Bright sunlight eclipsed by tall dark green trees dripped down into the forest.

A familiar place for Ty and others he knew. At this time, Ty ran. He enjoyed a game of tag with a young Bilby, a wallaby-like creature about three foot tall and blue.

Ty sweat while he sprinted quickly, he stopped for a moment, listening for any signs of life. A rustling in the bushes near him proved that the chase had not stopped. Ty took off again and jumped onto a winding vine that lead to a lower level of the vibrant forest, he then grabbed a hanging vine and swung from it to the floor of the forest.

He needed this, he had been beaten by the young Bilby several times. His adoptive brother knew this area like the back of his hand, but that wouldn't hinder Ty!

"I can do this," Ty thought, "just a little farther and I'll be home free!" His bare paws rhythmically thumped as he splashed by a puddle beneath him. Seeing a clearing up ahead, Ty paused for a second, his feet slowly grinding to a stop before a large drop off. It would be a long way down, maybe fifty meters straight down.

Ty backpedaled and began to build up speed, he launched over the gap and landed hands first, doing a flip quickly before he landed on his feet. Just then a shadow covered Ty, he turned and prepared for the worst.

As the young Bilby tackled Ty, he began to laugh uncontrollably. "Gotcha, Ty!" the Bilby beamed, "Now it's your turn to chase me, good luck keeping up!"

The Bilby got up and began to run past Ty, disappearing into the bushes.

Ty got up and gritted his teeth, sprinting after the Bilbie and fell into a deep cavern.

"Whaaa!" Ty yelled as he fell, landing on solid ground, he turned his head upward to see that the Bilby looked down at him. "Don't worry, I'll go get help!" he looked surprisingly optimistic about Ty falling into a cave.

As the shadow of the Bilby left, Ty began to move toward a deeper part of the cave.

Water dripped slowly onto stone stalagmites, the air thick with humidity and moisture. Ty then noticed strange etchings on the cavern's walls, each one looked ancient and depicted a struggle between a large machine and four Tasmanian tigers. As Ty pulled out a boomerang, the etchings began to glow as well as the boomerang.

Each etching lit up and an orange fire began to burn directly in front of Ty. "Greetings, Ty." the flaming figure said stoically.

Ty looked confused and didn't understand, "Who are you?" Ty inquired.

"I am the Bunyip Elder, it appears the time has come to tell you about what happened exactly eight years ago." The elder turned, his cloak radiating energy.

"Ty, your parents are trapped in the Dreamtime thanks to a evil Cassowary named Boss Cass. He sealed them in the Dreamtime in an attempt to purge the world of warm blooded animals." The Elder sighed, it troubled him to tell such horrible news.

"You will need substantial amounts of energy and training. I have just the plan to help you fight against Cass and his henchmen." The Elder remarked.

Ty felt denial for the first time. Why should he trust this Elder in a cave? If denial had a metaphor, it would be seeing a bear yet denying that it was running toward you.

Ty looked gobsmacked, "What do you mean energy and training? I've always used boomerangs for any threat that comes against me."

"No." Stated the Elder flatly. "You will need much more than just a boomerang. Cass has many henchmen, many of which are cybernetically enhanced. Meaning that you would be obliterated if you were to attack him now."

"So what do I do? My current weapons are useless?" Ty questioned.

"I'll give you an extreme enhancement. You will be able to fly for short periods of time, create energy balls, and use the elements to fight against Cass."

The Elder tapped his staff to the floor of the cave and a hazy green light rose from the ground. "You will come to learn how to use this energy. It is dulled down and of Quinkan origin. If I gave you the full power, you would become evil from the sheer power." The Elder looked serious, his expression showed no doubt about this strange new energy.

"Do you accept your destiny?" The Elder inquired.

"Yes, I'll do everything in my power to stop Cass and his henchmen." Ty proudly stated.

"Good, take this and save the world from certain death. I have faith that your journey will lead to a golden age for all people." The Elder motioned toward a deep sunken part of the cave.

"First, I will instruct you on how to fly." The Elder sent the energy into Ty. As he did, Ty closed his eyes and felt a peculiar sensation inside his body. A burst of light shone through the dark, dank cave.

"I feel...different." Ty mumbled.

"Do not worry about any new feelings. To fly, think of pulling energy from the ground and then jump, imagining it holding you up." The Elder instructed.

Ty imagined the floor giving up its energy and began to feel stronger. He jumped and nearly instantly he floated in the air without much effort. Ty looked down bewildered and slowly lowered himself to the ground. "So, how long can I fly?" Ty asked, the Elder nodded.

"Five minutes. Maybe six. But as you grow and become stronger, you will be able to fly much longer." The Elder stated.

Ty nodded in understanding, "Right, just enough time to get to Rainbow Cliffs." Ty estimated.

"I'm not done yet," the Elder replied, "I will now instruct you how to manipulate the energy inside you to become new weapons or even shields."

Ty nodded, "Lead the way."

The Elder sauntered down into a deeper part of the cave and asked Ty to follow. "Come on, this way. I know a secret chamber here that will give you a basic understanding of the energy you possess." The Elder grabbed a nearby stalagmite and it flipped open revealing a switch. The Elder flipped it and instantly a rocky door opened in the cave's wall.

Ty and the Elder entered into the passageway with hollowed out steps that lead to a massive room. "This, is the arena for the Chosen One." The Elder whispered, "but it will suffice for us to use it as a training ground for your powers."

Ty glanced around at the room seeing more markings and at just that moment he stepped on something. Looking down, Ty picked up a peculiar stone, it looked like a regular old rock on the outside but inside were red geodesic crystals.

"Uh, Elder? What's this?" Ty raised a question.

The Elder turned and recognized it.. "That, is a Thunder Egg, it houses several red, blue, or green crystals inside it. They are rare and exceedingly expensive, but... I doubt there is any use for them other than to power machinery." The Elder explained.

Ty then pocketed it and kept it for later. "Something tells me Julius may want a look at it." Ty reasoned.

The Elder flipped another switch and the arena lit up with gentle lights. Ty waited for the Elder to tell him what to work on. The Elder nodded, "Now that we can see what we're doing, try creating a fireball. Simply charge up and imagine a hot ball of fire and then throw it toward the wall."

Ty concentrated and a small, weak ball of fire formed in his gloved hands. "Whoa, this is new…" Ty breathed, throwing the fireball at the wall. As it connected, an explosion went off, lighting the room brightly. Ty closed his eyes, then opening them to see no real damage done to the wall.

The Elder applauded Ty for the good control. "Excellent Ty, you seem to be a natural. Now try creating sharp wind energy."

Ty looked confused at the Elder, "Sharp wind energy? Like a shockwave of energy?" Ty inquired.

"Yes, exactly that. You may be able to get two of them at a time and firing them. Pull air into your body by thinking of a wind storm gathering inside this room. When you finish charging, you can fire the shockwaves separately or both at the same time." The Elder estimated.

Ty focused and two gray shockwaves appeared and landed on Ty's wrists. Ty looked down at them, seeing that they were in place to be fired. He aimed up at the wall again, firing two at a time. They collided with the wall, cutting a small nook into it.

The Elder laughed heartily, "Surprised to see it cut stone? Once you gain mastery of the energy, you can probably cut steel!" The Elder smiled as did Ty.

The Elder spoke, "Well, that concludes the training session. Here are two inhibitor gauntlets that will help you keep the energy from taking over your mind."

