Title: Female Dragon Slayers

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-hater

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Chapter 2: Female vs. Male

A red guymelef was seen hovering high above the sky with ten other blue guymelefs following its lead. A silver-haired boy, about 15 yrs of age was the pilot inside that guymelef. He held a frown on his pale face, his crimson eyes glaring.

'Stupid pathetic fools,' he grunted to himself.

The meeting he had with the Duke of Zade did not turn out too well, leaving the young general of Zaibach enraged.

'He and his kingdom will be the first to burn when I'm through with him.'

The thought of the lilac roof castle engulfed in flames made him smirk. Fire always seemed to be one of his obsessions.

"Lord Dilandau, we'll be arriving at the base soon. It's only seventeen miles away." A voice came from the intercom.

"Right," he answered.

He was looking forward into reaching the floating fortress. He couldn't wait to beat the crap out of his men if he saw anything out of order. Gatty would get it the most since he was left in charge.

'Oh goody,' he sneered.


At the base, the sun was already rising at the east. In a dim-lit room, due to the sun's morning ray creeping though the curtains, two beds held two figures.

One girl, with blonde hair tied in a braid with a red bow, was upside down, her feet on her pillow. Her white sheets were on the floor and her head was almost falling off the bed.

The other had her covers over her face, her brown hair spread everywhere on her pillow. She slept soundly until the sereneness was interrupted.

A loud knock was heard at the door making Makoto stir. She turned and laid on her right side, keeping the covers over her. She was still tired from the long journey yesterday and wasn't ready to get up.

"Makoto, Minako! We don't want to be late!" she heard Rei's voice call from the other side of the door. "Come on and open up!" she ordered.

"Keep it down Rei, you might wake up some one." She heard Ami spoke.

After hearing Rei explain to Ami that everyone was already up and threatening her and Minako that she would get Lord Folken, Makoto lazily got up.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." She groaned, yawning at the process.

She stretched before slothfully getting off her bed and went to open the door. Makoto saw Rei and Ami dressed in black pants and white shirts, their sword hanging by their side in its cover.

"Don't tell me Minako is still sleeping!" Rei fumed, stomping towards Minako's bed. She shook the bed hard, trying to wake her friend up.

Makoto rubbed her eyes before turning to Ami. The blue haired soldier was holding extra clothes in her hands.

"We found these earlier for you and Minako to wear," she explained, handing them over.

Makoto let out a groan seeing the same uniform of white and black pants that Amy was wearing. "They're so... plain." She complained.

"We can't do much about that for now," Rei spoke from behind.

Minako was already up, heading to the bathroom.

"Put them on and hurry up before we're late for breakfast."


It took the girls close to a half an hour before they could find the cafeteria. They lost their way and went in circles at least three times until they finally asked for directions. Although that didn't help much either.

"That man was rude!" Rei fumed, seeing the cafeteria door ahead.

Minako nodded. "Yeah, we ask him where the cafeteria is and he gives us a nasty looks as if we were diseased."

"Well Setsuna did tell us we would be the only girls," Ami spoke up as they went through the door.

"I don't care, it doesn't mean we're filth," Rei grumbled. She looked around the cafeteria to see it half empty.

A couple of young boys they fought the other day were sitting at a table, chatting. Some of the older men were already done and heading out through the other doors.

"Hey, look at those cuties over there," Makoto grinned, along with Minako.

"How about we greet them good morning?" Minako slyly smiled. She headed towards the boys' table.

Makoto was sure to follow as the two girls walked towards the young Dragon Slayers. Rei and Ami on the other hand paused for a moment.

"I really don't think they're up to Minako's and Makoto's flirting," Amy confessed as she watched.

Rei sighed before going after them. "Come on. Maybe they can tell us what's happening today."

The six Dragon Slayers, Gatty, Shesta, Dallet, Miguel, Viole, and Guimel, where going through what they were going to report to Lord Dilandau when he arrived.

"All our dorms are neat, the swords where already polished, and the Guymelefs were checked. Are we missing anything?" Gatty asked, looking at each of his associates' faces.

He out of all of them was the most worried one. They all knew very well that Gatty would get the majority of beatings if anything was out of the ordinary.

