'Lady' Daphne's bodyguard, who had stood in a corner throughout the serving of the meal, glaring at anyone who came too close.

"Yes my lord." The maid curtsied and dragged a reluctant Wufei out of the room, "Come on you, I'll find you something to eat in the kitchen."

"Hmph." Wufei glared at the woman as they stopped further down the corridor. "Why did you drag me out of there onna? I have to protect my lady."

"Honestly." The maid rolled her eyes, "don't you know anything about marriage and fiancé's? They want to be left alone."

"Oh." Said Wufei, flushing slightly, that's a good point, Duo might want to get to know this guy a little better, so he'll be able to kill him easily.

"Come on." The maid said, placing a hand on Wufei's shoulder, "let's find something to eat. My name's Sally Po by the way."

And with that the two walked off down the passageway.


The room was empty now the servants were gone; Prince and fiancé were alone in the large hall, sitting at opposite ends of the long dining table.

Violet eyes glimmered behind the light veil as Duo regarded his would-be husband. Now he'd overcome the initial shock of how handsome he was, he noticed that despite the fine features, a cold expression always marked his countenance. After all, he thought, it takes one to know one. He's a cold bastard and so am I…we're what you could call two of a kind.

Heero looked down the length of the table at the mysterious 'woman' casually sipping her red wine with a calm expression beneath her veil. Does he know? He wondered, does he know that I see him for what HE is, not a woman. Heero frowned, besides, why would he risk all this just to marry me, who is he anyway, and where does he come from?

Duo narrowed his eyes slightly, the Prince was thinking of something, and it appeared to be about him, for nearly two minutes now, cold blue eyes hadn't left his face. Quickly coming to a decision, he decided it was easier to get the whole confession over and done with.

"My Lord?"


"I'm sorry…Heero…there is something I wish to tell you."

Heero stared hard at the boy, "Proceed then."

"I'm not female."

Was that all he wanted to tell me? I already knew that. "I know."

"You do?" Duo blinked, surprise etching itself into his features for a second before his expression once more became blank. "I see…but are you not repulsed?" he questioned.



There was an awkward pause for a moment as they both sized one another up. It's funny, thought Heero; he's even more attractive when he's puzzled. The boy's cheeks were slightly flushed and his eyes sparkled in the dim candlelight. He appeared to notice the prince watching him however as he flushed again and looked down at his plate.

Duo was not really embarrassed however, having studied the Prince and been studied he realised the young man opposite was going to be no pushover. Shit, he mentally kicked himself, this is what comes from underestimating the bastards, I have to kill what appears to be an extremely powerful one. Ah well, nothing for it…better get to work before Wufei comes back and has a nosebleed.

Smiling the violet-eyed boy stood up, letting his skirts flow gracefully around him and stepped towards the other end of the table, holding a hand out to the Prince. "My Lord."

Heero looked up from where he had been eyeing his vegetables with distaste, "What is it lady?" He asked, frowning slightly as the boy came even closer.

Duo raised his veil, baring his face to the light of the candles for the first time since he had entered the castle, "I must ask you something, do you still intend to marry me?"

"Yes. But before I do, I must ask one question…what is your real name?" Was there a hesitation in the other boy's face? He wondered. No, there didn't appear to be.

"It's Duo my lord."

"I have asked you before, please call me Heero."

"Heero it is." The longhaired angel suddenly smiled, "Would you mind if I asked for something?"

"Not at all Duo." He's still hiding something; I can tell…Suddenly Heero found himself pulled up from his seat.

"Dance with me?"


Duo smiled again, moving closer to the thunderstruck prince, "Dance with me, please?" Carefully he took one of the hands in his before placing it around his waist and carefully holding the other in his opposite hand.

"Now dance with me." It wasn't a question any more, it was almost an order.

Sighing Heero relented, better to just keep the other boy happy and indulge this little request. "Fine."

Duo nearly smirked as Heero assented, maybe he won't be as powerful as I thought, he seems a pushover right now. Watching closely he saw Heero signal to an orchestra that was sitting in the balcony overhead, and a waltz started.

