Pikachu was zapping Lucina with electricity for the fighters were in the Arena with there being excitement for the Fire Emblem heroes and villains alongside the Pokemon who were there to see a match. Evidentially the fight was being in Pikachu's corner yet Lucina's stomach growling seemed to catch everyone off guard; Pikachu in turn was suddenly blasted away by Lucina farting.

"Oh goodness!" Lucina gasped in embarrassment with her face a crimson red, trying to cover up her pooting rear. "That wasn't suppose to happen! How am I going to explain this?"

"Pikachu..." Moaned the thunder charged mouse mascot of Pokemon, the yellow colored red cheeked pocket monster rodent perking up his lightning bolt shaped tail and dashing towards the gassy swordfighter woman, only to be paralyzed upon getting a whiff of the intense stink. "You gotta be kidding me! What have you been eating?"