Ty took them and placed them on his wrists.

"They also allow you to use any boomerang as a melee weapon. Be sure to try them out when you get a second boomerang!" He said wisely.

The Elder turned, "I need to go, I have much to do, I will appear when you need to level up your powers. Farewell, Ty!"

Ty waved goodbye, "Bye Elder!"

As the orange fire dissipated, Ty climbed the steps out, as he made his way back to the mouth of the cave, he heard the young Bilby telling Maurie what happened, "He should still be in this cave!" He explained.

Ty ran to the opening, seeing both of his friends, they reached down and pulled him out of the cavern.

Ty sighed with relief, "Glad I'm no longer stuck in a dark cave. Thanks for getting help."

The Bilby smiled wide, happy to help. "Anytime, Ty!"

Mechanical whirring began to envelope the surrounding area.

"Huh? What's that noise?" Ty looked around, not seeing a single mechanical thing that could be creating the noise.

The Bilby began to quiver, "What could it be?"

A black shadow immersed them in darkness. Ty looked up, seeing a massive plane with a strange marking of a Cassowary on it. The plane looked to be painted jet black and white.

Ty felt as if he had dulled his teeth with grinding, "That has to be Boss Cass!" The plane then took off, leaving no trace that it had been there.

Maurie shook his head, "What could a Cassowary have to do with this place?"

Ty then explained what happened in the cave as they walked toward Rainbow Cliffs.

"Struth, Ty! Sounds like you had a rough day." Maurie remarked.

Ty nodded in agreement, in his mind, he could invision Cass sitting on a throne. Like an evil king, that ordered his minions. An anger burned within Ty that would not be satisfied until he freed his parents.

Meanwhile, miles away from Ty's current position…

Steel doors swung open as a pair of feet walked briskly into the base. "Ahahahahaha!" The cassowary cackled, "I've found another piece of the Great Dark Talisman! Henchmen!" As he finished speaking, a hundred Frills walked into the chamber.

"Yes, Boss Cass?" They all responded collectively.

The evil inside Cass grew as he held up a shred of the false Talisman, created by a devious man to infect and captivate any organism. Legend has it that the man knew the power far exceeded that of the real Talismans and split it into multiple pieces.

"Another piece of the Dark Talisman has been found, it's only a matter of time before we have the entirety of the false Talisman. Unit then, keep mining and report to me if you find anything new! Back to work!" Cass ordered.

All of the frills turned and marched out robotically. "Yes, Boss Cass." They spoke in horrifying unison.

As Cass left the room, a young Tasmanian tiger rose from a seated position. The toothpick in his mouth hung by a sharp fang. The bright blue eyes of the tiger lit up as he looked intently at the shard of the Talisman. "So this is the beginning..."

The tiger turned and felt eyes on him. "Who's there?" He inquired. A single Frill revealed itself, his skin darker than the others and it's eyes were bright red.

"It's only me, Sly." The mysterious Frill responded, "I'm here by Boss Cass' orders. How are you holding up with the new necklace I crafted for you?" The frill smirked.

Sly frowned, "I'm getting better at it slowly; it seems that I'm ready to fight with these new abilities."

The frill nodded, "I see...I hope you choose wisely to stay on our side. Wouldn't want you to get all confused and decide not to work with us." He remarked.

Sly sighed, unamused, "I'm not going to defect. Not ever."

The frill smiled sinisterly, "Good, we need you more than ever. A recent plane picked up a heat signature near Rainbow Cliffs. This is the picture we got before it took off."

Sly looked carefully, seeing a recognized Tasmanian tiger. "Ty...He plans to attack us?"

"More than that, he plans to get his parents free from the Dreamtime."

Sly felt sorry, but that's what the sinister cassowary ordered.

Sly nodded, "Ok, I understand…" Sly grinned, "at least I'll have a decent challenge for once."

Back at Rainbow Cliffs…

Blazing sunlight landed on chalky orange rocks that thirsted for water from an age long past. A few salamanders crept across the ground near the vast lake that sat near the foot of the mountains.

Ty stood where the Talisman Altar rested. With Bli Bli Station in front of him, the only way being forward.

Ty clutched the boomerang in his right hand and headed forward. As he passed by several gum trees, he heard mechanical sounds that grew louder as he approached.

A small koala worked tirelessly at what looked like a large satellite. Without pause, Ty walked up to the foreign machine.

"G'day Julius! 'Ow ya goin'?" Ty greeted the busy koala, he paused and looked up, seeing Ty.

"Greetings, Ty! I'm doing just fine." He spoke, his glasses slowly dropped below his nose, he pushed them back onto the bridge.

"What's this?" Ty questioned.

Julius rose and spoke slowly, "This is a portal machine. It requires quite a few Opals in order to work."

Ty raised an eyebrow, interested, "How many exactly?"

Julius laughed lightly, "Three hundred, precisely." He smiled.

Ty looked shocked. "Why so many?" Ty questioned.

"That's simple," Julius said, "It can search for and create portals to places that are rich with Opals and Thunder Eggs. If it could run on anything else, I guarantee you that I would have chosen a less expensive power source."

Ty nodded, "I wouldn't mind helping you finding those Opals and Thunder Eggs."

Julius grinned, "Just what I wanted to hear! Here are a couple bags made of leather that will contain one hundred and fifty each."

Ty took the bags and turned, seeing Maurie on a sign nearby. "G'day Maurie!" Ty beamed, feigning happiness.

It was much easier to push down the fact and ignore it than to process it.

The sulphur-crested cockatoo nodded, "G'day Ty, I have a feeling you will need some help, so I'm here to do just that." Maurie explained.

Ty gave him one of the leather bags he carried. "This is for the Opals and Thunder Eggs that we need to collect in each area. Julius needs them to power this machine." Ty instructed.

Maurie took the bag and strapped it to his back, "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Maurie said, ready to head out.

Ty looked to Julius with inquisition, "The first portal is behind you, it leads to a place named Two Up, I wish you luck in finding the collectibles." Julius pointed toward the swirling mass of energy beyond him by about fifty feet.

Ty turned, seeing the portal spin and hum rhythmically, almost hypnotized by the quiet swirl.

Maurie quickly spread his wings and landed on Ty's shoulder. "Ready to go?" Maurie asked.

Ty nodded, "Yeah, I think so. Let's get going."

Ty and Maurie approached the portal and entered it. Colors and shapes flew by Ty and Maurie as they seemingly fell for days.

Ty flung from the portal into sand face first. "Ouch…" Ty croaked as he got up and shook his head, sand poured down from his fur.

Maurie flew out and landed on a nearby sign that gave a rough map of the area.

"Oi, Ty. You alright?" Maurie gazed down seeing Ty getting up slowly.

"Remind me not to jump headfirst into a portal." Ty growled, he stood up and looked around.

Numerous pools of water glistened with moisture as tall and thin gum trees loomed with somber faces.

Ty glanced upward and saw a red glow on a stone pillar nearby, He then charged up and flew up to the top.

Maurie dropped his jaw, dumbfounded, "Did you just fly up there?" Maurie said, his mouth agape.

Ty peered down at him, smiling. "Surprised? I thought I told you that the Elder gave me new powers to use to defeat Cass."

Maurie shook his head, "I never would have guessed that he gave you the ability to fly!"

