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Alanna's Mis-Adventure.

Jonathon didn't have to be so mean to me. Alanna thought to herself as she walked through the streets. She had been so busy brooding over it that she made a wrong turn. It wasn't long before she realized it and found herself in a new part of the town.

Alanna had been on her way to see George, and knew that she was always followed by some of his men, to keep her safe. She argued that she didn't need it but when it all came down to it she was glad of it. Still, she wouldn't ask for directions unless she absolutely had to. She turned quickly and walked back the way se had come. It hadn't escaped her attention that the further into this part of the city she went, the nastier it got.

Alanna was a little worried about the looks that she received from some of the people that she passed on her way out. She fingered lightning at her side nervously. She heard a crunch on the ground behind her and twisted around quickly. There were a group of men, twice her height and caring swords. They all wore the badge of Duke Rodger.

"What do you want?" Alanna Demanded.

"We are sent after you on orders." Was the reply.

"Oh, yeah. Do you all really think that you can take me on?"

"Little boy, you should know that there are more of us than you."

Alanna decided that she had had enough of talking and drew lighting. Her opponents quickly surrounded her and advanced. She slipped in and out on the attack, making some good stabs and scored some good hits. Unfortunately, so did her opposition. She received a slit down her right arm and was forced to change sword hands.

During the change over, one of the men lunged forward and stabbed her in the left thigh. She cried out but managed to ignore it long enough to lunge back and take out two of her attackers. They saw that Alanna would keep going and ran off, quickly. Alanna dropped to her knees shaking from exhaustion and pain.

Alanna knew that she wouldn't be able to get far with out strapping her wounds yet she had none of her healing things with her. She crawled to a wall and pulled her self to her feet. Using the wall as a brace, she was able to stagger to the Dancing Dove, where George's head quarters were. Alanna staggered in the door and was able to make it to the stairs without being seen. She hauled her self up the stairs and pushed open Georges door.