The Worst Nightmare

Chapter One: The First

Inuyasha slept. Something that he hadn't done in quite some time. With his friends sleeping soundly not very far away, he felt that danger was not near and that sleep was an acceptable thing to grant himself. With Kagome safely sleeping near Sango who was armed and always prepared, he believed that she would be safe, Sango would see to that. So after gazing upon his surroundings and smelling the surrounding air, he found no signs of danger. Inuyasha slept. But what Inuyasha did not know, that danger was near and that sleep was the one thing that he should not have let himself have.


She moved quickly, barely letting her feet touch the earth's damp ground. Her indigo hair flowed wildly behind her as she moved. Her breathing light as it always was, and her senses sharp. Her violet eyes flashed around sharply, pinpointing anything that could be a nuisance to her duty. Her duty was more precious to her than anything, given by the man who she lived for, Naraku-sama. Naraku-sama's orders were fresh in her ears and mind.

"That annoying Hanyou, Inuyasha, everything we have tried has done little damage. I have only found that he is hurt the most when that annoying brat that follows with him... Kagome...whenever she is in danger, I can feel his blood pulse with worry, anguish, and above all...fear. You, my child, Kijinyoko, you shall be the one to execute this...Hanyou. I give this honor to you. Do not fail as your older brothers and sisters have. I know that you will make me proud."

Naraku-sama. Naraku-sama, her master, her creator, her...her...She would make him proud. She was quite willing to do whatever he asked of her. She did not question his intentions for Naraku-sama was wise. Although she thought his request was peculiar she did not hesitate to complete what he asked of her. Her Naraku-sama chose her, and she would not fail him.

Her eyes narrowed as she ran towards the place she knew Inuyasha was now resting peacefully. As she quickened her pace, a sly smile played on her delicately beautiful features. She would make him suffer the most terrible pain anything could suffer, for the heart is a very delicate thing to toy with indeed.


Kijinyoko stepped softly towards the sleeping form of the Hanyou. She looked him over with disgust. Anything that hurt her master was a vile and horrible thing. He wasn't much to look at. A plain coat of fire-rats fur, a fang which was not particularly threatening looking in anyway, and the claws, in which every youkai owned. She sneered. What was it about him that made Naraku-sama fear him so? Hate him so?

Kijinyoko glanced towards the sleeping forms of this...Inuyasha's comrades. Her eyes fell upon the girl dressed in strange clothing. That must be the girl Naraku-sama was talking about. Kijinyoko felt wary laying eyes on the girls peaceful form. The girl had such power, such that even she didn't know was dormant inside her. Much more power than that of a simple Miko, she must have harnessed the power of a soul, something that few ever conquer. Kijinyoko noted that she would have to watch out for that girl.

She turned back to the Hanyou laying before her. She smiled sinisterly, loving the thrill that filled her as she was about to accomplish her evil intentions. She held her hands over the closed eyes of the sleeping Hanyou and they emitted glowing purple dust that fell on top of and into his eyes.

"You will not wake until you have felt pain unimaginable to even conceive. Whatever it is that you fear the most will happen, any sight that you hate to see will be seen, any words that you fear to hear will be heard, and any fate that you fear of being real will be. You will know fear and anguish, and it will shatter your soul before you wake from this nightmare of mine." She snapped her fingers once and the dust stopped falling. She smiled and perched herself on a ledge overlooking the Hanyou. She would watch this nightmare, the worst one she had ever conjured before. It should be very interesting to see.


Inuyasha awoke to the dead of night that surrounded him. His eyes snapped open sharply as he looked around. He sat up trying to recognize where he was, somehow his surroundings seemed different. Something wasn't right. Something was wrong, very, very wrong. He was afraid, he could feel it. The quickening of his blood, the tightening of his chest, the knot that formed in the back of his throat that made it painful for him to talk or even breathe. He knew that something was wrong, but his mind would let him accept it, his mind wouldn't let him know what it was.

He closed his eyes and sniffed the night air, searching for a clue that would lead to the cause of his fear. His eyes snapped open as he recognized a scent in the air. The most horrible scent that he had ever smelt, the one thing that he hated to ever have to recognize. He felt his chest tighten up more as the scent overwhelmed him, almost making him gag.

He shook his head. couldn't couldn't wasn't possible. He would have woken up, he would have heard something. But he knew he was wrong, the scent was indefinite. He stood and ran was quickly as he could in the direction that the scent was coming from. With each step he took his fear grew, with each step his pace quickened. It was a had to be a lie...some sick joke. His heart faltered him as his mind finally accepted the scent...

...Blood...the air was thick with the scent of Kagome's blood...