Ty then pocketed the Thunder Egg lying on top of the pillar and jumped down.

Ty climbed over a wooden fence and landed on the other side. Maurie followed behind, gliding on the wind.

Maurie then said, "What are these boxes here for?" Ty looked and noticed many wooden crates.

Ty began forming a fireball in his hand and fired it at all three of them.

The crates opened from the explosion, revealing red Opals. Ty took out the bag he carried and began to walk toward them. As he did, the Opals pulled themselves up from the ground and landed in the bag, shrinking to a much smaller size.

"Bonza, looks like these Opals will be easy to catch. I bet I could run through a line of them and they would land in the bag automatically." Ty reasoned.

Maurie and Ty journeyed forward, finding a group of Frills. Ty looked down and saw that his gauntlets lit up with a bright green light.

The Frills turned and saw Ty and began to run towards him to attack.

Ty jumped into the air, began floating and then sent two green energy orbs downward. The orbs exploded on contact with the ground and the Frills fell to the ground unconscious.

Ty examined their jackets, discovering an image of Boss Cass. "Just as I thought, they're Cass's henchmen. We'll need to be more careful next time." Ty explained to Maurie.

"Impressive light show, Ty!" Maurie grinned, Ty did as well as they sprinted forward.

Within minutes, they had collected one hundred and fifty Opals.

Maurie flew ahead and spotted a boomerang lodged in a boulder. "Ty, I think I just found you a second boomerang!" Maurie said elated.

Ty sprinted forward, crossing an old mahogany bridge. Ty approached the boomerang and placed his gloved hand on it. "Bonza, I can tell this is my kind of boomerang!" Ty said ecstatically.

He pulled upward and the boomerang slipped out from the rocky pedestal it once resided in. Ty tossed both boomerangs into the air, catching them and spinning them like pistols. "You beauty…" Ty grinned.

Maurie landed nearby, "Onya mate, that's a keeper!"

Ty peered across the bridge seeing a group of Frills and a Thunder Egg lying on the ground in the middle of the fenced in area. An orange glowing fire appeared near Ty. Ty turned beholding the Bunyip Elder standing nearby.

"I see you have found a second boomerang! I do have a new ability for you to use." The Elder congratulated Ty.

Ty stood shocked, "A new ability already?" Ty said, scratching the back of his head.

The Elder nodded, "You can harness the power of the Opals to propel yourself toward any enemy and use what's called the Super Bite Attack. It's an exclusive ability for Thylacines." The Elder instructed.

Maurie found himself speechless before a mythical being only spoken of in folklore. He remained silent, judging it would be best.

Ty picked up his leather bag and focused on the Opals. Blue particles began to power up Ty as he felt his body surge with energy. Ty stood still, his arms by his side at an angle pointing upward.

The leather bag then strapped itself to Ty's back as he launched forward toward the Frills. It almost felt like the Opals had given him an enhanced version of flying. Ty homed in on each Frill, biting them and knocking them out simultaneously. After landing, Ty stood up and collected the next Thunder Egg. It rose from the ground and shrunk itself into the leather bag.

Ty grinned, "I'll remember this ability, I bet I could find a use for it."

Maurie perched himself on a nearby fence and spoke, "Excellent display, Ty!"

The Elder quietly vanished as Ty and Maurie continued forward.

They came across a large purple crab that guarded another Thunder Egg.

Ty walked forward, charging wind energy. A great punch hit Ty, clobbered by the crab's heavy claw.

Ty hit a rocky wall and slowly got up. "Ouch…" he muttered, Ty looked down seeing that the wind energy had collected in his gauntlets.

"Hm, looks like I can save an attack for later!" Ty jumped into the air, looking down on the crab that had hit him, firing two sharp shockwaves of wind toward it.

The crab put its claws in front of him in an attempt to block the fast approaching energy. As the shockwaves hit the crab's claws, they were severed by them and fell to the ground.

Ty then ran up to the crab after landing a couple feet away, taking out his boomerangs. Ty then hit the ground in front of the crab, blinding it. He then swung horizontally and then kicked the crab into the air, biting into its tough shell. The crab fell to the ground, defeated and vanished without a trace.

Ty got up, placing his boomerangs back in his pockets. Maurie flew by and picked up the Thunder Egg and placed it inside the leather bag on Ty's back. "Three down, who knows how many to go!" Maurie beamed.

Ty then noticed two strange golden gears on the ground. Maurie landed on Ty's shoulder, "Oi, what could these little prezzies be?" Maurie said, intrigued.

Ty picked both up and put them inside the leather bag. "Something tells me Julius might want to see these." Ty stated.

Ty and Maurie collected the rest of the Opals and found another portal. Maurie flew ahead, "Looks like our ticket home, mate!" Maurie said optimistically.

With six Thunder Eggs collected and three hundred Opals, Ty and Maurie entered the portal home. This time, Ty used his powers to fly into the portal and then landed out of the portal without falling. "I think that's how I should enter and exit portals from now on!" Ty judged.

Julius turned around from working on the satellite, "You two already found everything?!" He remarked stunned. Ty walked confidently to Julius' machine and handed him the leather bag. Julius opened it, seeing exactly one hundred and fifty Opals and three Thunder Eggs.

Maurie landed on the satellite dish and dropped the bag into Julius' tiny hands.

"Impressive work, you two. I wish I could do more than create portals!" Julius laughed nervously.

Ty then provided Julius some relief, "Julius, you do more than you realize for us. You are incredibly patient and can solve any computer problems within seconds. I, for one, am glad that you don't have to go with us, we would have a much more difficult time if you came along with us. I don't want you to take that the wrong way, I mean that the added stress would take a huge toll on you." Ty encouraged.

Julius nodded in understanding, "Maybe you're right, it probably would be best if I could stay here where it's relatively safe." He replied.

Julius then opened Maurie's leather bag, seeing two golden gears, his eyes lit up. "You found two golden cogs? I bet I could use these for something. Maybe even a new set of boomerangs!"

Julius, full of inspiration, excitedly walked towards his workshop below the faded orange cliffs.

Ty ambled forward and Maurie followed close behind. Maurie chuckled, "I guess we did the right thing to bring those golden cogs here. I've never seen him so excited."

Ty nodded, "I can tell that he's willing to do whatever it takes to help us here on out collecting Opals and Thunder Eggs."

The geode collecting duo entered the dusty old laboratory. Sawdust and metal shavings lay near advanced tools that looked well used.

Julius wore a welding mask and prepared to begin work on what he called a Technorang. Bright white light illuminated the lab as Julius began shaping a chassis for the new boomerangs.

After welding, Julius took the golden cogs and placed it in both metal chassis's and began piecing the frames together. Julius then carefully added two scopes on each boomerang and painted the chassis lightly.

Within minutes, the new boomerangs were complete. Julius picked up the unnamed boomerangs and handed them to Ty.

"These boomerangs may look plain, but they're very different than the wooden ones you hold. These are what I call Zoomerangs. You can throw them twice as far with half the effort of a real boomerang. It's best to use these when far away from a group of enemies!" Julius instructed.

Ty nodded, taking them both. He handed over his wooden boomerangs. "I guess I'll have to use one pair of boomerangs at a time. Hope I won't need too much practice when using these!" Ty grinned, "Onya, you did a great job on these beautiful boomerangs." Ty concluded.

