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The darkness was sickening, and the pain that cut through him made him want to scream in rage. A horrid scent filled the area, that made his sensitive nose burn at it's stench. His body shook, going ridged at the unbelievable cold that sank into his very bones. His legs shaking violently under him made him sway and crouch down to keep his balance. A deep, horribly dark laughter filled his ears. '...damn...' Inuyasha whispered in his mind recognizing the voice of the laughter.

"BASTARD! LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" The laughter grew, as if the voice was thoroughly amused by Inuyasha's anger.

"I'll never leave you alone...Inuyasha...I'm always here....I've always been here."

"NO! YOU'RE NOT! YOU'RE JUST A SICK HALLUCINATION! I'M DREAMING! YOU'RE NOT REAL! DO YOU HEAR ME BASTARD! YOU'RE NOT REAL!!" The voice chuckled as if one was watching the immaturity's of a child.

"Come now, Inuyasha. Stop lying to yourself. You know I'm real. And you know what I say is the truth." Out of the darkness a vision of Kagome appeared. Inuyasha gasped, his eyes widening, an extreme weight of fear pressing on his chest.

"...no...No...NO...NO...NO!!!! Not her! Leave her alone! Leave her out of this!"

"They will come Inuyasha. They know...They know and they will kill her..." An image of Kagome's death, similar to those that he had seen in his cursed dreams appeared in place of her previous smiling picture. He shuttered, the pain and fear in him growing.

"...no...not Kagome....no...not...not when we just....when w-we...." The voice laughed lightly in amusement of Inuyasha's pain. "BASTARD! YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY! SHOW YOURSELF YOU BLOODY COWARD!"

"All in good time...all in good time...but, let this be as a warning to you Inuyasha. Turn her away, quickly before they come. If you love her, if you want her to live, turn her away...she'll be hurt, but she'll be safe...for the time being...there is no guarantee on her life but you will prolong it if you turn her away."


"Only because you know I'm right. Now go..."

Inuyasha's eyes snapped open, gasping loudly as he awoke abruptly from his nightmare. He panted, wiping the sweat from his brow. He started suddenly, looking down quickly in a frantic way. He sighed, relaxing as he saw Kagome in his arms, curled up next to him, clinging to him for warmth and sanctuary. A small smile that was rarely seen played on his lips as he watched her sleep. She was so innocent, so pure...how the hell did someone like her ever want him? What did he do to make her want to stay by him...after everything that happened? After everything that he did? He gently smoothed over her hair, kissing the top of her forehead. He relaxed, settling down, and pulling her closer to him in security. But he did not sleep. His dream had troubled him deeply. The image of Kagome was eminent in his mind. He shuddered at it's thought.

'...Should I believe my dreams? But...how can I risk not to...?'

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"



Inuyasha took a deep breath as if preparing to yell and evilly murder Shippo. Shippo in return coward and ran to Kagome for sanctuary.

"No...Shippo, we are not there yet, but be assured you will be the first to know when we are." The whole group stared and Inuyasha in shock. Inuyasha...was actually being calm and rational with Shippo. What were the chances? Kagome smiled.

" Now please..." Inuyasha continued as he slowly turned back to Shippo a look of pure evil on his face. "IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW I WILL PERSONALLY KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!" Inuyasha then turned and continued walking. Shippo shook violently on Kagome's shoulder, eyes wide with terror.

"...da...da...da...da..." was all that he said in a repetitive horrified manner. Kagome sighed. Inuyasha had been extra edgy today, for some unknown reason. For the past month after the encounter with Kinjinyoko Inuyasha and Kagome's blossoming relationship had been absolutely perfect. But then something changed. Inuyasha was more edgy than normal, quick to anger, and, if it were possible, even more overprotective of Kagome than before. Insisting on her longer stays in this era and forcing her to take him with her back to her era. Kagome watching him walk ahead of the group in worry.

'...Inuyasha...what is troubling you so...?' She asked him in her mind. The group silently followed. Shippo continued to do his '...da...da...da...' in horror. Sango and Miroku walked silently, both who had also noticed Inuyasha's recently changed behavior, and both who thought it best to let Kagome deal with it. Kagome watched Inuyasha's back intently. Something was bothering him, more than bothering him. If she didn't know better, should would have to say that he was almost....scared. Kagome took Shippo off of her shoulder and handed him to Miroku.

"I need to talk to Inuyasha for a moment, so, could you just hang on to Shippo for me?" Miroku nodded at Kagome's request without question. Shippo sat in Miroku's arms, staring blankly and still saying "...da...da...da...da..." Kagome turned and jogged ahead, slowing down when she became in step with Inuyasha.