"I think that's about it," Shesta said thoughtfully.

Miguel nodded, holding his head on his hands. Viole and Dallet on the contrary saw Makoto and Minako heading their way.

"Looking who's coming," Viole informed, making Miguel, Gatty, Shesta, and Guimel turn to see the four girls.

'Just great,' Gatty sighed to himself before turning around.

He was going to pretend they weren't there but turned out to be completely useless. The moment Minako appeared; she reached over his shoulder for his toast before taking a bite.

"That was mine you know," he said, turning around.

He did not realize that she was just inches away from his seat and bumped his nose on her arm.

"Sorry hun," Minako winked as Gatty turned around to rub his nose.

Makoto, Guimel and Miguel had to hold in a laugh while Dallet and Viole glared at the two females. Rei and Ami soon arrived behind Makoto.

"Good morning," Ami greeted politely.

"Um, hello... I guess..." Shesta replied, looking at the others to see if he said anything wrong.

It was clear that he never really interacted with the opposite sex.

"Enough, what do you want?" Dallet asked, his voice holding pure hate.

Makoto smirked at him. "Now, now. Just because we kicked your ass yesterday doesn't mean you have to hold a grudge on us."

Viole scoffed. "We went easy on you yesterday since you were girls. We're much tougher than that."

A cunning smile formed on Rei's face. "Is that so? Alright then, we challenge you for a rematch. One on one. Sound good girls?" Rei asked.

Makoto punched her hand into her open palm. "I'm in," she grinned.

Ami nodded in response and when Minako finished swallowing the last of her breakfast, she managed to answer, "Count me in!"

When getting her four friends' consent, Rei turned back to the Dragon Slayers. "Well?"

"You're on!" Dallet countered, standing quickly.

They shook hands.


Folken's stomach growled loudly as he walked towards the cafeteria door. He had woken up at 6 in the morning and went straight to his lab without breakfast. He preferred getting his morning meal late that way no one could bother him while he ate.

Entering the cafeteria, he saw the six Dragon Slayers and the four new recruits heading out the other door.

'What are they up to now?' he thought.

Forgetting about his stomaching aching for food, he quickly followed them. In thirteen minutes, the teens lead him to the training room. He watched Miguel and Gatty go into the armory closet to come back with swords.

'A duel? This should be good.'

.*.*.*.*.*. "Alright, who fights who?" Guimel asked.

"I'm fighting," Dallet said, taking his sword out of its sheath.

Makoto turned to the other three. Giving them a wink, she took out her sword and took a step up.

"Since I probably broke your pride and your beautiful face yesterday, I'll give you another chance to beat the crap out of me." She teased, making Dallet glower.

"Makoto vs. ...," Ami stopped, realizing that none of them knew their names yet.

"Dallet," Miguel finished for Ami.

"Right, Makoto vs. Dallet."

Nodding, Rei then took a step up, "Who's next?"

Looking around, Guimel found his man and pushed him up. "Go for it Shesta."

"No," the blonde opposed, moving away from the center.

But again Guimel pushed him back in. "But you have to!"

Rei raised an eyebrow at this scene while Minako and Ami exchanged looks. The other Dragon Slayers shook their head with shame. Although, Makoto was the only one who watched with amusement.

"Alright sheep boy, you against me." Rei interrupted, pointing her sword at Guimel.

This shocked him, as he pointed at himself. "What? Me?"

"Yes. You," Rei said, motioning her index finger for him to step up.

Makoto and Minako giggled at the pet name Rei made up for the Dragon Slayer while Ami tried to keep a straight face. The other teen boys smirked at the thought of it.

Before Guimel could protest, Viole pushed him towards the center. "Good luck mate."

"Rei vs.-"

"Guimel," Gatty ended for Minako as they watched the four selected soldiers face each other.

Next, Minako saw Miguel close by. "How about you cutie with Ami?" she asked sweetly.

Guimel sniggered as a hint of blush spread on top of Miguel's nose. "Fine," he answered with his teeth garnished together. He took a step towards Ami.

"And you vs. me," Gatty finished, making eye contact with Minako.

The blonde smiled at this. "Name's Minako."

"Gatty, now let's get this over with."


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