All three climbed up the rocky cliffs and made their way back to Bli Bli Station, where the satellite lay with its hatch open. Julius saw that the hopper is ready to accept new Opals. Ty and Maurie handed Julius the Opals, keeping the Thunder Eggs out.

The red Opals poured into the hopper where a macerator pulverized them and flooded with water. An electric current flowed through the liquid with red sparkling pieces of Opal beginning to power up the satellite.

Julius motioned to Ty and Maurie, "Cover your ears! It's gonna be loud!" He shouted over the mechanical whirring coming from the machine.

Both Ty and Maurie covered their ears and prepared for the noise.

Julius pulled the lever and a strange rainbow colored beam shot forward creating a portal. The machine buzzed and vibrated with intensity, Ty and Maurie turned, seeing the portal to Two Up disappear.

Julius then positioned the lever at the center and the machinery began to slowly power down. The mechanical sounds stopped, silenced by Julius turning the lever to neutral.

Julius gazed over at Ty and Maurie, who were both covering their ears. Julius waved, "The machine stopped, you can uncover your ears now!" He shouted.

Both Ty and Maurie removed the cover of their ears, turning to see that a new portal stood before them. Julius looked down, seeing on the computer-like screen the name for the area. "A Walk in the Park?" Julius questioned, "This thing must have some strange bug, that can't be the name…"

Ty and Maurie walked toward the machine, seeing Julius puzzled. "What's wrong, Julius?" Ty inquired, the koala shook his head.

"Somehow, the name for this next place is 'A Walk in the Park.'"

Ty laughed, "Well, I hope it is one!"

Maurie looked impressed, "Did it come up with that name itself?" Maurie questioned.

Julius nodded, "I think so, which is a first. Never have I seen it come up with a name like that until now."

Ty began to pick up the bags that they used in the last area. "Well? Let's get going and see how easy it is to collect everything in the next area!" Ty grinned. Maurie grabbed the bag in Ty's hand and placed it on his back.

"I agree. There's no time to be mucking about." Maurie said flatly.

Julius nodded, "Excellent work ethic, see you soon!"

The tiger and cockatoo entered the portal. Ty began to charge energy so that he could fly on the way out. Maurie spread his wings and glided out, landing on a tree branch. Ty slowly lowered himself feet first to the ground. "That's more like it." Ty whispered to himself.

Rain poured down onto towering tree branches, the scent of rain heavy but pleasant. A sound of rushing water could be heard coming from a distance. Ty stepped forward, his padded feet rhythmically tapped on the ground.


Sly's eyes burned with blue fire, he threw a heavy right hook at the punching bag, causing it to burst into bright cerulean flames that emanated power.

His hands were battle worn, bloody knuckles burned slightly from the trauma that they felt from punching. Sly poured with sweat, his ripped leather vest clearly soaked.

He tried to catch his breath, he had been practicing fighting Ty for two hours. Sly's hands trembled when he clenched them, it took everything just to swing another punch toward the punching bag.

As he hit the punching bag, his fist tore through it, leaving charred marks all through the bag. "Looks like I've defeated this punching bag…" he breathed.

Just then, a familiar Frill walked in. "Ah, Sly. I wondered what you were doing." He started. Sly looked up, his eyes fixated on the Frill.

The Overseer inspected the punching bag, noticing the large hole that had been torn into it. "Most impressive, Sly...I don't think anyone here could have thrown a punch that hard." He grinned mischievously.

Sly shook his head, in between breaths he managed to say, "Now just imagine what it could do to a certain tiger that gets in my way." Sly growled.

The Overseer nodded, "Good. I hope you can confront Ty soon. He needs to be stopped before he finds a Talisman." The Overseer warned, "I don't expect you to bring him here alive. Ha ha ha!"

Sly stood upright, drinking water as he headed toward the shower. "I'll go after Ty, right after I clean up. Shouldn't be hard yakka." Sly slowly turned, "Be looking for me on the cameras when I leave here. I'll be sure to put on quite a show destroying Ty." Sly gripped the door and closed it behind him.

Back at the rainforest…

Ty collected a hundred Opals and Maurie had a hundred as well. Both Ty and Maurie split up and began Opal hunting. Ty then discovered a large water slide that had Opals in all sorts of places. Just before Ty began to go down the slide, a Tasmanian devil stood by.

"G'day Ty." He spoke lowly.

Ty looked up, "Oh, G'day Ranger Ken." He replied.

Ken rubbed the back of his head, "Looks like you plan to go down the slide, be careful, there are many obstacles that will interfere. Be sure to jump over rocks and duck under any tree branches that hang too low. We were supposed to have a more experienced staff to deal with the obstacles…"

Ty nodded, "Thanks for the warning, Ken. I'm just here to collect the Opals."

Ty then jumped and began surfing down the slide, the Opals lifted from the ground and placed themselves into Ty's bag slowly as Ty rocketed down the slide. "This is actually pretty fun…" Ty thought to himself.

A stray branch hung down and Ty ducked under it, he then passed several rocks in the way. He jumped over each carefully, collecting Opals all the way.

Ty made it to the end of the slide after taking a left turn, but when he did, he saw another path with more Opals.

Ty trekked back to the top of the slide and took a right turn. When he made it to the end, he noticed a wombat with goggles on, holding a surfboard. Ty, being curious, asked "Did you go down this slide too?"

The wombat replied, "I'm racing anyone that comes down this slide. Wanna race?"

Ty nodded, "Sure, I'll race you!"

Ty sprinted back to the top of the slide, the wombat stood nearby, his feet strapped in. "Ready?" The wombat questioned, "Let's go!"

Ty and the wombat raced down the slide. He chose the left side of the slide and passed the wombat with ease. The wombat took the right side in an attempt to get ahead of Ty.

Ty dodged a tree branch and a rock, the wombat got clotheslined by a tree branch and slowly slid the rest of the way down on his back.

Ty stopped at the end of the slide, crossing the finish line with time to spare. Just then, the wombat washed up at the end of the slide. He rose slowly and shook his head. "Looks like you beat me fair and square. Here's a Thunder Egg for winning!"

The wombat pulled out a Thunder Egg from his pocket and handed it to Ty.

Ty took it, "Thanks, mate. I'll see you around."

The wombat nodded, "See you later!"

Maurie landed on the ground near Ty. "Got yourself another Thunder Egg, I see!" Maurie beamed.

Ty smiled, "An easy race is how I got it." The duo made their way up to the top of the rainforest's hill. A female dingo worked on a Jeep nearby, she wore red plaid and ripped jean shorts.

The Jeep looked broken down, she had the hood open and had been working on it. Ty recognized her, "That's Shazza, she is a very close friend of mine." He spoke to Maurie.

Maurie nodded, "She looks like she's having trouble with that Jeep. I think you should go help her, I'll continue collecting Opals."

Ty quietly approached Shazza, she focused so much on the Jeep that she didn't seem to realize that Ty stood right next to her. "Hey Shazza!" Ty radiated. Shazza jumped, hitting her head on the underside of the hood. "Shivers, Ty! You scared me. Ouch…"

Ty looked down cast, "Whoops, sorry, Shaz. Anything I can do to help you?"

Shazza nodded, "Yes, I actually have been unable to work on this vehicle because these blue-tongues keep approaching me and attacking. I've got to get home, Ken is giving me the rest of the day off."

Ty stroked his chin, "Alright, I have an idea."

