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For those who are new to my songfics, what I usually do is take a pre-existing melody and set my own lyrics to it - do check out my back catalogue of (mostly) Pokemon-related work if you've time. On this occasion, however, I have created an entire song - melody included - from scratch. Impressive, no?

Unfortunately this means readers will have no way of knowing what the song is supposed to sound like, which is a bit of a bother. All I can do, therefore, is provide some basic information and allow your imagination to do the rest. Hope it's up to the task!

This song is envisaged as part of a film or TV adaptation of The Fifth Elephant, to play during a montage of footage which shows Carrot following Angua's trail, whilst Angua runs with Gavin towards Uberwald, pausing at intervals to look back tearfully the way she's come. The lyrics are written from Carrot's POV: in the first verse he addresses Angua's human side, while the second verse is addressed to her wolf.

Basic Info:
Time signature: 3/4
Key: E minor
Tempo: Andante
Accompaniment: Acoustic Guitar, with the addition of electric guitar, bass and drums in the outro
- First and third 'sections' of both verses: Four crotchets (Confident one!), crotchet rest, two quavers (Does my), six crotchets (faithfulness fill you with), two quavers followed by a minim (dread?) - the last syllable occupying three notes - then three bars rest and repeat.
- Second section of both verses: Minim rest, two quavers (Can you) followed by six crotchets (taste every breath I ex-), a dotted minim (-pel?) and repeat, then crotchet rest, two crotchets (Pray do) and a dotted minim (tell!)
- Fourth section of both verses + outro: Sorry, these are too complicated to describe. Feel free to make it up to sound however you want!

N.B. This is only a very rough guide to give you a flavour of how the words fit in with the music. The melody should of course be sung loosely and stylistically, as is the norm with solo singing.

Confident one!
Does my faithfulness fill you with dread?
Set off the sun
With an arrogant toss of your head!

Can you taste every breath I expel?
Do my thoughts have a sound and a smell?
Pray do tell!

Where can I go
To escape from your merciless stare
Tracing the flow
Through the veins of my hand in your hair?

In your hair! (x4)
Through the veins of my hand in your hair.

Creature of night -
How I envy your freedom and grace!
Do you delight
In forgetting my name and your face?

To converse in wolf tongue have you tried
With the woman who's howling inside?

Had I to guess,
I would think you less deadly than her!
Dapper your dress,
With the moon-whitened wind in your fur.

In your fur! (x4)
With the moon-whitened wind in your fur.

In your hair, in your fur, in your hair,
In your hair, in your fur!
In your hair, in your fur,
In your hair, in your hair,
In your fur, in your hair!
With my hand in your hair,
With the moon-whitened wind in your fur!