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In this chapter we will find out what the Anime Big Brother stars have been doing over the past 6 months since leaving the house. And of course we will reveal the surprise.

Anime Big Brother

Chapter 22: Updation of Anime Big Brother contestants/ Surprise revealed


Mariah (Evicted 1st)

Mariah went into the Nadescio house and caused pretty much mischief there as she did in the Anime Big Brother 1. She did some interviewing then went back to training with the White Tigers

Joy (Evicted 2nd)

Joy did the usual rounds (interviews, magazines etc) then decided she wanted to continue with her studies as a Pokemon Nurse

Sakura (Evicted 3rd)

 Before Anime Big Brother Sakura appeared on Anime Idol finishing 8th in the Competition. She revealed in a latest interview that she might appear in Anime Idol 2 to boost her career

Ritchie (Evicted 4th)

Ritchie, before Anime Big brother appeared in "Help I'm a Pokemon Trainer" finishing 2nd. He appeared in some magazine articles and is now training for the Kanto League

Mina (Evicted 6th)

Mina did some glamour models shots; she appeared in Anime Idol getting down to the Final 30. She said she might appear in Anime Idol 2 like Sakura

Max (Evicted 7th)

Max appeared in an advert advertising fast food to promote the restaurant. He said he is going to be the face for this restaurant while training with the Beybladers

Chi Chi (Evicted 8th)

Chi Chi did a couple of magazine interviews then went back to her family and friends

Serenity (Evicted 9th)

Serenity stayed in touch with Darien and Li and when she went out with them she injured her knee. This ruined her chance of releasing something for Christmas

Li (Evicted 5th/ reinstated)

Li is making a martial artist video for Christmas called "5 easy steps on the way to becoming a successful martial artist". He is cashing on his fame by releasing a book

Jeri (Came 4th)

Jeri has got engaged to Takato and is planning a big wedding. She is also going to release a milkshake video for Christmas teaching you how to make milkshakes

Darien (Came 3rd)

Darien and Serena announced that they were having a 2nd child. Darien is also releasing a cookery video for Christmas

Henry (Came 2nd)

Henry is spending time at home relaxing and having fun. We haven't seen much of Henry

And finally…..

Yugi (Winner)

Yugi spent some of his money on his friends and family, and then put the money in the bank. He is also doing the rounds in media

(Now comes the surprise. We see Aisha and Christina around the Anime Big Brother house)

"To conclude the Anime Big Brother genre we are doing a spin off," says Christina

"The top 6 of each Big Brother series that Digifan has done will be going back in there" Aisha points

"But we need your help" says Christina excitedly

"There will be 13 housemates getting ready to go in but only 12 will go into the house to fight for Anime Big brother: The remix" says Aisha

"The champions, Yugi and Sora will be automatically installed," says Christina

(Aisha looks disappointed)

"But the others need your votes" Christina carries on

"So lets meet them," says Aisha

Big Brother Digital

Name: Davis Montomiya

Series: Digimon

Place finished: Runner up

Name: Tk Takeshi

Series: Digimon

Place Finished: 3rd

Name: Mimi Takiwara

Series: Digimon

Place Finished: 4th

Name: Takato Masukda

Series: Digimon Tamers

Place Finshed: 5th

Name:Izzy Izumi

Series: Digimon

Place Finished: 6th

Anime Big Brother

Name: Henry Wong

Series: Digimon Tamers

Place Finished: Runner Up

Name:  Darien Shields

Series: Sailor Moon

Place Finished: 3rd

Name: Jeri Katdo

Series: Digimon Tamers

Place Finished: 4th

Name:  Serenity Wheeler

Series: Yu Gi Oh

Place Finished: 5th

Name: Chi Chi Son

Series: Dragonball Z

Place finished: 6th

Name: Li Shrowon

Series: Cardcaptors

Place Finished: 9th


"So you have it, which housemates do you want back in" says Aisha

"And which one do you not want in" smiles Christina

"In your review write down 1 to 11 and place the housemates in order of preference" says Aisha

"Its coming Late 2004" smiles Christina

"Until then bye" they both wave

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