Shazza turned toward Ty, "What's the idea?"

Ty took out his new Zoomerangs, "I can keep the blue-tongues from getting too close to you by using these on some boulders near the bridge they cross!"

Shazza looked impressed, "Hope it goes well, I need you to hold them off for at least ten minutes!"

Ty grinned, "Got it!"

Ty climbed the small hill that overlooked the bridge below him and held his Zoomerangs by his side. As he spied from above, a large muscular lizard began to slowly amble across the bridge.

Ty threw his Zoomerang at a nearby boulder, causing it to fall and land on the blue-tongues head. "There goes one…" Ty mumbled quietly.

He spotted two more crossing the bridge, Ty threw both boomerangs at two different boulders, knocking both blue-tongues into the water.

Shazza then spoke, "Almost done, Ty! Just a little longer!" Ty then noticed three blue-tongues crossing the bridge. He threw one boomerang at a boulder near the right side of Ty. It knocked the boulder loose and dropped it directly onto the head of the blue-tongue in front.

Ty then fired a fireball toward one of them and sent it down into the water nearby. Ty turned once more to throw a boomerang at a boulder, knocking the final blue-tongue down into the water below the bridge.

Shazza shouted again, "Got it done, Possum!"

Ty charged up and flew to stand beside Shazza, hugging her lightly.

Shazza smiled, "Mmm, thanks for doing that. I didn't think I'd ever get that done."

Ty hugged Shazza from the side, "I would love to stay here all day, but I've got things to do. See you around, Shaz!"

Shazza smiled, "Here. Take this, it's a Thunder Egg for all the trouble."

Ty took it, placing it into his bag behind him. "Thanks, that's more helpful than you could ever know!"

Shazza waved as Ty walked away, "Bye Ty!"

Ty waved back, "See you soon, hopefully!"

Maurie hovered nearby holding two Thunder Eggs in his talons. "While you were busy, I found another couple Thunder Eggs and fifty more Opals!" Ty held out his hands and Maurie dropped them into his hands.

Ty threw them into the air, catching them in the bag on his back. That makes four of the Thunder Eggs.

Ty noticed that a black and white checkered flag had been set up near the slide. Ranger Ken had begun to build a banner with a checkered flag at the end. Ty then walked over to Ken. "Hey Ken, what's this?" Ty inquired.

Ranger Ken simply smiled, "Today is a race for a Thunder Egg. Whoever gets the fastest time out of three people wins it."

Ty smirked, "I don't mind being one of the racers."

Ken replied, "You'll need to get to the top of the slide to do that. I wish you good luck on the race, rippa."

Ty turned to Maurie, "Let's get to the top and see who we're competing against."

Maurie understood, "Sounds good, mate. I'll see you at the top."

Maurie spread his wings and took off, reaching a height that felt dizzying to Ty. Ty charged up with energy and followed him, at a slightly lower altitude. The tiger and cockatoo landed roughly at the same time.

Ty stood a few feet from the slide and Maurie planted his sharp feet on a sign. More participants showed up to race down the slide. The wombat from earlier stood there, ready to win. Ty's the second competitor and Ranger Ken's the third.

Ken counted down, "3…2...1...GO!"

Ty jumped forward and propelled himself in front, crouching to get as much speed as possible.

Ken zoomed by a corner while in second, only a few feet behind Ty.

The wombat trailed behind Ken in last because he tripped during the start on a rock.

Ty surfed by the rocks and branches, dodging each one without pause.

Ken dove over branches and rocks, rolling and landing upright past any obstacles.

The wombat decided to go the left side at the fork about halfway down the slide.

Ty cleared the fifth checkpoint, just past the fork after taking a left turn. Ty focused deeply, ready to win a Thunder Egg. Within fifty-seven seconds, he reached the finish line without falling or running into any obstacles.

The wombat second, only ten seconds behind Ty and Ken in last place at fifteen seconds behind Ty.

Maurie glided down from the top and hovered by Ty. Ty smiled ecstatically, "I did it! I can't believe I've won."

Maurie laughed heartily, "Congrats, mate! Onya!" Ken rubbed a noticeable bump on the back of his head from where he had been clotheslined by a branch.

The wombat looked up, seeing the Thunder Egg missing. "Hey! Where's the Thunder Egg?" He asked.

Ty looked, seeing no Thunder Egg at the finish line.

Ken looked confused, "Did someone take it during the race?"

Ty then noticed a turkey running with a red sparkling trail behind him. "I bet I know who took it…" Ty said determined.

Maurie stood still, "Hm, someone like that probably isn't on our side."

Ty took off after the turkey, it's feathers were leaving a trail to follow inside the steamy rainforest. He took out one of the Zoomerangs and threw it directly at the turkey's head. The boomerang hit and the turkey took off faster than before.

Ty caught the boomerang and ran after it.

The turkey followed a certain path near a tall tree that had been hollowed out on the inside. Ty charged up wind energy and two gray shockwaves stored themselves inside his gauntlets.

The turkey quietly glanced around, just then Ty noticed a rope leading from the turkey's leg to the Thunder Egg behind him. Ty rotated his arm until the shockwave could be fired vertically.

He fired one, severing the rope.

The turkey ran off, disappearing into the bushes. Ty grabbed the Thunder Egg and untied it from the rope. "That's five of them, only one more to go, hopefully." Ty murmured.

Ty looked all around him, the vast rainforest felt almost too much to look for another Thunder Egg, after all, who knows where the next one would be?

Ty walked into the hollow tree and looked up, seeing five purple platforms that lead to a high perch.

Ty jumped on each one, propelling himself upward to the next platform. When he made it to the last one, he stopped bouncing and saw a Thunder Egg hanging from the ceiling by a rope.

Ty aimed another shockwave at the rope and cut it, causing the Thunder Egg to drop into his hand. "Perfect, now to find the Opals!" Ty focused, concentrating on making a small platform of air to ride down from the top of the tree. He lowered himself slowly, landing safely on solid ground. Ty then left the hollow tree meeting Maurie who stood just outside the tree.

"Well, looks like you've got quite the collection of Thunder Eggs!" Maurie beamed.

Ty nodded, "Yep, now to find a hundred Opals." Maurie took the bag off of his back and opened it, revealing a hundred and fifty Opals. Ty counted the ones in his and announced that he had a hundred.

Ty and Maurie both took off into the forest, finding the last fifty Opals. As they did, another portal appeared by a waterfall that cascaded loudly.

Ty jumped in after taking flight and Maurie flew through the portal, landing right next to the Talisman Altar.

Ty and Maurie quickly made their way through Bli Bli Station and found Julius.

Julius turned, seeing Ty and Maurie both holding their leather bags that held the precious Opals and Thunder Eggs. "Excellent work, Maurie and Ty!" He exclaimed. Ty handed Julius the Opals and Maurie did as well. Julius set the Thunder Eggs aside, "Maybe these can be used for something later." Julius assessed.

He quickly dumped the contents of the bag into the hopper waiting below. With all the Opals inside, he began to power up the machine.

The machine pulverized the Opals and flooded the hopper with water, sending a powerful electric current through it. Julius then pushed the lever forward and a rainbow colored beam pierced forward and created a portal that began to spin. He then pulled the lever back, stopping the beam and the machine.

"There's the final portal, huh?" Ty said, raising an eyebrow.