The soft music issued as they twirled around the floor, Heero had to commend the boy, he danced extremely well, turning with a precise grace and moving his feet perfectly…He's not a bad dancer…

Duo leant his head on Heero's shoulder as they moved around in another circle, He's really quite handsome…NO, I WILL NOT THINK THIS WAY…I have to kill him, I have to have revenge…live up to my name, I've never failed before and I'm not about to start now. What was it G said? Oh, that's right, "No matter how much you want to be distracted from the mission and give in to the dark people…you must not do so! It is essential, if you submit to one of them, you become bonded and will reveal all our secrets, betraying every last one of us. You most of all must be aware of this," The old man had whispered, "you are the most vulnerable of all, because despite your renounces, you long to be with your own kind, you hide it well, but I know you boy. And I know that longing that lurks in the shadows of your heart. So whenever you have a mission, never think about what you're doing. EVER, let your mind go blank, or you will be the one to destroy us all…"

Duo sighed slightly as the music ended, I'm with my own kind again…and I feel happy…this is wrong…very, very wrong, I shouldn't be doing this…NO, he ground his teeth together, this is for the mission…remember G, don't think, let you body do the thinking for you. Ok then.

They'd both stopped dancing without even realising, Heero was also wrapped up in his own thoughts as he looked down at the fey creature. He really is rather beautiful…

He's handsome…

Slowly Duo closed his eyes as the man standing in front of him leant down and lightly brushed his lips across his own, let your body do the thinking, echoed throughout his mind, that's all well and good, he mused as he felt himself respond with an almost frightening passion, but what if my body's thinking the wrong thing…now what do I do…?

Quietly Duo headed back towards his own room, skirts billowing around him as he half ran half stalked down the gloomy passageway. Opening the door he stalked in and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking over at the dressing table he got up again and pulled out a hand mirror from a drawer. Muttering a word over it and waving a hand he spoke softly, not letting anyone who might have happened to be nearby hear. "02 to 01, mission report, come in 01." He waited for perhaps five seconds before the glass became dark, "01 here, go ahead 02, I've just got in."

"Been somewhere 01?"

"You could say that 02, now proceed please, I don't have long."

"Mission so far successful, there is a little problem but nothing I can't handle."

"What exactly is your mission 02?"

"Can't say sir, top secret, even from you, just checking in so you can let everyone know I'm ok."

"Roger that 02, I'll let them know."

"02 out." The glass returned to its normal reflection, and Duo put it back in the drawer. It's odd, he mused to himself, No one's ever allowed to see 01, is he that ugly…or is it something else? He grinned at himself in the large mirror, well, whatever it is, it's funny he didn't know about this mission, I'll have to ask Wufei whether he informed him about it before he left. Yawning he turned towards the large four-poster bed, or maybe 01 has a good reason to hide his face, like me. We both seem to have secrets. He can't see my face, I can't see his, and yet we've been using each other as mission reports since I joined.

Carefully he undressed and clambered into the huge bed, pulling the tapestry curtains around the bed shut.

Fire, lots and lots of fire, flames dancing in intricate patterns around the room as smoke billowed in charcoal grey curls weaving through everything…and then in front of all this, the angel, the angel that saved him countless times, but now the angel looked worse, he never said a word, but he would see him every night, saving him from the fire.

The white wings were torn and battered, white feathers floating around as the heat billowed with some unknown breeze. Then he was scooped up again, saved from the flames that hungrily reached out to devour him. But the dream had changed, instead of waking him up like he usually did the angel deposited him on a beach, then turned. "You know what to do?"

"Yes. I know."

"Then do not hesitate, you have no idea how important it is you fail this mission."

"But I can't, I NEVER fail."

"Then…" The angels voice was sad, "We will all perish in the fire I have saved you from time after time. You are special my young one. Part of a prophecy that will be, that has come, but at the same time does not yet exist."

"I have to love him?"


"You ask me to do something that is impossible."

"Is it really young one? I can see into your soul, you are hiding emotions even from yourself. Nothing is impossible for you, and this is easy. But if you don't perform this task…darkness will indeed triumph."

"But you want me to love a dark creature! Truly I tell you, it is impossible."

"NO! You can and will. You must. You two are part of a future you cannot yet conceive."

"I must?"

"Yes…you must…" 

"Then I will try…but for no sake but yours."

"My young one, do it for your own sake as well…I think if you do, you will find something more magical than mere powers can give you…"


Duo awoke with a gasp as he looked wildly around for a second, where'd the angel go? He wondered, still half asleep, He left me again…but what did he say? Then he remembered…this is not good, I can't do what it asked, it's impossible…besides, it was just a dream…

Quickly he climbed out of bed and flung open the two doors that led out onto a balcony. Running out through them he leant on the rail that ran around the edge and looked up at the stars glittering frostily overhead until he was shivering with the cold night air. Turning away he was about to go in when a movement in the bushes caught his eye as the leaves rustled. Peering closer he noticed a dark shape moving towards his stone perch. What the hell is that?

Somewhere, something felt the sparks of flames and desires begin to burn in two hearts that were both so similar yet different. "Love is a powerful thing" One muttered to the other winged being beside it, "These two will indeed need their strength to succeed in their missions."