Title: Female Dragon Slayers

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-hater

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Chapter 1: New Recruits for the Red General

A tall girl with bronzed brown hair held in a high ponytail looked up in the sky. The view showed a gigantic black flying fortress in the setting sun. It was high above the girl as she studied it.

"We finally arrived" a feminine voice spoke beside her.

The brunette turned to face the speaker. She had shoulder-length blue hair with knowledge glimmering in her dark blue eyes. Her light blue cloak wrapped around her slim body, the hood off.

The brunette smiled. "Sure it has was a long journey, but nothing we couldn't handle." She said giving her a wink.

Ami nodded at Makoto's respond. She wasn't surprise that her tall friend was like this. Makoto always did look at the good side of things all the time. Even if the journey was long and hard.

"It's not the way I imagined it to look like." A third voice observed. She took off her light yellow hood and looked up at the floating base.

When taking her hood off, she revealed long blond hair held in a red bow. Her bright sapphire eyes turned to the fourth girl beside her.

Like her companions, she wore a light red cloak, hood still covering her face. Her dark lavender eyes were the only thing that was seen, with small strand of her dark purple bangs covering the top of her eyes.

"It's better then nothing Minako. We should at least find something worthwhile here." She answered the blonde.

"Rei's right. After all, Setsuna did tell us this was the best army on Gaea." Makoto added.

Minako beamed at her friends. "Right. So, let's say we head up there and check the inside." She suggested, putting on her hood again and covering her mouth and nose. She now wore her cloak like Rei's.

"Who knows, maybe there might be some cute guys." Makoto grinned while doing the same thing as her friend and covered her mouth and nose.

Ami did the same until all four of the girl wore the same style. Rei held out a gun from inside her cloak had aimed it at the base. Pulling the trigger, a long sturdy cord shot out from the gun point and flew towards a tower of the base. The tip of the cord wrapped itself around the top loom, still keeping a strong grip. The other three did the same until all four were ready.

"Let's go girls." Minako said while pressed a small button on the top of her gun. It lifted her off the ground as the cords rapidly went back into the gun like a tape measure.


Folken sat in his chamber, studying the papers in his hand. He had a solemn expression glued to his face as his red eyes went this way and that on the document.

"Setsuna, Setsuna, Setsuna... the things I do for you." he muttered as he placed the papers down on his desk. He rubbed his eyes with his hand, surly expressing exhaustion.

The papers contained biographies on four new recruits to join the Zaibach Empire. There was a letter from his very close 'friend', Setsuna Meioh. She wrote asking if he could take the four girls in his care and have them fight for Zaibach.

"Doesn't she know that there are no girls in this base? The boys will whip their ass in no time." Folken said while picking the four pictures of each girl.

He began to read some of the information on the biographies when a loud "BOOM!!!" rang in his ears. The room shook, making the wineglass on the table nearby rattle. He looked up from his work.

Sighing loudly he got up and pulled his cap on. "I take it they have arrived."


"AHH!!" Dellet yelled when rolling of his bed. He rubbed his forehead where he had landed and let out a small groan.

His two other roommates also lost their balance. The shacking of the fortress was strong and long enough to make any man collapse.

"What's happening?!" Guimel asked Miguel, who was nearby, on his hands and knees. He had just entered the room after having a long workout in the training room.

"How would I know?" Miguel asked in harsh tone as he got up. He had also just arrived into the room after going to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat.

The three Dragon Slayers' door soon burst open as Gatty, the second in command of the Dragon Slayer's army, dashed in. He had his blue armor on and his sword in his hand.

"Get up! I think we're being under attack!!" The light brown haired boy yelled as he helped Guimel up.

"Put your armors on and get your ass out there! We need to protect the base at all cause until Lord Dilandau gets back!" he added before dashing out of the room.

Lord Dilandau was one of the top generals in the Zaibach Empire and the leader of the Dragon Slayers. He was known as the best swordsmen in the Empire and one of the meanest.

The red general had gone to a meeting the day before and planned to arrive back the next day today. Gatty had received the order to keep the Dragon Slayers in shape until he returned.

While Guimel, Miguel, and Dellet placed their blue armors over their under shirt and pants, a couple of other young Dragon Slayers ran past their room. Soon after, the three were out the door and ready to fight the enemy.


"That went well..." Ami commented as she looked at the big gap on the wall.

Rei had thrown a small bomb at the barricade to let them in. The fortress quivered with the big force while a huge opening to a room on the fortress appeared after the smoke.

"Hey, at least it worked." Makoto said in her cheerful voice. She kicked herself off the wall and swung towards the opening, the others behind her heel.

Pressing a second small button to have the cords let lose its grip, the four soldiers landed with ease at the same time on the marble floor.

"Hmm... it could be a bit brighter." Rei surveyed while pulling down her hood.

The room they landed in looked like a small meeting room. The room was partly empty except for the rectangle table and the chairs. The chandelier on the ceiling let out very dim rays of light from the light bulbs.

Ami turned to see a picture of a man on the wall. "I take it that's Lord Folken Setsuna told us about."

"Hey, he's kinda cute. That is if you past for the older mature looking kind of guy." Makoto commented.