Julius laughed, "This machine has more tricks than just portal creation. After completing the task of finding the Opals and Thunder Eggs, we will use the leftover Opals to power the machine and scan for a Talisman."

Ty looked confused, "What's a Talisman?"

Julius pointed back to where Maurie and Ty walked from. "That Altar that you appear at after each area is where your parents were sealed away in the Dreamtime. The only way to open the portal to the Dreamtime is to collect all five Talismans."

Maurie raised an eyebrow, "Really? I wondered why there were five pedestals."

Ty scratched his head, "So where do we find them?"

Julius shrugged, "Maybe we can zero in on them with the use of this machine."

Ty shook his head, "I wish I knew more about the Talismans…"

Maurie nodded, "Seems to me we'll know in due time, mate."

Ty and Maurie both took the empty bags and prepared to go through the final portal. Julius waved to both of them, "See you when you get back!"

Maurie coasted through the portal as Ty used his flight ability. After a short while, they stood on a sandy beach.

Maurie recognized the place instantly, "This is the Great Barrier Reef!"

Ty looked floored at how big the reef looked.

Crystal clear water crashed onto the yellowish orange sand that soaked up the water. A hotel stood tall behind them and a pool filled with sparkling water sat by the hotel.

That's when Ty felt anxiety for the water around him.

Ty balked, "Oh no, this can't be good…"

Maurie turned seeing Ty shaking slightly, "What's the matter, mate?"

Ty looked down at the ground, "I never learned how to swim." He gazed at his gloved hands.

Maurie flew over and landed on his shoulder. "Everything alright, mate?"

Ty clenched his fists and looked up with resolve. "Yeah, I plan to figure out how to swim." A dark skinned platypus sat at the top of a lifeguard tower.

"Maybe he can teach me." Ty muttered.

Maurie agreed, "I'm counting on you learning the ins and outs of swimming. I'll be nearby to watch."

Ty approached the lifeguard tower, "Oi! Could you teach me how to swim?" Ty projected his voice.

The platypus looked down, his brown eyes covered by his arm. "Sure thing, mate!" He climbed down the many steps and stood before Ty.

"Before we can begin learning, let's introduce ourselves to each other." The platypus mentioned.

Ty spoke clearly and with enthusiasm, "The name's Ty!"

Maurie, who stood nearby, "My name's Maurie."

Rex nodded, "I'm Rex." He shook hands with Ty and began walking toward the pool. "Follow me, you look like you can learn quickly."

Ty followed behind, taking his first couple steps into pool water in a long time. The last time...didn't go so well to be honest. Ty shivered at the thought of nearly drowning and because the water felt icy.

Rex motioned Ty to stand in the neck deep water.

"The first rule is to not fear. I'm a lifeguard for a reason, I will save you if I see you struggling." Rex explained.

Ty nodded, a little apprehensive.

"First, we will see how well you know how to swim. Simply lean forward and put your hands in front of you, slowly pushing them apart and all whilst kicking your feet." Ty clenched his teeth, he leaned forward closing his eyes as he began to propel himself through the water toward the deep end.

Ty, conquering the previous fear, opened his eyes; he saw for the first time that he could swim!

"This isn't too bad…" he said confidently.

Rex nodded, "Excellent movement, try turning by using one arm to steer yourself back toward me." Ty used his right arm to turn around, he pushed off the wall and put his foot down on solid ground.

"This is pretty easy, I thought I'd be learning this for hours!" Ty exclaimed.

Rex cautioned, "We're only in the beginning stages. Now try going underwater with your eyes shut, try and stay under for as long as you can. Don't go too long!"

Ty lowered himself into the water, taking a breath just before going under.

Rex paused, counting the seconds. "1...2...3…" he counted below his breath.

Time felt like it crawled for Ty as he waited underwater. He felt that he could go for a while without any issue.

Rex continued counting, "55...56...57…" Ty could feel himself beginning to lift from the floor, he floated facedown on the surface of the water.

Ty then came up and breathed heavily. "Wow, how long did I stay under?" Ty inquired.

Rex looked impressed, "One minute and forty-five seconds! Great for a beginner. Here, these are specially made boomerangs for use underwater. I call them Aquarangs. Glad to see that you're ready for the ocean!"

Ty nodded, "You beauty…" Ty said as he held the orange and yellow boomerangs.

Rex turned, "Oh yeah, almost forgot. Take these goggles, that way you can see where you are going underwater!"

Ty placed them on his head, lowering them in front of his eyes. "Sweet!" Ty remarked.

After doing three quick laps around the pool, Ty began to walk toward the beach.

Rex had already made it to the top of the lifeguard tower, seeing Ty, he told him, "Hey, once you leave this beach, you'll be in the open ocean. Be careful! Sharks are all around the area. There are some cages you can hide in if you get in trouble. Good luck!"

Maurie then flew over to Ty and handed him his bag. "Here, mate, I have a feeling that I can't do much in this area. My wings are just too worn out to fly all that distance.

Ty took the bag and strapped it to his back and nodded once, "Got it!" He jumped into the water with his goggles on and saw a large red button with the word "Easy" written on it.

Ty had been confused by the unfamiliar button, he threw an Aquarang toward it and it said, "That was easy." Ty then noticed that the gate leading to the open ocean had opened.

"Hm, it really was easy!"

His voice distorted by the translucent water.

Ty made his way through the gate and to a new island. The island had palm trees dotting the coast and three Frills were digging in the sand. One of them stopped digging and said, "You really think we can find the shreds of the Great Dark Talisman just by digging?"

Another looked up from digging and said, "There has to be a way to just use some kind of tool to sniff them out instead of digging everywhere! I think we should be able to find the shreds easily."

The third one, who had been digging still, paused, "Hey, look at this!"

The first Frill walked over to see what he had found, "Is that a real Talisman?"

The second one looked over, seeing a golden colored Talisman with a green background and a Tasmanian tiger on the front of it. "Looks real to me!"

The third sneered, "Now Ty will never find his parents and save them from the Dreamtime!"

Each Frill laughed heartily, celebrating their find of a rare Talisman. Ty dipped his head underwater and began charging energy, he planned to destroy the Frills.

The second Frill looked out at the crashing waves, seeing a red glow building underneath the water. "Hey, is that an oil rig out there? How come it has its light on so early, don't they usually do that at night?"

The third Frill gazed over toward the red light, "I don't know, that seems closer than a normal oil rig."

The first Frill continued digging, "I'm not interested in what's going on out there. Let's keep digging."

Ty rose from the water, two red energy spheres in either hand, his eyes were bright red. "You Frills don't know what you're dealing with! I'll destroy all three of you!" He roared.

The second and third Frills panicked and took off up the hill nearby, quivering. "Hey! Get over here before it's too late!"

The first Frill looked up and saw Ty hovering above the water, waves being created underneath him. "Ah! I'm getting out of here!" He cried as he ran to his fellow henchmen.

Ty cancelled the attack and began gliding toward the shore, the Frills watched from a distance. "Just as I thought, they dropped the Talisman." He muttered.

For such an unpleasant start of the day, maybe this was his luck turning around!

Ty turned and felt something metal strike him. "Agh!" He cried out.

A familiar Cassowary held a shovel with both hands. "Ahahahaha! Fell for the trap hook, line, and sinker!" He hissed.

Meanwhile, back at the main island...

Maurie sipped coconut water from half of a coconut. He stopped and looked toward Rex.

