Disclaimer: I want to keep Gruvia for myself, but the reality is that they (and the rest of Fairy Tail) belong to Hiro Mashima.

Inspired by the cover of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 74

The first drops of snow fell from the sky and settled on Gray's open palms. "It's early," he muttered under his breath.

Not that he minded, of course. But other people were not as immune to the cold as he was, and he wondered if she brought enough thick clothes for their overnight mission. Maybe he should have brought the scarf after all, instead of removing it from his knapsack at the last minute. He probably won't need it, but she...

He glanced beside him and was surprised to find no one. He could swear she was just beside him a moment ago.


A lump was starting to form in his throat until he heard familiar footsteps in the distance. He turned around, and sure enough, Juvia was there.

"Gray-sama," she groaned as she caught up with him. She held his discarded shirt in one hand and his coat in the other. "It's snowing – you're going to catch a cold!"

Gray smirked as he took his shirt from her and wore it. He didn't know when he lost his clothes (again), but thanks to Juvia, he was no longer spending most of his reward money stocking up his wardrobe. He'd prefer it if she didn't go through all the trouble of picking up his clothes (one time he found her trying to get his coat from a tree branch; he had no idea how it got there), but it wasn't as if he had a say on it. Juvia would always dote on him – that was a fact of life he had accepted long ago (and rather enjoyed, too).

"Thanks, Juvia," he said with a small smile. "But I'm an ice mage. I'll be fine." He patted her head over her hat.

Juvia rolled her eyes. "Yes, Gray-sama is immune to the cold, but that doesn't mean you cannot get sick." She dusted off the snow that had now collected in his coat before handing it to him. "You should really try harder to keep your clothes on," she whined.

Though Gray found Juvia's annoyed expression adorable, he could tell she wasn't exactly happy with him at the moment. So, he just bit his lip and answered, "All right, don't worry now." He took the coat from her, lightly brushing her cold fingers – and that was when he noticed.

Behind that tiny pout on her lips and that cute little crease on her brow, he could see how her cheeks were flushed, and not because of him. Her shoulders were slightly shivering, and he could tell it was taking her a lot of effort to keep her teeth from chattering.

"You're cold," he whispered as he gripped her hands tightly, and true enough, her hands were freezing. He really should have brought the scarf, he thought.

Gray started to drape his coat over her shoulders, and Juvia's eyes widened.

"What are you doing, Gray-sama? Juvia is fine."

"Fine my ass. Stop fussing," he told her as he continued trying to get Juvia's arms into his coat's armholes.

"But Gray-sama –"

"I'm not going to get cold," he interrupted her as he finished his task. "Besides…"

Gray wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her body in what little warmth his cold body could offer.

"You're enough to keep me warm."

Because even though Gray was really bad at keeping his clothes on, he would like to believe he was getting better at one thing: taking care of Juvia Lockser. It would probably take him a lifetime to surpass or even equal what she does for him, but it was definitely a challenge he was more than happy to take.

And, judging by how heat radiated from her body to his, spreading throughout his chest and making his heart swell, he was also pretty good at warming her up. Making her boil, even. He chuckled.

"Then, Juvia will do her best to make Gray-sama stay warm," he heard her whisper.

Her hands wrapped around his torso, gripping him tight. He surrendered himself completely, enjoying the cozy feeling of her body pressed to his as he buried his head in her hair, and she rested her head at the crook of his neck.

"You always do."