Minako was going to say something when hearing a rush of feet heading their way. Soon enough, the tall wooden door slammed open. A group of men and teen boys stood at the door frame, swords in hand. Seeing the eagerness in their eyes to fight, the girls took their blades out of its sheath and stood in a fighting position.

"My, is this a way to treat a lady?" Minako asked sarcastically to the group of soldiers.

"My guest this is their welcome committee. And this is their way of greeting people." Makoto suggested, with a grin on her face. She was very eager to fight as well.

"Well, since they put their effort into doing all this for us, why don't we thank them in our special way?" Ami said.

"Why don't we" Rei smirked.

The soldiers were indeed surprise to see four girls in their base. When hearing the explosion earlier, they thought they were being attacked. No matter though, even if they were girls they had strict orders from the generals to impression them or kill them.

"Charge!!!" Gatty ordered while raising his sword towards their target. The soldier behind him went in for the taking.

Shortly after, the room was filled with clashing of swords and yelling. Each soldier attacked each girl. But for some reason, they were not able to get a hold of them.

The four girls were blocking every move the soldiers assaulted. But the four females were also in the same situation. Their assaulters were also blocking every move they landed.

"See Minako, what did I tell you? Isn't this worthwhile?" Rei asked her blonde friend as she pushed away one soldier that was charging at her.

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting a good match like this. And on the first day too!" Minako called back as she swung her sword at one of the soldiers, making them lose their sword. But he then pulled out a second sword that was in it sheath, dangling on his right side.

And so they fought for minutes and minutes. But no one had a clue that one of the top generals was watching the scene.

"Hmm... I'll have to tell Dilandau that he needs to train his men a bit more." Folken stated when seeing Miguel fall when Ami tripped him.

"And I'll have to train mine as well" the tall man added when Makoto dropped her sword and landed a punch into one of the older soldiers face.

Sighing, Folken figured it was time to stop this worthless mingling. He stepped into the room and waited for them to detect him. Fortunately, Ami noticed him right away and turn to face the tall general. The others soon followed Ami's stare and looked at Folken. At once the soldiers fell to their knees.

"Leave me alone with these young ladies." Folken ordered his men and the Dragon Slayers as they stood.

Gatty looked confused at this command but still followed orders. He placed his sword back in its sheath and walked away with the other soldiers.

Dellet gave a quick glare at the four girls before leaving. Makoto saw him and winked. She had punched him in the jaws real hard and had caused blood to occur. He sneered before he was out of sight.

"Welcome. My name is Folken. I presume you are the young ladies Setsuna informed me about."

When hearing their friend's name, the four girls placed their sword back into its sheath and bowed in unity. When standing up straight, Rei spoke with out hesitation.

"I was beginning to wonder if we got the wrong fortress. It sure took you a while to arrive." Rei complained as Folken turned towards the door.

He motion for them to follow him without saying a word. The girls first glanced at each other before doing so. They remained silent till Folken led them into his chamber and took a seat in his chair. He ruffled through the papers until he found the one he wanted.

"So I see Setsuna was right about you girls being skilled. I must admit, I was impressed that you could hold off my men that long." Folken commented.

A wide grin formed on the girls' face. "Glade we impressed you. Believe me; we can do more than that." Rei informed.

"Well if Setsuna said you would be helpful, I will take her word." Folken answered.

This made Makoto's grin grow wider. She and the other girls knew about Setsuna's feeling for the Zaibach general. The older woman had always talked good about him and had once said she admired him.

They could tell by Setsuna's eyes that she secretly cared for Folken deeply. After all, they have been friends since Folken worked for Zaibach. And with Folken's statement just seconds ago proved that he trusted Setsuna as well.

"If it isn't too much trouble to ask Lord Folken, when do we begin training?" Minako asked.

Folken scanned over some more information before answering. "First I will assign you girls your rooms. You'll be sharing one with another. Tomorrow Lord Dilandau will be arriving back so you'll begin when he is ready."

Minako couldn't help but smile. She had heard many rumors about the great Lord Dilandau. Setsuna had said he was very strict with his men, skilled with Guymelefs or any weapon, and had a very bad temper. And she also knew that no one messed with him and got away with it.

'This should get interesting' Minako thought.

Her other companions were thinking the same thing before Folken spoke again.

"Ami Muzino, you will share rooms with Rei Hino. Makoto Kino and Minako Aino have the room to the left of your friends." Folken instructed as the girls nodded.

Makoto gave a wink at Minako as she winked back. The two had always been childhood best friends. Ami and Rei were happy with the choice as well, even though all four of the girls got along with each other.

Folken wrote down the room numbers and the roommates before handing them each the small paper. He examined them before realizing something was missing.

"Where are your luggages?"

"We didn't bring them. We had to walk to reach the fortress and thought it would have been a hassle to bring them. We can buy new clothes when we reach a country can't we?" Ami asked politely.

Minako looked at Rei. "I told we should have brought them!"

But Rei just ignored her as she listened to the older man. "Of course. We'll be traveling to Shirazes in two days. Meanwhile you can use some of the training outfits till then."

"Thank you Sir." All four girls said in unison before bowing in accord.

Once the girls were out of sight, Folken took a deep breath. He didn't mind that the new recruits were girls. They were very capable to be soldiers. But the think that worried him was Dilandau. Would the red general be willing to train them? Much less, teen girls? It was going to get ugly when Lord Dilandau returned that was for sure.


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