At first they said nothing, just walking side by side in even strides.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome started not knowing exactly what to say. He said nothing in response but stared straight ahead of him. "Inuyasha...please...what's bothering you?" Inuyasha was silent for a moment before sighing.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

"Don't give me that crap. Don't you think that after all the time we've spent together that I would know when something's wrong or not? What happened? Why are you so worried?" She asked, her voice soft and concerned. Inuyasha started suddenly, inclining his head ever so slightly so his gaze could meet hers. She gasped slightly, seeing the intense painful worry that his eyes held. She stopped, grabbing his hand and holding fast, making him stop also. "What is it, Inuyasha? What is it? Tell me!?" She asked fearfully, tears welling up in her eyes unwillingly. Inuyasha's eyes widened. He placed his hands on her face, tilting her gaze up to his.

"Don't cry, Kagome..." He said softly kissing her forehead. "You know how much it kills me to see you cry." He pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered, holding him tightly. "... I just...want to help..." Inuyasha smiled slightly. She was so caring, always caring for him. Why? Why him? After everything...after.... After...

"Inuyasha! LOOK OUT!" Kagome yelled, pushing Inuyasha to one side and slamming herself onto the ground to avoid a sudden attack from two particularly ugly snake Youkai who missed Kagome's head by bare inches. Inuyasha hit the ground hard, rolling, and then suddenly on his feet running towards Kagome, unsheathing his sword, fear and determination shining in his eyes.

"Kagome! Get away from here!" He yelled, fear constricting him. Kagome pushed herself up from the ground as quick as she could and started to move away but dropped to the ground again when one of the snakes leapt for her head.

"...Damn...hsssss....." The snake cursed as it turned around itself. Inuyasha'a eyes widened as realization hit him. They were after Kagome....specifically.

"KAGOME! RUN!!!" Inuyasha yelled running towards her, worrying only of her safety. Kagome turned, seeing Inuyasha's desperation and started towards the approaching Miroku and Sango. Inuyasha continued to run after her to insure her safety when one of the Snakes wrapped himself around Inuyasha tightly, constricting him, pinning his sword to his side and crushing his body, crying out in pain. Kagome, hearing his painful cry, turned back suddenly, seeing Inuyasha constricted by the snake and ran towards him.


"KAGOME!" The trio called out to her retreating form in panic.

"....Kagome....no......run....." He said painfully, the fear gripping his heart.

"NO! I WON'T LEAVE YOU!" She yelled with determination. She was then suddenly stopped, her body being crushed by the other snake, wrapping itself around her body in the same fashion as Inuyasha. She screamed in pain, her body feeling as if it was collapsing. The trio ran towards Kagome, attacking the snake in attempt to make it release her, but was sent back harshly to the ground with the flick of his tail.

"....Heh...heh...heh......stupid humans.....Hssssss...." It hissed at him laughingly.

"KAGOME! NO!" Inuyasha yelled to her, fear gripping him.

"Heh...now you can watch your Bitch die in the mossst painful way.....then you'll be ours.....hssss...." The snake holding Inuyasha hissed. Inuyasha looked up sharply as he saw the snake that was holding Kagome poise itself over her neck in attempts to bite her deeply and infect her with painfully deadly poison from it's fangs. Shock racked through Inuyasha's body. He was going to loose her. He was going to loose her if he didn't do something....NOW!

A rage built in Inuyasha, flowing through his blood and gripping his mind. He acted suddenly and swiftly, barely a blur as he went. First slicing open the snake that held him with his sword end to end, spinning out of it's grasp quickly and chopping up it's body. He then turned to the snake that held Kagome, it's fang's dangerously close to her neck and with one quick motion, sliced off it's head and grabbing Kagome from it's now loosened grasp, bring her away from the now diminished danger, landing on the ground gently. Kagome clung to him, her eyes wide, fear slowly ebbing away from her as her mind accepted the fact that she was safe. Inuyasha was completely silent and sullen, not saying a word to her as she clung to him. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo ran to the two, worry shining their faces.

"Kagome-chan! Inuyasha! Are you both alright?" Sango asked fearfully. Inuyasha did not answer, but only stared straight ahead. Kagome, however, nodded slowly, gulping, and taking deep breaths to calm herself. Inuyasha then suddenly sheathed his sword and started to walk away from them towards the forest.

"...Inuyasha....?" Miroku asked.