"How long should we wait for Ty before we get concerned?" He asked.

Rex drank spring water and looked down, "Give it about two hours. If he doesn't show up after that, wait thirty minutes and then go check at the other islands." He reasoned.

Maurie whistled lowly, "I'll need a lot of speed and energy to make it to each island…"

Back at the island…

Ty regained consciousness, keeping his eyes closed.

A voice that sounded close by spoke. "That felt too easy...Even though the Talisman is fake. Surely I didn't hit him that hard."

Ty opened one eye discreetly, looking toward the location of the voice he heard.

Ty nearly jumped when he saw a black cassowary sitting near him with a shovel by his right arm. He quickly closed his eyes again.

The cassowary coughed, "Still can't believe how easy that had been, maybe he'll wake up soon."

Ty gritted his teeth lightly, he opened his eyes once more to get a good look at what Cass looked like. He spotted orange eyes and black pupils, a mountain-like head shape and two red wattles draping down from either side. His body and wings were black, his legs were faded tan.

Ty began to focus on charging wind energy in his gauntlets. As he did, Cass looked over, seeing gray energy filling in either inhibitor rings.

"Hm? What could this mean?" He murmured.

Ty flashed his eyes open and stood, aiming his gauntlets at Cass. "I know who you are! You captured my parents eight years ago and are searching for the Great Dark Talisman!"

Cass jumped back a good distance, and crouched. Suddenly, a shadow covered him and he changed shape. "Well," a familiar voice said, "Looks like someone knows too much!"

Ty looked up, seeing a cream colored Tasmanian tiger in front of him. "Who are you!? And why do I remember seeing you somewhere before?" Ty barked.

Sly fired a blast of blue fire and a ring of fire appeared around both him and Ty.

"Come on! Let's see who can win in a battle!" Sly said grinning evilly.

Ty charged up and blew the flames out by using wind energy. He ran toward the mysterious tiger, taking out his boomerangs.

Sly sprinted and held a sword made purely of energy. Ty got within range of Sly and began a string of attacks, starting with a strong swipe of his right hand.

Next, Ty threw Sly into the air and began to bite him multiple times before landing.

Sly's clothes were shredded, he swung down as Ty rolled to the right.

Sly fired three blue fireballs at Ty that followed his movements, Ty used his powers to aim them back at Sly.

"Agh!" Sly grunted.

Ty rushed forward, hitting Sly with either boomerang and then knocking him up into the air and firing wind energy directly at him. Sly landed on the ground heavily, "Ggh…" Sly growled as he tried to lift his head from the sand, Ty stood over him with another shockwave ready.

Sly slammed his fist down, knocking Ty into the air with a fire pillar underneath him. "Whaa!" Ty yelled as he launched into the air, Sly got up and fired five fireballs at Ty.

Ty's clothes burned and he landed on the sandy beach with a thud. Sly hovered over Ty with his own unique boomerangs, "Ready to give up?" He teased.

Although Sly had training, Ty had learned his own powers quicker than he did. Sly felt victory within his grasp.

Ty's pulse raced, but he rose to his feet; "Remember that shockwave I threw at you before you attacked?"

Sly looked shocked and said, "No way! H-how!?" Ty fired the shockwave toward Sly, sending him flying backwards, his body dragged across the sand and eventually flipped him over onto his stomach, unable to fight.

Ty lowered his arms and walked toward Sly.

Sly looked up, astonished and in unbelief. "N-no one's ever beaten me before…" he groaned.

Ty offered his hand to Sly, but he rejected it, getting up himself.

Sly coughed, "Count this as a lucky break, you haven't seen the last of me!"

He threw a smoke grenade down, disappearing into it without making a sound.

Ty tried to follow him, unable to figure out which direction he went.

Ty then decided now would be a good time to start looking for the Opals and Thunder Eggs.

Back at the main island…

Maurie had his eyes closed and snored quietly. Rex stayed awake, looking around for Ty. Worry poured into him as he couldn't spot him from the lifeguard tower.

"Maybe Ty's ok and just finding the Thunder Eggs." Rex thought, but he couldn't shake the feeling, something's wrong.

"Maybe, I should go check on him?" He wondered, filled with doubt and questions.

Rex climbed down the lifeguard tower and used his binoculars to look out into the ocean, the setting sun an hour away from turning the water an orange color with yellow highlights.

Back at the second island…

Ty collected a total of ninety Opals and three Thunder Eggs, but not without getting dangerously close to sharks. Ty climbed up a mountain trail where he had fought Sly earlier, encountering several Frills.

With the Zoomerangs, he sniped each one and made it to the top. Elle, Rex's wife, stood at the top of the mountain.

"Hey, I don't think we've met, I'm Ty!"

Our orange tiger introduced himself to Elle who responded, "I'm Elle, Rex's wife. From this height it's possible to see the main island."

Ty looked back, noticing the setting sun quickly approaching the water.

"It's nice to meet you, but I need to find some Opals around here and maybe a Thunder Egg or two…" Ty estimated that he could get the rest just as the sun went below the horizon.

Elle held a red Thunder Egg and handed it to Ty. "Here, I have...a strange feeling that you should have this." She explained.

Ty nodded, taking the Thunder Egg and placing it into the bag on his back. "Thanks Elle! I'm off to find the rest of them!" Ty sprinted back down the mountain trail.

Elle looked after him, wishing him luck. "Good luck, Ty!" She called.

Ty then decided the only way to get the Thunder Eggs is to try to convince their owners to part with them.

As for the Opals, they would be best found around in the water and on the other islands. Ty dove down from the mountain and into the water and began to swim toward the last island at the back.

Within minutes, Ty had made it to the last island, finding the final two Thunder Eggs and one hundred and ten Opals, totaling exactly two hundred.

Ty got up from the shallow water seeing large crabs ready to attack him. Ty bit each, shattering their shells and destroying them instantly.

Next, as he ran, he came across a deep pit of quicksand. He looked up seeing coconuts hanging down from the palm trees on either side of the quicksand. Then, he got an idea. "Maybe this could work…" Ty thought as he threw a boomerang toward a cluster of three coconuts and they landed on the quicksand.

Ty then jumped up onto the slowly sinking coconuts and continued forward, repeating the process to traverse the pit. Near the end, he found several crates full of Opals.

Finally, he had collected all three hundred Opals. With his task complete, he looked to where the setting sun began to dip under the horizon.

Ty dove into the water and dodged several sharks, making sure he stayed inside the cages that protected him from them. He made his way back to the island that he fought Sly on.

Within a short time, Ty made it back to the main island and rose from the water, lifting his goggles.

Maurie awakened and Rex stood by the lifeguard tower clearly happy to see Ty in one piece. "Sorry if that took a little long…I fought a Tasmanian tiger that looked just like me, but with different colored fur and blue eyes."

Maurie looked puzzled, "I'm confused...I thought you were the only child of Di and Bri."

Ty nodded, "I thought so too, but I don't think he could be related to me. Although we do look about the same age."

Maurie shook his head, "If he works for Cass, he can't be good. Be on your toes whenever you encounter him again."

Ty agreed, "He even had similar powers." He scratched his head that had a lump on the back where he had been hit.

Rex spoke, "Seems you did good and found everything without issue! Glad to see that you didn't get hurt."

Ty walked over to Maurie and handed him the leather bag back to him. Maurie smiled, "Thanks for doing my part for me. I'm really sorry I couldn't help you here."

