Serial Stories
Disclaimer: Azumanga Daioh =/= mine. Kiyohiko Azuma's the creator.

Author's Notes: So, I decided to try doing a multi-chaptered fic. With this being inspired by a song, though, I hope that it will not be as awkwardly wordy as my first-ever multi-chaptered fic, "Flutter" (it's OLD). Also, give the song a listen sometime. You can find it on YT and the lyrics are online (with translation, which I used for my interpretation). Anyway, enjoy the first chapter!


The steady stream of rain pounded against the window. The sky had been threatening to let off a downpour all morning, the sky overcast and gray. Thankfully, there was barely a gust of wind, and, coupled with the steady rain, today's storm not heavy at all. Despite that, the bleakness set the tone for the day. Dull. Drab. Moody.

Within the confines of her bedroom, Yomi was reading a book. For once, she had time to enjoy a leisurely read. Homework was caught up, and the weekend was still early. Even the sound of the rain was peaceful at first. It was a pleasant background noise. Yomi took a deep sigh. It was nice not having any distractions for once. No Tomo hanging out in her room, no Tomo chiding about her latest dieting habits, no Tomo running around and causing her troubles.

Goodness, was it boring without her here.

Yomi snapped out of her reverie, surprised at the sudden thoughts coming from her head. Her? Bored? No, that simply was not the case. It was absurd to think that, if Tomo was no where in sight, it made for a dull day. This was the sort of day she dreamed of having. Sometimes, it felt like she was attached to the girl's hip with how often they were together. She was always such a pest, a bother, and her stupidity was so enraging. Most of their class could barely stand Tomo…which was why she felt it necessary to keep the girl in check. Sometimes she just could not help but worry about her…

There it was again!

Setting aside the book, Yomi got up from her seat and opened her window. It was still raining, still pouring. The gentle murmur of raindrops hitting her window was almost soothing. She scanned the neighborhood – not a soul in sight. Figures. It was best to just be indoors right now, after all. As she stared outside, however, her heart grew heavy with loneliness. Maybe she wanted the company after all. Even her eyes temporarily played a trick on her as she could have sworn she saw Tomo making her way toward her house, umbrella at hand, laughing as she approached...only to dissipate into the downpour. It almost made her heart ache. Then, something struck within, almost like a shock to her mind. It finally made sense to her.

"I love her…"

A sudden squeal came from her window as she dragged her hand downward during her realization. Not even that, however, shook her away from this stunning conclusion. Her head swirled with a whirlpool of thoughts and memories, now aware of the feelings that had been hiding from her all this time. Well, not hidden, per se, but she had certainly made an effort to tuck these feelings in deep within her core.

She really did care for her too much.

She really did love her despite her flaws.

This love she harbored was so deep, in fact, that she hated it.

It made no sense. Tomo was the most obnoxious, the laziest, the rudest person to ever come into Yomi's life. In the past, people have asked her how she could tolerate Tomo as long as she has. Her usual response was that the girl was always like that. Was that really the only response she could give? It was almost like avoiding the question. Deep down, she cared about Tomo.

They did spend many an afternoon hanging out, eating snacks, chatting about whatever came to mind. Teasing, playing, laughing… Those were always fun times. Yomi could not help but smile a little. Then there were the times Tomo came over, and they simply shared company. Sometimes they had their quarrels, but it was…nice. They had their fights, but the company was always, well, nice. There really was no other way to put it.

And that was what bothered Yomi so much. She was a girl of reason. If there was no reason, then it needed one. Her mind, no, her heart was not giving her a coherent reason beyond "it just is." She slumped back into her chair, a headache forming. Yomi groaned loudly as she laid her head on her desk. "That girl," she muttered into her arms, "why does she make me feel so…so…!"

Outside, the rain continued on quietly, the sky still overcast. This mild storm – without Tomo – set the tone for the rest of the day. Dull. Drab. Moody.