"Kagome....come with me...." He said with a fierce, sharp tone in his voice. There was no trace of gentleness to be heard. Kagome stared at Inuyasha's form, a look of alarm on her face. She had never heard that tone in Inuyasha's voice before, especially when speaking to her. She tentatively followed him, terrified at what he wanted to say to her with his tone and disposition the way it was. The other three knew not to follow, Inuyasha being as he was, but instead stood there in bewilderment, their minds slowly adjusting to the quick events and changes that had taken place and wondering what was to become of Inuyasha and Kagome.

Inuyasha had not stopped once to look back and see if Kagome had been following him as he walked deeper and deeper into the forest. It was as if he knew that she would follow him and whatever it was that was troubling him effected him so that he concentrated specifically on it. Kagome walked behind him, her head bowed slightly, watching his form cautiously. She was scared, she had to admit it. She was afraid of what Inuyasha had called her so far away for, what was troubling him so, and why he seemed so hostile to her suddenly. She wanted to correct whatever went wrong between them, whatever she did wrong. She stopped suddenly when she saw that Inuyasha had stopped his forceful walking into the forest. She realized that they had come to a clearing that was surrounded by tall trees whose leaves covered the sun, making the area seem like night instead of midday.

She did not know how long they stood there. She did not know how long the silence rang in her ears or how long the painful worry gnawed at her mind. But when Inuyasha finally spoke to her, she felt her hope crumble inside of her.

"Kagome..." He said sharply, an anger laced with in it. "We have to end this now. It's gone to far, and now it has to stop." She stared at his back, her eyes wide.

"What? Inu-Inuyasha...I don't...understand...I...."

"KAGOME!" He shouted, cutting her off. "Stop it! Stop denying it! You know what I'm talking about! Don't play dumb with me!" He yelled at her. Kagome flinched at his words as if she had been slapped, tears welling up in her eyes.

"...Inuyasha..." She whispered in disbelief, her heart unable to accept his treatment of her. He was usually so gentle...so....so...

"Kagome...we have to stop lying to ourselves. It ends here."

"...ends....?" Was all she asked in a broken way.

"WE'RE THROUGH KAGOME!!" He yelled brutally, malice in his tone. Kagome's body flinched and shook as she took a few steps back, her hand flying to her heart in surprise as his words hit her.


"....It was fun, Kagome. But, we have work to do, shards to look for. Pretend time is over. I need my.... shard detector...Not some fake...replacement..." With his words, Kagome felt her heart shatter. Her tears fell from her wide eyes, her body collapsing to the ground, her arms holding her up. '....fake...replacement....shard detector....' These words ran through her over and over again.

"....Inuyasha....why...." She whispered sorrowfully through her tears.

"Kagome....let's just leave it as it is. We have work to do, and this is no time for this...this shit. We're over....it's done.... I'm done with you!" Kagome doubled over, her heart feeling as if it was ripped and torn, her chest physically hurting, releasing her sobs harshly into her hands.

"...why....why....?" She whispered brokenly to no one in particular. Inuyasha was silent, not turning back to her.

"We'll stop for the remainder of the day. We'll be waiting for you back at the edge of the forest when you're ready to get back to work." He turned and started to walk away but stopped suddenly when his body was next to her crumpled one. "I can't...I can't believe that you would ever think I would want you..." He whispered harshly, a heaviness in his voice. He continued on walking determinedly, never once looking back at her as she cried for him.

"INUYASHA! WHY!? WHY, INUYASHA!? JUST TELL ME WHY!? I'LL DO ANYTHING! I'M SORRY! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! I'll do...any...thing..." She whispered out her last plea as her sadness overcame her and she wept.

* * *

"INUYASHA! WHY!? WHY, INUYASHA!? JUST TELL ME WHY!? I'LL DO ANYTHING! I'M SORRY! I'LL DO ANYTHING!!! I'll do...any...thing..." Inuyasha ran as he heard her last words, not able to take anymore of hearing her pain-stricken voice, knowing it was his doing. He brushed away the tears that fell from his eyes in rivers that seemed they would never end. He darted between the trees as he ran, needing to remove her voice from his ears, but it never left....her cries remained. Inuyasha stopped suddenly doubling over and collapsing to the ground, sobbing bitterly at his own actions. He had hurt her....he had hurt her so badly...with every lying word he spoke to her his heart ripped, cutting deeper into his soul. He hated himself...he hated the voice that had overtaken his dreams telling him what he knew would come true. He had done it to keep her safe, he had to keep her safe. But, it was killing him.

"Kagome...I'm sorry...I'm sorry.....I'M SORRY!!!" He screamed heart-wrenchingly into the cold darkness of the forest as he let his broken hearted tears fall, unchecked and unheeded. Damn love. Damn life.

Life wasn't worth it, if he couldn't love her...


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