Ty shook his head, "No worries, mate."

The pair walked over to the hotel and went inside.

Rex waved as they walked in, "Glad I could help you, Ty!" Ty looked back and waved, turning back as he closed the door behind him.

Maurie looked around, hearing a low hum coming from nearby. Ty heard it too and began searching the hotel to find where the noise came from.

Ty spoke, "That has to be the portal making that sound, maybe Julius can find a way to find it with a device."

Maurie pushed against a door where he heard the noise the loudest. It opened, revealing the way home.

Ty and Maurie flew in and landed at Rainbow Cliffs, next to the Talisman Altar.

The duo stood for a moment and proceeded toward where Julius had been last. The temperature had dropped considerably since the sun had set and Ty shivered. "When people say the temperature drops at night, they mean it!" He said shakily.

Within moments, the duo had made it to Julius' machine where he stood nearby.

"Well!" Julius said ecstatically, "Good work both of you! I think this machine has just enough energy with the Opals you've collected to transport a Talisman from one area to another."

Ty handed his leather bag over to Julius and Maurie gave his as well. Julius opened the hopper and poured the Opals in, saving the Thunder Eggs for later.

"Maybe I can make something out of them," Julius started, "Maybe an elemental boomerang!"

The Opals finished pouring into the hopper and Julius closed the hatch. A grinding and crushing noise rang out from the hopper. Soon enough, it stopped and began to power the satellite to fire a powerful beam just in front of everyone.

A portal appeared above where the beam fired and another appeared below it.

Julius shouted over the whirring of the machine, "Ty! Run toward the bottom portal and prepare to be warped somewhere far away!"

Ty nodded once, "Got it!" Ty began sprinting toward the second portal as he spotted a Talisman dropping into it. Jumping head first into the bottom portal, he gripped the Talisman and disappeared with it.

Miles away from Rainbow Cliffs…

Ty appeared in an enormous plain with a tall fence around him that bordered the edge of the plain. Tall, slender termite nests stood like pillars from a lost civilization.

Ty looked down, "Where's the Talisman? I had it right here...Wait, why am I in a field?" He whispered.

Just as he finished talking, a deafening roar erupted from a cavern at the other end of the plain.

A cliffside stood towering near the edge of the plain. A powerful looking boar stepped into the light, two tusks sticking out from the bottom of its mouth. One tusk had been chipped and dull, the other looked sharp as a razor blade. Red eyes peered out from a mass of orange hair around his head, neck, and chest.

"I smell a Talisman!" The Boar roared as it charged forward toward Ty. Ty looked shocked as he quickly charged up and flew directly upward.

The boar passed underneath him, looking up.

It tried to jump toward Ty, but Ty hovered higher than he could jump.

Ty landed and began to charge a beam of energy. The boar saw this and began to sprint toward Ty, aiming his cutting tusk toward Ty's body.

Ty fired the beam of energy and it flipped the boar onto its back. Ty flew over to the boar while charging up wind shockwaves in either gauntlet.

"Give up?" Ty taunted.

The boar got up and smacked Ty with his tusk into the cliffside behind him. "Hahaha! Take that, orange rat!" The boar sneered.

Ty crawled out of the indentation that the boar had created by throwing him into the cliff. Ty coughed, blood dripped from Ty's mouth and part of his back.

"Maybe there's a way I can heal myself without making a sound." Ty thought.

Ty stealthily got behind a termite nest and began to focus. As he charged, green energy swirled around him and began to heal his wounds inside and out.

The boar turned, looking for Ty. "I know you're somewhere nearby…"

The boar searched relentlessly, but he got an idea. "I'll just have to smash each one of these termite nests down until I find which one you're hiding behind!"

Ty kept charging and healing, he knew that if the boar chose the correct termite nest, it could be over before he could fight.

Ty finished charging and healing and turned, seeing the boar about to ram the termite nest that he hid behind. Ty rolled to the right, landing on his feet as the boar felt engulfed in termites. "Gaaaargh!" The boar growled as the termites bit, Ty then realized a way to beat him.

"Hey boar!" Ty grinned, "I'm right here!" Ty stood with his back toward another termite nest. The boar shook off the rest of the termites and began to charge toward Ty. Ty knew what would happen if he could get the boar to run too fast to stop and collide with the termite nest.

As the feet between Ty and the boar grew fewer and fewer, Ty charged up and planned to use wind to jump high into the air.

Ty began counting down, "3...2...1…!" He counted and jumped high into the air, hovering above the boar. The boar smashed head first into the termite nest, destroying it as the termites bit him from head to toe.

Ty landed and knew that the timing would be even closer than before. The boar got up, covered in termite bites and began to sprint toward Ty. Ty prepared to jump again, only much later when the boar nearly touched him.

He felt this was justified, if he could stop this boar, he could most likely take down anything in his way. He had to find the Talisman, even if he didn't know why he needed it.

The boar knew that he would do the same tactic again and ran past Ty. He planned to catch Ty off guard by jumping tusk first onto Ty. Ty watched as the boar passed by him, confused, Ty stayed put. The boar began taking soft steps toward Ty and quietly approached.

The silence between either felt deafening.

Ty had sensed that he planned to do something drastic. Ty charged up and prepared to blow the boar into the termite nest. As he turned, the boar jumped into the air and aimed himself at Ty, his tusk aiming directly at Ty. Ty fired a gust of wind that had the force of a category five tornado.

The boar rocketed backwards toward the nest, shattering it and two others until the boar landed face down on the ground.

Ty approached slowly, he had a feeling that the boar had not finished yet.

As he got closer, the boar began to silently breathe without moving his body. Ty closed in, inches from the boar, he stood in front of him quietly placing his arm near the boars nostrils, trying to determine if the boar still breathed.

A blast of air came from them and the boar's hoof smashed the ground in front of him. Ty didn't have time to react and the ground broke away beneath him.

Ty and the boar fell at dizzying speeds toward the far away ground.

The boar grinned darkly, "Hah! Fell for my trap. Just like I wanted you to. If you want the Talisman...You can pry it from my fiery orange hair!"

Ty grimaced, he had to think of something to stop his descent. He could fly, but he felt too panicked to focus.

The boar hovered above Ty, diving toward him in an attempt to slam him into the side of the chamber.

Ty had charged up a gust of wind and just before he was a thousand meters above the floor, he fired the gust at the ground and shot toward the boar.

The boar was taken aback and his hair had started to part, revealing the Talisman holding onto it.

Ty clutched the Talisman and pulled it from his hair, just as the boar had taunted earlier. "What was that about having to pry the Talisman from your hair? Ty sneered.

The boar resented being taunted, he grabbed Ty's leg and threw him toward the floor that approached even quicker.

Ty had a plan and began to imagine his body turning into water, the boar positioned himself above Ty, ready to make him into an orange pancake.

The ground approached fast, and Ty readied himself. The boar aimed himself at Ty with his tusks ready to pierce him.

Ty landed on the floor, his body fully made of water, began to regroup and the boar slammed head first into the ground next to Ty.

Ty returned to a normal state and stood near the boar. With the enemy defeated, Ty began to fly out of the hollow arena. He landed by the cave with the Talisman in hand.

Ty entered the cave, seeing a portal. "That must be the way home." Ty estimated.

Little did he know what would happen in the next couple days...