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Emma's POV

It's been at least two weeks since Brennan's mutation, which I helped him with. Though how long this emotional pain has plagued me I know not any time. After making my connection with Brennan things became worse for me; everything is downhill now. Adam constantly reassures me that he'll "tweak" my DNA to balance my mutation. There's nothing he can do, it's hard enough that my own body is punishing me for no reason but the fact that I know Adam can do nothing makes it worse. I hate false hopes, especially when given in vain.

I no longer have the power to fight back; my emotional walls are crumbling before me in defeat. I remember before I met Adam my power may have been hard to control but at least back then it didn't give me physical pain as well. My inner self is beginning to show on the outside and I don't care any more if what I say or what I do hurts or troubles the people around me. I know they worry about me, I can feel it. Whether I want to or not I feel them every moment of every day, even in my dreams. They don't know that every time that they feel, every time that they have an emotion, they hurt me, causing me pain I never thought I could have. It feels like I'm dying every day and there isn't anything I can do.

I've given up trying; I don't have the will to fight any more. It doesn't matter what I say or do now since I can't differ any longer whether it is me who is feeling or the person next to me or someone half a mile away. So much is happening in my mutantcy, it is beyond my recognition. First it was just playing with people's feelings, then I got that mental bazooka, now my emotions don't only affect the mental world they affect the physical world too. Adam says it's a different type of telekinesis, since my emotions are what control it rather than my will and mind. I don't control my powers any more; they control me. Do you think I CARE?!? Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but I can't tell any more.

My "friends" are always protecting me when I've always been capable of not only self-defense but I could defend everyone else. They underestimate my power and yet they always count on it being there. Recently everyone's powers have stepped up. Jesse and Brennan's evolutions are so in tune with their instinct that it's causing them to basically fight each other to the death any time they're in close range. Adam said that their mutation forces them to fight for domination by giving them fake adrenaline pumps, forcing their blood pressure to rise and their heart rates to increase. These in turn make them think they have to fight. And once again it's Emma to the rescue in that area because the only way to keep them off each other's throats is to give them a sort of "mental pill" as I call it. This blocks their instinctive force so they can be around one another. It's so demeaning! They all feel that I am weak but suddenly when they have no choice they turn to me! EXPECTING me to think they have faith in my power when at any other time they DON'T! I'm growing weary of this emotional routine where I'm supposed to be the helpless one in the food chain, but they seem to be missing the fact that I am the most able and the least helpless


A couple days have gone by and my friends don't think they know me any more. HA! They're naïve enough to still believe that I'm the exact same person who they "rescued" almost two years ago. Well, I don't care what they feel about me, since it doesn't matter. I have found someone with the ability to help and I'm sure with my offer he'll be more than willing. Ever since he has come back he has seemed… different somehow. I can't explain it but I figure with me along side him I'll have his resources at my disposal.

Maybe he can actually do something about my abilities so I can control them. He'll probably be ecstatic to tinker with my DNA, and once I meet with him I'll know by feeling him whether I can trust him to do what I want him to do. Otherwise I'll find another way… I could always just blast his mind if he plans on some sort of sly plot.

*End of Emma's POV*


Emma arrived at a medium sized coffee shop in the out skirts of the city. It was raining outside so she shook out her umbrella and her coat as she scanned the room. This was the place she had told him to meet her.

"I know he's here, I can sense him" she thought to herself.

Over in the corner where there was less lighting sat one figure and another stood about 10 feet away from him staring at Emma. Emma noticed the very professional looking woman but returned her attention to the man as she walked over and sat down in the adjacent chair at the table.

"Well it's a pleasure you could finally join us, Miss DeLauro." He said in a low monotone voice she was familiar to. "Especially since it was you who arranged this meeting at a specific time." The figure sat up so his face was no longer draped in shadow.

"There is no such thing as lateness, I arrived exactly when I meant to." Emma answered back in a defying voice.

"Well you must dismiss my astonishment of this situation. After all you are the last of your… team I'd expect to ever come to me since they would probably kill themselves first." He searched her face, expecting some sort of twist involved with this meeting since it wasn't like her to put everything so out in the open. "So, why is it you called me here, of all people?"

"Well… Eckhart, I was hoping you could provide me with something that Adam can not." Emma was doing this with a completely open mind.

"And what would this… something be?" Intrigued more with every moment.

"I'm just going to get right down to the chase. My powers are mutating everyday and… I can't control them anymore. I don't even know the difference between my feelings and the feelings of others. I need a pill, a serum, ANYTHING that will dial down my powers to the point of control. I came to you because you'd be more willing to go abroad and take more chances than Adam would. So, I figured since you were doing DNA manipulation on your own time maybe you could fit me into your schedule." Emma paused to let Eckhart think.

"And why should I help you control these abilities? What do I have to gain?"

"My… service, my constant service. You help me; I'll help you. And," glancing over at the woman who accompanied Eckhart, "no one else will be in the loop."

"You, Emma DeLauro will work for me. As long as I find this… cure for your mutation."

"As long as you find a cure, I will be at your disposal. No one else need know about it." She told him without showing emotion "For now." She mentally told herself.

"Well, that proposal is very tempting." Emma waited for his answer. "So I will write up a contract for us to sign. We will meet back here tomorrow at 9:15 am. You can look it over to make sure you coincide with it entirely and then, our business relationship will begin."

"It is agreed."


The next morning Emma made up an excuse for her absence at a certain time so that no one would try to find her. She looked over the document and then gave the signature that would begin her career as a lackey of Eckhart's, just waiting for the right adjustment that would once again make her powers bearable.


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