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Chapter 10

Unconscious Consequence

Eckhart checked his watch for the tenth time as he waited impatiently with his scientists in the lab.

"She's late." Was all he said. It was the manner in which he spoke that sent chills down his employees' spines. "Ms. Darnel, do you recall what happened the last time she was late?" Her reply was an empty stare, for she really didn't care what happened to Emma (her competition).


Emma and Jesse reentered the mountain in much better moods than they had left it with. Jesse's warm smile put a damper on Emma's worries. A few more steps and Brennan came into view and although he made no movement they both could somehow tell he was fuming. The good feeling inside of her vanished and was replaced with unrelenting guilt for the emotional pain she was causing Brennan. She had been so worried about her own happiness that she was willing to trample others' to get it. Suddenly things that Corey had told her were making sense. He had mentioned something about feeling what she had done wasn't wrong because both sides of her conscience were in agreement to get what she wanted.

"Brennan--" she began but found no words to say.

She and Jesse exchanged a look and she could see some of her guilt reflected in Brennan's eyes. Before either of them knew what happened Brennan suddenly collapsed on the spot.

"Brennan!" Emma then shouted in fear, as she and Jesse rushed to his side.

"Adam! Something's wrong with Brennan!" Jesse called as they both helped him into the lab chair.

Through vigorous scans and tests Adam could not determine the cause or the cure of what was happening.

"His brain activity is abnormal. It's like there's some sort of random fluctuation in his-- Emma's abilities." Adam reported, reviewing every possible detail.

Emma kept her distance, as she thought this through. "Something is not right. If Brennan has my powers and I had been losing control then there was the-- Why hadn't she considered this before? Of course, but what to do? During this time Adam had been explaining or rather wondering out loud what to do.

"Now, I'll need the three of you to come with me." He said, leaving and Shal and Jesse began to follow.

"What about Brenn?"

"That's what this is for if we have a chance of saving him."

"Great, and I wasn't listening. Brennan you have to be alright because I could never forgive myself if something happened to you. I would never feel right with Jesse if you died, especially because of this."

"Mr. Eckhart?" A small middle aged man quickly approached.

"What is it?" He replied with disdain.

"We have an unexpected visitor."

Intrigued, Eckhart followed the short man to the entrance of Genomex. There a very weak figure was standing, but barely. It looked like he could crumple at any moment. The way he composed himself he had the appearance of pure agony. At Eckhart's approach the man did his best to straighten his posture, revealing his face.

"Why Mr. Mulwray, what an unexpected surprise."


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